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Tuesday, March 19, 2024

International Public Notice:The Situation

 By Anna Von Reitz

Imagine it-- after 164 years people wake up like Rip Van Winkle. 

People wake up and realize that the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE is a non-negotiable military scrip used as "legal tender" even though it is not a negotiable instrument because: (1) it does not say when this Promissory Note (IOU) will be repaid and (2) it does not say what it will be repaid with --- what kind of money or asset will be returned to the Receiver of this NOTE. 

Then, the idea that it is a military scrip begins to bore into their brains and they all say, WT....!  Why would we be using a military scrip as a domestic currency in this country?  

That's the sort of thing the military does when they have a base encampment in a foreign country.... like the M.A.S.H. Units in Korea. Everyone remembers Corporal Klinger saving up pink scrip to buy a party dress on base.... 

Then the bewildered American people find out that they have been living in a country "occupied" by the U.S. Army and that the U.S. Army is a British Territorial Mercenary Force. 

And the Civil War wasn't a war.  It was a Mercenary Conflict. 

The plot thickens.

So, these characters have been operating under False Pretenses for 164 years, claiming to be operating under the Law of War when the Law of War doesn't apply, issuing military scrip and enforcing its use as a domestic currency in The United States?  

Nobody could make this up.  The American people are shaking their heads and saying, "OMG!" 

The U.S. Military has been forcing us to use their military scrip as part of a coercive domestic currency monopoly scheme since 1913, because they, in their Territorial Capacity, set up a Central Bank calling itself the Federal Reserve. 

It turns out that the Federal Reserve isn't "Federal"; it's a consortium of private banks that control and issue the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES at the behest of the U.S. Military.  

Which is operating as a foreign Territorial (British Crown) Corporation....the USA, Inc., and a foreign Municipal Corporation, the US, INC.

The manure deepens....

We've been captured by our own Army? Really? Held captive and occupied for 164 years by our own Army?  

We've allowed our sons and daughters to serve in it and paid for it, and all this while, "our" military has been operating as a foreign British Territorial (British Crown) Corporation Mercenary Force under color of law and pretense of "war" and has been fleecing us blind to benefit foreign interests?  

Yes, that's what it amounts to, except that.... what about their "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES"? --- what guarantees them?  How can they operate like this?

People now realize that everyone in the military is in a condition of indentured servitude and serving as a "titled person" in the British Service System; they have a contract to serve for a specified time, called a Tour of Duty and titles disguised as ranks.... 

These people are in peonage and nobody told them that this has been outlawed since 1926. Not one person ever told them that peonage would be the result of their enlistment and that peonage would be imposed for the rest of their lives even after their Tour of Duty ended in their Honorable Discharge. 

It's the value of their labor, their energy, their bodies, their performance contracts (not just their Tours, the mortgages, property taxes and all the other taxes and tariffs benefiting the British Crown and Monarch) along with their estimated "value" as bonded Mercenaries that's backing the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES.

Peonage has been enforced on them, and their lives, bodies, and living flesh have been illegally, deceitfully, and immorally securitized;  they have been denigrated to the political status of a Person, an Indentured Servant, a U.S. Citizen, a British Territorial, a "Hue-man", as if they were all born in Puerto Rico, having nothing but "Human Rights" --- no Constitutional Guarantees, no Natural and Unalienable Rights. 

No wonder they are forever "fighting for freedom".  

In their current status, they have none. 

They are in a condition of abject foreign servitude, akin to the shanghaied members of the French Foreign Legion.  

For years, they've been trying to tell us every time they spoke about "their democracy" and "defending democracy" --- well, America isn't a democracy, so what democracy are they defending at our expense--- in blood, in credit, and in assets?  

Obviously, they are defending their British Territorial democracy and all that rot about "National Security" was their National Security, not ours, and when they talk about "the Public Good" they are talking about their "public" not ours. 

Fascinating.  The Americans cock their heads to one side and roll their eyes, thinking -- you've got to be kidding me.  All these people, born in this country, have been involved in this, allowed this, done this?  

In their British Territorial Federal Code we, the Americans, their Employers,  are called "Foreign Sovereigns" and "Non-resident Aliens" as if we grew green scales and had little fleshy antennas on our heads. 

Alien with respect to what? 

Their British Territorial version of "the United States of America" ----Incorporated.  Also foreign with respect to their version of "the United States" --- INCORPORATED. 

The Americans all step back and say, "Say what? The IRS is calling me a non-resident alien?" 

And more recently than that, they have been trying to pretend that we are something they call "Sovereign Citizens", but that's an oxymoron and something else that cannot exist; nobody can be a "citizen" and a "sovereign" at the same time, so, once again, its Smoke and Mirrors and British Bunko and crime and fraud and fiction.  

