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Monday, September 18, 2023

The Greatest Show on Earth (2023)

 Draw your own conclusions, and Comment. I am opening the comments on this one article, and I especially want Anna to comment at some point. 

Here is the link to the original video.


  1. I've followed the Q posts since October 31, 2017. What is described is a VERY BIG STING OPERATION occurring outside public awareness, and especially media analysis. 5D chess. Irregular warfare. The Art of War with Trump Tzu!

    1. Totally agree. Defeat your enemy before they know they have been attacked. Takes time and patients. And faith on our part.

    2. Trump/white hats may be able to pull this off by 2025. Anna's way will take much, much longer.

  2. It’s a good thing we are actively working on self-governance. I guess Trump will hand the States the Ball next?

    1. This would be the next most logical and reasonable step forward in this optimistic scenario; that which this film depicts as a result of the notion.

    2. I sure hope so! :)

    3. I live in Idaho and our governor needs a shower. Who would a thunk it.

    4. Boy, that IS an optimistic scenario. I didn't get that at all from watching the film. More hopium (and excuses for failure).

    5. Isn't self governance a contradiction of God's Law?

    6. Self governance is exercising God's gift of free will. Galatians 5:13 You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh ; rather, serve one another humbly in love.

  3. Joe here with The Peacekeeping Task Force > > Although we will always maintain the optimistic approach that there is, in reality a fundamental balance between good and evil among men in all situations; we also maintain that this work very much appears to be evident of a hopeful, alternate perspective of the same seized upon and controlled narrative.

  4. Lots of inaccuracies...good primer for the uninitiated but quickly devolves into a host half-truths. Looks like another highly polished "British Republic" end run.

    1. As much as I wish team Trump were actually aiming to turn things over to us, it does look like an end-run to me also.

  5. Who wrote the script? And why?, who are the actors? How much do the actors get paid?, what acting school did they attend? (BAR) who owns the schools?, who is the audience?

  6. Peace and Safety then [CIA] Sudden Destruction (JFK anyone?) Everything is from HaShem for Good 🙏

  7. Too much misinformation, lies, and sound like a propaganda prop.

  8. As a student of history, politics, government, I love this compilation. Those who see inaccuracies, please state them!! I only wish I could get my loved ones to give this an honest look. When they recognize what has happened as the narrative depicted here, they will have more appreciation for where it is all taking us. Thank you to the creators, to Derek, and above all to the military and Donald Trump.

    1. Absolutely agree!

    2. This guy puts out great documentaries to make you think about history! Remember, he started down this path after being jailed as part of the fake/planned insurrection on Jan.6th

  9. Last time I fell for all the hype, the number one thing I failed to do was self govern. From the day Trump said take the vax, he became nothing but another actor. The assembly has taught me to take responsibility for myself and my family, not some white hat. All theater.!!!!

    1. From what I remember, Trump was telling people about alternatives to the vaccines.

    2. Well, that's like saying, go jump off a bridge and kill yourself. But, wait!, before you do, I need to justify myself and provide you with alternatives, so you can't blame me for it. Trump is a serial murderer.

    3. Ask yourself how trumpers knew not to take the vax. You are missing something if you think he advised us all to get it. I remember the time I talked to a couple of seniors in a waiting room. They had just gotten the vax and were so relieved. I remember feeling happy for them, it looked like a weight had been lifted off their shoulders, but at the same time I knew there was no way I was getting it. Admittedly surprised how many conservatives DID get it though.

  10. The greatest show on Earth is founded upon fraud.

  11. Well I agree with the inconsistencies.
    In less than 6 minutes I wanted to turn this off
    The US was placed under the crown in 1871 by the 1871 Organic Act and the BAR was soon after established. The USA Constitutional Republic became a corporation before the civil war.
    @ 5:33 flag on shoulder is an admiralty flag (British American Flag with the gold fringe that unfortunately so many of our troops now wear)
    @5:42 says our democratic republic (how about our constitutional republic art 4 sec 4)
    @ 5:55 1871 created corporation under the 1871 Organic Act (we were turned into a corporation before the so called civil war which was all about warring companies)
    Will finish and give more comments as it ends.

    1. Great observations, very early in the show. I was still hopeful and had to watch in segments, but as time went on, the inconsitancies conflicted with what I was told by people with more time and research invested in their knowledge of this subject and history of this country up until the present.

      Always the skeptic, I err on the side of caution. I know a couple people who were employed by POTUS Trump, and he was said to never paid his bills to everything from golf course supplies to bankruptcies. If he is going to change a system he exploited, he had better had his i's dotted and t's crossed, as all I desire is the truth!

  12. Ask yourself, has Anna sacrificed her honor and duty to Americans to accomplish what we nationals are benefiting from? The answer is, objectively, no. She has done more to protect us and our assets than any president I can think of, perhaps even the Founders. It is one thing to build a new house; it is quite another to find one virtually destroyed and determine the what destroyed it and start its reconstruction. Patriots do what is right to accomplish the right things, and they do not sacrifice the lives of innocent people, like sacrificing pawns on a 5D chess board, to accomplish right things.

    1. You right, but in order to restore we don't play the game, "chess" was a program of "kingship of man" and the logic for war, the delegation of authority was flipped in religion and scripted into kingship which required war.
      We are peaceful people manifesting heaven on earth now.

    2. But? That's what I stated, my friend.

  13. I agree Anna has done mountains for getting the ball rolling and learning what has happened to our republic and getting it started back on the right track and mountains more we do not know or understand. We need to all pitch in and put our shoulders to the wheel and push till we drop. Thanks to Anna, Jim Belcher and all those who believe in obey the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob. The same who is inspiring our founding fathers, Anna and so many more. Good things are coming.

  14. Propaganda!
    Let's all remember that it was Trump and his administration that first FAST-TRACKED the lethal bio-weapons on America.

    In addition to failing to keep his campaign promise (liar) to go after crooked Hilary; he cowardly failed to fire Fauci, who was known to be involved with gain-of-function (aka: bio-weapon) research, and allowed him to deceive Americans, prevented alternative therapies and paid doctors and hospitals to purposely use ventilators and drugs such as fetanyl to shut down patients major organ systems, inhumanely separated family members and prevented contact, all of which has resulted in an explosion of "excess deaths" since the plan to "reduce the population" was unleashed.

    For those who survived the PCR swab injections and DNA permanently altering jab or who were exposed to it via shedding, there is now an explosion of every kind of stage-4 TERMINAL cancers that replicate and spread to all major organs quickly. Most Americans have untimely lost family and friends to this brutal extermination event, and our hearts are shattered.

    These facts convict Trump as a heartless, cold-blooded serial-murderer in a conspiracy to commit genocide on Americans, and the world. He was an investor in the pharmaceutical companies and continues to profit from death by pharmakeia injection.

    Trump will be counted among those described in Revelation chapter 21, verse 8: "But the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers, sexually immoral, sorcerers (pharmakeia), idolaters (worshipers of money and false gods like Satan), and all liars (Trump could have warned us, but saved himself instead, going along with the Great Reset Agenda) shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death." Trump shall have no further redemption for selling out to Satan, and participating in the heinous harming of God's children and creation.

    STOP adoring and worshiping the immoral, unethical, liar Trump. He is a filthy criminal for profit, of the worst kind, as are all of those who sell-out to protect themselves from the Great Reset.

