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Thursday, May 25, 2023

The Great Pipeline and Land Grab Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claim March 6 2005, January 19 2023 in seq: 

We have mentioned in passing the attempt by Jimmy Carter to transfer the birth certificates of all the phony Municipal citizens of the United States that the colluding Municipal Corporations conjured up to the United Nations back in the 1980's.  

The fact that this citizenry doesn't actually exist via any valid private contract apparently missed the two run amok Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia.  

Once again, these commercial corporations masquerading as governments colluded against the best interests of the people they are supposed to be serving, and took these purloined clearinghouse receipts. aka "birth certificates"  offshore and offered them to the International Monetary Fund as collateral securing more debt and to the United Nations as a political trust, thereby unlawfully converting Americans to the foreign political status of "UN citizens" with no more public notice or disclosure than all the other fraud schemes and unlawful conversion schemes that went before. 

The International Monetary Fund, a brain-child of John D. Rockefeller and other former Standard Oil shareholders and investors, acquired the trademarks including the brand name of "the United States Treasury" in 1924 and has been secretly and deceitfully using this name to collect "Federal Income Taxes" and to do other business ever since. 

While this is technically legal, as the International Monetary Fund owns the trademarks, it results in rampant constructive fraud as people are led to believe that they are being addressed by "the United States Treasury" and not by the International Monetary Fund in a purposeful attempt to avoid suspicion.  

People would be much less likely to pay a tax bill addressed to them by the International Monetary Fund, though in fact this is the source of the demand.  They would also start asking questions, like -- "How do I owe anything to the International Monetary Fund?" 

This is not the only criminal practice engaged in by these former Standard Oil Shareholders and Investors and progeny thereof operating the International Monetary Fund (IMF); they have been working another pipeline monopoly --- only this time using the Swift Banking Transfer System in the banking industry, to do the same exact thing that Standard Oil got busted for in the oil industry.  They have established a transfer (pipeline) monopoly on commercial banking transactions instead of oil and they have used this punitively against customers and competitors, siphoning nightly window trades, selectively losing transactions, refusing services, and more. 

Unfortunately, these illegal and unlawful practices have served to corrupt not only commercial banking, but other sectors of the economy as well; cronies get preferential treatment, access to loans, lower interest, and as long as they do everything the Perpetrators want them to do, good service on their banking transfers.  Industry competitors get no access and bad service if any at all.  When cornered, the IMF will lie outright and attempt to use the aforementioned False Narrative Dossiers compiled by the IRS to accuse their victims of money laundering and similar crimes as a means to put bank regulators off the scent of their own corruption. 

It has taken the world over a hundred years to realize that the illegal and unlawful pipeline transfer monopoly perfected by John D. Rockefeller to control and profit from the oil industry could be applied to other industries as well -- and has been applied to the commercial banking industry.  Not only is this a constructive semantic fraud on the part of the IMF that needs to be addressed, but the Swift System represents an abusive monopoly that needs to end. 

They got away with it once, so they are playing it again.  And others are catching on and playing at the same game.  Wells Fargo puts up its signage as a bank while acting as a securities company, thereby misrepresenting its actual nature and function to the public.  Bank of America does the same thing.  

A similar trademark identity deceit is being played by JP Morgan and Chase Banks right now.  As Creditors to the bankruptcy of the FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM they acquired the names and trademarks of the FEDERAL RESERVE, and similar to what the IMF has done passing itself off as the United States Treasury, JP Morgan and Chase are passing themselves off as the FEDERAL RESERVE and are seeking plenary control over the banking system. 

A new court filing,  U.S. Government docket No. OP-1670,  exposes the grotesque surveillance and control powers that they seek to exercise over all U.S. bank accounts --- powers allowing them to seize depositor's credit and other assets, freeze accounts, refuse service, surveil all activities including individual purchases of goods, ability to block assets and so on. 

We have seen it before and don't need to see it again.  

These banks are all organized as corporations and all seek protection as corporations from the same public that they are victimizing.  They all need to be shut down and restructured to serve their intended simple purposes in a lawful manner that respects the privacy owed to the individual people who are depositors and the obligation of all corporations in this country to obey the Constitutions while operating on our land and soil.   

We wish for all bank fees to be fully disclosed and published and agreed to by customers prior to commencement of any deposits being made; in the absence of such prior efforts, only reasonable and customary fees for services are to be assumed. 

We wish for banks to be prohibited from setting up escrow or credit or other subsidiary accounts in the names of their depositors without full disclosure and signed agreement concerning the existence of these accounts, the purpose of these accounts, and the transactions going through these accounts.  

