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Wednesday, September 20, 2023

My Thoughts on The Wyoming Assembly and All Assemblies

 By Anna Von Reitz

This particular list of gripes comes from Wyoming and a man deeply indoctrinated into the authoritarian federal dystopia, but it is typical of the same kinds of complaints that periodically appear from similar sources in all State Assemblies countrywide. 

So let's just clear the decks and examine these. 

Thoughts on the Wyoming Assembly

1.     (From Dan Garnett)  We no longer have a “State” government, but a Federation one, with Anna as queen and coordinators taking over and running a supposedly state government. 

(From Anna) This is profoundly not true and a gross misstatement of what we are doing and facing and what the roles within the American Government are.  

The Federation is acting as the responsible Summoning Authority during the assembling process only and is looking forward to the day when we no longer have to nursemaid the State Assemblies and guide them with respect to such basics as what a State Assembly is and how it is organized and how to conduct elections and how to operate viable militias and State Courts.  

As this is the first time that the States have assembled in our lifetimes there is no "current knowledge base" available in the States of the Union and everything has to be rebuilt from old records and scratch.  Dan Garnett mistakes the entire situation and why things are the way they are right now and is making a gross and unjust botch of interpreting the overall process. 

Just Monday night Teri Sahm asked me to go over some history and I explained that "normally" when our American Government is operating full tilt, we have a Federation President who can call the States into Session, and that normally, a quorum of nine (9) States can call the others into Session -- but in this case, the only Summoning Authority left was the Head of State vested in the Federation of States.  

Read that --- if this was a normal situation, if we weren't coming out of a decades-long period of dormancy, the Federation of States wouldn't even be involved in bringing the State Assemblies into Session and everyone would already know how to come into Session and how to organize, etc., etc.

As it is, the Federation is imposing basic standards that define what a State Assembly is and how it is structured and how it operates. The Summoning Authority has to do this, or there would be utter chaos, fifty different interpretations of what a State Assembly is,  and no way to operate.  

So Dan Garnett can just take his nasty suppositions about the role of the Federation (and my personal role) and stick it somewhere.  If he has a better answer to the problem of restoring fifty State Governments that have been dormant for longer than any of us have been alive, let's see it. 

2.    (From Dan Garnett)  The “acting chairman” position has now become nothing more than a faux “moderator” for Zoom meetings. Margaret actually runs them.

(From Anna) So why doesn't Dan Garnett get off his rump and start the push for drafting candidates and providing a lawful election for an actual versus "Acting" Assembly Chairman? There's nobody here but us chickens.  Does he think that the Tooth Fairy is going to provide a viable State Assembly Chairman? 

3.   (From Dan Garrett)   There is no job description for a chairman.

(From Anna) This is just ignorance. The office and role of the Assembly Chairman has been fully described in The Jural Assembly Handbook and elsewhere.  The Assembly Chairman is the Spokesperson for the State Assembly and is responsible for the overall conduct of business including the meetings of the General Assembly.  If Dan Garnett studied, he'd already know that.  If other people studied, they'd know that, too, and could tell him. 

4.   (From Dan Garnett)   There seems to be no state governor in Anna’s view.

(From Anna) Our State Assemblies don't have Governors and never did. Governors, as the name implies, are representatives of foreign powers, here to govern the Municipal and Territorial Employees residing here under the auspices of the Residence Act. The State Assembly Chairman is our Chief Executive in every State of the Union. 

5.  (From Dan Garnett)    I mentioned budget and appropriations in the July meeting, but we have no “lawful” way of making that happen because of the lack of a Constitution.

(From Anna) Again, Dan Garnett is profoundly confused. We don't live under or need a "Constitution" to operate. It's our Employees who live under Constitutions and need Constitutions to get paid.  We, the Employers of this whole shebang, are organizated under The Declaration of Independence, instead.  We can apportion assets and establish credit at will without reference to any State Trustees or members of Congress because we are the Owners and Donors of the Trust assets.  It's our property and our right to deploy both our public and private assets. 

6.   (From Dan Garnett)  The federation coordinators have assumed (taken over) state power positions and will most likely keep them even after “state government”(?) is established, thus maintaining some form of federation control.

