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Monday, May 15, 2023

The Monarchy Substitution and Pandemic Fraud

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

The meaning of “Q” including the “Q” surrounding John F. Kennedy’s tomb, is “Queen”.  Interpret that as you will. The Secret Service was stood down the day of Kennedy's death. This non-performance was echoed by Dick Cheney conveniently grounding NORAD during the September 11th disaster in 2001.  

If they get away with it once, they are encouraged to try it twice. 

QinectiQ is a British Crown Corporation that amounts to three-quarters of DERA, the British Defense Evaluation and Research Agency, which is the British equivalent of the American version,  DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  

The Queen --and now, the King-- owns the absolute majority interest with absolute veto power in QinectiQ, as well as SERCO, through their so-called “Golden Share”. Thus, both these corporations appear to be private companies, but they are in fact 100% controlled by the British Monarch.  

SERCO controls both the British Patent Office and the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office (USTPO), a position that the British exploit to: (1) suppress technologies that compete with their own investments and (2) steal patents.   

The ruthless international conspiracy John F. Kennedy referenced a week before his death is embodied by the Pilgrims Society and its associated organizations – the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergs, and most recently, the World Economic Forum.  

The only beneficent interest these people have in America or Americans is in terms of owning us and having continued coercive control over our assets.  They have the same exact sentiments about every other country and nation.  

These organizations and their purposes and intentions have been hidden in plain sight since the 1880's, and their relationship to the current pandemic disaster, as well as their attempt to plunge the world into an era of Corporate Feudalism,  is obvious once we review the key players and the history.  

We begin with the British Robber Barons in Africa, with the same criminal interests and economic sectors involved then as now: (1) we have Lord Pirbright, otherwise known as Henry de Worms, Mayer Amschel Rothschild's grandson, representing the Rothschild banking interests; (2) we have Cecil Rhodes of the British South Africa Company fame playing Lord Pirbright's able student and acolyte and using a commercial corporation to run the government functions of South Africa; (3) we have Henry Wellcome, American pharmaceutical entrepreneur, who supplied all the experimental vaccines to Lord Pirbright's Concentration Camps during the Boer Wars. Thousands, including 14,000 children perished as a result of these non-consensual medical experiments. 

We have banking, commerce-playing-government, and Big Pharma in the Nineteenth Century, just as we have banking, commerce-playing-government, and Big Pharma now, and both times, these interests have been complicit in abusing and killing vast numbers of people using vaccines. 

This is a re-run. 

If they get away with it once, they are encouraged to try it again.  

Not only do we have the model for the Covid-19 pandemic established in Africa over a hundred years ago, we have another dangerous model and precedent established as well. 

Lord Pirbright handed Cecil Rhodes and his British South African Company de facto control of the government of South Africa, the first time in modern history when a commercial corporation was allowed to function as a de facto government -- but regrettably, not the last.  

Rhodes and his company were enabled to create the laws, levy the taxation, and run the police in South Africa --- and do it all as a foreign, for-profit corporation that wasn't even in the business of providing governmental services. 

This is the model for the Corporate Feudalism that the WEF and the UN and the British Monopoly is trying to force down our throats.

Everyone in South Africa was forced to swear allegiance to the flag of the British South African Company --- this is exactly similar to the practice unleashed in America, which had every innocent school child unknowingly "pledging allegiance" to the flag of the United States of America, Incorporated --- not to their country, to the flag we loaned to the British Territorial Municipal Corporation for their use when discharging their delegated duties under The Constitution of the United States of America.  

Everyone in South Africa had to buy everything from the British South Africa Company which had not only government powers, but control of all meaningful commodities.  This exactly echoes the big move to kill small retail establishments in favor of the incorporated Big Box stores and mail order operations like  As in South Africa back in the 1880's, there is now an unchecked drive to "consolidate" and monopolize all sectors of the economy..  

