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Friday, October 13, 2023

The Truth of the Matter

 By Anna Von Reitz

The common language meaning of "the truth of the matter" is equivalent to "the truth concerning this subject or issue", but the arcane meaning is reduced to "the truth of this subject" --- plus, the secret understanding that the "subject" being referred to is a British "subject" who happens to be Catholic.

Now, please understand that this British subject is not under indentured servitude to the King; no, they are enslaved to the Pope, instead, and the British Monarch is simply paying his dues to the Pope in his role as the Overseer of Commonwealth lands when he administers those lands and subjects. 

What a bunch of convoluted sectarian and economic bunk, no?  All purposefully constructed to hide the fact that they are talking about free men secretly and unlawfully impersonated and enslaved under color of law. 

So when you say, without thinking about it, "the truth of the matter" --- think twice.

There is no truth involved in any of this, and the "matter" comes in when living men and women are regarded as things --- matter, as in "matter and antimatter".  

What they are really saying is, "the truth concerning this pile of dirt" and then they proceed to treat people like dirt.

Everything that we are seeing play out is not about politics or race or creed.  It's about criminals seeking to hold onto the benefits of criminal practices and criminal institutions. 

The U.S. Army was left in charge by Abraham Lincoln who had no right to assume authority in the first place, so we have a deft substitution fraud based on similar names (substituting the President of the United States of America, Incorporated, for The President of the United States of America, Unincorporated) followed up by redefinition of which "Commander in Chief" we are talking about, too. 

If Lincoln had been Commander in Chief under the auspices of the Federation it would have been different and the actions he took would have been taking place in the jurisdiction of the land; but Lincoln was prohibited from the actual office he pretended to occupy, so that he wasn't really Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, either.  

Lincoln was an actor, like Joe Biden is an actor, a puppet being used by the British Crown to secretly usurp upon our government and set up a phony "military protectorate" which was in fact a mercenary operation designed to pillage and plunder our country and our people for the sake of European interests. 

The so-called American Civil War was fraud and everything resulting from it was tainted by fraud.  After Lincoln's death, the Perpetrators had a free hand, and they proceeded to establish their phony military protectorate under the auspices of the world's first (and still bogus) Executive Order, known as General Order 100, or the Lieber Code. 

This, and the unlawful conversion of our military into a mercenary force, is all to the dubious credit of the U.S. Army Brass including Ulysses S Grant, William "Tecumseh" Sherman, the members of Lincoln's Cabinet, and certain members of the Territorial Congress.  

They had already accomplished their aim of establishing a de facto military putsch and passed it off as a British Territorial Protectorate by 1865; their premeditated breach of trust and contract is demonstrated by the "Naval Agency and Distribution Act" of 1864, undertaken by the British Parliament. 

So these people and institutions were already dirty and sunk up to their chins in the muck by the 1860s, but things got even more sideways after FDR and the 1933 bankruptcy of "the United States of America, Incorporated" -- a planned debacle in which the privilege of public bankruptcy was used as a means to shift all the debts of the British Territorial Government off onto the backs of the working people of this country.

The Brits needed money from the Pope, so the Pope allowed them to sell all the Municipal citizens of the United States as slaves to raise money; in exchange, the Brits were obligated to recognize the Pope's Municipal Government dba the Municipality of Washington, DC, as the civilian government that the military serves. 

So, our Honorable Military Service which is supposed to serve this country, was unlawfully converted into a mercenary force by Lincoln's deceits, and then, some seventy years later, it conveniently forgot which "United States" civilian government it was bound to serve. 

The U.S. Army began following the orders of the Municipal city-state government as their civilian government authority, instead of the actual civilian government of this country.  

That is, they started taking their orders from "the United States, Inc." instead of The United States, Unincorporated. 

It's been this way with both foreign service providers acting as Municipal Corporations in collusion since "The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States" was published in 1937. 

The US, INC., pretending to represent our civilian government, would give its orders to the USA, Inc. mercenaries, allowing them to engage in war profiteering and drug running and other crimes under color of law. 

All the cost of this and the infamy of it, was tossed off and ledgered against the accounts and the good names and reputation of Ma and Pa back home, and all the blame has been attributed to our country, "America". 

Now you know why angry crowds are gathered all over the world, saying "Death to America!" --- when America has been the victim of these same traitorous back-sliding Principals, their institutions, and their corporations, along with everyone else. 

The truth is that our Federal Subcontractors and their employees have wantonly embezzled our credit and assets, operated in gross breach of trust, terrorized, murdered, robbed, and trafficked our people for profit, and they have done all this while pretending to represent us and while acting under color of law.  

These foreign corporations have helped themselves out of our pockets and have presented our lawful government as a mockery of itself. They have operated as a theater company, from their "Acts" of Congress, to their impersonation of our people as Municipal CORPORATIONS. 

The independent international city-state known as the Municipality of Washington, DC does not represent us and is not the civilian government to which the U.S. Military owes its loyalty and allegiance. The rats have simply gotten away with this cozy arrangement with the Pope and the British Crown for so long they've forgotten who we are ---and they have plenty of reasons they don't want to remember us, either. 

After all, Lincoln left them in charge, so, for better or worse, everything that has happened since 1863 is on them.  

This includes "mistaking" the civilian government of the Municipal United States for the civilian government of The United States. 

All the dirty double-dealing and war profiteering and violent obstruction and theft and human trafficking and domestic terrorism that they, the military subcontractors and federal agencies have committed, gets left on our doorstep--- and attributed to us by the rest of the world. 

We, meanwhile, get violently bilked by their private debt collectors to pay for all this "service" that we don't want and never ordered and don't profit from. 

This is the truth of the matter. 


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