(From Anna) See Item 1. The Federation wields the "Mutual Powers" of the States in International and Global jurisdictions which is more than enough work to do. We are stuck with an unusual responsibility and are doing our best with it ---exactly what the State Assemblies need to do, too.  

And now we come to another misunderstanding that needs to get blown out of the water --- which is the idea that the Coordinators are chosen by and imposed upon State Assemblies in a top-down fashion by the Federation.  

Coordinators are people from your individual States of the Union who step up as volunteers, receive training, are background checked and vetted ---and who then do the thankless job of helping their State Government get organized.  They do this all on their own.  

The Federation then works with whomever your State produces as a Coordinator / Coordinators.  We don't choose them. Once in a while we get a Coordinator volunteer who is incompetent or dishonest or targeted and it is then our duty to fire them and ask for other people to stand up and do the work.  

Again, as described in the Jural Handbook, Coordinators are in temporary positions that exist only during the assembling process. The Assemblies will continue to need go-betweens to carry on correspondence and communications with the Federation once the Assembly is fully seated, but they get to elect their own International Correspondents, Congressional Delegations, etc. 

7.   (From Dan Garnett)   There was an actual number of qualified voters needed for a quorum. That was so that only a few showing up then could control the whole Assembly. Just having a majority of those present doesn’t properly constitute a quorum.

(From Anna) Again, Dan Garnett is confused and assuming that  our States of the Union operate like the State of State organizations he is used to, but no.  Our State Assemblies are not democracies, don't have "voters" and don't have "majorities" or "quorums" of the kind he is assuming. Our assemblies are a guaranteed "republican form of government" and do not rely on any of that.  

Our republican form of government operates like family around a dinner table.  If you don't come to dinner, you get left out of the process and its your own fault.  Your lack of participation doesn't impact the power of those who do.  So, if there are only two properly papered-up people standing as Members of their State Assembly, they dictate for everyone else, and the only limit on their power is that they have to operate according to The Prudent Man Standard and in favor of the rights and best interests of their State. 

8.   (From Dan Garnett)   The assigning coordinators to who ever volunteers, without coordinating with and approval of the state is federation tyranny. I don’t see any indication of that that changing, or a plan established for that to actually happen.

(From Anna) Just more ignorance about who Coordinators are and how they come to be Coordinators. Again, the Federation does not choose Coordinators.  Coordinators step up on their own to help their State Assembly get organized.  Garnett continues to assume that the Federation chooses the Coordinators and that the Coordinators are imposing improper rules or authorities on the Assemblies, when in fact the Federation is operating in the capacity of Summoning Authority because there is no other Summoning Authority left --- and it is a difficult unwelcome job because of people just like him making assumptions and balking at doing their own part of the work. 

9. (From Dan Garnett)     Supposedly Anna deposited gold certificates (as much as a Billion dollars?) into a “bank”, yet nothing has been heard of that money since. If the federation has control over a “central bank”, where does that leave state sovereignty?

(From Anna)  When this process began there was no publicly chartered American bank left in existence and only 500,000,000 United States Silver Dollars left in circulation.  Far from having a "central bank" or wanting one, what was needed was a bilateral trade and commercial bank system that didn't exist.  So on top of all our other "duties as assigned or inherited" the Federation volunteers have had to create a bank and bank accounts and all the structure and computer programs, satellites and hardware --- using our own brains and pockets to do it.   

So the Federation created and chartered the Bilateral Bank System and went out and did the recoupment-- establishing the claims and liens and routing through the monetizations, debt cancellations, asset collections and everything else on our own, because that is a normal Federation duty.  

We are now at the point of setting up the Fiduciary Accounts and individual Master Accounts for each State and each Assembly Member who applies for an account --- another mindlessly difficult and overwhelming task heaped on our shoulders, but we are staggering along nonetheless, with or without Dan Garnett's armchair quarterbacking and snide suppositions.  

Once the system is fully structured we will begin returning funding to all the State Assemblies and also recoupments to Assembly Members. This is not welfare or public assistance or outside money.  This is money and credit owed to the States and the people that has been recouped by the efforts of the Federation. 