Everything in South Africa was monopolized and run by Cecil Rhodes, who acted as Chief Asset Stripper and Taxpayer for Lord Pirbright, and ultimately, the Queen.  

We already noted that the government that was most likely behind paying off the Department of Defense and DOD, INC. to implement the current genocide --- is Britain.  

Britain still has a sovereign government, has deep pockets, is able to issue Letters of Marque and Reprisal in the international jurisdiction of the sea, and add to that, these are all pre-established British business models and old, well-established economic sector relationships.  

The current worldwide misery is a replay of what happened in South Africa and Africa in general more than a hundred years ago. The British were responsible for that debacle, too, and they are obviously at the bottom of what has happened now.  

The British Government has SERCO acting as the Paymaster for the Department of Defense and the DOD, INC. making the transfer of large amounts of money both convenient and unremarkable.  SERCO is in position to hide the specific payments used to pay for the pandemic implementation, and launder them as other expenses. 

Except that we've seen it before and have no need to see it again, the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and the Government of Westminster could easily conspire to pull this old, oppressive fraud scheme out of their Dirty Tricks Chest and hope to get away with it. 

We can see for ourselves the ways and means that have been used to:  (1) install phony governments using self-interested commercial corporations to provide all government functions -- just as Pirbright and Rhodes did in South Africa; (2) collude with bank interests that are motivated by both profit and garnering coercive political power; (3) collude with pharmaceutical corporations that are eager to offload their product testing burdens and for-profit hospitals  -- at the literal expense of the lives and pocketbooks of the General Public.  

Here is just one example of the unjust enrichment that these guilty corporations, for-profit and nonprofit alike,  have realized by colluding in medical murder:

Based on other examples of this that we have seen, SERCO has probably hidden and transferred substantial amounts of the clandestine money through an account belonging to the Defense Environmental Restoration Agency --- a slush fund to promote and implement the New Green Deal, which the same Parties are also pushing.  

DERA, the Defense Environmental Restoration Agency is simply substituted for DERA, the Defense Evaluation and Research Agency, and who, but SERCO, is the wiser?  The checks go out to "DERA" either way. This is the same scheme as that used to transfer funds between the Economic Security Fund (ESF) and the Economic Stability Fund -- also ESF. 

The Pirbright Institute holds United States Patent Number 10,130,701 B2 and ten other coronavirus patents that are the Parent Patents for the whole shebang.  There is no doubt that the Pirbright Institute has been involved in unlawful and continuous bioweapons research since the days of Lord Pirbright. 

There is no doubt that this activity is extremely dangerous and has in both the past and the present been used to create mass death and huge financial and social losses for innocent people.  

Biological weapons have been outlawed for decades, yet the British Government has pursued weaponization of biological agents non-stop for nearly a century and a half -- resulting in both the Covid-19 debacle and the war in Ukraine, which was precipitated by Britain and its NATO Allies using Ukraine as a base for criminal activities including but not limited to proliferation of the biological weapons research and production facilities in Ukraine. 

The British Government must be stopped, and the only way to stop it, is to: (1) expose the British Monarchy as the fraud that it is; (2) take down the Municipal Corporations that are managed by the British Crown; (3) take down the corporations that have been complicit in creating and profiting from the worldwide pandemic fraud.

The diabolical nature of presenting the disease vector as a cure for the disease is just a double-replay of the discredited Hegelian Dialectic which has humanity creating problems for itself, developing solutions for the problems we've created, and then profiting by presenting the solution we've developed to the problem we created. 

In this case, the Pirbright Institute, the University of North Carolina, and the old Fort Detrick Bioweapons Lab created the problem - then passed it off to associates in Wuhan, China, to release the genetically engineered virus and implicate the Chinese Government in this unprovoked Biological Warfare attack. 

Thus the "problem" -- the genetically engineered virus -- was both created and patented for profit. 

