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Friday, May 26, 2023

Second Reply Continued

 By Anna Von Reitz

My original Second Reply got lost in the ethersphere and only part of it reappeared once I hit the send button, so I am in the unhappy position of having to reconstruct and hope for the best. 

Don, you put your money in a State of California Credit Union that was created in 2014.   

You have a copy of the Trade Bank Charter and can clearly see the date of that charter.  You managed to read part of it back to me.  Why didn't you read the date it was signed, too?  

How can you stand there with a straight face and tell me that you thought that old PMA Credit Union had anything to do with me?  

You are standing there making all these defamatory statements about me and "my" banks when "my" banks aren't even open yet and you have good cause to know that.  

The Trade Bank is fully funded,  It has $279 Trillion in gold backing it and billions in bond redemptions.  It doesn't have to steal little old ladies' pension money. So just chuck that whole line of "reasoning" if you can call it that. 

The Gossip Group got everyone scared about Bank Bailouts and Bail Ins and Hunter agreed to set up a Special Depository Account in his old Credit Union to shelter FRNs until they could be safely exchanged for American Federation Dollars.  

So why are you standing there making all these defamatory claims and saying "None of it is true" --- when you KNOW you never put a penny in "my" bank and that you have no cause to complain to me or about me or any bank that I am associated with at all?     


I am not Hunter Aki's Business Partner.   I issued the Charter for the Trade Bank. That's a totally different position and responsibility.  

Likewise, my position as arbiter pertains to disputes between the Federation and the Bank, not between the bank and individual customers.  

Where am I supposed to get the time to act as your personal arbiter?  And where did you get the idea that I was responsible for that? 

Where did you get the ideas behind any of what you are spewing?  

Be honest.  I want to get to the bottom of this.  

Who is Carl Michael Magnussen?  It's not an "alias" for Hunter. 

Nobody here knows any such person, including Hunter. 

He has a friend named Michael Magnussen that he has known for about 15 years, who obviously isn't Carl Magnussen and isn't Hunter, either.

So you can take that "admission" for what it is worth, too.  

Where are you getting all this bunk?  No doubt from the same people who encouraged you to sequester your money in a State of California PMA Credit Union--- and didn't explain that you wouldn't be able to access it at a whim if you did?  

The same people who knew that the phone numbers and emails would be changing on or about August 26th of last year, but pretended not to know that?  

The same people who used that circumstance to heap more doubt and fear and false suppositions on Hunter, while pretending to be his friends and pretending to be "Insiders"?  

They came to him and told him I sent them, but I didn't know them or send them.  Then they presented themselves to me, as people working with Hunter.  See how they worked that?  

Well, they are on the short end of it now, and they are wondering why the sun isn't shining on them anymore.  

Turns out all that old-fashioned bunk about love and joy and caring for others isn't bunk after all. You miss it when it's gone, and you are left standing there in your small, dirty world, all alone. 

You need to make amends, Don. You've wronged me and you've wronged Hunter and you have wronged the Blue Dot Banks, before they even open their doors.  

You ought to be ashamed of yourself and I hope you are.  

I will give Hunter your email.  Be aware that he is very busy this week. If he doesn't get back to you, let me know and I will flag him down again. 


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  1. you should be ashamed of yourself too "anna".

    you know there is NO Service Contract with these lying murdering thieves and there never has been.
    it was only signed by Witnesses.
    so it was never put in-force.

    you cannot say there is a Service Contract we have with these horrible monsters enough times to make it come true no matter how many wishes you make to the Vatican crowd.
    you want to challenge me on it?
    come on.
    i will check back.

    1. Are we reading the same article? I see nothing about a service Contract? I see about Don having a copy of the Trade Charter. So are you saying the Charter Anna gave to Hunter with the Trade Bank is the Contract and that Hunter is a lying murdering thieve?

      If she says the Trade Bank hasn't opened it's doors yet, than maybe that's why, she's smart enough to know not to start operating until the process is actually completed.

    2. Oh how handy for the British Empire! Women:janmarie has abandoned her, now lost, right to free speech! She wont refute our fraud upon her.
      That was too easy.

      You cant have your right to refute, by free speech, back. We will just tuck that knowledge, about you Women:janmarie, for a later day.

      Too easy : )

    3. I have only been aware of Judge Anna's work and the Law Firm helping her for past 6 months. I needed real actual truth and facts and in the past 5 years can find none. I can not tolerate lies and liars and thats all there seems to be on every platform and sites now. One in particular is Restored Republic and Roserambles. Its despicable and disgusting the narrative and total hogwash they print on a daily basis. For Judy Blyington to down right fabricate useless events, times and dates as truth is nefarious to say the least. I admit I too followed this site and drank their kool aid from 2018-2020, that is until I came to my senses and realized it was all lies. Its a propaganda site to promote Trump, Q and his "plan". To claim Trump confiscated trillions and trillions in gold that Charlie "Brit" Ward is in charge of the GCR/RV, redemption/exchange centers appointments to distribute "Wealth Transfer". According to Judy there is 5 Tiers waiting payouts. No details of each Tier until 2022. Except Greedy Judy who prints daily about her tier and when her appointment exchange is. Tier 4b(us, Internet Group). Clearly something is not right here, I did some digging to get details on all these tiers waiting on payouts from "The people's wealth transfer"!? I was stunned, and see why no details are given. The most important above all others is Tier 1= Royals & Whales Elites platforms?? Tier 2= Govt & Admiral Military?? Tier 3=Charities, Humanitarian projects and Churches(Latter Day Saints)?? Tier 4= us, Internet Group?? And what do you know Tier 5= General Public?? Since Judy speaks for Trump, Internet Group she claims is "All intel"?!?! Some intel, considering its all lies. Some examples; Trump is King and Diana is Queen, early June Diana's Coronation---Proof God sent Trump as the peoples savior---Trump is the 19th President---Trump is Chairman of the Federal Reserve---Trump is the ONLY person 209 Nations have trusted with their resources---Trump is the Ambasador of the World---Supreme Court has declared the 2020 election is null and void---Military declare Trump rightful President and was sworn in March 11, 2021 at New White House, Fl. resort---Trump owns Australia by default---Trump has collapsed Stock Market Prepare for EBS within 72 hrs. 10 days of lock down---White Hats are in control, and have been last 4years. I was shocked that RR post a pdf of Judge Anna's. But so excited to find her site and grateful for the truth. It has proven just what lies and disinformation people rely on in this country. I find it disgusting how disrespectful, rude and absurd all these self absorbed people have become to post and comment about Judge Anna. Especially to attack her with their ignorance by reading a piece they couldnt even get correct by posting incorrectly. If you cant understand what youve read, stop humiliating yourself.