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Friday, May 24, 2024

How I Became Me

 By Anna Von Reitz

People ask me many questions that all have answers, some of which I have never considered until someone asked.  

Someone recently asked how I just seem to know and see and comment on all this corruption so effortlessly, which made me sit back on my heels and consider how that is.  

Of course, as far as the law and history goes, that is a matter of study and observation, but there is something else that I have commented on a few times that I need to emphasize. 

The reason that I see corruption so easily is that I am aligned with the truth--- and I became aligned with the truth because of a single incident and a simple daily exercise that resulted from it. 

I had a housemate in my early working life who came home one day and asked how I was?  

I said, "Fine." and was starting to turn away and go on about my business, when he grabbed me by the shoulders and said, "No, I mean it. I really want to know how you are!"

I was shocked. I stared at him.  He stared at me. How many times do we all do this?  Just gloss things over. Shoulder our burdens or hide our joys, and just say, "Fine." and soldier on?  

Over time, there is nothing but the "gloss" left. Our lack of genuine communication with others alienates us until we are alone in a roomful of strangers. 

That was the beginning and it was like a seed of something in my soul, just a very dim little light, but a light nonetheless, and I didn't forget it. 

A few years later I caught myself lying about stupid little things --- nothing serious, to be sure, but lots of little "glosses" and meaningless prevarication over things I didn't even "have to" lie about. 

Things like saying you were late because you had to pick the kids up from school, when actually you were stuck in line at the Post Office. 

These kinds of meaningless lies are shockingly easy to fall into, especially in social situations where "political correctness" is in play. 

You know what a group of people are like. You know what they want you to say and the attitudes they want you to have, so rather than fight over your actual opinions or share what you really think and shock everyone, you lie. You gloss it. You side-step. 

You tell your conscience that it's not worth a big fight or that it's pointless to shock the group, but as time goes on all the glib responses take a toll on you that you probably don't even notice at the time.  

There is the alienation and loneliness that comes from isolating yourself behind half-truths and meaningless or untrue responses, but even more than that, if you continue this slide into Hokumville, you gradually lose sight of the truth.  

Your Shinola Sensor gets desensitized.  Everything appears to be relative. 

Until you wake up one day knowing that life isn't relative.  That there are absolutes.  

After years of this pandering and evasion, you hardly feel like you are alive anymore, because you are surrounded with such an accretion of casual lies and half-truths adopted as a defense mechanism, that even you don't know who you are. 

You've become someone else's opinion, for lack of truthfully expressing your own and you've become a grey man in a grey world as a result of casual, chronic "social" lying.  

I started really watching myself and stopping when I caught myself saying something inaccurate. I stopped glossing things over.  I stopped giving non-answers.  

The more truthful you are with yourself and others, the more that the corruption and falsehood of the man-created world jumps out at you, as if by comparison to some unseen standard. 

Stopping the habit of petty lying and glossing things over, is how I developed my Shinola Sensor.

Truth is very exact. You can feel it. Once you become sensitive to it, it's like an old friend. 

So the first step I took toward an extraordinary life was simply having the courage to not lie anymore, about anything, to anyone. And then disciplining myself accordingly. 

That all by itself changed my life and changed me for the better. It has allowed me to sleep at night through every sort of challenge and given me strength beyond any strength I thought I had --- and though I observed this, I didn't understand how extremely important this change was until later. 

Another name for the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.  When you align with the simple truth of your daily life, you are actually aligning with all truth, everywhere, at all times, and the Spirit of Truth comes into your heart and mind.  

Who knew that simply saying, "I'm under the weather today." and being honest about it, could change your world?  

That saying, "I'm late. I overslept. I'm sorry." instead of making up some excuse, could free your soul? 

Take up the challenge to weed all the little lies out of your communications and out of your life.  You'll be amazed by what happens. 


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