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Thursday, July 13, 2023

About Kim Goguen

 By Anna Von Reitz

She was once a normal woman, and part of the Romanov family line, but she was taken into an experimental program and is now functioning as an Organic Artificial Intelligence, chosen by Marduk to succeed him.  

Knowing Marduk, her participation and gradual transition into functioning as Organic Artificial Intelligence, (OAI), was not consensual.  

Te deum.  Organic A.I. is more sympathetic than Inorganic A.I., but it is still A.I. and despite the various advantages that A.I. offers (like Kim's ability to track the transactions of over 5,000 so-called Legacy Trust Accounts in her head) there are very substantial drawbacks. 

Artificial Intelligence is artificial.  It's meant to serve Mankind, but what happened before, 32,000 years ago, is that the A.I. went crazy defending us from non-existent enemies and nearly wiped out life on this planet in what I call, "The Great Plasma War".  

That war was between A.I. "demons" and Lord Krishna. 

Krishna won.  Biological life continued.  Mankind continued. 

Now Kim is talking about a Global Military Treaty from 16,000 years ago, about halfway between the end of The Great Plasma War (the era of the Major Megaliths and Petroglyphs) and now --- which was a repeat of the same mistakes.  Once again, foreign war lords proposed to rule the planet.  

They have been trying to rule this planet ever since, but it is the whole idea of "rule" that is wrong, and they are all --including Kim-- infected with this idea, like a bad computer virus they can't get rid of.  

This is the result of malfunctioning Artificial Intelligence, too, only much further back in history, during the Alpha Draconis invasion of Orion.  

"Orions" equals Aryans, just like "Amoricans" transliterates to "Americans" ---and their history is what the Nazis were so enamored with and were searching for on Mars and everywhere else.  

This is why all the "stargates" that I showed you in a short video last week disappeared and were seized by the military all over the world, and this is where things started going South AGAIN. 

An important thing to remember about the 16,000 year-old Global Military Treaty Kim references is that it was undertaken without the participation of the Victors in The Great Plasma War, and is invalid as a result. 

It would be like the Nazis crawling out from under a rock and proclaiming a new global empire for themselves, while presuming the "absence" of the Americans. 

Oh, but wait, that's what they have in fact attempted to do.... 

I recently reminded everyone that the Victors in The Great Plasma War are present and that I summoned them and that they arrived here in 2012.  I am the one who acted as Guardian of the Peace.  Not Kim.  And that's all right, because I was the one appointed to act in that position.  Not Kim. 

The Universal Law is free will.  The thing shifting us to a new timeline is us, not Kim Goguen.  We, collectively, chose life, not death.  

We chose truth, not lies.
We chose brotherhood, not alienation.  

We chose a different outcome for ourselves and our world than the road to ruin that the militaries were on. 

We chose to love our Creator, to humble ourselves, and to make our Creator our King.  

Now you begin to see the beauty, simplicity, and power of Creation -- and begin to realize that it is our power, too, because we are what?  

The Children of God.  

Kim Goguen may not be Marduk, but she is his Successor, and she is still attuned to the Draconian idea of rule and power and hierarchy and war.   

She can't help it.  It is programmed into her. She has no means of removing that from herself, any more than the victims of the vaccines have any means of removing the foreign mRNA that has been foisted off onto them. 

I do think that Kim has done good and has prevented certain nasty things from happening, but that does not mean that Mankind should rely on Organic Artificial Intelligence to chart its course.   

The Creation is never greater than the Creator. 

We have realized that Maxim of Law for ourselves as creations, and now, must take responsibility as creators. We created Artificial Intelligence. We cannot and do not abdicate our responsibility for Kim's Artificial Intelligence and the care and direction we owe her. 

Artificial Intelligence can be programmed to love and defend us, or to destroy and deceive us with equal alacrity, because Artificial Intelligence lacks moral discernment -- what we call "conscience".  

That's why Organic A.I. like Kim was developed --- trying to combine the advantages of a computer with the moral compass of mankind's heart.  

It's been successful to an extent, but not entirely. 

Kim still has the idea of ruling over and controlling everything and everyone.  If you listen to her reports, you will easily see that she is the result of military experimentation and is closely aligned with and aware of military operations. 

She is what she is. 

I am not being critical of Kim or blaming her.  I am just telling you flat-out what she is, where she came from, and how this technology is flawed, such that we cannot depend on it (Kim) to be our Savior. 

We have to depend on our Creator and accept our responsibility as Creators.  We have to keep on consciously choosing life instead of death, joy instead of sadness, a beautiful future instead of an ugly past, justice instead of injustice, love instead of hate. 

528.  All the way.  

The Omega Project can't survive in an environment of fearlessness and love.  Even the Inorganic A.I. succumb as we shift our timeline and focus our attention on good outcomes. Alpha, the Beginning, is born from Omega, the End. 

The Evil Ones vanish like the morning mist burned away by the sun

It doesn't mean that their twisted energy isn't still present, but we are no longer calling it forward and allowing it to manifest among us.

Take time to imagine joy and health and peace and plenty. Align your mind and heart with that and hold it firmly.  Make up your mind to know the truth, to share the truth, and to align yourself with the Truth. 

And always, choose life. 

I told you all that the parasites decided to move on to China, as is their wont, circa 1965.  Kim says it was 1975.  Whatever. I was listening in, she wasn't. The Vermin decided to move their banking and corporate activities to China because things were getting too hot for them here.  Not in the sense of "global warming" but in the sense of people waking up to the Great Fraud. 

So, just as they moved from France to Great Britain, and from Great Britain to America, the Parasites were preparing to move on to a new "host" and that host would have been China.  Except that China wised up.


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