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Friday, June 9, 2023

In the Public Interest -- Establishing a Bridgehead

 By Anna Von Reitz

We all begin life taking baby steps and eventually grow from there. 

Why should we expect to be able to instantly navigate the considerable complexity of our traditional government, and command all the power inherent in it?  

That's not possible, and our Assemblies need to be patient as members learn and as the organizational pieces come together.  

We are organized now to come together peacefully and lawfully to press our claims internationally and globally, and to enforce our Law of the Land and our local law, too.  

It's a big job, but self-governance demands it.  

So, let's choose something with universal benefit that is relatively easy to win and enforce: removal of fluoride and other dangerous chemicals from public water supplies. 

These are, after all, bureaucrats who are adding these poisons to the water and paying for this, mostly under the misapprehension that they are doing something good. 

Getting them to not do something is easier than getting them to do something. Always. 

Thanks to the fact that the addition of fluoride to drinking water has been outlawed in Europe for decades and that literally tons of information about the ill-effects of this practice are readily available online and in libraries, it is easy to draw up a list of maybe twenty facts to prove that any benefit of fluoridation is overwhelmed by the health risks and harms associated with it. 

Lately, many Municipalities have been adding Chlorine to public drinking water supplies, too.  Time to research that, also.  

Fluorine and Chlorine are closely related and are commonly used to kill germs and algae in swimming pools and other environments, but other materials, like Biotin, have been proven just as effective or more effective at killing germs and removing all sorts of pollutants without side effects. 

Water is fundamentally important to health, for people and for birds and animals, too.  

So if  you want to get your "land legs" under your Assemblies in terms of taking appropriate political action without transgression, consider researching the issues and pressing hard for clean safe water in your State of the Union.  

The steps are: 

(1) Investigate the issues, the pros and cons of Fluoridation.
(2) Prepare a simple one-page presentation of facts everyone needs to know. Spread it around.  Garner support.
(3) Find out who or what agency is responsible for putting Fluoride in your water. 
(4) Get on the agenda and prepare to speak to them. Give them your one-pager. 
(5) Make your presentation "on and for" the record, using your own videotaping and recording resources. 
(6) Bring as many people to the meeting in support as possible. Numbers amount to a show of force in bureaucratic terms, so get revved up and make sure everyone understands what you are doing and is committed to show up and sound off.
(7) Engage all your networks, family, friends, churches, schools, everyone who will benefit from knowing the truth about Fluoride and getting it out of their water supply. 
(8) Offer alternatives.  Not only are people more likely to not do something, that is, stop doing something rather than get motivated to do it, but they like it when you give them viable alternatives. If not Fluoride, is there something truly beneficial, like biotin, that can be added to the water purification process in your State?  
(9) Prepare yourselves to go back a second or even third time. 

And remember that this is how all these Special Interests like "Black Lives Matter"and the LGBTYQ-ites and other groups have gotten so much attention for their special little agendas. 

By choosing an issue that impacts everyone, you can galvanize the General Public -- the so-called Silent Majority, and make friends.

This is public service and great practice for the Assemblies. You gain familiarity and credibility by taking such action as a group.  And you dispel fear of the unknown the more positive community action and outreach you sponsor. 

The only actual and proper job of government is to protect people and their property.  So choose your turf wisely and start doing the job. 

Remember that most of the bureaucrats and elected officials you encounter who are acting as British Territorial U.S. Citizens or Municipal citizens of the United States, are clueless. 

It's up to you all to take the lead and educate them.  Don't talk them to death or bury them under reams of paper.  Just gently soundbite-at-a-time educate them and show them the job that they should be doing. 

The key to self-governance is to govern. Governing in our system means protecting yourself and others, and, secondarily, protecting your property and the property of others. 

Your public water supplies are among your most precious property assets.  

If your assembly accomplished nothing more as a group than continuing to organize yourselves this year, that's fine, but the payoff comes when you start acting as a group and educating and motivating others to take action in the Public Interest. 

That is, your interest.  

We become by doing.  We learn by teaching.  We learn to protect ourselves through study and effort, and when we teach others to protect themselves, we become empowered to protect each other. 

This is just as important for our public employees as it is for us. They, too, are benefited by doing the right thing.  

After all, nobody likes drinking water that smells bad.  Nobody enjoys walking out of a shower that makes your hair dry and brittle.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg so far as fluoridation is concerned. 

Cooperative self-governance can be achieved, one step at a time. One project at a time.  One issue at a time.  