We wish for banks to be prohibited from assuming any ownership interest in depositor's assets based on the assessment of unbilled service fees, inactivity, or other similar claims based on unbilled and uncollected service fees and presumptions of abandonment. 

We wish for the banks to make every reasonable effort to locate depositors and to respect the ownership rights of the depositors instead of assuming an ownership interest where only a custodial interest is intended and merited.  

We wish for all and any bank business that results in the transfer of property or any change in property rights, to be fully disclosed and fully discussed and to be agreed to without coercion prior to any contract or action resulting in such transfer or change. 

We wish for all bank offers to be equitable in fact --- prohibiting gratuitous and unearned security interests and failures to share credit with asset owners. 

We did not allow these corporations to be created in order to be coerced and defrauded and ruled over by them.  They are intended to serve the Public Good and if they do not serve our Public Good they have no right or reason to exist in our country.  

These banks have been engaged in activities that are both illegal and unlawful against American State Nationals and American State Citizens and both Municipal Corporation Subcontractors have been engaged in misrepresentation and unlawful conversion in support of these predatory acts and constructive fraud schemes. 

We wish for the nascent identity fraud offered by JP Morgan and Chase Bank to be stopped and for them to be required to disclose their ownership interests and identity in the same way that we wish for the International Monetary Fund to be forced to disclose its relationship to the "United States Treasury" trademark. 

This mischief of corporations acquiring trademarks and brand names by various means and then misrepresenting or hiding their actual corporate identity behind the acquired trademark or brand, has to end. 

The use and abuse of Territorial Municipal Corporation franchises and City-operated Municipal Corporation franchises named after living people that are merely presumed to exist on the basis of non-disclosed and fraudulently obtained registrations, must come to an end, too.  

We wish for the pipeline-style monopoly of the Swift interbank transfer system to be replaced with a simple, transparent, and private bank transfer system, that is immune to political considerations and
manipulation for profit.

We have also touched upon the land grabbing that has gone on at the hands of the British Territorial Municipal Corporation and its State-of-State franchises going around and applying fanciful titles and descriptions to our surveyed metes and bounds land and soil property assets. This was done under the deliberate False Registration process that then gave rise to the equally False Presumption that we are British Subjects and therefore, presumed to be residents and tenants on our own land. 

This practice was so widespread, so pernicious, and so determinedly non-disclosed and misrepresented that Americans were left unaware of what these criminals were doing.  

Similar to the IMF misrepresenting itself as the United States Treasury, these land titles and descriptions were secretly applied to land and soil parcels belonging to individual Americans under color of law, and then used to further mischaracterize them as Municipal-owned parcels described as residential, agricultural or commercial properties.  

This is the equivalent of white-collar claim jumping under color of law. 

We have reason to believe that the British Government acting under the auspices of the British Monarch promoted this entire scheme and instructed its Undeclared Foreign Agents working for the British Crown (Bar Attorneys) to form "National Associations" for the management of all this purportedly "abandoned" American land and to act "for" all the  merely presumed-to-exist British seamen's estates held in the names of Americans.  

This resulted in these so-called "National Associations" controlling and taxing large areas of our land and soil and assessing property taxes and taking out loans against our land and soil, which they have been using as collateral for them and their spending under "Masterline and Masterform" Credit Agreements, as if they were the actual owners and we were their Serfs and Tenants, all without firing a shot or contributing a penny.  

Both the Territorial fraud artists and City-operated Municipal Corporations have been in on this absurd fraud scheme since the 1930's with the result that no actual land or soil has legitimately traded hands in this country since the British Entitlement Scheme began. 

Actual British Territorial U.S. Citizens have always "resided" here under the provisions of the Residence Act and have never been able to own land in this country.  Their property interests have been limited to a trusteeship under the British Monarch, with the individuals acting as Tenants. By registering American babies as British Subjects, the grafters were able to legally presume that all our land was held under a similar arrangement--- and that appears to be one of the primary motivations for all the false registrations,  

This has allowed these Con Artists and Undeclared Foreign Agents to use our land and soil as collateral for their debts and to impose property taxes on us under the False Presumption that we were stateless or otherwise voluntarily adopting British Territorial U.S. Citizenship. 

All of this could have been and should have been avoided, if these Subcontractors had simply operated in good faith as required by their service contracts, but the temptations of self-interest and the schemes of evil men in high places have guided them instead --- and this has  resulted in Americans paying trillions of dollars in property taxes and other taxes and interest on taxes --- that we never owed. 

