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Thursday, May 23, 2024

International Public Notice: The Rump Congress Kingdom of the Dead

 By Anna Von Reitz

We shall attempt to put this as plainly as possible for Americans and for everyone else. 

In 1860, Abraham Lincoln was deceitfully put forward for election as "a" President, not The President of this country.  

People were deceived by the substitution and elected a "President" of the United States of America, Incorporated, a British Territorial Municipal Corporation, instead of electing The President of  The United States of America, our unincorporated Federation of States, nor even as President of our American Subcontractor, the States of America, also known as the Federal Republic.   

Thus, Lincoln was elected under False Pretenses and under conditions of purposeful non-disclosure and semantic deceit--- and fraud.  

He could not be elected as actual President of the Federation nor could he be elected as President of our Federal Republic.  His position as a Bar Attorney precluded and prohibited him from occupying either one of these American Government Offices.  

British Territorial U.S. Citizens cannot serve as President of our Federation of States because they are Foreign Citizens.  And the Titles of Nobility Amendment added to The Constitution for the united States of America (1787) specifically prohibits Bar Attorneys from holding any office in the Federal Republic.  

So there is only one presidential office that Lincoln, a Bar Attorney, could occupy -- and that is, President of the United States of America, Incorporated. 

By this simple trick of misrepresenting which office of President was up for election and which version of "United States of America" was being referenced -- incorporated or unincorporated -- Lincoln, an Operative of the British Territorial Government, usurped upon the people of this country and their government and illegally, unlawfully, and immorally seized upon the powers and authorities of our Public Offices while operating in a foreign and private capacity. 

When the Delegates of the Southern States of States walked out there was no longer a quorum to conduct business for both the Confederation and the Federal Republic run by the Confederation. 

Lincoln waited a few days and then appointed people to serve on the Rump Congress -- a mish-mash of actual elected delegates from the Northern States-of-States and others appointed by Lincoln, an action never authorized by the people of this country and a power never vouchsafed by them to any President. 

The Rump Congress now undertook a number of immediate actions, among them, the Homestead Act, giving away land assets that never belonged to them and were not theirs to distribute. They also set up a system of Land Grant Universities supported by large land endowments given away to them.  They also gave 30,000 acres of the State's own land to them as an endowment --- and by this sleight of hand, pretended to pay the victims with their own resources. 

All that took place in 1862, but a much more important piece of the planned British fraud scheme was quietly finessed through the Rump Congress. 
The word "person" was redefined to mean "corporation".  

All the various words and terms that we wrongly associate with living people were thus prepared to support the much greater theft and personage scheme. 

Unknown to us, a "natural person" is a corpse; a "human being" is an indentured servant temporarily deprived of their character as a living man; an "individual" is a corporation, and so is a "person" a corporation, and even the misunderstood word, "sovereign" is never in reference to a living man, but rather about a condition of authority in office. 

Also, unknown to us, but known to our ancestors, a Bar Attorney is a Clerk in the Admiralty, a minor British Naval Officer concerned with the movement and taxation of cargo and rated as an Esquire in the British Civil Service.  

All this was being undertaken by the Rump Congress, distorted and hidden by the chaos of the mercenary conflict, directed by Bar Attorneys, who had no business associating themselves with our government at all -- much less pretending to be our Presidents and Congressional Delegates. 

1862 prepared the ground for The Great Fraud and the rampant personage and barratry crimes that would be inflicted by Rome and London for a century and a half afterward. 

Thanks to these illegal, immoral, and unlawful acts undertaken under conditions of deliberate deceit, treason, and usurpation, millions of acres of our land were used as payola and to pay British debts and to wrongfully bring American land under the British Title and Trust System.  

And just as the Brits were required to live their lives as either Indentured Servants or as Slaves in the British-Roman Caste System --- that is, as legally "dead" people, the groundwork was laid to do the same thing to millions upon millions of Americans. 

It comes as a shock to living people when we forthrightly tell them that all the "persons" inhabiting the International Jurisdictions of the Land and the Sea and the Global Jurisdiction of the Air, are dead legal entities, yet no more crucial understanding is needed than this.  

This is why you have to be declared "dead" as in "infant decedent" before you can be trafficked from the soil to the land, and from the land to the sea, and from the sea to the air.  

They have to artificially construct an entire Kingdom of the Dead in order to enforce their Caste System and seize upon your assets for their benefit. 

Like any parasite, they work best in the dark, as actors and impersonators, just as Lincoln did.  To the extent that they are or ever were a "nation" they operate in secret --- as they must --- because once people recognize the fraud, it all unravels. 

We were closing in on them, a fact that they could judge by the progress of our research revealed in court filings, so during the Reagan Administration, the effort began to find a new "Host".  They had both a Plan A and a Plan B, and their eyes fixed on two targets -- China, for its abundant labor, and Ukraine, for its land. 

America has suffered greatly, but still managed to warn the rest of the world.  Because of America, China's two billion people will not be enslaved to a new citizenship status and won't have its labor resources taxed to death.  Ukraine will recover and once again be the beautiful breadbasket of Europe.

Many of the most heinous crimes against humanity will be addressed as crimes, without the trappings of politics, religion, or race being used to obfuscate what is really going on.  

So even as we were being set up as the Fall Guys for Britain and Rome, even as we have endured the heavy bootheels of the British Raj in American drag, we haven't failed humanity.  

We are still here, the Good Americans you used to know, men of their word, women of purpose, people of integrity, compassion, and vision.  We still exist and we still have courage to resist the evils of Corporate Feudalism. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America 
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 23rd 2024


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