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Tuesday, March 5, 2024


I don't care about who is doing the interviews, but I do care very much about what Dr. Ardis has to say.
I challenge anyone to refute what Dr. Ardis is saying on many interviews he is doing world wide on multiple platforms. 



  1. Funny, first advil is bad for you and now nicotine is good for you. Tobacco is actually good for buises but you don't smoke it, you wet it and turn it into a poultice to apply topically.

    The people who don't bother understanding will now be killed by listening to supposed experts opinions. And they're all likely vaccinated to boot.

  2. Hey Paul.

    What do you make of the USA Treasury Dollars versus Federal Reserve Notes?

    Are you aware of USA Treasury dollars?

    They were created and issued in March 2020, same time the scamdemic kicked off. They're listed on the site too. Supposedly 1.5 trillion already Issued of the new USA treasury dollar bills.

    Do you know if those are the dollars the State Nationals are making use of? or are those the dollars on the UN provided phones to the illegals that let them Pay their way after getting into the US?

    And how would USA Treasury dollars issued by the dept of the treasury in the fed gov hamstring the gold/silver commodity metal buyers?

    Currently the bill that created the treasury dollars claims you can exchange 1 federal reserve note for 1 treasury dollar. However the treasury dollar is basically the CBDC but without the central bank, instead the dept of the treasury.

    I don't know of any American who makes use of these newly issued Treasury Dollars.

    1. (not paul of course, not affiliated)

      wall street on parade notes bailouts before covid hit. bannon is a self-described leninist (i am not indicating known collusion, just FYI). none of this was a problem at the time, best economy evar, anyone who disagreed was sabotaging the hype bubble. now that the "other" is in, best economy evar! as well.

      commodity metal is not coin. for definition of cash, see thomas jefferson -- specie. anything made coin/tender will get a slight boost. "American" "State National" "dept of the treasury in the fed gov" -- none of these terms have been defined. "central bank" is private. how would a private "dept of treasury" differ from "the central bank" ?

      coin is coin. commodity metal is not coin. paper/notes/credit are also not coin. "pay" "tender" these have different definitions, you will have to consult a law dictionary.

      related, anna finally saw the draco light and chose 26000 year 7 pole stars. but this was "set" aka "satan" draco is one of them, the annunaki lords of the underworld of "the mother " alone...that the mayan hero twins beat long ago in a ball game lol this is not to pick on anyone -- you need to ruthlessly cross-reference to avoid speaking such gibberish, ditto "cash". confusion of tongues is eternal.

    2. i have found a case where an "american citizen" is a puerto rican, and the judge states there is no second-class citizenship. not a state, but a commonwealth. other dictionaries state the terms are synonymous. but of course, is puerto rico a "federal state" ?

      non-law dictionaries, law dictionaries, cases -- all these need cross-referenced to attempt to make any sense of the endless forked tongues.

      so "american citizens" are puerto ricans, who are in a commonwealth, which sometimes is synonymous with "state" other times not, and in that context, there is no second-class "citizenship" -- puerto ricans only lol

      best not to be an "american citizen" what is an "american" ? is a "state national" the same as an "american state national" ? these are rhetorical. so it goes with "dollars" and everything else.

    3. Thanks for the comments x. I bumped into this today... paints the purchase of commodity metals or land as just a ploy, and nothing bought with federal reserve notes will be treated as OWNED.

      "Deckard666 comments-

      Well it's a start that you see through it ... but it goes much deeper and it's far worse than you can imagine right now. I'm saying that because you recommend to buy farmland. You don't own that land. You cannot own that land. You have no money to buy it with. "Dollar" isn't money ... it's legal tender. Buy Gold with it? You cannot own that Gold. Same reason.

      And I know it will piss people off but nevertheless here's the thing: You are not not wiser than the people who have planned what's coming not only for years or decades but centuries. They know that there's this bunch of wannabe smart folks who think they can save their wealth with "precious metals". Why? Because you're programmed by them to do so.

      Here's what's gonna happen: The ownership and use of "precious metals" as means of barter will be forbidden. There will be a time period in which you can turn it in and receive CBDC credits for it. If you don't turn it in and are caught hiding it or trying to trade it you can be lucky only to end up in jail. But I doubt it. We're depopulating and that's a good reason as any to get rid of you.

      How will they get you? Well there's this social credit system and everybody who rats someone out who hoards precious metals will receive points on his score. Extra calories per month, better transportation etc. ... everything slaves hunger for. So anybody who knows that you ever bought Gold or Silver ... you get it who's gonna turn your ass in."

      URL here: Its one of the 2 articles listed from 3/6/2024.


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