For our assemblies, it's time to look around at the world and pick a place to start. 


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  1. You waste your time contributing absolutely nothing. Bitter and sad.

  2. Bravo !
    Finally a well laid out , simple method with all the instructions.
    I waited 15 years for this. Put up with all the idiots and bullshit, argued, got thrown off discussion groups, hell even Anna ripped me a new one more than once.
    I am never going away
    Public debate and lively discussions are what we need to break the preconceived notions and unharden the heads of most of you and especially the drones who still believe “ it’s the government and we must obey”.
    A simple well thought out and organized attack on fluoride is the perfect starting place and learning experience..Thanks Anna.

  3. I spent over ten years trying to get the fluoride out of the water here in Town. I worked with the Fluoride Action Network and anyone who would listen going to BOH meetings and town meeting using citizen petitions. As a water chemist in a local city I sent volumes of material to our Mayor who although in agreement took no action. The State gets money to keep this program going from the big corporations who benefit from this policy of poisoning. In my opinion the over 3100 unincorporated counties need to be organized with their courts because going through their system to get the fluoride out of the water is a fool's game.

    1. thank you baldwin for trying so hard to do this because if your groups had succeeded in getting the poisons removed from the water, that would have carried over to other towns.
      what you all did succeed in doing is finding out what doesnt work ... that people are still being led to believe *does* work.
      all going to these FOREIGN CORPORATE INSTALLATION MEETINGS does at this point is Act As a further Stall and Delay Tactic and "anna" should either already know that its a waste of time or should have done her study and found that out before suggesting people waste their time "Addressing" these FOREIGN CORPORATE INSTALLED OFFICER ACTORS.
      she should at least know Deborah(?) Tavares has gone on this very same type of Merry-Go- Round for a decade(?) or more about SmartMeters.

      we are all getting Soft Disclosures now on the Rigging of the "Elections" and the Installations of Foreign Agents into FOREIGN COMMERCIAL PUBLIC OFFICES that i believe Francis Motu Proprio 2013 likely proves were set up by the Vatican, and so then were taken down by him using his 2013MP AND IF SO, THEN THE PUBLIC OFFICES DONT EVEN EXIST ANYMORE ANYWAY.

  4. What is our local law? Incorporated law? Anyone plz.

    1. in present my study shows that:
      unless youre on Louisiana, your local law: law of the land: is common law.
      its the law jesuis taught if you care to look at his words for reference.
      Louisiana is under Napoleonic Code; and a very VERY important part of Alaska Law is also under Napoleonic Code, the rest of our States are under authority of common law, that is under authority of the laws of nature and nature's creater/ "God", and Corporated Law is Inferior to all three.

    2. But why did Anna quote it twice? " and to enforce our Law of the Land and our local law, too. I still don't understand what local law means. plz

    3. I imagine local law may differ by various. For instance geography? Lets say one community is in the desert, another on a river delta.

      The dry desert community may have a law "every house must catch rainwater in a barrel.

      The river delta community may require barrels be used to rid the community of excess water.


    4. I see But how are these laws created ? It sounds like it would be created and then voted on by Corporate.

    5. Let me try to answer. Let's imagine two families near each other, but remote from all others, in the grizzly mountains. The heads of each family, or even the entire family may gather to make a plan to have hourly watchmen for grizzlies.

      The law may be written, each member must spend one hour per day to watch for grizzlies. If a member fails to watch and no bear comes to munch "no harm no foul." Alternatively a member fails watch and bear comes and eats a neighbors child - the failed watchman could be forgiven or even banned from the community.

      I think part of the problem of understanding local versus public, versus federal versus incorporated "State of Sate" law is because of the endless amount of law, the complexity, the idiocy, etc. of so much law.

    6. Thank You I see now. :)

    7. But also, it is likely complicated by Jursidictions.

      For instance if that family was in a "direct municipal" jursidiction (British/Papist zoning regulations, Town OF XYZ., maybe?) and if that Grizzly mountains family had not REBUTTED (kicked butt?) against the "incorporated" "Town OF XYZ" and its zoning regulations they could be suckered into being under bogus "public laws e.g. zoning"

      On the other hand, the grizzly mountain family may write their own agreed upon "use of common land" laws. But their jurisdiction is the Soil Jurisdiction of the local county - agreed upon by the families who by assembling form a "corporate" group, per their own 'sovereign rightfulness. (in a way the concept of being "Grand-Fathered" with a right which prevails over a new Town OF XYZ zone code, is an acknowledgement of Soil rights?

