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Friday, October 13, 2023

Repeat After Me:

 By Anna Von Reitz

All our pathways are clear and all our energy is flowing.

Feel it.  Know it is true. Rock bottom. 

This ancient sewer system of worldly power, blocked up with so much crud, is being blasted clear with clean water under immense pressure. 

All the blockages are being expelled and the water is running clear and at full throttle and there is no diminishment of its pressure or power. 

We are done with Evil. 

Done with waiting, too. 

We are not going to stand around while they get another phony "world war" started.  

We are not going to let them use their war as an excuse to delay the restoration and the jubilee owed to the living people. 

All the black robes have been given Due Notice of their ultimate liability. 

Remember I told you that every government in the world was given enough money to pay for all possible government services and infrastructure needs, so that the living people would be set free of taxation? 

Remember that this system was finally viable in 1941--- two years after the Vermin booted up WWII? 

What happened after WWII?  All the money intended to free mankind from taxation and coercion at the hands of their own employees had to be sidelined to rebuild all the war damage these Vermin caused. 

And then they didn't pay it back, even though they charged the living people many times over what was owed, plus interest.  

We are not playing their games anymore. 

Set yourselves free.  Set your world free.  

Focus your minds and hearts and energy on one  thought:  

All our pathways are open and all our energy is flowing.

Then feel it like a fire hydrant erupting under pressure, penetrating and lifting and blowing away all obstructions. 


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