We wish for the purloined assets to be returned free and clear and unencumbered to the people they actually belong to, together with all beneficial material and non-material interests. 

We wish for the return of our purloined money tokens and credit and all else that was perforce stolen under color of law by these Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and their various State-of-State franchises and Agencies and affiliates acting under their direction. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

May 25th 2023


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  1. Brazen shameless hypocrite evil banana still writing something.

    ✅ Prove the assertion
    that you are a descendant
    of St. Germain.

    1. Obsession, with delusional tendencies!

    2. A beings demand for "proof" is in itself an evidence to a proof, demonstrating the level of aberration into which a being has fallen . . .

      You either know. Or you do not know the path upon which you tread.

      So you would claim to know-not the irrelevance of the "proof" for which you ask?

      Yet you are on this path? Therefore you pursue irrelevance?
      You are lost.

      Or you are seeking to get others lost.

      Sit down and cry wimp, someone may pick you up?

      Failing to sit down and cry - then alternatively you are the death dealing adversary. And you are thus defeating yourself - thank you very much.

    3. no. you need proof when you're living outside the land of unicorns and lollipops.

    4. Thou missed, go back and read, it is there

  2. Once again I’m asking Anna when she’s going to help the members of TASA get their BC trust that the DC criminal mafia cartels in CONgress are allowing their favorite pedophile wanna be Messiah (Dopey Popey) & their favorite fake church who has the authority to help mankind in this area only and if she can’t get satans human brother to help us, then she should do a detailed article on how to go about getting what is lawfully, legally & Biblically our trust money. Does Anna think Yah doesn’t want His people to have basic things to survive or just the wicked? Anna knows the correct way to do this but TASA is flocking to poor, idiots like Chris Hauser et al for answers because Anna doesn’t want us to flourish during the 7 year tribulation like the wicked are. Heck even the illegal invaders crossing at our borders are better taken care of than we are. We need to take up arms just as Yah had the Israelites do a plethora of times because the invaders were wicked evil people who Rarely if ever assimilated to the Torah Commandments, so they had to die because wicked brings wicked, not much different than we here in the USA are today. According to Anna the illegal invaders are only disobeying 2 Commandments; Serve no other gods 😹😹😹 (that leaves Trumpies #Cult45 out) & love your neighbor as yourself, but if she did that, she’d write an article, do a video and explain how we get our trust money, but instead we get to watch the invaders murder us, rape women & children, molest the same, traffic the same, break all our immigration laws we once had but she stays silent on the Municipal & Territorial Congressional criminals giving OUR trust money to them while we listen to her tell us BS about Dopey Popey, the Bank that’ll happen after the criminals take all we have again and listen to the Monday night Anna & Teri BS show that does nothing to help people of TASA, no Z Plates, no trust fund money so we don’t live in our automobiles, but hey we get great weekly history lessons.
    Why did Teri lose her home last year but many others in TASA & not in TASA didn’t?
    Dear Anna, help your faithful TASA people or there’s no reason to stay, TASA is like the battered wife staying with her loser hubby because maybe “just one more time things will change”…..

    1. Yes, "Anonymous May 25, 2023 at 11:04 PM" posts the classic communistic tyranny narrative:

      "help" me, help them, help, help, "you all are not helping enough."

      Classic road into crushing tyranny !

    2. "She" asks for help enough herself.

    3. May 26, 11:04: If you need help, what is it that you need help with? There's plenty around for those who struggle and pray for the strength to accomplish the difficult tasks at hand, but if all you want is money, you are in for an awakening!

      Except for the few who did the work, there is no money, and everybody is dead according to legal land, only discharging debt and feeding the beast. Public and private can never mix, so getting your trust will never happen, but if the children of the Creator, Savior and Holy Spirit keep their faith and and spirit strong good things always happen, but you will be defined by your actions, and nobody is perfect so straighten up, or try something else.

    4. oh now wait a minute.
      public and private can never mix, so getting your trust will never happen.

      what are you blabbering about?
      that is the most un-informed ba'alshite ive ever heard, even out of some of the super low IQ'd commenters now cluttering up this bligg comment section. :)
      its not about public or private... both are Commerce.
      why dont you git bakk on here and explain what you mean?
      i:woman believe there is no Fact in what you say. what have you got that proves otherwise?

  3. Well I guess bitching and moaning and expecting someone else to take care of all your problems for you is appropriate or acceptable? She is doing way more than her share, so get off your ass and fix it yourself or get out of this group!!!!

    1. Mind your own business.

    2. no.
      people are here to share opinions.

      you get out.