Next, the solution to the problem was presented -- a "vaccine" that wasn't a vaccine, but was in fact a vector used to inject the public with the aforementioned genetically engineered virus and a plethora of other nanotech, parasites, and poisons as well. 

At each step, the Perpetrators collected profits and political power for themselves at the expense of human health, national economies, and individual lives. 

They had no intention of actually solving the problem they created. They planned to continue to profit from the problem for decades to come, as the "payload" delivered by the shots would have multiple and varied --and disastrous-- longer term impacts on the health of the victims, who would naturally seek and pay for medical services to combat the effects. 

All of this tracks back to the British Monarchy and the ministers in Whitehall and their NATO Allies, seeking to establish and control a worldwide slave hegemony and a system of Corporate Feudalism more oppressive than anything experienced in the Middle Ages. 

To avoid pre-existing international law, the schemers have sought to redefine the word "human" and to create "humanoids" via the injection of undisclosed patented genome-altering genetic material delivered as part of the vaccine.  They hope to avoid the whole issue of Human Rights by claiming to own the victims of their deceit as Genetically Modified Organisms, humanoids, who are theoretically owed no Human Rights. 

This is part of a deliberate destruction and denigration of Creation which has gone on since the Nineteenth Century; man was redefined as a human and now, the same vicious fraud artists are seeking to redefine a human as a humanoid by the means described herein, and they are doing this for profit, in order to enslave, and to evade the laws forbidding their activities.

We have seen these criminals before and do not have to experience their rampages again. 

We wish for immediate action to liquidate the Pirbright Institute and any incorporated entities associated with it, as well as all other known corporations involved in seeking to substitute commercial corporations for lawful governments and all corporations that have been involved in patenting the genetically modified Coronavirus and otherwise seeking to profit from the Covid 19 genocide. 

The "dead" corporations have attacked the living people of this planet and there can be only one answer for that under Ecclesiastical Law. 

The corporations must be destroyed and those officers directly responsible for their abuses and mismanagement must be punished. 

We wish for swift retribution against these perfidious organizations and individuals and the return of all powers of government to the nations and people without further recourse. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary

                   The United States of America

                   In care of: Box 520994

                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 15th 2023


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  1. Especially... And bravo... Yes!.. And lets get this done !..."The corporations must be destroyed and those officers directly responsible for their abuses and mismanagement must be punished.

    We wish for swift retribution against these perfidious organizations and individuals and the return of all powers of government to the nations and people without further recourse. "

  2. I dont understand why you're attempting to contact the Pope. Have you not noticed his red shoes ?

    1. Figure it out short stack (at Anonymous May 15, 2023 at 5:26 PM) Then come back, and if you answer correctly you may get extra credit. Maybe you will figure out? I comprehend why. Work on it.

  3. What Is The Purpose If So Many Are Not Willing To Take The Simplist Of Actions. All Of This Can Not Be 100% Blamed On The Governments. I Am Surrounded By Lazy Criminals Who Not Only Will Not Stand Up And Fight For Themselves And Their Own Families, These So Called Goody Two Shoe's Who Support And Enforce The Criminal Acts Of Our Illegitimate Governments Continue To Go Out Of Their Way To Attack Those Who Are Willing To Fight Back And Correct What We All Know Is Wrong. These Criminals Are So Desperate That They Continue To Block All Of My Communication Attempts. So Again I Simply Ask All Who Are Willing To Fight To Forward My Communications To The Online And Social Media Communities: This Is The World's Most Important Question To China: How Does Your Country Deal With America's Illegal Satellite Weapons Programs That Have And Continues To Enslaved Us Here In America For The Past 70 Years ?? The American Governments And Their International Partners Do Not Represent Us Here In America. We Are Seeking Partnerships With China And All Brics Nations. The American Governments One World System Has Failed And Has No Possibility Of Any Kind Of A Future Whatsoever.

