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Thursday, May 18, 2023

The Samaritan Connection Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

Charles the Fifth, aka, Charles V, was born in Ghent, Flanders.  This is why there is an entire International Treaties Series called The Treaties of Ghent, and part of the reason that Belgium and the Netherlands continue to play a disproportionate role on the world stage. 

Charles the Fifth became Charles V of the Holy Roman Empire. 

And Charles I, King of Spain.  

Charles the Fifth straddled both jurisdictions of land and of sea, standing as the Bible foretold, with one foot in the sea and one foot upon the land.   
In the same way, Charles III, Imperial Emperor of the UK -- head of a Roman Municipal Government in England organized using Municipal Corporations, is wearing multiple hats and crossing over multiple jurisdictional barriers that exist to prevent this kind of thing. 

Remember what we told you about Camelot being in France, not England? 

Excalibur is a word in Old French; but no such word is found in Old English.  

In Medieval Latin it was Caliburnue.

In Welsh, Caledvwlch.

And Celtic, Caladbolg. 

This is all part of the same phenomenon, where the identities and place names and even the public offices have been obscured and changed, nicknames and euphemisms have been used, one country's history has been exchanged for another country's history, the actual origins have been obliterated for political reasons, and the world left in the dark. 

What happened in the five hundred years between the Battle of Camlann which took place in France, and William of Normandy's return to England to claim his inheritance in 1066? 

It was during this time period that we saw the explosive growth of the Roman Catholic Church, a religious institution bearing little resemblance to the Ekklesia established by the Apostles. 

Since its founding by Simon Magus in Samaria during the time of the Apostles, the Samaritan Church has mixed and matched its iconography and elements of its beliefs to promote One World Religion.  

The founder, Simon Magus, was a magician and illusionist. His Samaritan "synagogues" could claim to be Jewish synagogues or Christian churches as politics might dictate, and at the time, they were adorned with paintings and mosaics depicting Yeshuah as Zeus, with the Apostles taking on the visages of the lesser gods of the Greek pantheon, inhabiting the Houses of the Zodiac.   

Helen, Simon Magus's consort, appeared in paintings and statues and mosaics with rays of light around her head, holding what we today would recognize as a Jewish Menorah--- an eight-branched candlestick. And all of this oddly mimics the representation and worship of Ashtoreth, (aka, Semiramis, Cybele, Isis, Astarte, Columia), the Babylonian goddess who is always pictured in a similar way: a beautiful woman carrying a torch, or candlestick or lantern.  

Is it any great leap from this image of a woman carrying a literal light,  to the image of the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus on her lap, a halo of light surrounding him -- "the light of the world"? 

This iconography more than anything else identifies the Samaritan churches and synagogues found throughout the Mediterranean world, and these same images -- the same idols -- appear in Christian churches worldwide today.  

Apparently, Simon Magus won. 

His Samaritan Churches and Synagogues gradually replaced the existing Ekklesia the same way that British Territorial State of State organizations substituted themselves for the American versions, and just as Mr. Lincoln substituted his office as "President" of a Corporation for the President owed to this country, and Semiramis, that old Babylonian goddess, crept in the back door, misrepresented as The Statue of Liberty---- we have been duped from the beginning.  And nobody has been the wiser. 

Why is it called the District of Columbia?  Columbia is another name for Semiramis, Isis, Ashtoreth, Astarte, Cybele.... the District of Columbia the American HQ for Mystery Babylon. 

Why the big push to include Satanism in the fold and normalize it?  

Simon Magus's religion always aimed at having One World Religion -- theirs -- and it didn't matter how they got to that goal. For them, the ends have always justified the means.  A monopoly on belief, just like a monopoly in any business, has been the goal, and for the same reasons.

Religion is big business. It's big business on its own, and it's got its cut from most of the governments on Earth, one way or another, plus all the tithes and offerings and volunteer work it can command.  

If including Satanism as part of their stock-in-trade is the price of achieving One World Religion, the Samaritan Church will adopt Satanism the same way they adopted Jesus appearing to be Zeus, or the Menorah, or the Cross, or the teachings of Yeshuah, or the haloes surrounding the head of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.  

Their actual Creed is: "Whatever it takes, to make it work."

The followers of Simon Magus are still illusionists, still deft at the sleight of hand, still consolidating other religions into one monolithic whole, still calling themselves Magistrates whether or not they remember the true Magi.  

