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Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Vandana Shiva and I -- Grandmothers Unite!

 By Anna Von Reitz

So here is this woman from India, one of my generation, who, like me, caught fire and stood up and is using her voice: 

She has the same weather-gauge on things that I do. 

How many times have I noted the gross proliferation of unaccountable corporations plaguing the world? 
And questioned any reason for these vaporous legal constructions to have public support, much less bankruptcy protection at public expense?  

How often have I told you that corporations (except for trusts that became popular during the Crusades) have only become commonplace since the early 1700's?  

Indeed, the greatest proliferation of "protected" corporations has happened within the last 150 years, with dozens of new business models making their way into use and all kinds of new corporations sprouting up like weeds in the spring.  

There is nothing natural about a corporation, and  nothing necessary about a corporation, at least not from the public's view.  

There is nothing that a corporation can do that an unincorporated entity can't do.  

The difference is merely a matter of ownership and shirked responsibility -- theirs. 

For the last 150 years, when businesses have been incorporated and franchises of those businesses have been incorporated, they have been brought under the influence of foreign powers and subjected to foreign law.  

They have also come under foreign ownership via the process of registration.  

This proliferation of corporations and incorporated entities has meant more liability for the General Public, and the shirking of both responsibility and liability by all these companies. 

It's gotten so bad that some entire industries have refused to be accountable for their own products. 

If they can't guarantee that their products won't kill people, what business do they have selling such products to the public?   

And if two grandmothers from opposite ends of the Earth have spontaneously lifted their heads, looked around, and come to the same conclusions concerning corporations, how difficult can this be?


Two Grandmas make a majority no matter where you live.  When we get up in arms and quietly roar with indignation, it's time to pay attention.  

Ninety-nine percent of the problems we have in this world were caused by corporations. 

When those corporations get in trouble, the men who own them transfer their assets to other corporations, and then go bankrupt at our expense. 

Joe Q. Average is being made to pay for this.  The corporations shirk liability for their products and their actions, and we pay for it.  

This is a recipe for unaccountability and disaster. 

So let's get it together and put an end to public underwriting for corporations--- especially those corporations that have harmed people and harmed life on this planet for profit.  


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