    1. The movie is only half way through. You have not seen the end. You cannot make conclusions yet. Enjoy the show.

    2. I don't have to see the end.
      If you witness the initial stage of any crime, such as murder, robbery, rape, vandalism, etc., you know it is a crime. You don't have to wait to see the criminal's motivations for it. There is no excuse for genocide.

      There is NO excuse for the harm that Trump has criminally inflicted on God's living people. NONE!

      Plus, Trump had ZERO authority, because our Constitutions do NOT grant any authority over the health matters of Americans, or any emergency powers to our governmental service providers; that in itself was a crime, and TREASONOUS violation of Trump's service contract.

      Trump is guilty of genocide. End of story!

    3. I will not trust Trump. I will never trust any politician ever. I cant stand politics, its nauseating. Same lies and promises that all disappear once elected. Trump has never been honest or transparent from day 1. Its stunning that his voters did NO background about his life. I mean how do you not know of his shady business dealings with mafia and convicted criminals, 6 business partners he left holding the bag while he files bankruptcy, more failed projects than successful projects, unfaithful with countless lawsuits from children, teenage, young women in 5 different states, since his 30's, hes been a Freemason since his 30's also, all his closest friends are Jesuit Freemasons(a British Secret Society and Europe)Trump is all about being secretive. He very quickly implemented his agenda by instantly dividing parties, worse than anyone had seen in decades. If he's not accusing or blaming democrats and rhinos of corruption and crimes that he(We have it all, We have everything)over and over, he's spreading fear. He's a hollywood actor, a showman, hired to play a role . A Republican role, WHY? He has been a loyal and devoted Democrat his whole life, he raised millions and donated millions, his closet and dearest friends are all democrats. Hiliary is his 3rd cousin and a big part of his life, Her and Bill were regulars at his Fl resort. He should of won an award for his debate with her, he had no intention of locking her up, or draining the swamp. Regardless what the psyop Q says. Trump needed a distraction to keep his sheep busy and out of his wig, while making shady deals to line his pockets. He invented some secret "Plan" to arrest the DS(Empire, SES, SERCO). Why not just name who the DS was, hes known all along. While Q is dropping clues and spreading hopium to his sheep, hes carrying out the Crowns orders behind the peoples back. He made promises at his S. Dakota rally: eliminate transgenders in womens sports, keep them out of womens bathrooms, ban school budgets for pushing transgender and LGBTQ material and out of the military, quickly get crime under control by militarizing all police depts by distributing a billion dollars worth accessories, passing stronger bills to keep them safer, because its more important that they make it home alive, since they risk their lives daily!?!?!? Screw innocent men, women and children, elderly, disabled, homeless making it home alive. Have you forgotten he did nothing to keep innocent people safe during the riots, a violation of his oath of office. Just collateral damage, nothing to see here. Not once has he recognized or bowed his head in silence for all the people attacked, injured, murdered, set up(j6 was a cover up for Operation Laptops. Once they were confiscated he got in his car and left). Mexico didnt build the wall, neither did Trump, the people did. Trump did nothing for the people, except, LIE-DECEIVE-MANIPULATE and DISTRACT.

  15. Yes, yes, yes. Sending this to my 30+ sons. Been telling them and their friends since 2016 that Trump will go down as the psyop president playing the Khazars game right back at them with higher intelligence. Truely enjoying the show. While living off grid on a 22-acre homestead unplugged from the system as much as possible. Never been happier or healthier. No pharma, vaccines or roundup ready food. Now RFK helps Trump expose the evils in big ag and big pharma. I am so grateful for their efforts.

    1. Yes, Trump has the best chance at this time. And this movie supports his chances of a checkmate. If Anna's hopes and dreams ever do come true, it will be long after I'm dead.

  16. Sounds like a more professional version of Charlie Freak's Takedown of the Cabal from A to Z.

  17. After explaining how the de facto usurped on the de jure in 1871, this documentary continues as if the de facto is our legitimate government. It's one long non sequitur.

  18. home, land, and cars stolen in 2017 and have had to pay rent every month after that . . . . family members lost, friends lost, lived in a car for a bit like so many of my fellow veterans . . . . i'm still paying rent and so are millions of others, so forgive me while i salute this "film" with my middle finger for the propaganda freak show that it is. never mind what i have lost, can you say lahaina, Hawaii? seriously?!?!? whole neighborhoods BBQ'd and folks are still saying "trust the plan? the navy sailor in me has a long list of choice words and expletives for folks who think just a bit more hope'ium is all we need . . . .

  19. The word "abominable", mentioned at Revelation 21:8, according Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Third Edition, means, “away from man, inhuman”. This could indicate inhuman behavior, or those who are no longer considered human because of permanently altered DNA, or allegiance to inhuman agendas. It is interesting that word was included as a sin deserving of final death. I believe this is because the inhuman actions result in a universal attempt to usurp Jehovah God's sovereign rule, and completely destroy his creation.

    We have experienced inhuman behavior from tyrants, politicians, religious leaders and evil people down through the ages. However, the only other time in history that man's DNA was permanently altered was prior to the global flood, when fallen angels impregnated earth women, giving birth to hybrid humans known as Nephilim, who became violent cannibals.

    The DNA-altering sorcery jab that Trump unleashed on the world is another indication of Yeshuah's signs given in Matthew chapter 24:7 of the days leading up to His return, and fulfillment of his description of them in verses 38 and 39. The days we are experiencing are just like the days of Noah when violence filled the earth to the extent that required Jehovah God's intervention to prevent it from being destroyed completely.

    Trump's actions were indeed inhuman and violently resulted in unnecessary death, destruction of our economy and jobs, loss of homes, and opened a Pandora's box of evil that threaten to exterminate all life (people, animals, plants and the earth itself). This will very soon necessitate Jehovah God's intervention once again. "And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened." (Matthew 24:22).

    1. I agree 100%. To me more dangerous are the hidden opposition aka so called controlled oppositions like Trump. They look like they are on your side but actually they work against you. It is more difficult to protect yourself against them than the obvious ones.

  20. Part 1

    Has is ever occurred to anyone here and in this marvellous movement of getting back to the land and soil that the overall problem is twofold?

    First, as Anna has so well explained time and again the first facet of the problem, there is a certain reconstruction needed as part of the land jurisdiction (not just for America but for the entire world). That reconstruction is foundational and requires workers, people to get the job done, and that is precisely what has been happening under Anna's tutelage. These workers must correct their status as part of this foundation reconstruction, so they can test out this new foundation to make sure it is solid. This is proceeding well and I congratulate everyone involved who has faithfully stayed the course in this most critical endeavour. Without this foundational work, the entire civilisation of this planet is doomed to remain at sea and in the air until it is utterly destroyed by evil, because it would have no proper land/soil foundation on which to rest.

    Second, the 8.1 billion (as of 2023) living breathing biological people on this planet have been cast out at sea -- EN MASS -- for the most part. The fundamental laws that govern jurisdictional processes (and I'm referring to laws above those made by men) are clear in that "as a thing is done, so must it be undone". It is something that can be termed "the reversal process". It is a fundamental law of the cosmos and it is fully in effect on this planet, and can be witnessed in constant action by those who comprehend its mechanics and dynamics.

    As a corollary to this second problem, as this mass casting out at sea fraud was committed, almost concurrently an inversion occurred with the sea and air jurisdictions. This is witnessed today by the aggressive "municipalising" that is running rampant nearly everywhere.

