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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Expanding Forum

 By Anna Von Reitz

Many of you are now aware that we are opening up a new talk forum  and though it is broadcasting from North Carolina it will be a new YouTube channel  made available to  everyone —-assuming that we can actually talk and not  be censored. 

Admittedly, !that may be a huge assumption. 

The intention is for the Webinar to cover Big. Picture issues, and for the Tuesday morning forum to provide more direct answers and feedback concerning specific situations people have questions about. 

Today marked the first Tuesday Podcast and the feedback was tremendous —I am grateful for all the Attagirls sent to me and the hosts.   

We focused on focusing as much as possible and cleared up the misunderstandings surrounding the use of similar popular words to deliver disparate meanings in Federal Code.  

For example, the fact that the phrase “state national” means something specific in Federal Code (see 8 USC 1101 (a) 21) that is different from our meaning when we use the same words.

We acknowledged that we are in a spiritual “war” — often expressed as a conflict of values and ideas, and we explored the concept of gaining peace and productivity by keeping our attention focused where we want it instead of being constantly distracted and blown off course by impinging people and media that seeks to keep our attention focused on THEIR issues and manipulating our responses to create fear over things we don’t control and induce cravings for things we don’t need or want. 

We also explored the timely question asked by another one of my readers—- what’s the antidote for trauma-based mind control? 

As they suggested —- singing, dancing, sharing stories, playing games, creating art, playing music, cooking, building things or repairing things, gardening, working on shared projects…. all the things that make us feel joyful and connected and creative.

So “Turn the Knob!” (or push the button) on all the constant concocted drama provided by mainstream media and those who are controlling mainstream media— the warmongers and slave traders and policy makers— and put your attention on the things that make you feel secure and happy and empowered. 

Remember— without us backing them, they are nothing. Without our energy, our time, our money, our assets, our labor and our attention — they fade away. 

No need to fight.  Just disconnect and deprive them of the power you gave them. 


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