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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

International Public Notice: Take This to Heart

 By Anna Von Reitz

THEY have made you believe that their patented poisons are medicine. 

THEY have taught you that law meant for their corporations is your law. 

THEY have given you their indoctrination and called it education. 

THEY have promoted their useless propaganda as news. 

THEY have told you that everyone who knows better is your enemy. 

So who are THEY?  For-profit foreign corporations in the business of providing government services. 

Now they are trying to argue that the etymology of the word "government" from Old French is incorrect and doesn't reduce down to this:

Govern (Old French) = to direct,  plus Mentis (Latin) = mind,  doesn't add up to "mind control".  But you can see for yourself that it does. 

And always has. 

Any doubts?  Consider the BBC motto: "Listen and obey." 

Whether in church or in government, if they could control your mind, they could control you and direct what you do, for good or evil. 

Thus they actively seek to control your thoughts, your attention, and the information you have access to. 

If they can control these three things-- thoughts, attention, and information, they can control your emotions and your actions, too.  

Recently, they have secretly injected nanotech antenna arrays into the human body, already encoded with undisclosed MAC addresses, turning us into so many "electronic devices".  

Their intention?  To direct broadcast their ideas and beliefs and objections into our minds, in a way that is indistinguishable from our own thoughts. 

It's just the latest government technology being deployed to enslave you and invade your privacy.

Oh, and did we mention?  It gives them an easy way to interfere with your body's internal electrical circuitry and kill you. 

Everyone who has been vaccinated has been harmed, except for a small "control" group that received saline injections. 

There is strong evidence that all vaccines are harmful and always were. 

There is strong evidence that "polio" was caused by the use of a neurotoxin as a pesticide and that the polio vaccine was the cover story to avoid liability on the part of the manufacturers of the pesticide --- while selling another new useless and potentially dangerous product to the gullible public.   
The recent reappearance of Phosgene Gas, another industrial poison in autopsies worldwide, suggests more grotesque wrong-doing by the governments and their defense contractors. 

DARPA needs to be liquidated now, so does MICROSOFT, so does DOD, so does UN CORP, so does ALPHABET and MINDBOX and PFIZER and MODERNA, JOHNSON AND JOHNSON, ASTRAZENECA, SERCO,  and a whole bunch of noxious private trusts dedicated to bad ideas -- notably, the Wellcome Trust and the Pirbright Institute. 


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