    So that leaves mankind to contend with a peculiar set of circumstances. It's easier to understand if I stretch it out horizontally like this.

    How sovereignty should have been implemented as civilisation gradually matured in a healthy manner.
    1) Soil --> 2) Land --> 3) Sea --> 4) Air

    How it actually was fraudulently implemented (a mirroring effect).
    1) Soil --> 2) Land --> <-- 3) Sea <-- 4) Air

    Notice the change in direction of the arrows for Sea and Air.
    This was a fraudulent implementation of the Sea and Air which caused an inappropriate mirroring effect, but this ill effect was further compounded when the Air and Sea were then inverted as shown below.

    How it actually became a reality and where we stand today.
    1) Soil --> 2) Land --> <-- 4) Air <-- 3) Sea
    Notice the inversion of reality in addition to the mirroring effect, 3 and 4 switched places in addition to going in the wrong direction.

    That is why today, living breathing people of the land ans soil have to deal directly with everything MUNICIPAL (air jurisdiction). This is evil X 2!!

  21. Part 2

    Anna and her fine movement are a critical part of the solution, but cannot fix it all on their own. 8.1 billion people cannot be returned to the land and soil one by one through Anna's system. The passing of time creates an insurmountable logistical problem with this approach. Realistically is it unfeasible, and lawfully it cannot be done that way. A more timeless approach is needed.

    The required reconstruction must be done on the side of the land and soil, but the necessary return to the land of 8.1 billion fraudulently displaced people must, as a matter of principle and timeless process be handled from the sea and air jurisdictions.

    Another way of saying it is that the sea and air must "push out" EN MASS those it fraudulently pulled in. The soil and land cannot pull them out of the sea and air EN MASS. This is clearly explained in the Christian Bible (book of Revelation) when it says "...and the sea gave up its dead". It's the sea that must make the 8.1 billion corrections. When it is done that way it can all be undone in a timeless manner with the stroke of a pen at no cost or hardship to anyone.

    When you analyse the global situation from the land and soil perspective only, you only get a limited sense of what is happening, and it gives the false impression that nothing good is happening over on the other side of the BAR in the sea and air, and people waste their time squabbling over Trump this and Trump that. But when you expand your point of view to see the simultaneous functioning of the dynamics of all 4 jurisdictions globally, then the picture becomes clear, that Trump, Putin, and several other leaders have in fact been busy undoing the inversion of the air and sea, as well as the mirroring effect that we commonly refer to as encroachment of the sea and air onto the land and soil. This is why Q came on the scene, to teach us how to see the 40,000 ft view, how to recognise the global process taking place. When you are 40,000 ft up you can see the functioning of the four jurisdictions simultaneously.

    It's all being carried out in a very subtle manner to prevent mass panic and uncontrollable civil unrest that could easily undo all the good that is being done. It's similar to pulling a cake out of the oven. You have to handle it with kid gloves while it is still hot or else it will suddenly collapse and be ruined. As a planet we only have one shot at this, and so far it is working, even though it may not be entirely apparent on the surface.

  22. All I needed to hear is Democratic Republic. The reality tunnels the criminally insane present publicly, for the benefit of herding the sheep, are loosing influence. Nature never lies to you. Take off your shoes and connect with reality.

  23. Well, one could say a lot ... but then again, maybe not much is really needed to say here... Maybe just saying this one thought: This is all HORSESHIT - big and ugly horse shit and the easiest way to see this is the most clear but radical: Let's assume this is all nice and dandy and fine and super white hat dudes righting all that is wrong. What is the king of 'Good' or vision that is presented here (no matter if it s really true; just for the arguments sake) ?You hear only like ' Submission.....then he submitted ....submitted ..... bowed down .... then China submitted....Arab submitted ...super trick to fool the masses with the Vax (and cause immense REAL LIFE damage) ...but hey...Vietnam SUBMITTED..... and submitted to the "Glorious Agencies of the military and intel community and Generals and always guns and power and ... killing and submitting and forcing and lying and stealing and corrupting (as dear Mike Pompeo reminded us so colorful!) ... and then Korea submitted and We great Trump-White-Hat America threatend with our Big Balls aka Bombs to not invade the south which is our BITCH that we are sucking dry and use as a vassal ...... and then the fuckin European submitted, these bitches who we are sucking dry and OCCUPYING for over 80 years together with our beloved mofo british racist friends ....hahahahahahahahh .....they are so stupid and I sucked them dry .....hahah ...and the vatican submitted and 60 plan loads of gold ....hahhaha ....all for Us and us Americans only.......hahahahah see, they all- the whole world submitted to us and bows down and goes to its knees from our shiny sniny lying Dollars and our big dicks ...ah I mean Big Guns and Bombs ....yeah......this is America- we love it . this is Trump and the White Hats .....yeah we submitted them alll - you see, how cool ....even cooler than the cold dead hands of Charlton Heston and more hardcore cool than Clint eastwood ...yeah, this is America .....God s own country...Halleluja - And Amen !" ................................................................................................................................UNDERSTOOD ?????????????????????????????????????????? Even if all was true in this movie - which is not, ony a true retarded imbecile qould question that - that is "The Good Vision of Their God that they are standing for" REALLY ?????? I mean REEAAAALLLLLLYYYYYYYYY ? Man, I'm deeply impressed ...hahhahhahahah .........yeah...hahahhahahah ..........really impressed : Man, this is good ; so good - that I think mankind needs a new definition of what "good" is, this is soooo good -probably the hotest shit in the entire galaxy at the moment .......................... Hahahahaahahahaahahaahhaah ......

    Ok, i leave it hear - if you didn't get it by now - well, You will never get it.

    Hugs & Greets

  24. Enjoying the show is like eating shit. No thanks. Trump can not reconstruct. We can. He's a corporation president. Not an American.

  25. The video is very interesting and generally accurate, but definitely not thorough or complete. For example, near 10 minutes into the video the statement is made "The people have no rights or freedoms ...". That statement is incorrect! The Rights and Freedoms were granted by the Creator and are 'fully protected' by the organic Constitution for the united States of America. The Act of 1871 deals with 'persons' or entities and their rights 'secured' by the constitution of the UNITED STATES, not with the people.

