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Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Reply to "Fearless Floyd" -- Alert to Law Enforcement

 By Anna Von Reitz

My first suggestion is to change his media name to "Clueless Floyd".  

For reasons unknown, except for a suspected attachment to the thoroughly discredited Reign of the Heavens Society, "Floyd" -- if that is his real name -- has been attacking me like any good troll-for-hire and "exposing" all sorts things I "exposed" about myself and my family and activities a long time ago. 

Go here: and read all about my purportedly dark past and my husband's purportedly dark past and all the gossipy nasty personal attacks that Floyd produces at someone's behest each week--- only do it with the complete story in your hand.  

Not a one-sided, half-baked, only partially disclosed Clueless Floyd version ginned up to get ratings for Floyd at the expense of leaving you all as clueless as birds on a branch.

If you want the truth you are going to have to read and make your own decisions. 

Begin with my book, Disclosure 101, which fully explains the early history of how I, a Great-Grandma from a tiny hamlet in Alaska, spent seven years of my life (and at my own expense) serving Notice on all the Pope's Municipal Corporation Employees. 

Then, read all about my work preventing the Reign of the Heavens Society from incorporating an offshore corporation calling itself "The United States of America, Incorporated" and using it to access the credit and assets owed to this country. 

Then also read my comments about the "Scalpers" set up in Reno, who are demanding that you come onto (mostly vacated) military bases and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements related to foreign currency exchanges.  

Ask yourselves why you would have to go on a military base and sign Non-Disclosure Agreements to exchange one currency for another?  

These men are crooks, obstructing trade and using both force and ignorance as tools to rook you out of the value of your speculative investments in foreign currencies. 

If you are good little girl, you might possibly get up to 10% of the value, subject to them and their judgement. 

But what if they have no right to mess with you at all?  

What if that piece of foreign currency belongs to you and whatever its face value may be--- that also belongs to you?   And come to it, you belong to you. 

Unless you are presently working for the military under an employment contract, you are a civilian and can exchange your currency directly at one of our civilian banks and not have to go through any of this turkey-trot designed to unjustly enrich these buggers with 90% or more of your investment value. 

No Non-Disclosure Agreements.  No dangerous international places to go with armed guards and check points.  No lengthy contracts.  Nobody sitting in judgement of you and your philanthropic projects. 

You get none of that with me --- and all of that with Floyd and his host of flying monkeys. Yet, Floyd says I am out to "steal" the value of your foreign currency investments. 

Pray tell, how? 

The exchange rates for foreign currencies are published worldwide every day on the internet, and posted for anyone including Homer's Pet Pig to read for themselves?  

So how am I or any honest banker going to cheat you out of anything you are owed?  The exchange rate on any given day is what it is.  

And in any normal country, you can walk into any bank and plunk down any currency you like and exchange it for Federal Reserve Notes, or Euros, or whatever else.  

The problem in this country is that the same Pikers proposing to make you sign Non-Disclosure Agreements have shut down the civilian banks so that you don't have access to normal banks. 

They did this against the law, to pad their own pockets. They are the crooks, pure and simple. 

They and people like "Floyd" are the ones proposing to charge you a fat 90% of your investment value and also proposing to limit what you can do with your paltry remaining 10%. 

Not me. 

I've opened up civilian banks for the first time in over a hundred years and said, have at it, people.  Take charge of your own country and your own lives. Come exchange your money for exactly what it is worth on the world market.  

No "secrecy".  No NDAs. No foreign territory. 

They offer to put you through all this cloak and dagger rigmarole for a reason -- and that reason is to protect themselves from being arrested. 

They do it on old military bases so that they have control of you in a foreign international jurisdiction. 
They make you sign Non-Disclosure Agreements so you can't complain afterward or tell law enforcement authorities.  

They charge you 90% for the "service" of exchanging your Dinar, Zim of whatever --- something you can do for yourselves, thank you, and you could retain 100% of your investment with no strings attached, if you knew how to find a civilian bank. 

Well, guess, what --- I have opened a civilian bank and made completely normal ho-hum bank services available to you, and they are mad because well, that gives you 100% of your investment and leaves those gluttonous rats with zip. 

They can spew lies about me and my husband and everyone associated with me until the cows come home and it will never change the fact that they are the ones aiming to cheat you. 

And as of this moment, I am dropping the dime on them.  

Hello? Military law enforcement?  We have people set up in a headquarters in Reno, Nevada,  pretending to be associated with the American military.  

This appears to be an organized confidence racket designed to take place on old military bases all over this country, fully intending to defraud the people of this country out of private investments they made in foreign currency.  

Exchanging foreign currency is a routine legal activity and we have civilian banks ready and able to exchange foreign currencies according to world market exchange rates. 

Our people are being coerced and lied to and told to go to "secret" locations and sign Non-Disclosure contracts in order to receive back a whole 10% of their investment value. 

In essence, they are being told that their speculative investments in foreign currency are worth so much that they can't have the full face world market exchange value paid to them without restrictions --- which is nonsense. 

This is self-evidently an organized confidence racket  pretending to be sponsored by "our" military.

Better clean your skirts, boys, and shut 'em down.  You, too, Floyd. You are dirtying up the airwaves for no good purpose. 


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