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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

For the Assemblies - About Commercial Liens - UCC

 By Anna Von Reitz

Stop wasting time and energy posting all these "Notices" and writing up all these UCC liens.  There's no point in doing it.

All the American property has been extracted. The liens on behalf of the States and people have been cured for several years, and rolled over into public and private trusts for each one of you. 

There is a reason I never taught anyone to do any of the commercial stuff and it's because it's already done. 

All you have to do is come forward, make your declarations, establish your Bilateral Bank accounts, publish your land patents and away you go. 

If you have damage claims resulting from court actions, you will be able to make them against the court case number -- which is a bond, and against the already cured and monetized ABA Lien. 

So you are all just wasting your time on learning all this commercial bunko and not getting the actual urgent job done --- which is setting up your own courts of General Jurisdiction and putting these shyster courts out of business. 

I am sick of hearing the sob stories from coast to coast, from parking tickets to evictions and foreclosures and child theft to divorce and false arrests --- I have heard it all.  And more.  

The fact remains that you have a clear pathway to put an end to the Carpetbagger Courts once and for all, but you aren't doing jack-diddly toward solving the actual problem while you are chasing your tails around filing commercial liens that don't need to be filed.

Also, this idiot film, "The Great Taking" has everyone stirred up because the banks are claiming to be the owners of property that has already paid off and no longer has a mortgage on it.  

What you aren't understanding about this is that the banks were never the owners of any of this.  They were nothing but lienholders and the liens were satisfied. If they come snooping around trying to pull anything like this on you, remind them of their true status and the fact that you never had a contract with them and they never paid you anything. 

Not even the credit they owed you. 

Anna Maria


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