  26. Trump works for one entity and ONLY ONE!
    He bows down to the evil Kazarians, Israel, and the Elite Bankers which are all ONE AND THE SAME.
    See Trump wearing a yarmulke and kissing the wailing wall. Sitting down with Zionists to "Get his marching orders".
    Heck these are the worst eugenisists the world has ever known and pharma murderers. Trump works for THEM! Not America, not the living men and women, not the children, and not the elderly. He the worst SCUM BAG whose own Trump Tower measures 666 feet high. Wake up people we have been conned big time and only we can stop the damn show that is designed to enslave and Borg assimilate every man woman and child.
    We do not consent to slavery or manipulation or to harm or to fraud. We are done with the greatest swindle ever know in the cosmos...interest paying loans which shall bring all wealth the one whom interest is paid to: ie: Bankers. Check out the book the Sumarian Swindle and you will see how the damned money lenders (who Jesus outed in the synagogues) have destroyed, from 2500BC, the most beautiful abundant, learned, harmonious, culturally moral, and peaceful people of UR. The Dung burning goat herders buzzing with flies started the interest scam and now they want more than owning the world, they want our souls too. And Trump, the fat devil, wants to serve this master and forge his own personal dynasty off yours and your owns blood sweat and many many tears.
    We do not consent to his or anyones' suffering one more moment.
    We DEMAND these creeps be taken out of our societies/world that we may heal rebuild and grow prosperous healthy and whole again.
    Trump works for one entity and ONLY ONE!
    He bows down to the evil Kazarians, Israel, and the Elite Bankers which are all ONE AND THE SAME.
    See Trump wearing a yarmulke and kissing the wailing wall. Sitting down with Zionists to "Get his marching orders".
    Heck these are the worst eugenisists the world has ever known and pharma murderers. Trump works for THEM! Not America, not the living men and women, not the children, and not the elderly. He the worst SCUM BAG whose own Trump Tower measures 666 feet high. Wake up people we have been conned big time and only we can stop the damn show that is designed to enslave and Borg assimilate every man woman and child.
    We do not consent to slavery or manipulation or to harm or to fraud. We are done with the greatest swindle ever know in the cosmos...interest paying loans which shall bring all wealth the one whom interest is paid to: ie: Bankers. Check out the book the Sumarian Swindle and you will see how the damned money lenders (who Jesus outed in the synagogues) have destroyed, from 2500BC, the most beautiful abundant, learned, harmonious, culturally moral, and peaceful people of UR. These Dung burning goat herders, buzzing with flies, started the interest scam and now they want more than owning the world, they want our souls too. And Trump, the fat devil, wants to serve this master and forge his own personal dynasty off yours and your owns blood sweat and many many tears.
    We do not consent to his nor anyones' suffering one more moment.
    We DEMAND these creeps be taken out of our societies/world that we may heal rebuild and grow prosperous healthy and whole again.

    1. Trump is the pied piper.

    2. Jared Kushner's office Manhattan 666 Avenue

  27. God will have the last act

  28. Democracy is not ever mentioned in our Constitution, and to me is just another word for communisim. Article I sec 8 gave congress majority rule, and they used it within the boundaries of Washington D.C. only for a while until it was exploited by the money changers and foundations for evil purposes, and now we are here at the time of reckoning. Howard Freeman says it better!

  29. This is a way to fool the people into a new monetary system. History shows us approximately every 55 years, they have to reset the money system and give it a face lift so it doesn't implode from their doing. This has been going on forever with their planned wars to cover their ass all while making a profit. Time after time it gets more profitable for them and we lose more of us and more of our rights.Trump is the other side of the same coin, yet so many are still oblivious

  30. This film is well named, it's all a great "SHOW". There's no trust, no faith, no honesty in men; all perjured, all forsworn, all naught, all dissemblers.
    ~ William Shakespeare ~

  31. -----------------------------------------------------------

    And what about this 'film' - this piece of utter pathetic garbage:

    Well, one could say a lot ... but then again, maybe not much is really needed to say here...
    Maybe just giving this one thought:
    This is all HORSESHIT - big and ugly horse shit and the easiest way to see this is the most clear but radical:
    Let's assume this is all nice and dandy and fine and super white hat dudes righting all that which is wrong. What is the kind of 'Good' or vision that is presented here (no matter if it's really true; just for the arguments sake) ?

    You hear only terms like ' Submission..... and then he submitted ....submitted ..... bowed down to trump/us/the U.S..... then China submitted....Arab submitted ...super trick to fool the masses with the Vax (and cause immense REAL LIFE damage) ...but hey...Vietnam SUBMITTED..... and submitted to the "Glorious Agencies of our oh-so-cool-and-honorable military and intel community and Generals" (Who btw, as we all have learned from dear Anna are the essential part of all the EVIL that was done for more than 150 years, right? You didn't forget that, did you???) and always guns and power and ... killing and submitting and forcing and lying and stealing and corrupting (as dear Mike Pompeo reminded us so colorful!)

    ... and then Korea submitted and We great Trump-White-Hat America threatened North Korea with our Big Balls aka Big Bombs to not invade the south which is our BITCH that we are sucking dry and use as OUR vassal & vessel...
    ... and then the fuckin Europeans submitted, these bitches who we are sucking dry and OCCUPYING for over 80 years together with our beloved mofo british racist friends ....hahahahahahahahh .....
    They are so stupid and I - The Big-Best&Bestest-Trump-Holy-Hero sucked them dry .....hahaha ...
    And then the Vatican submitted and 60 plane loads of gold ....hahaha ....all for Us and us Americans only - as always: All for us, we are the Best- The Winner takes it all - We are god's chosen ones - The Shiny Beacon on The Hill - Yeah, we kill, rape, steal, lie and murder in the NAME OF GOD - because we are The Chosen Ones!
    Hahahahah see, they all - the whole world submitted to us and bows down and goes to its knees from our shiny shiny lying worthless fake Dollars and our big dicks ...ah I mean Big Guns and Bombs ....
    Yeah......this is America - we love it.
    This is Trump and the White Hats .....yeah we subverted them all - you see, how cool ?!

    Even cooler than the cold dead hands of Charlton Heston and more hardcore cool than Clint Eastwood ...yeah, this is America .....God's own country.

    Halleluja - And Amen !"

    UNDERSTOOD ??????????????????????????????????????????

    Even if all was true in this movie - which it is not, only a true retarded imbecile would believe such utter ridiculous nonsense - then let me ask you:

    I s this "The Good Vision of Their God that they are standing for" ??

    REALLY ??????
    This is what the word -> 'good' means in America and for Americans - really ?

    Man, I'm deeply impressed ...hahhahhahahah .........yeah...hahahhahahah ..........really impressed.
    Man, this is too good; so good that I even think mankind needs a new definition of what "good" is. Man, this is so good - probably the hottest shit in the entire galaxy at the moment !

    Hahahahaahahahaahahaahhaah ......

    Sarcasm off !!!

    Ok, I leave it hear - if you didn't get it by now - well, you will never get it.

    Hugs & Greets, yours truly,

  32. Part 1

    Establishing A Basic Understanding Of America - What It Is & What It Is Not

    One last thing about America and American history. You’ve got to understand that all comparison between the American way of establishing a system of Statehood, Confederation, Federation, Republic and a system of government (of, by and for the people) and all other states and governments is inappropriate, useless and a gross misinterpretation of the actual truth and facts on the ground.

    See, no other ‘nation-in-the-making’, population or group of people has ever been in a situation only remotely close to the basic historical and political framework in which the colonies and later the Federation of the individual states found themselves in 400 years ago.

    What do I mean by that ?

    Well, it is and was always said and perceived that the newly established state(s) in America and its government - its Confederation, Federation and its Federal Republic - is so much more in favor and in the hands of the people themselves and it always is and was painted as so advanced and so ‘super-democratic’. Which is not only laughable, even in case one is believing in the notion that democracy is the best of all governing models but even more it is simply not true !

    PER DEFINITION The United States of America (Unincorporated) from its very inception is not a democracy. It’s form of government is a republican form, you idiots ! But that’s not my point here, whether it is or should be a democracy or a republican form of government. The far more basic and fundamental point and argument here is this:

    Let’s say and assume that it is true, or at least was true in the beginning and in the way this American state(s) was set up, that this governmental framework was indeed more free, more self-governing, more participating, more in favor of The People, less taxes, more individual freedom and all that Yadda Yadda that we all have heard for far too long already.

