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Monday, March 4, 2024

The Question of Government -- Thinking It Through

 By Anna Von Reitz

Every day I get emails and letters from "men of action" who want to get out there and really "do" something --- other than build their Assembly into a functional government for their State, that is.   

They send me video clips like the one below from a public meeting in Maricopa, Arizona, where a small group of people came in and read the Riot Act and the Commissioners fled the room:

It's important to know that: (1) it could have turned out very differently; those folks could have been billy-clubbed and arrested and thrown in jail for decades like the Colorado Nine; (2) the group following this Speaker acted in ignorance; please notice how she referenced the "Republic of Arizona"--- the Republic of Arizona would be part of the old Federal Republic, if either one existed anymore, but no, they don't, and they won't until and unless the States reconstruct them. 

Any hint of ignorance displayed by patriot groups is like blood in the water for sharks. 

It's our own ignorance that our detractors use against us every time.  It's what put the January 6th Protestors in prison and it's what keeps them there today

Only the truth sets you free, not your assumptions. 

While these patriots chase after the illusion of a Republic of Arizona, the reality of the State itself is missing from their view.  It never occurs to them that before there can be a Republic of Arizona, there has to be an Arizona. 

The great issue of government and the great Powerhouse of our Government, is the State. 


Because the sovereignty of this country is vested in the sovereignty of our Nation-States -- and nothing else.

We, Americans, take our nationality from our State. 

It's true that our State Governments are "republican in nature" --- but they are republican, not republics. 

Republics, like the Roman Republic, have great historical fame, but they always fail and they always fail for the same reason: the hubris of men.  

When the men running a Republic get drunk on their power, their pride and ego overcomes their humility and will to serve within limitations. 

The great hero of the Roman Republic, whom George Washington modeled himself after, was the Roman General Cincinnatus, a farmer who was called from working his fields, led Rome to victory, and then quietly returned to his fields. 

Not so long after the Roman Republic fell at the hands of its own soldiers.  

Something very similar happened in this country to the Federal Republic when Generals Ulysses S. Grant and William "Tecumseh" Sherman gained control and established a quasi-military occupation that has lasted to this day. 

It lasts because our civilian government was thrown into such disarray and its leadership was hounded so mercilessly that the actual civilian government lost its footing and its way. 

The soldiers shrug and collect the taxes for themselves --- and keep us all eternally at war, war for profit, war for war's sake. 

They shrug and say, well, where's the civilian government?  All they see is their own State-of-State organizations and the State Trusts they formed to hold our property "for" us.   No actual State Government in view.  

The only way for this to end, is for all the rest of us to wake up and restore our long-absent civilian government, and the lynch pin for that, is the State.  

The thing that matters is plain old Arizona, not any "Republic of". 

There will always be a government, people, the only question is -- will it be your government or someone else's ruling over you?  If it's to be yours, you must staff it, and operate it yourselves. 

The dull, patient work of building a State Assembly may lack the conflict and drama and "rush" of confronting the rats in their lair, but it's what needs to be done.  

As so often in life, the things that really matter require time and sacrifice; it still takes nine months for a baby to be born, and it's not such a pleasant process in some regards.  

It's the same with rebuilding your State Government and restoring your State Assembly to full function. It's not glamorous. It can be frustrating. 

But it's what really, truly, needs to be done.  

It's also the only thing that we can all safely do, because it is guaranteed by contract.  

We have the right to peaceably assemble, the right to bear arms, and all the other rights that are naturally ours, as long as we are properly declared to be Americans in possession of our birthright political standing-- so called "Special Designated Nationals". 

We are like heroes from the days old, stepping off the pages of the history books and onto the stage of life, the long-lost almost mythical Americans. 

It doesn't matter that most of us are past fifty and are standing here looking a bit dazed.  We are here, and we know who we are, and bit by bit, we are restoring our government, the government we are owed, and which we owe ourselves. 

To all the undeclared people who are chasing around trying to restore State Republics instead of States, I have this to say --- you are endangering yourselves and the cause that you hope to advance.  

The "republican in nature" government you are heir to is from the maternal side of the word "republic"-- the humble, nurturing, patient, enduring Mother is the archetype giving rise to your State Government, it's the simple lowly people gathered around their dinner tables, people without titles, people without pride, who come forward to serve like Cincinnatus. 

We are the ones who create the miracles by our own Will and we are also the ones who pay the bills, and who do everything else that is worthwhile, positive, and good.  It stands to reason that we are also the ones to give rise to our own State Government. 

We do that by gathering together and building our State Assembly, not by ranting and foaming off at the mouth, but by determinedly building the government of, for, and by the people, our own civilian government.

The soldiers know that they are supposed to be taking their orders from the civilian government, but they have been left adrift for a very long while. Some have liked having the "bit in their teeth" and only having the Lieber Code (Hague Conventions) to guide them, but they know it isn't right.  

They know that the civilian government of this country is supposed to lead them and they have been waiting a long time for Americans to stand up and repopulate their vacant civilian government.  

No doubt it is a relief to the military overall to see our Assemblies sprouting up and taking hold. 

No doubt it is a relief to hear sane, calm, plodding voices above the clamor of the Political Party Crazy Train.  

They've trusted their lives and honor and future to us; we can do no less for them.  

And all you men of action, let the action you take be the right action.  Let your actions be schooled by the wisdom of humility and peace, by long-suffering, by selflessness, by commitment to doing what is truly needed even if it gives no hint of glory. 

Somehow I am sure that when Cincinnatus left his plow and answered the call of the Roman Republic, he wasn't overjoyed; he answered anyway.  And he did the job that was needed, and then, he went home -- little thinking that he would be remembered. 


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