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Friday, June 9, 2023

The Treaty and Contract Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

The proliferation of incorporated entities has been allowed under treaty, most specifically the Ghent and Utrecht Treaty Series, which our government signed in good faith.  

At no time did we agree to be ruled over by paper entities created by our own hands or anyone else's; any supposition otherwise requires overturning the Maxims of Law and the Order of Creation, which strictly and absolutely requires that no creation is greater than its creator.  

Failure to observe and honor this truth, that the creator is always greater than the creation,  is blasphemy of the highest order,  and conforms within the hierarchy of Original Sin as Cause for Action under Ecclesiastical Law. 

This foundational principle of law, that the creator is always greater than the creation,  and both the aforementioned Treaty Series governing the creation and ownership and administration of corporations, have been undermined by foreign Territorial and Municipal Corporations merely tasked to provide enumerated government services exercised under our delegated powers.  

The context and nature of our Constitutional Agreements are not in question.  As the international and lawful government representing the State Citizens who are Parties to these venerable Constitutions, we are calling upon the other Principals to bring their Agents and Subcontractors into compliance with both their trust obligations and their contractual service obligations. 

The British Territorial Subcontractor has not been in honor since 1860. 

The direct Municipal Subcontractor has not been in honor since 1878. 

In the absence of honor, good faith is not in evidence, either. 

This has led to our Military Services being unlawfully converted into private mercenary services under the control of a foreign government, being paid for with our money by a foreign Paymaster.  

It has also led to our military service personnel being duped into serving as cheap mercenaries while earnestly believing -- and being misled to believe -- that they are defending our country and fighting for freedom. 

This misuse and abuse of our military has led in turn to endless war-for-profit schemes and incursions by -- what appears to be our military, but which is in fact a foreign mercenary service --  into other countries and interference in their internal affairs.  

This unlawful war profiteering by the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors inhabiting the District of Columbia has led people around the world to hate "the Americans" when in fact the Americans and their resources are being commandeered and misdirected to perform illegal and unlawful acts at the behest of foreign commercial and political interests--- most especially the banks and the political organizations responsible for funding and misdirecting -- respectively, what is supposed to be our dedicated military service, not a foreign mercenary service. 

This breach of trust and contract has also led to the personage schemes which have been used to unlawfully convert American persons via undisclosed and non-consensual registrations, all serving to redefine Americans as foreign citizenry, so as to promote illegal and unlawful taxation and illegal and unlawful confiscation of American public and private property----and all without disclosure. 

All "secret" and all "national security" issues, but whose "nation" would be endangered if the General Public of this country knew the truth about all this fraud and violence and skullduggery?  Not ours. 

These same breaches of trust have also led to the existence of foreign and unauthorized courts operating on our shores.  There is, for example, no provision anywhere allowing for the existence of a probate court in this country, no provision establishing Military District Courts---especially in the absence of an actual military, and no provision for a Municipal Tax Court to operate within the States of the Union.  

These aforementioned breaches of trust and service contract have been purposeful, self-interested, and long-term.  These breaches of trust have been misaddressed against our lawful civilian government and our people under the False Pretenses provided by an undeclared and illegal Mercenary Conflict, and these False Pretenses of "war" have then resulted in False Claims in Commerce and other venues ever since the 1860's. 

The failure of the other Principals and their Subcontractors to recognize and credit the contributions of our people has led to the appearance of a huge "National Debt" on the part of the Perpetrators, which has not been offset by the value of the actual goods and services received -- and that has allowed the collection of unowed interest on this mammoth non-existent debt.  This accounting sleight of hand and cyclic bankruptcy fraud have been combined to fraudulently off-load vast amounts of foreign debt on the American People. 

We have been charged for the cost of all the operational expenses of these foreign Municipal Corporation Subcontractors plus their franchises acting as governmental service providers in other countries--- which is clearly not contemplated nor allowed by any of the Federal Constitutions. 

Recent narratives spun by various so-called "intelligence" organizations, including DHS, the CIA, and the FBI, which are all owned and operated as private government subcontractors and/or franchises of the same run amok Municipal Corporation Subcontractors, would have us believe that we are in the grip of some ancient evil and in a sense, we are under seige by the Father of All Lies. 

These aforementioned phony accounting and banking practices are also breaches of trust -- fiduciary trust -- and they are also obviously self-interested acts of fraud leading to unjust enrichment for the Perpetrators and enslavement of the Victims.  

Substituting "Federal Reserve Notes" --- that is, I.O.U.s / Promissory Notes issued by private banks --- for United States Silver Dollars and silver bullion, forcing people to use private bank scrip as legal tender under color of law, confiscating 20,000 tons of privately held American gold and investing it in the World Bank and Federal Reserve Banks and IBRD, crediting the seigniorage we had to underwrite to foreign trustees, the ubiquitous use of Bar Association Members to act as Executors de Son Tort administering foreign shelf corporations named after us--- an entire litany of unlawful and illegal acts perpetrated against us by foreign Principals that owe us good faith and service under contract, must now be reversed.  

We wish for the return of our physical property assets unencumbered and unharmed. 

We wish for the return of our credit assets unencumbered and unharmed. 

We wish for the return of our military service to lawful status. 

We wish for the return of all our land records, land grants, cadastral surveys, patents, township records, all foreign titles, roads, road and utility easements, utility corridors, railroad right-of-ways, public infrastructure, free trade zones, government buildings and facilities, and custodial service records, as well as personnel and personnel records needed to provide continuance of service. 

We wish for the return of all for-hire police forces to lawful status as peacekeepers acting under our direction. 

We wish for the return of all American Legacy Trust and Historical Trust Assets to our lawful American Government and the people that these assets belong to.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

June 9th 2023

We wish for the forfeiture of these corporations that have acted under color of law and benefited themselves from these criminal acts of fraud and breach of trust and contract.

We wish for the return of all personnel and equipment and facilities to our control and direction. 


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