    Well, I’ve said in the beginning that the American situation is in no way comparable to any other genesis of a nation because no other nation had a situation only remotely close to the American situation.

    Never before in history had any other group of people stolen a whole frickin’ huge & rich continent and murdered 90% of all the native inhabitants and distributed it among themselves ! be continued in the comment below .....

    1. Part 2

      You see, it’s very easy to create a new state or a new government and to be a little nicer and generous to the people/citizens of that state and give them a little more rights and some notion of self-governing and less governmental pressure and surveillance compared with all other states who came before when you are dealing with a so-called scorched earth nation; as America, the land, has become after the barbaric hordes of Europeans came in and flooded it with their scum, their religious fanatics, the adventurers, the losers, their criminals and their murderers under the leadership of greedy and ruthless and degenerated and evil Kings, Crowns, Churches and Popes.

      You do understand this, right ?

      It is easy to play the part of a ‘generous and benevolent government’ when I have so much new land, gold, resources, farming and hunting grounds, animals, water, oil and gas and such a huge territory (All stolen and criminally extracted !) to distribute for cheap or even for free to my Underlings.

      You see, no other nation ever had such a privilege and has been in such a comfortable position to gain access to a wealth and territory as rich and huge. No other nation ever took over such a huge land and treated it as Tabula Rasa and eradicated all previous history, people, customs, laws, rights and ownership and distributed it among themselves - among the descendants of Murderers, Thieves, Thugs, Criminals, Liars, Blinded Religious Lunatics and Fanatics; in short among The Greatest Sinners on Earth !

      And every American with only the brains of a gold fish can know this, if he is only willing to sit down and think straight for just 5 minutes. Which btw, is a task far too much to ask from a brainless and castrated Bimbo-American ! be continued in comment below.....

    2. Part 3

      Establishing A Basic Understanding Of America - What It Is & What It Is Not

      And now we are coming full circle: This root trauma of all Americans, the deep evil lie at the bottom of the American Founding Myth is the reason for American’s absolutely ridiculous and evil obsession with religion, jesus, church and god. They need this as a cover-up and a smokescreen for the deep rooted evil that they do represent in this world and probably even more as a lie for themselves in front of themselves, because otherwise they would have to accept that all their greatness is not greatness but thievery, crime, lie and simply evil through and through. That lie is needed for otherwise a wave of cognitive dissonance would rush over all Americans that would carry away the mental sanity of the whole population in just one go.

      Just look at them, the Americans, right now: They are already half way there - a bunch of totally retarded, evil, greedy, moronic and selfish lunatics.

      You do understand that it is always the one who is screaming the loudest about the evil of others and about how great and divinely inspired oneself is who is actually the one doing Evil, right ?

      One Nation under god, right … ?!

      Hahaha !

      Sorry, I’ve got to laugh so hard that it is hurting … and, no, I’m not going to give you all examples here, for you all can write down the long list for yourself:

      Mossadegh, Allende, Omar Torrijos, Gaddafi, Cambodia, Vietnam, Korea, Hiroshima & Nagasaki, Irak 1, Irak 2, Syria, the bombing of Serbia, Grenada, Juntas in Argentina, The School of The Americas and terror in many south and central American states, Jaime Roldos in Ecuador after ‘daring’ to nationalize its oil and gas, … as I said: You all can write that list for yourself, you don’t need me to uncover any of that because it is all uncovered and open to see for the whole world.

      And for the stupid ones: This below is the original PEACE flag of The United States of America (Unincorporated) … the well known ‘Stars & Stripes’ is the WARTIME flag with all the subsequent legal and lawful consequences, idiot !

      Yes, America is officially at war for at least 160 years ! be continued below ....

    3. Part 4

      Establishing A Basic Understanding Of America - What It Is & What It Is Not

      Who would have thought ? The Beacon of light on the hill … hahaha, c’mon on, please, stop. My laughing is killing me, please stop with these ugly and nefarious jokes.

      For those who have difficulties in coping with a text longer than 3 sentences, let me give it to you in just one sentence:

      The ancestors of modern day Americans who left Europe to flee from the injustice and harsh oppression of Kings, Churches, the Inquisition and the Vatican and its Popes have not been the greatest, most intelligent and courageous, most gifted, honorable and integer ones but they have been the idiots who cowardly choose to not fight for the freedom and honor of their homeland but left for other lands and went killing and stealing under the order and rule of the very bastards that they pretended to run away from !

      What a bunch of retarded losers - indeed, the scum of the earth !

      You could say, that after the crusades that was the second time that Europe was exporting its unsolved problems at a large scale to other lands and realms and thus established a scheme that is to this very day the basis of all European and Western strategy, diplomacy and geopolitical behavior, sadly so, for it is a shame beyond excruciating.

    4. Amen Stefan Sattler

    5. Thanks for sharing your substack Stefan. I just subscribed. As a non American (in the technical sense) I can definitely relate to your outsider point of view. You present many interesting historical facts that help illustrate the source of the problem.

      Let me ask you, what is the present solution to this massive problem?

      Trump has stepped out onto the global stage to offer his particular pompous brand of American jingoistic boosterism solution? Do you agree that Trump is the one to fix this problem?

      Putin has also stepped out onto the global stage to offer his particular brand of Russian group survivalist solution (with some spectacular defenestrations that I am particularly fond of). Do you agree that Putin is the one to fix this problem?

      BRICS is making big waves lately, are they the solution?

      Can you propose a better solution?

    6. Thanks for your kind and insightful words ...

      Well, for sure there is no short and simple answer to your question but let's see where we stand:

      As we are here at Anna's (and Paul's) Blog, first things first : For sure they and especially our dear Anna has given a whole lot of extraordinary, true, deep and meaningful intel, history and TRUTH almost without any comparison currently in this world.

      What I try and tried for years is to integrate the different imho 'Good People' like Anna and James Belcher and the associated indeed Good Americans with the likes of , yes, Vladimir Putin, Modi & Sadhguru & India are also doing there part in this change ( No, they are NOT perfect, far from it - same with Putin; but who of us is perfect ???) ... and many more in journalism, politics, WEALTH, Asian Dragon Families, Vatican, The Good Ones AND the Evil ones... and I tried to get that going what is missing the most in this world:

      An Open Frank and Honest discussion of the different RELEVANT Players and so for like 8 years I've sent out literally 400.000 mails and much more posts and other messages to almost All Movers & Shakers in this world : thousands of embassies, hundreds of main stream media, all well known alt. media guys, universities in the thousands , the highest ones !!!, NASA, ESA, Knights of Malta and simple everybody from Anna to Joe Rogan to Neil Keenan, Sacha Stone, David name it.

      Well, as you've said : You can read all of it on my blog for free for sure - it's all there - My so-called Collected Letters into Freedom ..... and some more, twinkle, twinkle .....

      And for sure, Anna knows quiet well who I am; we are talking for like 4 years intensively.

      Whether she thinks I'm gone too far and am a fool or genius ...well, that's not upon me to answer .... ask her ...but honestly, that's not the important point in all of this.

      The important point is : We've got a Job to do, my friends. Americans, Europeans, Asians, Russians, Buddhists, Christians, Muslims, Natives, Africans, MANKIND, we've got a Job to do, that's all that matters - and The Time Is NOW - let's do The Job - NOW !