Again, normally, if we were not just now coming back into Session after a long, long period of dormancy, these banks and services would already exist.  Huge amounts of American assets would not have been distributed internationally.  There would be no need for the Federation to mount such a recoupment and debt collection effort.  And the States would be fully funded on their own -- they would, in fact, be responsible for paying for and supporting the Federation's work, instead of the Federation free-lancing all this on its own and bringing the bacon back home to the States.  

So once again, Dan Garnett has it exactly wrong. The State Assemblies are supposed to be funding the Federation instead of the Federation having to bust its hump on a volunteer basis to reclaim and return assets to refund the State Assemblies.  We are returning the State assets to the Assemblies and funding the means to make that return possible and he's kicking us for it.  

We are literally upholding the sovereignty of the States while this transition is being made, doing it single-handedly, and here's Dan Garnett, accusing us of undermining State sovereignty.... and all I can say to that is, "Uh-duh...." 

(From Dan Garnett) Now we have the issue of federation representatives wanting to vote on state issues. We already have the federation representatives fulfilling state positions (which wasn't supposed to happen), and giving them more power in our state business, is a conflict of interest in my view.

(From Anna) Again, total misunderstanding of who the Coordinators are and where they come from, etc.  The Coordinators are American State Nationals who live in your State of the Union just like any other State National.  They volunteer to help get their State Assembly organized on their own volition.  The Federation does not choose them. They are not "Federation representatives" --- they are people from your State working with the Federation's guidance to bring your State Assembly into Session. It's their job to make sure all the legal and lawful requirements are met and ensure that your State is able to function with full authority and standing among the nations of the Earth.  

I have to ask myself -- what planet do the "Dan Garnetts" among us come from?  They apparently think that this process of assembling a State Government just happens spontaneously? Or they imagine that this could all take place without a blueprint and a Summoning Authority to assure that it gets done and gets done right? Maybe they think that the Federation owes them a State Government and they don't really have to do it themselves?  

Even if we wanted to, the Federation can't do this job.  Only people from your respective States of the Union can act as Coordinators and in doing so, they act as representatives of your State not the Federation.  

Perhaps that has been obscured by the fact that the Federation sometimes fires volunteer Coordinators who are incompetent, dishonest, targeted, or off-track, but for the most part, the Federation does its best to work with whoever shows up.  

(From Dan Garnett) The fact that in the last meeting, the state constitution was put on hold with the idea we should be following (only?)  the federal constitution, to me was a red flag. We seem to be headed for a "national" state, not a collection of individual sovereign states. This state sovereignty concept seems to be coming off the rails.

(From Anna) Again, our States don't function under any Constitution. There's nobody to pay us, but us.  Garrett is confusing the actual States with  "States of States" that are hired by the actual State to perform routine business for the actual State Government.  This is a common enough mistake, but a gross mistake it is.  

I can guarantee that Wyoming is not anywhere close to being ready to pay any other organization to perform services for The Wyoming Assembly.  They haven't even got The Wyoming Assembly up and functioning beyond the General Assembly stage of development, and here's Dan Garnett, imagining that they should be setting up a "State of State" and a Constitution to run it.  

No, that's not the way it works. 

First, you bring your State into General Assembly. 

Second, you develop your Jural Assembly, Militia, and International Business Assembly and elect your officers and establish your jury pools and your treasury. 

Third, after your Assembly is fully functional and seated, you turn your attention to funding and providing services for the people of your State by establishing a State of State Constitution and hiring people and/or organizations to provide the routine day-to-day services of State Government. 

Fourth, you establish your Annual Calendar for the actual State Assembly to meet and conduct business, and identify any large statewide or international issues that your members will need to work on as Committeemen/women in the interim between Sessions and make recommendations during the next regular Session. 

That is how it is done in America. 

I know you weren't taught this in school.  Your parents weren't taught this in school.  Maybe even your grandparents missed it.  But your Great-Grandparents knew how their own government worked and they operated it and maintained the proper organizational integrity necessary.  Now it's up to you. 


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