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  5. De-dollarization, expanding BRICS - is that all another scam organized from London and following the bad old pattern of creating a problem the solution of which will exactly fit the plan?

  6. No greater time to unite against evil than now,

  7. Notice the enemy does not ever have the intelligence to discuss the real subject at hand. They instead call you names, talk around the subject etc You can tell by their immature tactics they are trollsπŸ˜‚

    1. exactly.
      never have anything relevant to the actual issue, one way or the other.
      always attacks on the commenter, never on the comment.
      ignore them.

    2. Dear Women:janmarie -

      You wrote -

      "...always attacks on the commenter, never on the comment."

      By your hypocritical "comment" you reveal you are companionable to the guy who unceasingly attacks Anna. Guy who refers to Anna with "maggot" diatribes.

      Women:janmarie you, failing to defend Anna against the "maggot" guy, yet you attack the "commenter(s)" who would fly-swap the "maggot" guy.

      You are a hedious shill. And I can imagine the broad smile you have at your evil.

      You too endlessly attack Anna with bogus counter points. You are revealed.

  8. Hensekh Rai Asar©️™️May 27, 2023 at 2:14 PM


  9. Every time we have a currency reset guys wealth is transferred into the hands of a private few individuals. Think about this scenario for a minute. A bankrupted entity cannot call itself a sovereign and then say to the People will you loan me into existence. Federal Reserve Notes are not money in themselves People. Look in Blacks Law dictionary for the legal definition of money. Promissory Notes are being treated as the equivalent of cash. In order for there to be a debt something of equal value must be exchanged before a consideration can be made. We must have a quorum before business can even be discussed. It really sickens me to read some of the comments that people leave as anonymous. Read the Creature from Jekyll Island. Go to that Island off the coast of THe State of Geogia and take a tour while there buy G. Edwards Grifftin book the Cresture from Jekkly Island. Find out how the Federal Reserve System was created in iniquity on that island. Under the floorboards in the room where the Federal Reserve System was created stands a blood alter where babies were sacrificed as witnessed by the Hugetnots before they fled that island in the middle of the night. JP Morgan built and financed the Titanic and sank it as a blood sacrifice offering to the GOD MAMMON. The killing of unborn babies during Roe vs Wade kept Moloch empowered and gave him an territory to return to. Homosexual, trans, lesbian are abominations. Demons can and will flourish in territories where people are doing these things.

    1. Three days of darkness is almost ready to be unleashed.

    2. i:woman believe you are absolutely right:
      even in their Fiction World there are "Elements of Contract" that have to be full-filled before it is "Recognized", and
      1. if even one of them is missing, the Contract is Void.
      2. plus the Contract Language cannot be Vague or its Void: "Void for Vagueness", is Phras-e-ology i:woman believe they use.
      3. plus the Contract has to be in (the) man's own language/"Native Tongue".....
      because if they cause harm to man they are up for penalties and punishments from mans creater, and possibly from man too. they know this.
      4. there has to be exchange of things that are equal.
      5. there also has to be TWO man who agree:
      a. as with "Fraud", all "Uni-Lateral Contracts" are null from the beginning.
      b. no man can speak for another man, without the man's intent... = Null.
      c. has to be "A Meeting of the Minds"... Minds.... brains....
      6. two auto-graphs/"Signatures".
      7. requires: Terms, Conditions, and Definitions for agree-ment included with/in the Contract.
      8. more

      there are so many "Defects" in what they do.... likely that none of it can stand.
      maybe thats why violence is used to enforce?

  10. people can also read Louis T. McFadden's speech/es, to "Congress" calling The Federal Reserve out for the ABOMINATION before man's creater that it is.
    he is the man who called for the "Commercial Remedy HJR 192, 1933."...
    then he died mysteriously four years later:
    the reports say he got a "dose" of the "intestinal flu" at a political meeting.
    i:woman believe those days are over.

  11. Careful examination of history reveals a communist coop against this new upstart country.
    Nathan Rothschild funding south and Jacob the north.
    They used total war civilians killed with no pity.
    They came from The failed 1848 European communist failed takes. Marx and all the secret society’s that infest the Rothschild BAR .
    Mind you the American BAR is just a branch of the lawyers guild communist party.
    They own Northern Trust inc that own prison system and courts .
    We know IMF runs IRS .
    However the state gov want it’s cut and they will prosecute pronto .
    Unlike IMF who has to use second party to seize accounts.
    It’s the International crime gang Jewish communist that’s the problem Jews that run this operation act as apologist and detractors.
    Everyone knows !