      You/We all will love, for once started we'll see: It is easy as shit and we will wonder why the heck we have waited sooooooooooo long me- You will love it.

    7. I like your enthusiasm Stephan. Many of us have been diligently doing our parts in this great tumultuous phase of our civilisation, myself included. Some have a more public approach like Anna and yourself, while some deal with matters that must remain unseen by the public eye as it would cause too much cognitive dissonance in immature minds, which as you well know constitutes over 90% of the population at this time.

      What so many stumble on is the fact that so few of us (the ones I call the true light workers) are in the eye of the public, so the public gets discouraged thinking there is virtually no one working at fixing the problem, but that is not the underlying reality. Most of us just go about our work of cleansing the planet of the global crime syndicate quietly and without drawing attention to ourselves.

      I'm a mixture of both. I have a private side to my work that deals with mitigating the unnatural mentality of violence that has long gripped the planet. It's like disposing of plutonium. It's not something you invite your friends to participate in. Then I have my public work of educating the masses about the true nature of the planetary jurisdictions and the creative plan, which I do through my free public web sites:

    8. I've checked your website .....Great Work !!! We'll stay tuned, friend !

  33. Would have been nice to mention Article IV Section 4 of the Constitution and Republicanism. Nice music.

  34. Waiting for Anna's thoughts.

    1. I'm sure she'll characterize the film as horse pucky. At one time Anna supported Trump. However, he and the white hats rebuffed her invites to join with her plans for America. They thought her plans were flawed and unrealistic. Ever since then, she has lambasted Trump.

  35. In the movie the Croods
    Grug and Guy are stuck in tar pits as they navigate through the earth preparing for the new land masses to form
    Yet another famous line from Bugs, was the sarcastic phrase … in the cartoon FRIGID HARE – 1949 – where he tunneled to Antarctica … ‘shoulda taken a left toin at Albukoikee‘. Once again, we have a subliminal implanted with the South Pole, the Arctic Hare, and the Polar Ice Caps. Bugs is asking for directions to Albuquerque, one of the 4 Corners Cross States, and highly symbolic when pronounced as Al, as in LA, BU sacrifice, and KOI KEE, or QUOIS KEY, or Killing WATER KEY.
    Her ban on the 2nd amendment in the NEWS (north east west south)

    Look behind her mask I do believe it may be Jenni Garth

    And the recent free the hostages from Iran?
    A repeat of the same shit they did when they put Reagan in off ice
    Some say that one of Frank Sinatras alias was in fact Ronald Reagan
    Hmm he was a member of the 'RAT PACK'
    And hmm The Apprentice goes on to become POT US
    Orange face and all
    Some say that one of Martin Sheens alias' is Donald Trump
    Trump Pence seriously TRUMPETS

    They think this shit is funny
    Meanwhile their heist goes on unabated as they tranceform their audience reduced to cattle to digital slaves

    All this name game bullshit reminds me of the song

  36. Just a couple things IMHO. In Revelations 18 Babylon falls. That is the system we all have been under for a couple thousand years now; For all nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, and the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies v 3. But there is still a one-world government set up with a controlled economic system after that.
    I find it interesting in this film, Trump visits with leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China, just not South Africa, the 5th of the BRICS nations, but now Saudi Arabia has joined. Was he helping to set up the BRICS in anticipation of the destruction of the old system? It seems to me in Bible prophecy that the one-world BEAST system arises after fall of Babylon. So WEF or BRICS or NESARA/GEASARA, all seem to wanting to set up a global currency system. ??? Also saying Elon Musk is a white hat? All these "Starlink satellites" Musk is launching seems like he could be setting up the system for the holographic UFO deception the deep state has planned when their pandemic deception fails.
    I would love to believe in a White Hat scenario, and that Trump is going to save America and the world from the DS, but the Bible has proved itself to me by many undeniable proofs in my personal life over the last 47 years, and if Trump is re-instated in '24 and the criminal DS is removed that seems like the perfect scenario spoken of in 1Thes. 5:3 For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
    That said, I do believe Trump was set-up for this time in history, but by whom? The Military, JFK JR., the Q plan? or the JEWS, or Masons, Jesuits? Pick your poison carefully!!! I think the Donald is somebody's TRUMP CARD, but Whose?

  37. Here is a shocker for everyone... Trump died of prostate cancer and the person you believe to be Trump is some operative in a body suit... Q, Trump's family, the whole Political/Corporate/Banking/Military/Academic/Shadow Governmental Matrix knows this and is covering it all up... The Media is manipulated garbage. Biden is also dead, same nefarious tactics involved. Everything is a big LIE and Anna knows this... So how is any 'common' person going to know the real truth, when there is so much lying censorship taking place???


  39. About 3 or so hours in

    This reminds me of the outfit that have set up shop in Flagstaff Arizona namely chabad
    Also set up nice and tight in Cheyene Mountain

    Interesting what the name of this protect your data information

    Home of the world wide web

    Also home to the world Boot Bank ya know like a boot stamping on your or out your face
    Where all their world planning takes place

  40. Focus on the job at hand. Restore our Lawful government! Bring people to the light!

  41. And they are using their sick networks like maybe their ole buddy Field and his collection of funds for his ranch and dancing around in his pink underwear??

  42. Underneath many good words - half-truths - military worship, and more British bunk. Just sit (don't Assemble), watch the Theater Act-ion Stage, learn (be programmed).
    It's optics within optics, the entire military is above board... and save face. The Black-ops-mailing was a perfect setup for Whitehats-mailing to further unify what the Blacks couldn't get done.
    It's all highly nuanced and underneath it all I see The Plan still is divine. That doesn't mean I'm not sure who's who or that I actually comprehend it. It's probably at least somewhat incomprehensible to most patriots if they are really honest.
    Sure would love to hear Anna's take for better perspective. I see the military's side as more of a psyop war, and Trump as naturally more sovereign-oriented and pro-business.
    The Leiber Code was hailed as good by the Whitehats... They have done a lot of good no doubt but they still behave as a secret society and that's divisive by its very nature and hints to coercive control because they can't get what they want in the Light of Day. Truth sets people free - I don't know why all the NDE's and purposefully misleading via psyops (as they openly admit to Charley Ward for example).


  44. Keep looking UP -- THAT will be the greatest show on earth, when Yeshuah returns, and when he establishes his Kingdom on earth that will replace ALL man-made religions and governments. Yes, that means the Vatican must fall and your favorite version of the lie it created.

    Sorry, Anna, that means what the Federation is attempting to reconstruct also will be closed down -- it can never compete or provide what Yeshuah's government will. So, be willing to step aside and don't be among those whom the Bible says will go to war with Yeshuah because they don't want to give up their rule.

    Frankly, considering the timeline of where we are in Biblical prophecy, I doubt there is enough time remaining for the Federation or any of the Assemblies to finish the job of reconstructing, regardless of pure intentions.

    What we're being told to watch now is a SH*T Show of corruption. Trump is not the savior, Yeshuah is. Just like choosing to turn OFF the evening propaganda and lies NEWS, Choose to look away -- its designed to demoralize us.

    Instead, fix your heart and mind on the final solution of life in the paradise that only Yeshuah can deliver, where we won't need banking solutions or recoupment of assets and He will kick Satan and all the demonic entities into an eternal prison. We will be truly free to live in peace and security with perfect health and eternal life. Who knows, we might eventually create new colonies of family units on other galaxies, and learn the secret of traveling between planets like opening a door. Then, the entire universe will all worship our Creator as one big happy "assembly"!