    We Are Millions Of True Humans And Real Americans Who Have Been In America For Hundreds Of Years. We Are Seeking The Assistance Of Your Great Nations In Bringing Our Illegitimate Broken Government In America To True Justice. We Simply Request A Series Of Hearings In Your Courts Outside Of Americas Illegitimate Governments International Criminal Syndicate. We Are In Great Protest Of The Satellite Energy Weapons Used Against Us By Our Government In America On American Soil, Including The Millions Who Are Also Effected By These Same Weapons Around The World. These Weapons Are Used In The Targeted Individuals, Gang Stalking And No Touch Torture Programs Which Have Been In Use For The Past 70 Years. These Satellite Weapons Are Proven To Affect Your State Of Mind, Health, Sicknesses, Pains, Desires And Many Other Sadistic Actions. However, Within America And Their International Partners In Crimes There Remains A 100% Media Shutdown And Black Out On The Subject Of These Weapons. We Demand Justice By Any And Every Means Necessary.

    And, It Remains Clear That The International Criminal Courts Are Illegally In The Pockets Of The American Governments. We In No Way Choose To Question Or Interfere With Your Laws And Traditions. We Simply Seek To Form And Strengthen Our Relationships And Communications With Your Great Nation Without Any Interference From Our Broken And Illegitimate Governments Here In America. If This Request Is Outside Of Your Fields Of Expertise Then We Would Greatly Appreciate Any And All Referrals.

    Thank You In Advance For Your Time And Consideration.

    Auston E Matthews
    "The Resistance And Correction"
    International Developments
    +1 332 250 1756

    1. Who is this "Auston E Mathews?" Is he a member of a county Jury assembly, what state? is he constructing or deconstructing? No county, no state - makes him a criminal element?

      Make clear your nativity/affinity Auston E Matthews! Are you friend or foe to Anna Von Reitz? Are you spy, mountebank, infiltrator, traitor, stooge, or villain?


  4. Please correct your' error. You wrote "...Illegally in The Pockets Of The American Governments..."
    Your' statement is incorrect. The American Governments are legal. The bogus Substitute Governments acting illegally upon American Land and Soil are the criminals.

    "...And, It Remains Clear That The International Criminal Courts Are Illegally In The Pockets Of The American Governments..."

    1. And please properly distinguish the noun Law versus the adjective "legal." The Americans have the Law.

      The false actors have, by criminal "substitution" schemes breached The American Law, breaking our American Law, with a mask legally described.

      Also breaking American Law, by acting out their pretenses, which they refer to as: legalities, statutes, codes, rules, and various other manner of bull - metaphorically enough rope with which to bind them.


  5. 【A Tribute to His Excellency :
    The self-proclaimed judge Anna Maria Riezinger aka Anna Von Reitz and her fake connection to the Collateral Accounts】

    1. It is easy to do!
      See, you too do it.
      You have "disdain" for yourself.

      You are "self-disdained."

      And we agree with your "disdain" for yourself!

      It's easy! Proclaim or Disdain? You chose "disdain" for yourself!

      Wise decision.

    2. Give Anonymous May 15, 2023 at 7:31 PM an accounting of his GMO bananas, he needs the bananas as "collateral" for a new cage, one that will have a chemical latrine, and for some deodorant.

    3. David Icke is correct. These creatures are subhuman. The must be eliminated from the planet.
      As Dad said at my age 8,1958. " There is a solution to every problem and it's up to you to figure it out."
      I've been reading Genetic Engineering News since it's inception 1980.
      Margaret Pullen Genetic Physicist

    4. To Anonymous @ 5/15 7:31 - take SPECIFIC NOTE that the author of that piece says " . . . America was legally bankrupt . . .". Not so. The "United States" - the usurping corporation - was bankrupt, NOT America. The so-called "banking holiday" was a giant, corporate-initiated, organized theft of AMERICAN People's gold, NOT anything that belonged to the corporate usurper. "America" has NEVER been bankrupt, since it is not a corporation. Apparently he doesn't understand that.

