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Thursday, July 13, 2023

Second Reply to Jack et Alia

 By Anna Von Reitz


You are an utter nutcase.  

You have been victimized by the crooks yourself and yet, you insist on tearing down and ranting against the only people who are here trying to help you get your money back.  How much sense does that make???

Yesterday I sent you an actual schematic of how the government is organized with respect to the Holy See.  

That schematic didn't demonstrate the same thing with respect to the British Territorial Government, but it is basically the same sort of mess. 

The United States of America (Federation of States) delegates to: 
1. the (British Territorial) United States of America (1789 Constitution)
2. to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico
3. to the District of Columbia
4. to the United States of America, Incorporated (a Municipal Corporation, dba USA,INC.)
5. to the Department of Defense, Inc. (a commercial corporation subcontractor)
6. to the DOD, INC. (a foreign commercial corporation subcontractor) 
7. to the CIA, INC. (a foreign commercial corporation subcontractor -- international venue) 
8. to the FBI, INC. (a foreign commercial corporation subcontractor -- national venue) 
9. to YOU (a foreign commercial (British Crown) subcontractor)
10. to You (a British Subject working as an indentured servant of the USA, INC.) 

Again, this is the way it really is, Jack.  

And you can howl and you can gripe at me all you want, but the fact is that the mis-administration of this entire stack falls on the British Monarch.  

We are coming back in at the very top of this stack and demanding that the other Principal, the British Monarch, correct his operations, which will then trickle down to administration of the Agencies that interface with you.  

If you have the sense of a maggot, which at this point, I doubt, you will get busy on your end and begin by decoupling  your identity from that of a British Subject, reclaim your American identity and political standing, and start doing something worthwhile instead of sitting on your ignorant rump flapping your big mouth and attacking those who are trying to help you.


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