  45. Enjoy the Spectacle. Its about to be more encompassing. Till then, Stay Gray, Be Prepared, and Disobey Unaccountable Authority.

  46. TGB, makes more sense then anything else.

    1. Yes, TGB is correct... we need BOTH Trump and Anna!

  47. It must be handled from both sides of the BAR. Anna cannot remove the BAR. Trump cannot remove the BAR. The BAR is more than just a legal machination of evil men. It is also symbolic of the Divine law of merit. Mankind, collectively as a God/Creator worshipping species has only earned so far, according to the universal rule of merit, sovereignty over the soil and land jurisdictions. Then the BAR separates us from the areas where we have not earned our sovereignty.

    Collectively, over many millennia, we as a species have learned to live freely and peacefully on the soil and land (even though in recent centuries the sea and air has severely encroached on this earned sovereignty). However, as a species we are far from having earned our sovereignty over the sea and air. While we may exploit them for many purposes, we fundamentally are still at war with these two jurisdictions as is demonstrated by the abundance of warships and warplanes prevailing in both, and that continues to give mankind a failing grade for the sea and air according to the law of merit.

    So for now the best that can be done is for Anna to keep working from the soil and land and Trump to keep working from the sea and air (from both ends of the gangplank). Anna to prepare a place on land for when Trump will be ready to cast the sea and air masses across the gangplank back to the land.

    Wishful thinking and misplaced hope cannot get the job done. Only adherence to the greater law that governs all can do it. There is only one correct process for this and it must be followed. However there is a great deal of leeway in how it can all be implemented, which is why Anna and Trump can employ all manner of implementation strategies to get their respective jobs done, as long as they don't contravene the overall process.

    And thanks for the votes of confidence!

  48. Congratulations to all you who were involved in the creation of this video. You all did a superb job! I have shared it with a few people, and I will most surely share it with more.

  49. Ratzinger is Anna Ratzinger and she is still and will be a Rat - Zinger Liar and fraud. She and her husband sold out and are working for the Apostate CHURCH. As did David Robinson and Kevin Aren't. All frauds trying to ignite their rendition of a Republic I. Order to exercise authority over you and keep you bound in bondage . A bondage that only appears to look like freedom. Ratzinger Lineage may appear to be good and holy like the Pipe used his power and position to enslave the masses under his evil jurisdiction but remember Ratzinger, Retzinger, Reitz , Von Reit, can act as whatever they want including Heads of STATE for the HEAD of Tribe of Lucifer, but they can only suck out your blood and substance if you sign on to their ungodly unholy system and creed. Don't be a voluntary slave, Repent, and seek the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness otherwise you won't find the way and the true light.

    1. typo Pope Ratzinger and Kevin Arrnet I think it's spelled. Believe any of this this shit from Anna and company you will become just that harvested ahit. Wake up. know thyself, as a man thinketh , so is he.

    2. I guess this means you think the video is propaganda ? Right on John! thanks brother.

    3. Oh Another self authorized Pope Ratzinger, related to self authorized Fiduciary, Head of State Anna Ratzinger aka Anna Retzinger / Von Reitz. Easy blood oath with the Demonic Vatican here folks. Now we know why she knocks Syntex Grammer because heself like the Bar RAT ZINGER Attorners, she made a fake lien against to enslave and deceive the people whom she needs to fuel her Rat trap shea promoting. What a lying whoremonger.

    4. she or he ,Anna , s definitely setting up shop through her blood oath with the Vatican, her master. The Bank is designed to appear like the people's bank , while it's true intention is to redistribute more of your Estate/ Inheritance/ you Already sold out, for a plate of three day old mullet, landing back into the evil Vatican system. How this Anna is able to go undetected ( for the most part) She is hiding under the evil cloak of Vatican scum of the earth, who are easily able to give her any name she chooses at any cost , all, as she continues her Vatican backed coup against the real America and the real American people
      ( those of us who are still alive and awak that is)..

      If you would just clear the goo from your eyes and hearts , you would be able to clearly see without question, see this for yourselves instead of standing in and funding it making you accessory to Genocidal crimes gaining you one thing only, blood on your hands.

      Making all who sign on to this nonsense, knowing that what they do is unrighteous and therefore you will have to answer to the Most High.

      Do and believe what you will, of course. To me,all the gold in the world is not enough to sell out to tyRATS, because in the end all will be held to account.

  50. Let us all WARP SPEED past the TEN YEARS SAFETY STUDY to PROVE Safety, the norm for ALL DRUGS, especially vaccines. Anyone that says otherwise is unfortunately, a LIAR. In this case TRUMP LIED, MILLIONS DIED. Most people's problem is they cannot see past the PROGRAM that there is only a Left and Right. Unfortunately Trump is in bed with Chabad, which intends to FORCE their Talmudic Doctrine of demons Noahide Laws on the world, when their FALSE Messiah shows up. That is the part where the Christians are beheaded - under NOAHIDE LAW. Biden is on the periphery of the Globalist Cabal. Trump is at the core of the onion, playing the Good Cop. Warp Speed defines it all. Nothing else destroyed our economy, which TRUMP Locked down, and handed our Sovereignty over to known Globalist SCUM. Trump is an Actor and FRAUD, playing his part, speaking sweet words that only true fools believe. ANYONE can make America Great Again, but they got to start with making GOD Great again, or they are just another LIAR. And it ain't the God of the Talmudic Jews that Trump sleeps with. Theirs is the so-called "holy serpent" they claim to be descended from, for those too ignorant of who they truly are, which claim to be "Jews." One clue for the blind sheep - they possess NO HEBREW GENETICS. If you knew your Bible you would recognize what that means. But since you don't, your blindness will lead you to the slaughter - BLIND SHEEP. Act like sheep, get slaughtered like sheep. Good riddance.

    1. I concur and am in agreement with you brother. All are actors in a theater of Satan on the take for souls and territory that all belongs to, you got it, Not them , but ---- The Holiest of Holy, The real Creator, , Trump and the rest and their illusion will be short lived. For they know what they do is a Lie and for temporal physical gain, . These who have no concept of The spirit world that is allowing them to dig their own lake of burning sulfur, that illusion amount t of gold and fake power they believe they gain in the physical will burn with their wretched souls. For they know exactly what they do

    2. Now there's something you don't hear everyday; "on the take for souls". So Jude, let me ask you, what is the purpose for this taking of souls? Why would corrupt men and women be even remotely interested in other peoples souls? What on God's green earth can any mortal being do with someone else's soul, and what is a soul exactly?

      Just to be clear, I'm not saying this isn't so. I do believe whole heartedly that you are correct and that this does in fact occur on this rebellion plagued planet, but for what purpose and to what end?

    3. The soul:
      "be came (a live)" by-way-of creatorGod breathing his (own eternal) life into earthly dust/land material/man that is, for now, creatorGod's breath's "carrier" on the earth.
      A spiritually- dead entity might see the "stealing of the soul of a man" as it's way of re- connecting itself to the source of all life.... however, that spiritually- dead entity would be WRONG.