      Everything after that was obviously orchestrated by the criminal banking cartels. All that gold is NOT theirs. Theft does not transfer ownership.

  6. So, one step to avoid further enslavement would be to say "No!" to the QueenFS. I think this will be a lot harder still than saying "No!" to jab. Of the few who know about the QFS, hardly anyone has ANY question about it. The probing that is going on is only about confirming that the QFS is real, that it will come soon and that it will bring financial benefits. For many the benefits will be in the millions and more. They are fixated on it and they use the hope of receiving to survive the current harsh times. I can't see them saying "No!".

  7. These 'corporations' are hiding billions upon billions upon billions
    city, county, state you name it they hiding billions

    Asking China for help by one commenter, what a joke, they're in on it

    And FYI, World Parliament documents calls for the corporation status of all these fruads to be removed
    So this is not something Anna thought up by herself
    ACT 52
    World Legislative Act #52
    Ministry of Commerce and Trade:
    Democracy Enhancement through Corporate Personhood Prohibition Act
    Short Title: Corporations Act

    1. You are nonsense monger:

      "...thought up by herself..."

      What kind of kindergarten playground are you playing on?

      Saving your' worthless butt is would not be about - oh!, You didn't think that up by yourself, nah, nah, nah, naaaah...

      May your butt never again leave the toilet, nonsense monger. and you are too immature for the kindergarten playground.

      You are a nut case.

    2. Yes "nonsense mongers." These clever re-direct posters, never acknowledge any value to History/Facts/Truth presented. Never acknowledge value of this forum. They love to parasite on Anna, on Paul and this web site and to freebie re-direct to whatever dispersion they can accomplish. These re-directors remind me of ticks, fleas, leeches, and various other siphons.

    3. To:

      NOBODY can make this sh¿t up. lt's prophesied in the book of Matthew that these demon corporations --"LEGION" would come on the scene at the "TIME OF THE END." (caps emphasis) and Yeshuah {Jesus} would destroy {torment} them. Meaning to take them down. And make no mistake about it, they will be taken down. But Legion used the word "torment" {terrified}. That'll do.
      Now hear it straight from the demon's mouth. Matt. 8:29
      ..."And "THEY" cried out saying "What have "WE" to do with
      THEE, thou Son of God? Art thou come hither to "torment" (terrify, destroy} "us"
      What time? The time of the END. You' ll find the whole story if you read Mark and Luke's recall on what was said "Jesus answered "What is thy name/NAME? {sound familiar?} And he said LEGION, for we are "MANY." {in one body.}"
      Definition of a corporation = a body made up of a group, or a group that makes up a body {person}. Did not our legislators give "person status" to corporations {demons}? Yes they did. ls this not also the description of a demon named LEGION? Yes it is.
      Are they poised to be destroyed? Yes, they are. Anna didn't make anything up.

  8. Recent plea from Newsome that California is going broke
    MY ASS

    All one needs to understand is within these audited CAFRs FOR EVERY GOVERNMENT CORPORATION!

    But let’s go a step farther here. Let’s look at the 2017 result for the CalPERS fund as quoted in its CAFR (required audit). Here’s the opening statement by its controller to its corporate board:

    “November 16, 2017

    “Members of the CalPERS Board of Administration:

    “I am pleased to present the California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS or the System) Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2017.

    “Since coming to CalPERS as the new CEO in October 2016, I have focused on ensuring the LONG-TERM sustainability of the System. During this past fiscal year, we took a number of important steps to strengthen the Public Employees’ Retirement Fund (PERF) and move toward our overall goal of fully funding pension benefits promised to members.

