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Monday, January 22, 2024

International Public Notice: Human v Man, Man v Human

 By Anna Von Reitz

We must learn the difference between a man and "hue-man", transliterated as "human". 

A man is a living, breathing, unique being with a unique genotype,  physical substance, immense energy, and inseparable divinity, including inseparable "unalienable" rights bequeathed by Nature. 

It may come as a surprise, but living men and women cannot give away or abrogate or change their natural rights.  We are what we are. 

We cannot escape our Natural rights, and they cannot be bought, bartered, sold, or given away, no matter how ardently commercial interests wish otherwise.

The first "hue-mans" were thought to be the placenta and afterbirth materials.  It was a dark and superstitious time, when ignorance and fear conspired to create a belief that these "monsters" that expired shortly after the birth of a living baby were some other kind of "men" --- existing as a kind or "color" of man: Hue-mans. 

Out of this dismal and ignorant belief the idea of "human creatures" existing apart from mankind was born, and so also the idea of "subhumans" was born, with each category being open to interpretation and prejudice. 

In the 1450s, the Roman Catholic Pope declared Saracens to be subhumans, and to be subject to "eternal enslavement". 

As a result, the Roman Catholics like the Ancient Romans before them, accepted slavery for themselves and everyone else. 

You reap what you sow.  If you sow enslavement, guess what?  The same system you use to enslave other men can be, and will be used, to enslave you. 

It is this fundamental error that led to the classification of Man, Human, and Subhuman that the Conquistadors and Nazis employed, whether the rationale for it was religion or race or some other criteria.  No matter what excuse, these beliefs and related practices are always evil and untrue.

The Vatican has employed religion to justify its continued practice of these evils, only in their system the clergy are the rulers, the lay brothers and soldiers are indentured servants, and everyone else is enslaved. 

This is an exact reflection of the ancient caste system inflicted on those living in the star system of Orion eons ago: the priests from Sirius ruled over the hybrid soldiers from Orion and the soldiers ruled over the merchants from the Pleiades --- and everyone else was a slave.   

Like an evil memory, or a subconscious trauma, or a scar recreated at the cellular level,  these concepts have been imprinted on those who survived them --and for lack of a more conscious knowledge of the situation, these evils have been passed on in the same way that cell memory recreates scars.  

Let me say, unequivocally, there are only men and women.  

Humans do not exist, and neither do Subhumans. 

These--- humans and subhumans--- are phantasms of the injured collective consciousness, "things" that exist in our primordial imagination as a result of the violence that engulfed the planets of the Orion star system millions of years ago. 

These are concepts, called "memes", that have persisted like their physical equivalents, genes, and these memes have been passed down to succeeding generations at a subconscious level. 

Repeat after me and own it:

There are no "humans" and no "subhumans" either. 

There are only men and women. 

As a result, there is no conflict between men and humans, between humans and subhumans --- or to put it in a different way, there is no difference between John Paul, the Son of Ander, John Paul Anderson, and JOHN PAUL ANDERSON, because only John Paul exists, and he is a living man. 

This is because the "human" called John Paul Anderson doesn't exist, and neither does the "subhuman" JOHN PAUL ANDERSON. 

Both of the fictional characters are used to supplant and impersonate the living man, for purposes of exploitation, coercion, and theft. 

As "humans" don't exist, is there any sense or purpose in declaring "Human Rights" as apart from the Natural Rights of Mankind, which we cannot escape, give away, barter, loan. or sell in any event? 

No, there is not. 

Neither is there any reason for us to create "Civil Rights" to protect non-existent Subhuman slaves. 

There is only the necessity of getting our own heads out of our butts long enough to realize that neither of these things--- humans and subhumans--- exist, and never did exist. 

There are only men and women created in divine diversity, brothers and sisters veiled in flesh, and nothing else at all.

So let's be scrupulously honest and make a clean breast of it so nobody is shocked down the road: we inherited our bodies from the reptilians. 

Take out a magnifying glass and look at your own skin under high magnification.  You will see that your skin is made of scales so small you cannot see them with the naked eye --- but scales nonetheless. 

We are all dragon spawn, and that's just fine --- and weird enough just as it stands.  

So long as you don't lose your minds and start imagining that "humans" and "subhumans" exist, and start building entire social structures and systems of law on things that don't exist, we will all be fine, content in our common ancestry, content to live as men and women simply doing different jobs. 

The arbitrary classifications as "humans" and "subhumans" create a caste system seeking to separate and indoctrinate according to occupational and social functions. 

