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Thursday, May 25, 2023

Land Recording Functions

 By Anna Von Reitz

If you stopped and thought about it when the topic first came up, all LAND recording is in international jurisdiction.  Why? Because land itself is an international jurisdiction.  That's why the Federation gets involved in supporting Land Recording Offices and helps them set standards and work out details so that they comply with international law. 

We have traditionally had a vast system of land recording offices in this country both at the County level and the State of State level, but these local offices were serving in international jurisdiction the entire time, and have been doing an international function for the people living in their respective areas since they opened their doors.  A County Land Recording Office and a State of State Land Recording Office do the same exact thing as an International Land Recording Office, they just provide the service on a local basis.  

When we first started the pushback to record and publish our political status documents we had three possible ways to do it.  We could record them with a County Land Office, with a State-of-State Land Office, or by publishing three times within three months in a local newspaper.  

Once the District Attorneys and others of their ilk figured out that the "cows" were getting out of their corral and establishing admissible evidence of their political status choices, they began telling the recorders that they couldn't record our paperwork, even though that was (and is) against the law.  Some counties, especially those in Illinois and the Deep South pushed back and obeyed the law, but many didn't, with the result that a great many people were having difficulty publishing their chosen political status in their county or even their State. 

At one point, over 50% of all political status records for this entire country were being established in just two Counties that kept their Land Recording Offices open.  

Unable to keep us from recording (because blocking us was against the law) the DA's and their politician cronies began wholesale closures of Land Recording Offices at both the County and State-of-State levels. 
They were going to stop us from recording and publishing our political status one way or the other.  If the Land Recorders and Land Offices insisted on obeying the law, they were shut down and out of a job. 

If we went the newspaper route, the same quasi-political process occurred.  The publishers got a visit from a lawyer or an FBI Agent or some other member of the "law enforcement" community, and pretty soon the newspapers were refusing to run our small "Public Notice" ads in their papers. 

The message was clear.  Even though it is against the law in every State of the Union for them to refuse us this service, they were going to interfere and shut us down using every means possible, including shutting down the Land Recording Offices themselves.  

The Land Recording Office where I established the bulk of my own records no longer exists.  

In some countries, like England and Italy, it got so bad that there was only one office left open, and that office was "sequestered" --- operating under a name that did not disclose its function and so was hidden from the view of the General Public.  
Faced with this kind of obstruction from the British Territorial State-of-State Governments and the political leveraging being applied to newspapers under color of law, we realized that we had to provide these services for ourselves.  So we did.  The LRS was born, because it was desperately needed. 

It was set up as an international service because: (1) Land is an international jurisdiction, and (2) we were aware that we were not the only country having this problem.  In many places, the obstructionism was even worse. 

After the fact, as the State Assemblies were first putting together their General Assembly functions, they realized the need to keep records for themselves at the State level, so the LRO was born, and basically stood in place of all the State-of-State Land Recording Offices that were closing down. This was a wonderful development, too, because it kept continuity of service going in-state.  There was someone local to help
get the recording and publishing functions done despite all the County and State-of-State office closures. 

I was delighted with the development of both services and there has never been a doubt in my mind that they were both needed and that both would have plenty of work.   

People naturally like being able to meet and talk to local service providers directly, which was made possible in this country by the LRO, but in situations where Americans were living in remote areas, shut in, or residing in other countries for whatever reason, they could still go through the LRS and get the job done, while everyone throughout the rest of the world who needed the same service, could also go to the LRS for help. 

Maybe the immensity of the need and the problem hasn't come home to people yet, but there are 320 million Americans who need this service, whether they know it or not, and at least two billion people worldwide who are living in countries where recording services have been restricted or "made unavailable" by the commercial corporations masquerading as governments.  That is an unimaginably huge potential client base and the need for the service is only going to grow. 

Our fledgling all-volunteer services are in no way prepared or able to handle that kind of demand, yet we have to boot up and provide it, at least until other countries can get on their feet and start providing this vital service for themselves again.  

Imagine my horror when the LRS was attacked by commercial interests and shut down?  And imagine how wrong-headed the infighting between those running the LRO and the LRS has always been?  These two start-ups should have been comrades and working together to fill the bottomless need set before them, and instead we had months of sniping and criticism and outright lies being told by both "sides" of this imaginary competition.  

Recently, there have been signs that the LRO wants to start the same kind of fight with the new Global Family Recording System and I have had to come down hard on the LRO because of this fight-fight-fight attitude.  We don't do monopolies in our country, and even if the LRO could possibly do all this work itself, which it can't, it would not be for the Public Good if it did. 

All our eggs should never be in one basket if we can avoid that, and even though the LRS shut down has given us good cause to reflect on that and be glad that the LRO is still here, certain leaders who are strong advocates for the LRO system are not getting the message.  We need MORE competent venues for recording and publishing, not less. 

By all means, build up the LRO system.  Make it better, faster, more convenient, and less expensive. Train the LRO Recorders to be the best and most helpful service providers in the world.  But don't imagine that this is a competition against some other similar service.  This is a competition against evil in the world, which would relegate countless people to the political status of slaves without us.  

I am personally very glad and grateful ---- and relieved, to have the Global Family International Recording System up and flying, because I know how many people desperately need this service.  I am also grateful to have the recording-publishing-prepaid credit account functions streamlined, so that people entering through any service portal  -- users of the former LRS, the LRO, and new users of the Global Family service -- can gain access to their credit accounts without having to re-do their paperwork or do a bunch of new paperwork. 

The new Global Family Recording System will allow seamless communication so that when a person publishes on the LRO, or any other recognized Recording System, they are eligible to get a prepaid credit account at the same time through our International Trade Bank.  This will drastically cut down the amount of paper pushing for everyone, and expedite receiving the financial relief we have planned for. 

So whether you go through the LRO or the new Global Family Recording Service, you will be able to record and publish your political status and receive a prepaid credit account with the new International Trade Bank with one set of papers done once. That's a big blessing for everyone and it will extend internationally, too.  Soon there will be Recording Services in other countries and we will be helping people from Ireland to Thailand declare their political status and access money they are owed. 

Now all that has to happen is for the leadership of the LRO to sit down with the leadership of the new Global Family Recording Service and work out the details of how the LRO is going to affirm that individual people  in their system are recorded and eligible for a prepaid account.  It should be as easy as a single button and a "ping!" saying, "Yes, John Ambrose Gardner of Pleasantville, New York, is recorded on our system. He's eligible!"

In time to come, I fully expect that multiple respectable service providers will engage and provide recording services for a wide variety of needs beyond simply establishing political status preferences. Most of us will need to record the original jurisdiction births of our children.  Many will want to publish their land patents, too. My point is that land recording functions go beyond just publishing and recording political status, even though that is the primary focus right now.  

There will be a continuing worldwide need for land recording services of various kinds now and in the future. Those engaged in the fine pursuit of helping people establish their correct nationality and political status and helping them establish their claims to their own property need to work together with goodwill and mutual respect and understanding.   

The better system is the one that provides better service to more people and does it more accurately and with faster turn around and lower costs.  Let all competition begin and end with that realization, and let everyone turn full attention to working together and getting the job done.  


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