    “With that goal in mind, I’m pleased to report that as the financial markets have improved, so have our assets. Our investment assets increased by more than $24 billion and stood at $326 billion as of June 30, 2017, compared with $302 billion as of June 30, 2016. The PERF realized a strong 11.2 percent overall net return on investments in Fiscal Year 2016-17 primarily due to the strong performance of financial markets. Our public equity investments had a 19.6 percent net return, followed by a double-digit return of 13.9 percent for private equity investments, and a 7.4 percent return in real assets.”

    Oops! That sounds like a good year! Shhhhh! Don’t talk about it to the plebes…

    'Long term SUSTAINABILITY of the SYSTEM'
    Now you be a good little 'CEO' and you will be rewarded handsomely
    Hmm oh where oh where have we herd that SUSTAINABILITY
    BULLSHIT before

    1. ALL THESE POSTERS WHO NEVER ACT/POST TO CONSTRUCT THE "GRASS ROOTS" state, county assemblies, etc. Never promote the theme of grass roots to re-assert sovereign survival, these demons are your adversaries. THEY ARE IN FACT DEATH DEALING ADVERSARIES. ADVERSE TO YOUR' SURVIVAL. ADVERSE TO SURVIVAL OF YOUR FLESH AND BLOOD AND SPIRIT FAMILIES.



  9. If you read this document, video link below
    I read the document

    You will find that the rocky boys with the help of howard hughes buried/planted icbms all along the atlantic coast decades ago
    I don't have the page number
    Do your own research
    Of course the writer of this document appears to be a Rothchild MORMON
    Yup rotchild created and financed the mormon empire into existance folks


    Not only corporations but FOUNDATIONS abound folks and these suckers are huge

    They don't need the corporations anymore than they need the people
    These FOUNDATIONS are running the gambit so getting rid of the fiction corporations leaves the door open for the FOUNDATIONS
    This one here is who founded the edjewcation system

    The COUNCIL OF MICHIGAN FOUNDATIONS is a community of philanthropists committed to improving outcomes for Michigan, and beyond.
    Through investing in the state's charitable organizations, convening business, government and nonprofit leaders, collaborating on critical issues, seeking innovative solutions, sharing knowledge and advocating, we leverage our collective voice to increase the impact of Michigan philanthropy.

    This is an association and the COGS are all separate associations under the main association is what I am gathering

    (14 Regional Councils) listed 3 below
    1) NEMCOG - (est. 1968)
    2) SEMCOG -
    3) NWMCOG -
    Read the link about about Governor Snyder’s Regional Prosperity Initiative

    Networks Northwest delivers programs and services for the 10 counties of Northwest Michigan.
    Our primary service categories are: workforce development; business & economic development; and community development.
    Networks Northwest is the convening agency for the Regional Prosperity Initiative in these ten counties.

    Michigan also has


  12. Is 192 actually the remedy

  13. Read the comments
    Direct line from these 'wild fires' to yellowstone

    They changed the Smokey the Bear billboards to read Only You Can prevent Wild Fires changed from Only you can prevent Forest Fires
    Not a coinky dink
    Rinse and repeat chains a few words and wala like magic


  15. One can patent ideas at will; it does not make the idea a real thing. Your theory of "...the genetically engineered virus -- was both created and patented for profit" is still partially incorrect because no so-called virus has been isolated and characterized from a flesh and blood man or woman claimed to have a COVID19. This has been evidenced time and time again. What is being fleshed out is that we have been under attack by synthetic biology for decades as shown by Clifford Carnicom at who has recently partnered with Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea at It seems this synthetic biology in delivered to its targets (The General Public) by air, water, food, and pharmaceuticals, according to these two dedicated researchers. Whether what they have found is what is alleged and deceptively called a "engineered virus" remains to be shown.

    1. Yup. The truth is rooted in toxicology and not virology. The whole shedding bs is also a distraction from the reality that the entire food supply is already contaminated. If you are focused on some invisible germ you miss the greater picture. You've been effectively knocked off the path of truth. Watching the left hand while the right hand picks your pocket. Even Anna has fallen prey to such tactics.