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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

International Public Notice from the American Fiduciary

None of the corporations, including the banks, have paid anything at all toward any bill or charge whatsoever since the Federal Reserve System began in 1913. 

That's how they have run up such a horrendous "U.S. National Debt".  

In order to pay for something you have to have actual asset-backed money to pay it with.  

Nobody has been able to pay a debt with money in this country, unless they individually undertook to do so using the remaining United States Silver Dollars, since 1913. 

That means that everything -- absolutely everything -- that the commercial banks in this country have promoted for 110 years is trading in the equivalent of casino chips having no value or validity outside the casino. 

And if you use fantasy money you also create fantasy debt. 

As a result, the banks have no position on anything.  

They never owned the assets that they borrowed against.  They never owned the credit generated from the assets, either.  

They never paid anyone anything at all, and as their own paperwork fully establishes, they were lienholders pretending to work for the victims of this outrageous scam.  

So enough of the bunko and BS.  Nobody is falling for it anymore. 

We have a General Jurisdiction concurrent decision issued in Minnesota in 1968 and equality under the law guarantees our right to enforce it in every corner of America. It's on our Public Record and it concludes that the First National Bank of Montgomery didn't loan Jerome Daley anything of value so as to obtain any valid interest in his property.  

We also have proof of the unlawful conversion of millions upon millions of Americans' political status using undisclosed and unconscionable registration processes aimed at secretly subjecting them as babies for purposes of abuse under foreign law, which is a capital crime. 

We have proof that this impersonation was used to evade the constitutional obligations of the courts and the banks owed to these same Americans. 

We are the Protected Ones, not the members of the British Territorial U.S. Congress.  

So, if the banks want to be shut down and bankrupted and disgraced, we are prepared and willing to do it to them. They deserve it. 

If not, they need to drop all pretenses, beg clemency, and accept lawful conversion, which is the only way they can overcome their insurmountable debt. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

December 19th 2023


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