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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

The Right Focus

 By Anna Von Reitz

You know how it is when you are trying to focus a camera and your intended subject is too close or too far away, and you have to adjust the lens?

It's the same way with the work we are doing. 

People often come to the Assemblies in search of individual solutions to their own problems, but what they need to focus on instead is creating a solution for everyone--- which will also solve their own problems. 

That solution is a strong State Assembly with its own Jural Assembly operating their State Court in General Jurisdiction. 

Initially, people think, oh, if I complete the paperwork to reclaim my birthright political status, it will be apparent who I am and all the bad stuff will go away.  

That's not how it works. 

We don't do the paperwork in order to get "results" from bureaucrats.

We do the paperwork to establish our identity and lawful standing--- which restores our ability to rein in the bureaucrats. 

Please realize this and teach others. The paperwork isn't a Silver Bullet.  It's the necessary first step toward an ultimate solution. 

The restoration of our own State Court System is the ultimate solution.  This is what gives the power over the bureaucrats back to the people--- and it is something that we have to give to ourselves. 

Nobody can do it for us. 

So, the paperwork is what evidences our individual standing and right to form a viable State Assembly; this then allows us to form a competent State Jural Assembly, and the Jural Assembly restores and operates our State Court System. 

The actual State Court System, once restored, is guaranteed the respect of its authority by a United States Supreme Court case decided in 1866 when all the funny stuff began. That case is Ex Parte Milligan.  

So we don't have to fight or fume or explain a great deal.  We just have to do the work and educate ourselves to do it.  

Thankfully, the Common Law is much simpler than the forms of law practiced by the corporations and we are blessed to have reliable guidebooks.  

When new people stumble into your Assemblies tattered and torn, angry and fearful, half out of their minds because they've lost children to Foster Care, or homes to foreclosures, or lands to illegal confiscation, etc., etc., etc., --- give them a hug and tell them: we are working on the ultimate solution here. 

We have our ducks in order and we are going step-by-step.  

Soon, these bureaucrats will be back in their box and with your help, our American justice system will be operating again.  

We have already made a lot of progress and several states already have their State Courts in operation. 

Our State Courts are Courts of General Jurisdiction -- not "strictly limited jurisdiction" and our people are in charge of our State Courts. 

So welcome home, with all that that implies, both in terms of comfort and security, and also, work and responsibility.  

When I began this long journey I had a friendly argument with a Jesuit attorney.  We discussed the whole situation and he chided me throughout, saying, don't blame us.  This was always in your own hands. 

Once you have the right focus, you know that he was right about that.  It is our right and our responsibility to operate our own government, and our fault if we fail to do so.  

Whatever else we decry for the Breach of Trust and misadministration we have suffered at the hands of our public employees, that truth remains. 


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