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Monday, January 22, 2024

Horror Stories Incoming

 By Anna Von Reitz

Since we published the details of the "joint estate" and the deceased "brothers and sisters" --- the Afterbirth materials, in fact --- that the Roman Catholic Church has been busily seizing upon and using to create joint estate trusts, horror stories that are eerily similar have been showing up in my inbox. 

"This revelation of yours floored me, because both my Catholic grandmother (born in 1894) and Catholic mother (born in 1928) were haunted their whole lives by the story told to my grandmother in the upstate New York Catholic hospital where my mother was born of the supposed stillbirth of my mother's fraternal twin! Now, thanks to you, I have just learned that there was never any such stillborn fraternal twin, but that using the Unam Sanctam placenta fiction, the stinking hospital completely invented this story and told it to my grandmother to generate guilt feelings in her and make her feel obligated to financially redeem the "stillborn" from limbo! Every year until her death I spent New Year's Eve with my grandmother, and every year out of the blue she would launch into a tirade about the whole concept of original sin. Sadly, one can be traumatized for decades by total fabrications...." 

Based on this and corroborating stories evidencing the same basic elements of (1) new Mothers being told that their live baby had a "still born fraternal twin" and (2) being "obligated" to pay money to financially "redeem" this "stillborn fraternal twin" -- more details of the Dead Baby Scam are emerging. 

Apparently, this was standard practice, with potentially millions of families being randomly  impacted by the idea that they had lost a baby - a son or daughter - and being bum-rushed to pay for emergency baptism, Last Rites, burial, etc. 

One has the eerie image of priests baptizing a placenta and then doing the Last Rites over it and we all wonder how long this could have gone on -- with a straight face -- and with the burgeoning medical knowledge available even in the 1700s?  Yet it appears that this practice went on up to and in some places --after-- World War II. 

Women were routinely told that they had given birth to a stillborn "fraternal twin"  and were left to grieve for it and feel bad about it for the rest of their lives, saying Rosaries and Our Fathers for the soul of the poor little waif that died as an infant, tending the lonely little grave, crying at night over it, never forgetting the loss of this son or daughter....

Many report that they were made to feel guilty, as if something they did -- a remnant of their own Original Sin -- had attached to this lost baby, and that they had failed it somehow.  

Well, the Perps didn't say "baby" or "son" or "daughter" did they?  

Like Satan, they lied by omission and let the Mother assume the rest -- and they let her assume the guilt, too.  It increased their chances of being paid handsomely for all their services, which included, of course, sheltering her tender feelings ----by never letting her see this dead "fraternal twin".  

Not one of the families reiterating their versions of this same story report having actually seen the dead "fraternal twin". 

Now we know that the only thing they were sheltering was the fact that there was no "twin"--- fraternal or otherwise. 

There was nothing to show all these suddenly grieving new Mothers, but the familiar mass of an engorged placenta. 

Had they seen this "fraternal twin" these women would have known that it wasn't a baby, and the Church wouldn't have been able to capitalize on all the services they --purportedly, at least, provided this "stillborn". 

Of course, none of the families reporting on this phenomenon saw any of the actual services they were charged for, either.  No hurried priest summoned the Fathers from the Waiting Room to be present during the "emergency" baptism or Last Rites.  The poor little one died without the comfort of any family member being present, and that just made it all that much more dramatic, traumatic, and worse. 

Only the heroic Church was there to provide comfort to the "twin" in its final moments, and of course, the Church was therefore that much more to be thanked and rewarded. 

One can imagine the conflict this self-serving Big Lie engendered in the hearts of these new Moms: all the happiness and joy and relief over their new baby, combined with the sadness and shadow of believing that they lost a twin brother or sister a-borning.

Curiously, all these stillbirths seem to have occurred with great regularity in families that were upper middle class or "upper crust", people who had money and property assets. The Common Lot aren't the ones reporting these often tragically repeated losses. 

Our researchers are visiting Catholic cemeteries and noting the phenomena of seeing multiple tiny graves clustered under small headstones near their parents' graves.  And we are checking the causes of death noted, the reason given, and in an astonishing number of cases, "stillbirth" is listed. 

Now, it could be that people a few decades ago just naturally suffered a grotesquely higher number of stillbirths than we experience today.  It could be that the parents in these cases always seem to be well-off, simply because they could afford to memorialize their stillborn children with headstones and less affluent parents did without the headstones. 

It could also be that the Church (on the Secular side of the Roman Pontiff's Office, of course) was lying selectively, deliberately foisting this macabre Song and Dance off onto affluent parents who could and would pay the "death expenses" of the lost stillborn twins.

Who never actually existed. 

I hear the anguish coming off the pages of the emails, as families share their stories. After decades of misery and longing and feelings of profound loss, it's a relief in a way to know that this was a brutal "wink and nod" scam that took place over the course of hundreds of years, scarring the hearts of countless families while filling Church coffers. 

The more cynical among us (I am cynical enough, but they own the turf.) have pointed out that adrenochrome could have been harvested from the engorged placentas as they were "dying" and in extremis and injured from the birth process. 

They have also pointed out the convenience that the incinerators maintained by the hospitals provide to get rid of the actual placentas and the facility of having empty small coffins available to bury things -- no questions asked, especially in a Catholic Cemetery. 

Got some payola that needs to get to a Godfather?  

You can get quite a wad of bills in an infant-sized coffin.  

Have some stubborn bone fragments from the bottom of the incinerator from children who actually died?  

Whatever you wanted to get rid of, or stash for later retrieval, an infant's shallow grave and small coffin make a great way to store jewels, get rid of paperwork that is incriminating, or maybe make a drug drop.  

The point is that there are other possible benefits of the physical side of the Dead Baby Scam.

If the Perps were harvesting Adrenochrome from the dying placenta, it would certainly explain the unnatural focus and almost instant snatching away of the placenta that commonly takes place.  

Most new Moms never see the placenta, it is whisked away with such alacrity.  Why?  

Or maybe the placenta is being harvested for stem cells or other cellular and chemical components. 

One thing is sure, the Bedside Harpies snatch it away so quickly and quietly, that most Mothers wouldn't know about its existence from actually seeing it.  

As usual the investigative process leads us down more rabbit holes and leaves us with more questions. 

The profit motive in creating a phony, misrepresented grief scenario and then claiming death service and burial costs is obvious. 

What they are doing with the "missing" placentas is less self-explanatory. Are they harvesting them for one or more valuable products and not telling the Mothers?  Or throwing them in that handy incinerator?  

So that there are thousands of empty containers the size of an infant's coffin?  

If you wanted to get rid of evidence, create a drop site for contraband, or merely store something safely and really "out of the way" for a number of years without arousing the least bit of suspicion.... who would question the sight of a young Mother in mourning, and a tiny little coffin? 

Finally, there is the other Crown Jewel --- being able to seize upon the survivor's estate and run it for him or her, because, of course, they are totally unaware of the joint estate created by the passing of their stillborn fraternal twin, and so, never claim it.  

Nice. All of it is so nice.  

From the willingness to deceive the families and cast them into mourning, to the calculated milking of the situation to make maximum profit from it, and all the benefits actually or potentially available from this scam, it's clear why the Church's "Other Half" kept all this so very secret from the victims of it, and buried it behind such a sacred storefront: the pitiful death of the truly innocent. 

But now, we are going to rip it and the Coroner's Offices and the Vital Statisticians right clean off the map.  We are going to conduct our own investigations into absolutely every aspect of the Dead Baby Scam.  We invite you to join us. 

When we are done, we will get to the bottom of it, once and for all, and give these families closure. 


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