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Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Fluoride is a Poison.

 By Anna Von Reitz

It causes yellowing of the teeth. 
It causes low IQ.
It causes sterility, adrenal failure, immune system failure.... 

It has been outlawed in Europe for decades. 

So why is it still "legal" and being done to the public --- at public expense --- in America? 

Why was it ever added to our drinking water? 

The cover story is that Fluoride saves your teeth. 

The backstory is that the Aluminum Industry was going broke to responsibly dispose of the Fluoride that is a poisonous by-product of Aluminum manufacturing.  

So, the "government" corporations that own the Aluminum manufacturing sector as a National Security Investment (aircraft need aluminum) found this one aforementioned benefit of Fluoride ingestion and sold it heavily to the licensed dentists who are under their thumb anyway, told this partial truth to the public, and that is how they turned the cost of responsibly disposing of a noxious industrial by-product into a saleable commodity and profit-maker for the Aluminum manufacturers and the foreign "government" investors.  

This was done to us, without our consent, at our expense, literally and health-wise, too. 

Yes, Fluoride does kill the bacteria that cause dental caries; so does chewing a couple whole cloves a day.   Unlike the cloves, which selectively kill bad bacteria and parasites, Fluoride kills a lot of other things and poisons our whole system. 

It's like telling you, "Eat this apple, it won't kill you."  

Not right away.  

"Drink this fluoridated water, it'll help preserve your teeth." 

It will also preserve you--- like a fish in vinegar. 

Now we have a wonderful new resource available to medical professionals and consumers of medical services -- a huge database crunching service that 
gives you the actual research and facts about Fluoride and a gazillion other health topics.  

Use it to "fully inform" your public servants about the very dangerous downsides of fluoridated and chlorinated water, but first, fully educate yourself and your neighbors and family members.  

As always the Truth will be uncomfortable, and you won't want to believe that "your government" did this to you and your family for decades, but as you read research paper after research paper it will dawn on you that, yes, they did knowingly put poison in our drinking water.  

And yes, they did it to increase the profitability of Aluminum manufacturing. 

Their bottom line meant more than your health and it still does -- to them.  

You have to ask yourself -- what matters more to you? 


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