We, the American People, their grossly disserved Employers, object to the use to FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES because: (1) they are the fruits of unconscionable contracts promoting peonage -- which has been outlawed worldwide since 1926; (2) we have been kept uninformed and prevented from obtaining remedies,  most especially, the published option of debt swaps called Mutual Offset Credit Exchange Exemptions described but never implemented and made available under Title 12 of their Federal Code. This failure to provide remedy has resulted in de-legalizing the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and the development of an astronomical National Debt on their part, which leads to devaluation of the FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and harm to everyone forced to participate in the substituted domestic economy created by their imposition; (3) this same imposition of their "legal tender" has led to monopolization of the domestic economy that they have substituted for our natural civilian domestic economy under conditions of fraud and force; (4) since 1940, soldiers and sailors enlisted without benefit of full disclosure have been conscripted for life; prior to that, it was legally presumed that Americans in the U.S. Army or other branches of the Military Services returned home to their birthright political status after serving out their Tours of Duty and being officially discharged; after the passage of the infamous Buck Act of 1940, average Americans were instead presumed to be "citizens of the United States" and were not released from these presumptions throughout the rest of their lives; they could not object to this hidden presumption because none of this internecine corporate mercenary "warfare" was ever disclosed to them.  

For all these reasons and more, we object to the use of FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES and object to the use of any undisclosed and unconscionable contracting processes altering the political status of Americans past and present who have served in the U.S. Military/US MILITARY services. 

We similarly object to the use of "USD" which is an international currency floated by the unauthorized independent international city-state known as the Municipality of Washington, DC.  This foreign currency was backed by gold until 1933, by silver until 1971, and is now backed by refined oil products.  

We object to the use of the USD because: (1) the assets used to back this currency were all purloined from us using the same sorts of unconscionable and undisclosed contracting processes, only serving to enslave living people. (2) Instead of denigrating the victims as indentured servants and subjecting them to peonage, the perpetrators fronting the USD have gone a step further and subjected the "citizens of the United States" to slavery, which has been outlawed worldwide since 1926; (3) these same perpetrators have promoted a collusive scheme with the British Crown to sequentially impersonate and mischaracterize average Americans first as British Territorial U.S. Citizens, and next, to misrepresent them as Municipal Corporation franchises --- THINGS which appear to be named after them: (4) the value of the intellectual properties belonging in fact to the American victims of this scheme, has been used to back the USD: our non-military performance contracts, copyrights, trademarks, patents, grants, surveys, art, and souls, which have purportedly been captured and traded using "baptismal certificates" in lieu of birth certificates.  

These repugnant acts of fraud and theft from their Employers deserve nothing but universal prosecution and condemnation, and both the asset-backed money promoted by the enslavement of the "citizens of the United States" -- a foreign political status which was gratuitously conferred on the U.S. Citizens without their knowledge, need, or consent, and the "legal tender" known as FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES which are the fruits of peonage and coercive monopoly of our domestic economy need to be outlawed immediately and replaced with our honest and simple American Federation Dollar, serving as the gold-backed International Currency of the American States and People.  Our domestic currency has always been the United States Silver Dollar and we never authorized any other. 

No wonder so many Americans are shell-shocked by these revelations, when institutions they relied upon, trusted, and believed in, are revealed to be nothing but self-interested and shady foreign subcontractors in the business of providing governmental services under contracts called constitutions, which they have willfully undermined and evaded. 

But let's go on.... what does this mean for the Federal Reserve Banks and the Central Bank System overall? 

Catching wind that they might actually be liable for paying something back to the victims of these schemes, and realizing that the paper FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES are evidence of their debts, the Federal Reserve Banks have clammed up and closed down, centralizing their operations in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, refusing to print more FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES, advocating a purely "digital" Central Bank Currency that could be erased (leaving no trace of their debt) with a keystroke, and now, as of March 11th of 2024, refusing to extend any credit for lending to member banks.  

Without cash on demand and without credit to lend, the smaller banks have no option but to close their doors. The news that all these bonds are the fruits of personage and fraud and illegal contracts has tanked the long term bond market.  And self-investing by stock exchange listed corporations has ground to a stop as panicked shareholders have dumped their holdings in an effort to save their own butts; this has ended the artificially created appearance of a robust stock market. 

When Jamie Dimon sells his shares of JPMorgan, that should, rationally, tell everyone something. 

From their standpoint, the Federal Reserve Banks are saving their own nuggies; from our standpoint as the American People who have suffered the brunt of this gross malfeasance, all their assets need to be nationalized immediately and all the USA, Inc.  and British Crown Corporations-- need to be liquidated for the benefit of the living people and/or as the case demands, forfeited to our lawful American Government.  

Ditto the US CORPORATIONS and UN CORPORATIONS -- fictions used by these miscreants to hide purloined assets belonging to us and to people in many other countries. 

The financial terrorism being promoted by the New York Federal Reserve Bank and by those who received the trademarks and assets of the old FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM, the Department of the Global Federal Reserve, the Department of the Treasury, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development, HSBC, and numerous other Parties should be recognized for what it is: they have been the cause of the problems all along.  

They created the problem (lack of credit), they solved the problem (by peonage and enslavement and securitization of living flesh using copyrights and crimes of personage), and they profited from it. 