When the "Aryans" --- people from "Orion" (see the transliteration the Nazis discovered) -- came here and settled in the Indus River Valley and western India, they had an entrenched caste system.  

That same system is self-evident in the Hindu Caste System today and the western bureaucratic caste system, aka, "personnel system" which is imposed on public servants and service vendors to this day. 

The politicians have usurped the position of the priest caste, but the military and other service vendors still live in a condition of indentured servitude, and the civil service still lives as slaves. 

Students of Rome will recognize this as the pattern set by Roman society, but few souls here are old enough  to recognize that this is all a holdover of the caste system established in the Orion star system millions of years ago. 

But such is the case.  We are the recipients of our memes as well as the inheritors of our genes. 

If you stand back and think---- you can see it for yourselves. Most of you can remember it for yourselves. 

So what happens when we inherit a bad meme-- an inherited belief that "humans" and "subhumans" exist, for example --- just like inheriting a bad gene that predisposes us to glaucoma? 

Then it is up to us to recognize the bad meme for what it is.

No man is rendered a "human" by virtue of what he does for a living or what religious dogma he believes, nor rendered a "subhuman" by any similar condition. 

He does not suffer any different or lesser rights, though he may accept additional obligations--which is a different subject entirely. 

We are all responsible for monitoring our own heads, earnestly sorting the wheat from the chaff, crunching through group delusions the same way we snort at Freddie Krueger. 

We know who created the modern day version of "hue-man" (Catholic Church) and we know who brought back the idea of "subhumans" (Catholic Church and Nazis, based on the Aryan caste system), and we know the truth --- that only men and women, endowed with the same natural and unalienable rights, exist. 

Nature's God created infinite free-flowing diversity and vested it with substance.  Everything else is hokum to one extent or another. 

Evil men intent on abusing others created the idea of fictional "persons" and personnel systems, conceived the idea that soldiers were "humans" owed only "human rights" and that other public employees were "subhumans" owed only "civil rights" -- and this is all a mass delusion based on ancient evils buried in subconscious memes.   

Repeat after me and fully realize: 

There are no "humans" and no "subhumans". 

There are only men and women endowed by their Creator with natural and unalienable rights that cannot be bought, sold, traded, or cast away.  

These rights are our responsibility to own, to exercise, and to honor, for ourselves and for each other. 

No man can be diminished without diminishing all others.  No man can be enslaved without the potential of enslaving everyone else.  No man can be subjected to peonage without similarly damaging the whole of mankind. 

Please note how Pascal Najadi (see below) makes the argument in terms of "human" rights, and misses the more central fact that there are no humans and no human rights and that this whole vaccine-in-name-only fiasco has been fueled and legalized by these imaginary -- and fraudulent -- distinctions. 

The only reason these cretins thought they could get away with it was because they had already succeeded in defrauding and deluding several generations of people into accepting the idea that humans and subhumans exist.  And because it isn't illegal in their Fantasyland to kill humans (soldiers) and subhumans (slaves), they thought they could "legally" pull it off. 

Ah, but we are not obligated to respect legalities that apply to non-existent things, under foreign systems of "law" that apply to humans and subhumans and other "constructive legal fictions".  

We are enabled to go straight for their lying jugulars and gluttonous guts and serve them out whether they consider it legal or not. 

We will consider our actions lawful and long overdue. 

Their own soldiers will turn against them.  The merchants and bankers will undercut them. 

The actual Americans, Russians, and Chinese will unite in the effort to rid our beautiful planet of this pernicious insanity. 

The war on Earth, like the war in the Heavens, will finally be over. Satan will be sent to a different kind of Abyss waiting for him on Sirius B, the Morning Star. The Sirian (Syrian, get it?) Prison Transports are waiting for him and I am gunning for him every day. 

Just imagine an immense red-gold dragon with a mouth big enough to swallow a man like a cream puff....a dragon who will have no trouble recognizing Satan for who and what he is....relentlessly bearing down on him until she takes him in her claws and fangs and deposits him with a "Plop!" like a cow pie on board the prison ship taking him home to face judgment. 

His end has come. Be sure of it. And be thankful to the Living God. 

Repeat after me a third time and as many times as necessary to break the spell: 

Humans and subhumans do not exist. 

Only men and women exist.   

Read on with that ultimate truth firmly stuck in your memory, poking a stiff mental thumb into the harmful memes embedded in your souls. 

And clearly see how Pascal Najadi is both right and wrong in what he says here: 

Issued by: 
Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
The United States of America
In care of: Box 520994
Big Lake, Alaska 99652

January 21st 2024


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