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Friday, April 28, 2023

The Agency, Registration, and Election Frauds

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023 in Seq:

The Agency Fraud got started soon after the Scottish Interloper, the Imposter doing business as "The United States of America, Incorporated" arrived on our shores.  

It was basically a matter of  Subcontractors hiring other Subcontractors for themselves, to do their work, to acquire skills not necessarily already in their own organizational skill base, or to provide themselves with a handy means of distancing themselves from responsibility for unpopular actions.  

From the start, these Agency relationships between the government Subcontractors at the level of the two Municipal Corporations and the various Agencies they hired, tended to be veiled and presented to the Public as if the Agencies were part of the Municipal Corporation in question.  

Sometimes this semantic deceit and non-disclosure went so far as to label these Agencies as "Departments" which the Public naturally assumed were departments of the original American Subcontractor, the Federal Republic.  Other times, they were presented as in-house intelligence and law enforcement organs of the actual government, when in fact, these Agencies were always either franchises of other Federal Subcontractors or single corporations in possession of contracts with one of the DC Municipal Corporations.

Nobody ever told Joe Average American, nor his lawful government, that the American Federal Republic -- our Federal Subcontractor, was gone, awaiting a Reconstruction that never happened thanks to obstruction and non-disclosure by the two Municipal Subcontractors that are the subject of our claims. 

Examples of this can be seen in the cases of the "Department of the Treasury" and the "Department of Justice" --- neither one of which are actual government departments at all.  

The Department of the Treasury had to be organized as a separate subcontractor, because the bulk of the treasury functions either disappeared or were placed off-shore during the 1920's.  In the course of those reorganizations --- mostly due to the self-serving bankruptcies already described,  a lot of dirty work had to be done, and the DC Municipal Corporations did not want to be directly accountable. 

Hiring a subcontractor gave the DC Municipal Corporations a built-in buffer to insulate them from criticism and provide what came to be known as "plausible deniability".  This element of unaccountability that the Agencies provided was and is highly valued by DC politicians, so they created more departments and hired more Agencies.  

The Department of Justice was another early-on subcontractor. created as an in-house legal service and flak jacket for the Scottish Interlopers, which they used to defend themselves at our Public expense.  The British Crown-operated Municipal Corporation continues to contract for these services under the same arrangement today

The City- operated Municipal DOJ developed afterward and  is another separate incorporated entity, operated by another Municipal Corporation Subcontractor's subcontractor, the so-called DOD, INC.  

The confusion resulting from all this duplication of efforts and Agencies using similar names,  is a constant source of friction and animosity and for us, expense.  It's not bad enough that we got stuck paying for the legal services of a predatory foreign Municipal "Service" Corporation that was impersonating us and gaining unlawful access to our credit, but we had to pay for two such Agencies, one for the British Territorial Municipal Corporation Subcontractor, and one for the City-operated Municipal Corporation Subcontractor. 

A small bit of sanity was introduced by adopting the convention of naming City-operated Agencies using acronyms -- the DOJ instead of the Department of Justice, the BATF instead of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the FBI instead of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

All of this got started in the 1870's, but the King of Agencies was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose Administration created more than 350 such new never-heard-of Federal Agencies. All of these new subcontractors of the DC Municipal Corporations were under FDR's personal thumb and forefinger, and all of them understood that they had relatively sweet government jobs with benefits like health insurance paid for at Public expense, because of him. 

No wonder that most Federal Civil Service employees voted straight Democratic Party tickets in every political election from the 1930's until now.  

These 350 new Federal Agencies placed a tremendous burden on the public purse, especially in duplicate, but neither FDR nor the politicians in Congress cared anything about that.  Then as now, they were more concerned about buying votes with public money, foisting work off onto subcontractors, and garnering the benefits of unaccountability. 

All this is harmful in the extreme, both to our public funds and the proper administration of government, but worse harm comes when these Agencies are mistaken for some form of legitimate government authority, and the very worst harm results when the employees of these Agencies think that they have legitimate government authority when they don't. 

We've already described how the Internal Revenue Service / IRS makes up False Narrative dossiers on every single American, claiming that we are all engaged in some activity related to the manufacture, sale, or interstate transportation of alcohol, tobacco, or firearms --- and how they then use this False Pretense to bring in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms / BATF ---which has legitimate armed enforcement capabilities, to do the dirty work of busting up homes and businesses and shooting people for the IRS. 