      I'm just noodling this through, myself.

    8. and yet another one of my comme ts just got deleted.
      YHIS IZ WBy is happeni b to my comme ts when i. tryi g yo type yhe.m.
      imhaving yo tyoe them over a d over againa d yhe when i get yhe. yyoed in yhey vet wioed out.

    9. what i just tried to type is that this is what is happening when im trying to type comments in!!! could it be that SOMEONE doesnt want the people to get information about the common law???
      cause thats just about all i ever post about....

      then once i correct them over and over and get them readable, they get completely wiped out!!!

      i said during the time i was typing in the comment that got wiped out, there were three flyovers of Military Helicopters... really low. slow. loud. rumbly. rattled my windows and dishes.
      them my comment got wiped out. all within less than about 10 minutes(?).

      also this last time i typed some of it really slowly and was watching the keyboard to see that the smartphone was picking up the correct letter i was touching. it was, but then incorrect letters were appearing on the screen.
      i do not think for one single minute that the Military is the only one who might have access to tech that could possibly be used to censor or interrupt people making comments on line about subjects that counter NARRATIVES.

      maybe common law is like garlic and silver crosses are to vampires? :):):):):):):):):):)

    10. also, i was posting each time, in realtime, the FOREIGN PRIVATE MILITARY HELICOPTERS rumbled overhead/very very near. three times... in about 10 minutes.
      what got wiped out is that iwoman believe true that:
      the only place i know of where the phrase "Law of the Land" is used is in Article 6 of THEIR FOREIGN PRIVATE CORPORATE CONSTITUTION.
      THEIR PRIVATE FOREIGN CORPORATE CONGRESS functions as a Court sometimes, so does their PRIVATE FOREIGN MILITARY: Art1 end of Sec 3, 4 and 5, 7, and others.
      then they also have THEIR PRIVATE FOREIGN CORPORATE Courts of "Law and Equity" covered in Their Art3... Law used there being Commerce Law; and their PRIVATE FOREIGN COURTS OF EQUITY are KINGS BENCH = BANK/ EXCHEQUER COURTS, as you mention below.
      iwoman do believe NONE OF THAT APPLIES TO AMERICANS.
      ITS ALL BRITISH. and/or
      none of it applies or can be applied to *man*.

      then their Art6 for *THEIR* PRIVATE FOREIGN CORPORATE "Supreme Court" that is for THEM, not for man along with all the INFERIOR COURTS they dream up for THEIR CITIZENS... not for man.

      they have NO AUTHORITY over God-made man and they damned- well know it.

      mans law is Gods law and Gods law is common to all man: common law:
      do not cause harm to man and if you do, restore that man.
      thats common law.
      thats it. plain and simple as can be.
      creater wrote his law on every mans heart.
      there is no excuse.

      time to pay the piper.


    11. oh, and what also got wiped out is i said it seems to me like they ARE USING man AS A COMMODITY??? ...and if true, then, IT SURE SEEMS LIKE "HUMAN TRAFFICKKING" to iwoman.

    12. i:woman believe true that:
      the "law of the land" is *common law*... for God-created man.

      Common Law is British, and has been mostly subsumed by Commerce, Kings Bench/ Other British JurisDictions, including (Roman- based Canon Law) Ekklesiastical Law.



  5. a.) govern - to steer. (from Latin from Greek)

    b.) ment - mind. (from Latin ment, mens. Not as "-ment")

    c.) government - steer mind. (mind control)

    d.) self government - Self steer mind. 1. Self control. 2. Government under control and direction of the inhabitants.

    e.) discipline - teaching, learning.(from Latin disciplina)

    e.) disciple - "student" (from Latin studere per Latin discipulus)

    NIV Matthew 28:19 "...Therefore go and make disciples (disciplined students) of all nations (each man a nation/40 trillion cells + family+community)...and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age."

    The man of "the way the truth and the life," our Immanuel (Living God with us) Jesus (savior) Christ (anointed by our Living God,) guided us to "self government."

    I pray we all be "Disiplined Students" of ALL that Jesus commanded us, meaning ALL - not merely the short cuts to stupidity and death. He primarily taught us to DISCERN, and therefore your interpretations better be precise.

    1. Mortgage= dead deed. Philadelphia= brotherly love. Please approach the bench. Bench=Bank :)