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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Don't Trust Your Medical Doctor?

 By Anna Von Reitz

I've been receiving lots of mail from people in a quandary, asking me if I am really telling them not to trust their doctors?  

Yes, that is exactly what I am telling people and what all the evidence suggests. 

These men and women are in a severe conflict of interest through no fault of their own.  

Many, maybe even most of them, have already more-or-less knowingly committed multiple murders and received substantial financial rewards for doing so, so now, not only are they in fear of losing their licenses, they are in fear of being prosecuted for these crimes. 

That multiplies their motivation to lie about the science and lie about the results of the recent vaccine campaign (as in "military campaign") and makes them even more complicit and compliant. 

Before, they were simply being threatened with loss of their license to treat Federal Citizens and rewarded with some very substantial bonus pay. Now that they've actually committed the crimes, they are being outright blackmailed. 

So, no, you can't trust doctors or nurses or even dentists on a group basis anymore, though you may trust your own experience and intuition about specific care providers.  

Until these licensed professionals are freed from foreign licensing and guaranteed amnesty for actions they took under conditions of non-disclosure and coercion, there is no reason to trust them or to trust their judgment about anything. 

Please note: this is what Barack Obama wanted: 

This is why I am being bombarded with slander and ridiculously false accusations (rumors, for example, that I am buying and distributing "terrorist machine guns") -- again, the Common Enemy of Mankind is intent on breaking our trust, causing confusion, and overcoming us in this way. 

So far, they are doing a good job of it.  

People are confused.  They don't know who to trust or where to go.  Now, they can't even trust their doctors and nurses---- and rationally, they can't continue to trust them, because of the track record now established. 

The Vermin responsible have admitted 675,000 dead in this country alone, and that's just what they've admitted. When dealing with such Liars, the number might be six or 6.7 million. 

We all know that these injections were forced on us without full disclosure, that the contents were patented-for-profit, and that surreptitiously conscripted medical doctors and registered nurses were used as the Delivery Agents. 

Now that they can see the results of what they've done and cooperated with, we know they are scared. 

Having committed multiple murders once, we can count on them to be buffaloed into committing more murders in a second round. Why? In an attempt to justify their prior actions. 

It's human nature to deny horrific things, especially when you are the endline purveyors responsible for them.  

Medical professionals and scientists and politicians will deny the Covid 19 debacle as strongly and for as long as they possibly can, and they are likely to make the same mistakes again, in an attempt to justify and normalize what they've already done.

This is not rocket science; this is going-on seven decades of people-watching.  This is Grandma telling you -- don't trust your doctors or your nurses the way you normally would, because they are under some extraordinary pressures.  

Stand back and let them stand back from what they've done, but refuse to go along with any more nonsense. 

Tell the "professionals" and the politicians where to stick it --- in their own arms.  

Congress exempted themselves, their families, their staffers, and their staffer's families from being jabbed. 

Enough said. 


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