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Monday, February 19, 2024

International Public Notice: Stolen Russian Assets

 By Anna Von Reitz

It has come to our attention that more than $300 Billion dollars worth of assets belonging to Russia and to the Russian people has been seized as part of "sanctions" imposed on Russia for opposing NATO's pursuit of illegal biological weapons research in Ukraine, NATO funding of neo-Nazi attacks against Muslims and ethnic Russians in Ukraine, and, basically, NATO's misuse of Ukraine as "Crime Central" in Europe. 

NATO (1) first imposed a foreign government on Ukraine (via the Putsch style 2014 massacre of the elected Ukrainian Government, followed by the installation of Mr. Zelensky, a Wonder Putz from Florida) and (2) imposed on Ukrainian sovereignty to use the whole country as a base for criminal Black Ops activity running a gamut from human trafficking and slave trading, to involuntary organ harvesting and adrenochrome manufacturing, to illicit biological warfare research and development activities. Every kind of drug smuggling, arms smuggling, prostitution, gambling, and fraud scheme was being funneled out of Ukraine. 

NATO thus made Ukraine into an international criminal state, by taking it over and running it as an international criminal state.  

Ukraine was not to blame for this.  The Ukrainian people were not to blame for this.  It was NATO that did this and NATO that bears the responsibility for these crimes.  

It was also NATO that inflamed simmering neo-Nazi elements in the Ukrainian military to begin pogrom-like attacks against ethnic Russians and Russian Orthodox Christians, which was the final straw in the Russian resolve to "clean up the mess" that NATO made of the Ukraine. 

This action on the part of Russia was specifically allowed by the treaties ceding the Ukraine from the original Soviet State Government, so there is no cause legally or lawfully or morally for any NATO member nation to "sanction" Russia. 

They should instead be sanctioning themselves for the evils they have perpetuated in an otherwise peaceful and productive country that was, prior to their foreign "change of government" operation, being a responsible part of the world community.  

So, here's NATO, blaming the victims. Again. 

It's the fault of the Ukrainians, they say, because they should have kept a lid on crime.  It's the fault of the Russians (even though the treaties allow them to intervene in exactly such a situation) for crossing over the Ukrainian border. 

It's everyone's fault, but those who actually engineered it. 

$300B is not a huge amount of money in the vast tableau of the Russian economy; hardly a "blip" on the radar screen. It certainly pales compared to the estimated 10 billion metric tons of gold left on deposit with the Bank of England by Czar Nicholas II, Emperor of Russia, King of Poland, Grand Duke of Finland -- which waits for the living people to get organized and step forward and claim it as their lawful inheritance. 

Talk about sanctions?  How about sanctioning the Bank of England for knowingly holding onto 10 billion (with a B) metric tons of gold that belongs to Russia, and pretending that the Russian people are not the known and lawful inheritors?  

It certainly doesn't belong to the Bank of England.  

Even after Ronnie Reagan and Mr. Gorbachev tore down the wall, the goblins at the Bank of England remained stony and silent. Not a word. 

So as long as we are talking about the $300 Billion of Russian assets they have seized, let's bypass the trivial and talk about the Czar's safekeeping deposits in the Bank of England. That's enough actual money to make a difference in the lives of millions upon millions of Russians for generations to come. 

That gold should go back to the Russian people, just like the Chinese Nationalist gold left on deposit with the New York Federal Reserve Bank should go back to the Chinese.  

Fair is fair and money is money.  

Every Russian in existence should have their own gold-plated money card and be able to make use of their inheritance to buy whatever they need. 

Right about now, the Federal Reserve and their sanctimonious buddies in England are thinking twice about that $300 billion-worth of Russian funds.

They are wishing that they'd just shut their mouths for once, because $300 billion is nothing.  

It's a fly-speck on the rump of creation, compared to what is actually owed.  

And the present situation is forcing the rest of us to remember what is actually owed. 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 18th 2024


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