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Monday, March 4, 2024

Fraudulent Tax Sales

 By Anna Von Reitz

Not only can they not establish the existence of any debt while using Federal Reserve Notes (the use of fictional money leads to fictional debt) so long as you are properly declared, and properly object to the use of Federal Reserve Notes, and properly express the fact that you are not a corporation and not acting as the representative of any corporation ---- they can't mount a tax sale of your property if you separate it from the "public interest".  

What they actually sell at Tax Sales is the piece of public road easement running alongside your land and the copyrighted number-name address they have assigned to it.  

So, you do unto them what they have done unto you --- if your driveway and electrical service, etc., has been in place at least ten years.  

Example: the City of Phoenix, Arizona, issues a land description and address for your house and calls it: 8978 Yuma Heights.  You, however, decide that you prefer the name and address 9022 Aztec View Drive, and you provide a metes and bounds or other physical survey to define exactly what portion of the land and driveway, etc, is yours. So you go to the State of State Recording Office and record the name change and physical description.  

You have now separated, defined, and named your own private property apart from the "public interest" of the road easement. 

The money someone paid at that Tax Sale for the road easement goes into the State Trust and the State Trust is responsible for paying all road maintenance, etc.

Essentially, the vermin are trying to double-dip. 

They are getting you to pay the expenses of the State Trust, so that the State Trust -- which they use as a giant Slush Fund -- is topped off, when you are supposed to be the Beneficiary of the State Trust and shouldn't have to pay any road maintenance or fire service or other such fees at all.  

If the buyer of the road easement is disgruntled, because he also expected to get your house and land as part of the deal --- let him go complain to the charlatans who sold it to him. 

All their land titles are as worthless as their money, costing them nothing but the "wind" to imagine up a name and number for the road easement and then copyrighting it. 

They are only able to "latch" onto your house and land as an attachment to the road easement, because you have not seen through their game and established your private interest by renaming your house and land and recording this along with an exact description of your property (survey based on physical markers) and its established (must be in place at least ten years) utility and driveway easements.  

They cannot stop you from doing this, because it's what they did themselves, and because "latching" your property is illegal --- they have been getting away with it, simply because you have been ignorant of what they were doing and so, didn't safeguard your own interest.  

Once the American people wake up and start replying in kind, there will be a great outcry from the bureaucrats, because their cozy little system no longer works.  They will say that there's too much confusion about locations and addresses in their service areas.  They will howl and cry.  

Well, they shouldn't attempt to abuse the people they serve using semantic deceits and copyrighted land descriptions to coercively tax them for "services" that should be paid already by the State Trust.  And probably is already paid for by the State Trust. 

They shouldn't be alleging the existence of debt based on Federal Reserve Notes, either. 

There's a lot that they shouldn't be doing, but they've been getting away with it under color of law --- like zoning your land (actually their land description) as agricultural, residential, or commercial property, and ignoring the fact that it is private and yours to do with as you will, so long as you claim your birthright as an American --- and so long as you provide your own land description and address to the DNR. 

So, let's put an end to these fraudulent property taxes and equally fraudulent tax sales, too.

Mom, Pop, and the Kids -- much less Grandma or Grandpa -- don't deserve to be thrown out on the street for "failure to pay" for services they didn't order from people who are working a fraud scheme to coerce them to pay and illegally latching onto their houses and land if they don't.    

Take a few hours out of your busy life to research the land patent or grant underlying your property and claim it.  Take a few minutes and go pound some distinctive boundary markers at the corners and edges of your land. Do a little metes and bounds survey and write all this information down in a neat orderly way.  Consider what you want to call your land, and give it a new name and number.  

Then go record this information with the State-of-State Department of Natural Resources Land Recorder's Office.  

The King's men, the Tories among us, can't own their own land, because their "King" claims it and holds it in trust for them; but Americans own their land down to the center of the Earth.  


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