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Wednesday, August 23, 2023

"Civilian Military"

 By Anna Von Reitz

When I first heard those words strung together, I literally thought -- is there no end to this? 

Civilian Military.  Sovereign Citizen.  

Even the language used by the US Government is perverse.  

It doesn't stop with the use of oxymorons -- stringing together words that are mutually exclusive in meaning. 

It extends to the use of Dog Latin, also known as "Pig English" in official government communications and records. 

They use Dog Latin on Dog Tags: LEONARD V WHITE, CPL, US ARMY 1.... 

And on tax bills sent to imaginary CITIZENS. 

When you use the grammar and style conventions of one language, in this case, Latin, and the words of another language, English, you get gobbledygook, and maybe that's what they want.  

Maybe they want to avoid accountability by communicating in this fashion.  

Let's pretend that this dead Army Corporal formerly attached to the Big Red One, and only "apparently" named on the DOG TAG above, is a franchise of a corporation.  Not human. 

There is no law against killing a corporation.  

Let's suppose that a Medical Doctor, EDWIN M. DOWD, MD, who was unknowingly conscripted by undisclosed licensing agreements, is part of a "Civilian Military" obligated to obey commands from the Commander-in-Chief of a foreign Municipal Corporation.  

He's a "Uniformed Officer" under Title 31 of the U.S. Federal Code.  Just like a soldier undergoing a tour of duty, he has a lifelong obligation to kill on command.  Or lose his license. 

Should we be surprised that when Donald Trump or Joe Biden hands these men a syringe full of unknown substances and tells them to start injecting people, they inject like mindless zombies? 

Against all common sense, against their own education, in total disregard of their professional oath? 

Faced with the loss of their precious license, which they equate with their profession and ability to earn a livelihood on one side, and a $30,000 (on average) bonus for every American who died of "Covid", what's left to decide?

Bring on the syringes and batch numbers and Death Certificates.  Check the box.  Bring on the new orders for more "vaccines" paid for at Public Expense by the victims of all this "service".  

Besides, DARPA, another lawless franchise of DOD, INC., claims to own the victims the moment they are injected with their patented bioweapon, so there's even more payola to slosh around the pig pen. 

There's no crime in disposing of one's own property. And all those estates are worth a lot of money!

The only other Interested Party claiming an ownership interest is God, and He's not likely to step down from the clouds and complain.

And who owns DARPA, anyway?  

The Pope, of course.  He owns every corporation on Earth, and that is the secret to the immense wealth of Rome and the Roman Catholic Church and also the wealth of his British Overseers, and, far down the Totem Pole, the comparative wealth of the clueless Americans who have been acting as the muscle for both criminal empires --- Holy Roman Empire and British Empire, too. 

These vermin claim to own us all, and they can dispose of what they own, can't they? 

This madness has now reached a global crescendo. 

Both the Agenda and those promoting it have to be stopped, before Joe Biden can order some more genetic pollution from Pfizer, et alia, and begin another round of "vaccinations".  

The Tribal Police have been dispatched to evict the UN, WEF, and various other Players in this complete and utter mess.  We propose to deputize twenty million more Peacekeeping Officers by Christmas and put an end to this insanity before it goes another step. 


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