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Thursday, May 18, 2023


 By Anna Von Reitz

We serve our Creator out of love and our fellowman out of love; we also serve our country out of love.  That's really all there is that makes any sense of serving others and things beyond ourselves. 

Observe the teaching of Yeshuah about service.  The Master washed the feet of his Disciples.  He did this out of love for them.  He humbled himself and served, so that they might learn to serve. And to love.

The servant is often the master in life, and we would all do well to learn this lesson, for love is a decision--- and we are the decision-makers.

It isn't the man with the big important title and the nice suit and all the bells and whistles, the money, the University education, the position in society --- not the warlord, the business mogul, the politician, the priest, or the king --- it is none of this that makes a man great. 

And all of us, deep down, know that.  

It's the one who serves the good of all, who is the True Master. Only such a one is the Shepherd of Men.  

With kindness he guides us. With humility he serves us.  With determination he resists all evil. And in his heart he carries the seeds of every cosmos that is, that has ever been, or will ever be. 

Other masters come and go, aggrandizing themselves, making a cult of their own face, serving their own ego, lusting after power and money and cherishing beauty only for the prestige of owning it.   

They sip champagne, they talk about "the common people" and call us "livestock" and, accordingly, they make plans to treat men like animals. To put ID chips in us.  To claim ownership of us. To tax us on our own labor.  And use us as collateral for their debts. 

They never quite realize that by demeaning the rest of us, they are doubly demeaning themselves. They don't see the connection between denying another man's right to live and to be free and to speak his mind --- and having their own rights denied. 

They have reduced themselves to this condition, by believing in and practicing The Law of the Jungle, instead of the Law of Love.   

They do not serve anyone or anything but themselves and their gluttonous self-interest.  They walk around like empty shells, always hungry, always wanting more, more, more. 

Even they couldn't tell you why they need more, as they get into their limousine and look out over their lordly estates. They lust after more beyond all reason.  Never satisfied. Never happy.  

And deep down, they are always afraid of losing what they've got.  

They are forever looking over their shoulder for whatever threat there may be to their "lifestyle".  Secretly terrified to be poor. 

Never at peace. Grasping.  Miserable. Sick in mind and heart. Empty as a hole in a rock. 

This is because a man is not an animal-- no matter how depraved, how selfish, or how empty he is.  He can take no recourse in instinct driving him onward to his uncertain ends. 

And he still has the need to serve. 

So, such men, deluded about what is true about our shared nature and about their own lives, serve Satan instead of serving the True God-- but they serve just the same. Indeed, they become enslaved.

Serving the True God brings joy and peace and friendship, because love begets love and hope and kindness and abundance and all good things, just as carrot seeds raise up carrots in the spring.  Life is your inheritance and beauty is your constant companion. 

Serving Satan and his idols brings emptiness and alienation, because selfishness begets more selfishness.   You become your own Black Hole.  And death is your only portion.  

In the words of Joshua, "Choose this day whom you will serve...." and let it be a conscious choice, with the end results clearly set before you.  


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  1. Thank you anna

  2. I second that, thank you

  3. They ‘serve Satan instead of serving the True God-- but they serve just the same. Indeed, they become enslaved.’
    And far, far worse off than cattle.
    Thank you,Anna


  5. Hateful thoughts will stifle a successful death or rebirth our goal is to advance out of kindergarten like all the enlightened masters tought .

    1. You are already at where you're going to. What's left is to remember. We are returning to full conscious awareness. Everybody is on the same path. Some are simply further along the path. Not better or smarter. Just more aware. Closer to absolute conscious awareness of the totality of their omnipotent being. All that is.

  6. Actually, some of them do know the truth. Some of them are aware of the greater connection and simply do not care.

  7. Beautifully stated!!

  8. What happened? Anna become Mormon? Serve Serve Serve.

    Wheres the Accountability? No point Serving Anything till thats restored. Till then Fek the Clown seated Authorities.

  9. I am in desperate need of a consumer protection attorney in Los Angeles I'm finding SO MUCH FRAUD was going on with the accountant and the finances at my company - any referrals? ty OR WHEN are our Courts going to be up and running? thanks

    1. I believe you have to have a certain number of qualified jurors before you can restore the public courts we are owed. In the mean time you're better off finding someone that can teach you how to serve notice and file commercial liens. In my opinion it will be at least another year or two, if not longer, before the Public Courts are restored and functioning. It's a wasteland out there.

    2. AnonymousMay 18, 2023 at 10:01 AM
      I am in desperate need of a consumer protection attorney in Los Angeles I'm finding SO MUCH FRAUD was going on with the accountant and the finances at my company - any referrals? ty OR WHEN are our Courts going to be up and running? thanks
      Ask your Q there

      Thx Anna, James, Paul et patiotic alia for the toils.

  10. All along the plates

      Burning and drilling oil and gas all along the craton
      Hmm almost like the MAKING IT HAPPEN ON PURPOSE

  11. multi polar (pole shift) meaning this whole friggin mess is gonna blow like the BIG BANK(G)

    Go watch the movie The Crood(k)s you'll get the picture
    They're following the SUN GOD

  12. retail receipt the other day was 8888
    There are signs everywhere

  13. Tell a vision series yellowstone started a couple years ago
    New one out now, 1883 (that's 911 folks)
    Paramount NETWORK
    Sister watched whole thing last night on yellowstone
    The whole evening was spent dedicktated to yellowstone and programming
    I caught a few glimpses as I watch very little television
    But the few minutes I caught there was a 'seancetist' talking and it appeared as if he could hardly keep from laughing as he was yappin out his script

  14. Money, greed, power

  15. Hospitals and Health Care Facilities are Federally Mandated Killing Fields – the proof and our defense

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  16. Anonymous12:05 PM

    Yes, but you could also misinterpret the signs as many do. .
    Our Father didn't give us signs but what is written. He gave us his words. Matt. 16:4..
    [in part ]..." A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign and there shall no sign be given unto it..."
    And..Matt. 4:4..."lt is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone but by * EVERY WORD * that proceedeth out of the MOUTH OF GOD."

    Did someone tell you to look for signs? They lied to you.

    Swissy land


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  19. FBI whistleblower Garret O’Boyle gives his heartbreaking account of how the FBI retaliated against him and his family. The FBI is not just corrupt as hell. They are literally a domestic terrorist organization.


    Alps is PALS
    Go watch Mitchells versus Machines
    PALS is the web interface that attacks and places all the people in octogons in a hive mind like apparatus in Silicon Valley
    And Meta is TEAM annagrammed
    Meta Verse making sense now

  21. Ground Breaking News:

    FBI whistleblower testified that the FBI wouldn’t allow OVER 11,000+ of J6 footage to be released because it would expose undercover agents committing crimes inside Capitol. JANUARY 6TH WAS A SETUP!!!!
    The FBI is trying to cover its involvement.

    Here is the video where retired #firefighter Richard Patterson recounts his dramatic experience at Building 7 of the World Trade Center on 9/11. Who were the armed men who stopped him?


    Santoz Pharma is a Swissy Land outfit that makes xanax

    57 minutes in the introduction of the SIRNAME