  51. slave annagrammed and add an additional 's' and you get
    Hmm I wonder how this all works with your AVATAR and digital world
    Maybe we should check with the
    Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

    Ever herd of reverse psychology
    Get them all on board to the new 'WAY' of doing things and you
    TRANCEform the world to exactly what it was intended
    Manifest Destiny

    In the Earth Constitution it basically says the surfs will pay for the tranceformation and that World Parliament will incur no cost for the tranceformation

    Follow that white wabbit - down the wabbit hole

  52. TDA accounts? Add another pyramid A and annagram it you get TADA
    Annagrammed once again and you get DATA

    Think they don't have agents working the agenda making it appear as if they the 'white hats'?

  53. And still no comment from Anna??? Very interesting....hummmm

    1. Yeah... I don't think she wants to admit Trump and the white hats are winning the game...


  55. Scripture states there are only two churches: the church of the devil and the church of Jesus Christ. Political solutions devolve into tribal warfare, led by the most popular or tyrannical “leaders”, but the church of Christ is now the only true way for humanities salvation and redemption from our uncleanness. Why not admit Christ is the light and life of the world and build His kingdom? It remains founded on the timeless foundation of apostles and prophets, so where is the church meeting that clear description? Check it out and you will discover Gods kingdom exists upon the earth and is bringing truth to mankind and mankind to know God.

    DSM-5. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Illnesses is the latest edition of the American Psychiatric Association's professional reference book on mental health and brain-related conditions. Also known as the DSM-5, this is the main guide for mental health providers in the U.S. The latest version, the DSM-5-TR, was published in 2022.
    Funny huh that the 'V' is actually part of the role out of the DSM version 'V' in 2022

    You think it is a coincidence that e medicine otherwise labeled as tele medicine was a coincidence and that it was rolled out and everything linked together prior to the 'incident'
    #3 e-medicine

    On another slide in this presentation he mentions DSM V which I think has everything to do with
    ICD-10 and ICD-11
    Interesting to note that in one of the links 'homelessness' relabeled as 'sheltered homelessness' is a mental disorder

    Think it is an accident that 'mental health' and the commercials that are being aired are an accident? Nope
    Like Simone Byles and her 'mental health' skit

    Psychological operations a plenty and the data collection is abundant for them to create the profile they so desire to make it appear that you are NUTS

    Data, TADA like magic
    Metaverse, meta, TEAM aka HIVe mind, the singularity

    PRESIDIO dating back to 1776 and spain--------------------------------

    According to the San Diego Historical Society, California became a political subdivision of the northern territory of New Spain on August 22, 1776.

    The Californias: 1776

    The government of New Spain, of which the Californias were the most remote province, was under Viceroy José María Bucareli y Urstúa, a capable administrator desirous of expanding and strengthening his domains. Felipe de Neve, governor of the province with his capital at Loreto, was likewise extremely capable; his task of administration was both military and civil. He would ultimately become the Commandant General of the Provincias Internas, a political subdivision of the northern frontier of New Spain planned by Gálvez and established by Teodoro de Croix at Arispe, Sonora pursuant to a Royal Order of Carlos III of 22 August 1776.

    Essentially military in nature, the de facto administration of the Californias was under the commandants of the presidios who were directly responsible to Neve. In command at Loreto was Joaquin Cañete who was also ultimately the commander of detachments of soldiers at the Real de Santa Ana and at Santo Domingo, the northernmost Dominican mission on the peninsula. Fernando de Rivera y Moncada served as commandant of the presidio of Monterey, established in 1770, but in 1776 he directed military operations from the presidio of San Diego where he sought to restore order.

    The missions were, nevertheless, the principal bastions of Spanish civilization in the Californias.

    1. Excellent... HIVe Mind...

      and how about:
      eHIV?... eHIVMind?... viral, virus,... Connectivity, gain of function, graphene, internet of (organic) bodies, internet of (inorganic) things, e-lectro, magnetics... Tie it all together...
      . Virus comes along....

  57. Movies
    Oceans 11
    Category 7

    recent 'fires' in canada burning right above montana and i da ho
    all lines up with this

    fires and the water BEARer

    Scary to think that to paste something in the comments section requires that the end user uses the ctrl key and the letter 'v' to paste the copied material in the space provided

    Funny too that all these things are 'E' something
    3. Assistance to other departments in the promotion of E-Governance, E- Commerce, E- Medicine, E- Infrastructure, etc.
    Ya know like your E mail - you've got mail

    reCAPTCHA'd digital slave
    windows, gates, portals

  58. Do you have a 'hellth' 'app' on your phone
    WBAN (wide body area network)
    Wear an apple watch?
    The internet of bodies linked to the internet of things
    ID IoT
    Rand Corporation - the internet of bodies read the document
    Raytheon BBN Technologies is in contract with the Department of Defense and DARPA develops Parallel computing software used for predicting outcomes based on calculating all information similar to the concept of astrology and predicting patterns. Vannevar Bush founded Raytheon and was the head of the Office of Scientific Research and Development and Manhattan Project. Alsos Mission and Operation Epsilon was a US and UK joint operation where they "imprisoned" Nazi scientists working on the German nuclear weapons project which included the Nazi scientists Werner Heisenberg, Horst Korsching, Karl Wirtz, Walther Gerlach, Erich Bagge, Kurt Diebner, Otto Hahn, Paul Harteck, Carl Friedrich von Weizsacker. The Nazi scientist Heinz Schlicke worked for Allen-Bradley a division of Rockwell Automation and specialized in electromagnetic emissions and was president of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Society.

    The modern day electronics are emitting electromagnetic emissions or radio frequency interferences using geometric structures for the purpose of hacking into the human nervous system.
    US Patent 6506148 under Loos Hendricus G. is titled "Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors" and his other patent is US Patent 6,238,333 titled "Remote Magnetic Manipulation of nervous systems" and both support the scientific basis for using electromagnetic frequencies emitted from electronics to manipulate the human physiology by hacking the human nervous system. Erich Traub was a Nazi virologist who was brought into the United States and worked at Plumb Island which is believe to be the source for Lyme disease. IG Farben was a chemical company that developed the deadly chemical agent Zyklon B used by the Nazis for carrying out genocides. IG Farben was redeveloped into several chemical and pharmaceutical companies like Bayer. Alchemy is used for covert chemical warfare on society. The Nazis were also financed and promoted by some American businessmen and companies like Henry Ford, Chase Bank, General Electric, IBM, and Standard Oil. Henry Ford awarded the Order of the German Eagle under the Nazis for distributing Nazi propaganda in Europe. IBM developed electronic tracking for Nazi concentration camps.

    While the blind work on these very machines and carry these devices around with them like they are an extention of their bodies
    Put your cell phone up to some magnets and see what happens

  59. Anna Banana says in her latest post, "ALL labels are TRAPS, Shes telling the truth just like the devil has to tell you what they are doing before you are deceived. American State National is a Title/ name /Lable Anna admitted to making up herself, It can be found no where in history. It is a Deadly Trap Indeed. Dont believe a word this bitch says , Shes a filthy dirty turn coat Liar and fraud. Only time she tells the truth is when she plagiarizes someone else's work in order that you might think shes smart. Shes as dumb as a rock and thats all i have to say,

    1. "American State National is a Title/ name /Label Anna admitted to making up herself, It can be found no-where in history"... Interesting...

  60. Has Anna made any comment about The Greatest Show on Earth (2023)? If not, why not?? In situations like this, silence usually indicates tacit agreement.