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Monday, February 19, 2024

International Public Notice: General MacArthur and Black Eagle Trust

 By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone knows that Douglas MacArthur was the American General in charge of the Pacific Theater in World War II --- or was he? 

He wasn't actually working as an American.  He was working as a British Territorial Officer. 

He's the one who lost the Philippine Islands to the Japanese. 

Once the Japanese invaded the Philippines, they discovered the vast amounts of American and Spanish gold that had been left under the Trusteeship and Safekeeping of the Government of the Philippines.  

Of course, the Japanese seized as much as they could and started transferring the gold out of the Philippines and wherever else they could take it during the war. 

MacArthur was also the one who famously "returned" and made a big show of keeping faith with the Philippines and collecting back and recovering as much of the gold that was in Japanese hands as possible. 

This recouped gold became known-- incorrectly-- as "Yamashita's Gold" -- the name of the Japanese General most responsible for pillaging the Philippines, and it purportedly became the backbone of the "Black Eagle Trust". 

Douglas MacArthur appeared to be American, but he was working for the Brits in a mercenary capacity the entire time.  Just like Colin Powell or Henry Kissinger or George H.W. Bush who were all knighted by the Queen in public, MacArthur was knighted in private. 

When reviewing the take over of the Philippines by the Japanese it does appear that the Philippines were left largely unsecured and unprotected -- considering their position as a major world gold depository for the past (at least) 1000 years. 

Are we to believe that MacArthur was unaware of the massive American gold stockpiles in the Philippines?  The U.S. Navy began transporting gold from America to the Philippines in the 1870's. 

The actual law is that possession by pirates does not change ownership and possession by Trustees (such as the Government of the Philippines) does not change the ownership interest of Donors or Beneficiaries. 

Like so much else, the Black Eagle Trust and Yamashita's gold is an illusion.  

Neither the Japanese General nor MacArthur's Forces had any valid ownership interest in the gold, much of which was American sourced gold transported to the Philippines by the U.S. Navy for "safekeeping" by the Government of the Philippines prior to the Second World War, with other large portions of gold belonging to Spanish family trusts overseen by the Roman Catholic Church, Indonesian merchants, and Chinese Bankers.  

Not only do pirates and trustees acquire no ownership interest by possession, but both governments and military services acquire liability when they recklessly endanger public and private assets belonging to their employers. 

No claims arising from an assumption of prizes or booty taken in war can be entertained, because the Congress required to make a Declaration of War was not in Session; like all "wars" since the so-called American Civil War, World War II was a Mercenary Conflict without redress. Once again, just as with Abraham Lincoln, we find Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a British Territorial Corporation "President" making his own personal "declaration" as a Commander-in-Chief, which fails the test of our Constitution and International Law. 

MacArthur prepared men in his command to go home and act as Sleeper Cells, waiting for this present moment in history when he knew that American assets would be up for grabs. He gave them instructions on how to set up Assemblies of ex-service members, not realizing that by the time this moment arrived, they'd all be entrapped and  considered to be voluntarily residing here as Dual Federal Citizens. 

This "presumed" political status, if left unrebutted, means that these veterans are still "at sea" or in foreign U.S. Territory, unable to create the American State Assemblies needed.  They can form an assembly, but it will be a District (as in District of Columbia) Assembly, instead. 

General MacArthur either couldn't foresee this eventuality, or he remained a Queen's man until the end, and wanted to redefine America as a British Commonwealth Territory, using veterans to unwittingly undermine their own country's  sovereignty.  

Either way, these veterans from the Pacific Command, like all the other Americans who have been conveniently "mistaken" for British Territorial U.S. Citizens and as Municipal citizens of the United States, too, have to object to the purported changes in their native political status -- must declare, record and publish their choice of political status -- and recapture their standing as Americans, before they can form a valid State Assembly. 

We have encountered multiple "MacArthur Assemblies" mostly calling themselves "National Assemblies" in this country -- that are all the result of the General's efforts; most of them are motivated by the idea that the gold in the Black Eagle Trust belongs to them and not more generally to the American people as a whole.  

None of these veterans are aware that their political status was changed as part of their induction into what they thought of as the American Armed Forces, and that they were in fact dehumanized and denigrated to the status of "human beings" having only Human Rights as a result of this process, an undisclosed enrollment which also seized upon their names as property belonging to the British Crown, and rendered them as "residents" in their own country. 

These men are also often confused about the distinct honors conferred on all those who fought in The War of Independence, also known as The American Revolution.  

All members of the Continental Army and Navy were granted sovereignty in their own right, by virtue of their service. As a group, the military has maintained this vital understanding, however, over the years they have misinterpreted this to be exclusive. The grant of sovereignty applied not only to all members of the Continental Army and Navy, but to all those born on the land and soil of this country ever-afterward.  

The Sons and Daughters of the Revolution hold a special place in our cultural memory and our hearts, but in terms of sovereignty they enjoy the same bequest of sovereignty as any other American. Even an immigrant who goes through our naturalization process and adopts an American State as their permanent home, is a sovereign in their own right upon completion of this process.

Our unincorporated Federation of States claims all the American-sourced gold found to be part of the Yamashita stockpiles recovered after the Second World War, and an equal portion of any such resources held in the Black Eagle Trust.  

As Fiduciaries holding the only survivorship interest in The United States of America, our unincorporated Holding Company,  we also claim any portion of Spanish Trust or other private trust gold and other assets belonging to individual Americans or American Families, for return to them.  

We have already asserted our Fiduciary capacity with respect to the assets of the Avila Family Trust and the V.K. Durham Trust, the so-called US Trust, U.S. Trust, and all other similar trusts, foundations,  and beneficial instrumentalities and assets that have been created in our names, that is, The United States of America and variations, The United States and variations, and the names of our member States of the Union and variations, or any individual names and their variations which have been derived from our individual assets and credit.  

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

February 18th 2024  


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