All these substitutions and obfuscations of our history, our government, and even our religions ---   like the murder of Queen Margaret, the last Plantagenet, by Henry the Eighth, have set off a series of events that have plagued the western world ever since.  

It is well-beyond the scope of a brief article to unravel the tangled history of the western world and its institutions, but the general shape and mammoth scope of the deceit is now exposed. Those who have never considered the iconographic evidence and who have remained unaware of the archeological findings, now have cause to think.  

The sword, Excalibur, is no earthly trifle. It is the Sword of Truth, which exonerates and executes with an even hand.

Likewise, we have no ax to grind, no judgement to offer but the truth. 

We wish for an examination of the current direction taken by the Roman Catholic Church and its attempts to normalize the practices of radical Satanism --- cannibalism, pedophilia, sodomy, bestiality, temple prostitution, sacrifice of babies, drinking of blood, use of adrenochrome and other drugs, and many other outlawed practices --- and bring these practices into our schools and our discussion groups and our city council meetings. 

We wish particular attention to be given to the impact that this "liberalism" is having on the governmental services corporations housed in the District of Columbia and their administration in violation of our Public Laws and our limited contractual agreements set forth in The Constitution of the United States, which has not been consensually altered since 1860. 

If the Roman Catholic Church wants to redefine what "Christian" means and remake itself into a truly Samaritan Church standing for everything and for nothing at the same time, that's its business. 

If the Roman Catholic Church wishes to embrace all this ancient evil, and repeat the lessons of Elijah, and try to plead that there is anything normal or acceptable about this situation, that's the Church's business, too. We will deal with it accordingly. 

However, when the Church's tolerance of these Satanic religious beliefs and practices bleeds over into the administration of the services we are owed, and leaves us dealing with the consequences of the internal mandates and policies of the run amok Municipal Corporations impacting our General Population and opposing the Laws of our Government, and endangering the safety and welfare of our people,  that's another matter entirely.  

It is our job to protect the people and the property of this country and we will not have the children in our keeping assaulted with every sin known to man just because some Municipal Corporation Subcontractors have lost their minds as well as their moral compass. 

So that we are entirely clear about this: 

We do not condone murder --- including but not limited to the medical murder of the unborn, of babies, of the aged, or any form of medical murder at all.

We do not condone lying, cheating, stealing, racketeering, or extortion of any kind, much less doing any of these things under color of law. 

We do not condone false witness of any kind. 

We do not condone idolatry, and wish for money tokens to be without elements of idolatry; we wish such tokens to have intrinsic value and to be widely and abundantly available as cash resources in the hands of the living people.  

We do not condone monopolies, commodity rigging, securitization of living flesh, bankruptcy fraud, abuse of trusts, interlocking trust directorates, monopolies, and similar unlawful business practices. 

We do not condone planned obsolescence, irresponsible manufacturing practices, and ineffective, damaging waste management.  

We do not condone war for profit. 

We do not condone marketing of recreational drugs or pornography or other products that denigrate life or devalue our bodies. 

We do not condone the sale of nutritionally deficient or chemically polluted food, or of water that has been denatured by additives, including but not limited to Fluoride.

We do not condone immorality nor do we disrespect the natural responsibilities and rights of parents. Even those born without a natural conscience can be taught to observe ethical guidelines.

We do not condone the use of propaganda to drive political agendas, or any similar psychological operations used to disinform, defraud, or deny people their rights, including but not limited to their freedom of unimpaired choice.

We do not condone snooping and surveillance and invasion of privacy, nor the keeping of false dossiers on Americans as a convenient means of criminalizing their fictional activities without fear of disclosure.

We do not condone any Bills of Attainder, indefinite detainment power asserted by any Federal or Franchise employee, or any other violation of Article IV of the Federal Constitutions as issued.

We wish for our guidelines established above to be followed by our employees and for our values to be respected in the accomplishment of all duties and functions related to our American Government, our States, and our people.

We wish for clear lines to be drawn between our administration of the Public Government owed to the people of this country and the District Government and its administration of its delegated functions and its own employees.  

We wish for people to be fully and freely informed about the issues caused by their political status and the impact that political status has on their lives. 

We are ready to negotiate any and all aspects of the contracts and arrangements that have hitherto established rapport between ourselves and our Federal Employees, for the best interests of all concerned. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 18th 2023


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  1. Wow, great details and context.

    Grace to you anna

  2. First,
    Prove the assertion that you are a descendant of St. Germain.

  3. True Church was never intended to be a "business."

  4. It is good to have a moral compass and to stand for something.

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