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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

We Bring Forth

 By Anna Von Reitz

This concept is found in the teachings of Yeshuah, that each one of us brings forth from our innermost selves whatever we have within ourselves -- a good man shares from the goodness he stores up, and an evil man shares from the evil he hoards, instead. 

Thus, we each bring forth into the world, either good or evil, according to who we are and what we value and what we express; because love and evil are completely different frequencies, there is no mixing or equivocating. 

Our words and our actions come from love or they come from evil.  

We get to choose which one we express, every moment of every day.

Thus, when I was a child, my Grandmother said to me,  "Thoughts are living, so let yourself live among good thoughts, as you would live among good friends." 

And later, to my surprise, my Mother also counseled me concerning words. "Words are living, too," she admonished. "Be careful what you say, for your words have force and meaning, child. They will shape your world one day." 

I remember these incidents to this day, because they seemed strange.  Why would you stop in the middle of a conversation and address the thoughts and the words underlying the communication?  

"Pay attention to the silence between words," my Grandmother counseled on another occasion. "It is the silence that makes sense of them." 

"Thoughts become emotions and emotions become words," she taught. "Never underestimate the power of words.  It was only a shout that brought down the walls of Jericho."  

And again, she taught, "God spoke creation into being. It was by his voice that all that we treasure was made, and so it is said that the Word was with God....and the Word was God....and that the Word was first of all in creation."

Years went by, my interest in mathematics blossomed.  

By the late 1960's I found myself plunged into a fascination with the concept of infinity, and even the symbol that we use for infinity, which I deduced was the geometric equivalent of a torus, a doughnut shaped form, when cast in three dimensions. 

Still later, I encountered magnetic dipolar fields, which like the torus, flow through one zero point, and recreate the dumbbell shape of the symbol of infinity, if you slice through them with a single lateral plane.

The great Indian mathematician, Rajasthani, found me on the beach one day, playing with bits of driftwood, and a piece of twine I had found.  Using these simple tools I had drawn circles and ellipses, triangles, squares, and, of course, the infinity symbol on the sand.  

"You realize," he said, pointing to the symbol for infinity, "that this is All? The symbol for God?" 

I suppose that, somewhere embedded in my subconscious, I had always known that.  I was not surprised.  I stared at the beloved shape. 

"This," he said gently, "is the Alpha, and the Omega...."  

I watched his slender brown hand swiftly reveal the mystery of creation written in sand. 

"Come, study with me," he said simply, and so I did. 

For the next five years, together and apart, we contemplated infinity at work.  

Here is a short video that will give you a glimpse of the world we shared 1969-1974:   

For a good man brings forth from the goodness he has within, and an evil man brings forth from his evil. 

The evil people among us, those working for destruction at DARPA and the Naval Observatory and elsewhere, have used this knowledge for evil and destructive purposes.  

They have played God, without knowing God. 

Yet, good men have used this knowledge to heal and uphold life, too.  

Each day you choose. 
How will you use your voice?  

Choose life. 

Don't despair because the powers of evil seem so strong and organized.  

Choose life.  

Unknown to men, unseen by them, not owned by failed governments, not limited by hate or fear, stands the true power of the Universe. 

Choose life. 


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