Now, they are all running scared and trying to create other problems to profit from. 

We, the American States and People, have issued our demand and foreclosure notices, having already issued and cured our Due Process over the course of seven (7) years and having liened the assets of the Perpetrators and having cured the liens for another seven (7) years, are the actual Inheritors and Owners of all survivorship interests and beneficial receipts associated with our Good Names and Lawful Persons, including the Good Names of The United States and The United States of America, our unincorporated Union of States and unincorporated Federation of States, respectively. 

The American People are fully awake, and not "woke" -- awake, which is a different status entirely. 
We are not fooled, not programmed, not deceived. 

We are not amused with the performance of the Federal Reserve Banks or any of the other banks involved in this debacle. 

They and the corporations they work for have been trading on assets purloined from others under conditions of fraud and deceit for over a hundred years. 

When called to renegotiate their use of these assets and find a lawful basis for lending and for paying for public services, they have responded by pretending that: (1) we don't exist or are unknown and that we abandoned our assets deposited with their banks; or (2) we are desperados or insurrectionists or "enemies" of some kind in a "war" that doesn't exist and which is an illegal Mercenary Conflict instead; (3) that we are indentured servants or slaves, when they are the Usufructs responsible for conjuring up the foreign Legal Fictions (U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States) and for applying our names to these Legal Fictions -- and therefore, as Usufructs, owe it to us to hold us absolutely harmless from any claims or debts resulting from the existence of these foreign Legal Persons/PERSONS, now or at any time in the past. 

And now you can all see why they are panicking and cutting off the supplies of cash that the member banks need to keep their doors open (destroying evidence of their unsupported debt) and how they hope to ultimately profit themselves by coming in and buying up all these smaller banks, because after all, they have the keys to the computers and printing presses to cause the problem (hide the evidence of their debt), solve the problem (issue credit only to themselves) and profit from the problem(gain more monopolistic control over the entire economic and financial system by acting as criminals.  Again. 

It's our gold, silver, and oil which they have purloined and used to benefit themselves by displacing us as the owners and mischaracterizing and impersonating us as U.S. Citizens and citizens of the United States,  and now as "sovereign citizens", too.  

We are not citizens of any kind at all.  

We are the free and innocent people of this country, who have been grossly mistreated in Breach of Trust and in violation of the service contracts that these corporations owe us.  

This can only be seen as either unlawful conversion of political status, which is a capital crime under both the Hague and Geneva Conventions, or as dereliction of their duties as Usufructs and depository institutions.  

The League of Nations was disbanded because it failed to prevent World War II; it's Successor, the United Nations has failed to prevent literally hundreds of smaller conflagrations and has even less excuse to prolong its existence, much less its pursuit of its 2030 Agenda.  

Likewise, the Federal Reserve has sought to justify its existence by claiming that it would prevent cycles of boom and bust and would provide currency control to prevent inflation and would even out the ebb and flow of our natural economy; instead, this failed institution and the entire worldwide central bank community has failed to do anything like that or even attempt to do anything like that. 

The Federal Reserve has, as an institution, self-interestedly promoted inflation and therefore devaluation of national currencies, keeping the "difference" for their own benefit, keeping the seigniorage for their own benefit, bilking and misrepresenting depositors, failing to implement published remedies for their impositions, they have promoted manipulation and rigging of commodity markets including currency markets worldwide, and have used these tools to inflict massive economic harm on innocent populations of people. 

They've even had their filthy paws in such ignominious actions as the invasion of Libya to prevent the formation of the African Union and the creation of a pan-African gold-backed currency. 

Exactly what good has this lawless and unaccountable institution deceptively calling itself the "Federal Reserve" ever accomplished for anyone in the entirety of its existence?  And why should it be allowed to exist anymore? 

Why should an obvious currency/commodity rigging scheme like the London Gold Exchange be allowed by the world after the Libor Scandal? 

Why should we have the Exchange Stabilization Fund --another obvious unlawful and illegal currency commodity rigging scheme manipulating the value of national currencies around the globe? 

The obvious answer is that we shouldn't.  We should outlaw the entire concept of central banks, as they were created for an unlawful purpose: the restraint of trade and the rigging of commodity supplies and prices. 

Simple as that, when the American People, and people around the world look at this situation, there is no excuse for the continued existence of these useless, harmful, self-serving institutions which do not promote peace, which do not prevent war, which do not serve humanity, which do not promote healthy economies, which do not enhance economic growth, do not improve financial stability, and do not do anything but purloin and trade upon other people's assets for their own benefit. 

All that I have said here can be readily confirmed by the public and private records of the Fiduciary's Office, and I affirm that what I have said here is true, complete, not coerced and not misleading to the best of my belief and professional opinion, and I readily accept the penalties of perjury under the law of The United States of America, if I am shown to be deliberately withholding any contrary material fact or otherwise knowingly misrepresenting any element of this situation. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary and Informant
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

March 18th 2024


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