All of that is bad enough, and emblematic of the lengths to which some of these Agencies go to entrap, plunder, and pillage --- but it gets worse when some Federal Agency supposes that it is empowered to literally write the law and that their "law" applies to living people and their property. 

This results from the way the criminally negligent  DC Municipal Corporation Subcontractors mis-administer the Agencies and allow the Agencies to interpret the Acts of Congress however they will to produce so-called Administrative Code to implement these Acts.  

Thus, the Territorial Congress shirks its duty to fully describe its intention and provide the details of how an Act is to be interpreted and implemented --- and leaves that to unelected Agency Personnel operating as subcontractors to Subcontractors. 

The resulting Agency-written  Administrative Code is often confusing, oppressive, and illegal as well as unlawful, but the run amok Agencies proceed to act on their own presumed authority to enforce their rules upon the members of the General Public, up to and including but not limited to Bills of Attainder, arrests, exorbitant fines and fees, and other atrocities committed against our people and their private business interests. 

The courts have repeatedly rebuffed these gross practices and over-reaches, most recently in a Supreme Court case, EPA v West Virginia, but this issue -- the lack of Agency authority -- was actually settled a hundred years ago by the Tennessee Supreme Court in another case, Shelby v Norton County.  

Our country and our people have been plagued by this deliberate mis-administration of the Territorial Congress and the so-called Federal Agencies for more than a hundred years and all of this has been done by the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors housed in Washington, DC, usurping against our lawful government in Breach of Trust and under color of law. 

The criminality and lack of accountability fostered by the Agencies has led to gross reliance upon the Agencies and Agency resources, as the Territorial Congress has shoved more and more of its work off onto for-hire specialists and Agency Personnel, relying on these unelected persons to actually write the Bills and Acts that members of the Territorial and Municipal Congressional bodies sign off on without even reading the text, much less thinking about the implications of what they are doing. 

We are left with the spectacle of members of Congress who truly don't know what is going on and often don't seem to care about the results of their gross negligence and dereliction of duty.  Their theory appears to be, just sign it and as Nancy Pelosi said, they will find out what's in it afterward ---- presumably as complaints pour in.

It might appear that we are picking on the Democratic Party in a partisan manner, but we have already demonstrated the kind of corruption favored by the Republicans as part of our discussion about how T.E. Harriman and other Railroad Barons shuffled off  the cost of their corporations' private security personnel onto the public, and then continued to direct these private armies however they saw fit. 

Most often, the Robber Barons used their Pinkertons to bust up Labor Unions and threaten competitors, when they weren't busy quietly claiming a "public interest" in millions upon millions of acres of land as right of ways and easements for railroads and utilities that might never be built, and then charging the Public property taxes on all these acquisitions controlled by and benefiting the Robber Barons and their cronies. 

This abuse of the Public in the name of public interest has continued into the present day, and just as the Democrats bought votes using public money, the employees of the Robber Barons voted straight Republican tickets for decades.  It amounts to two pigs fighting over their share of a public trough that doesn't belong to either of them. 

More recently this phenomenon has somewhat splintered with scores of Special Interests joining the feeding frenzy, none of them, with the exception of Veteran's Support Organizations, having any particularly good cause to seek the assistance of our government --- the ultimate source of all these payments and so-called entitlements.  

What developed out of all of this was a "war" between rival political and business factions, Big Business versus Bureaucrats, with both preying upon the Public and pillaging in the name of the government. 

Meanwhile, rank and file Americans remained largely unaware of the two increasingly criminal DC Municipal Corporations purportedly representing our government during its long and inexplicable absence.  The Offending Corporations have gone to great lengths to keep it this way, both to hide and misrepresent their criminal activities behind a cloak of government authority, and to support False Claims on Abandonment being made by them and by their bank cronies to the effect that our Government doesn't exist anymore, and that the entire country is therefore up for grabs. 

The existence of these communications and the existence of our fifty State Assemblies and the records of communication from our American Government to the late-Queen, the banks, the High Courts, and literally thousands of various corporation officials, our signatures on Postal Treaties and Bank Treaties, and our recorded public actions, such as the reiteration of our Sovereign Letters Patent and the timely filing of hundreds of Uniform Commercial Claims prove that, yes, our American Government is still alive and our country is not abandoned and we are in fact in Session.  

The lawful government of this country, like many others, was simply kept in the dark by treasonous and self-interested foreign commercial interests acting in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their Service Contracts. 

We determined that these and the other abuses described throughout this presentation were going on and took prompt action to bring our claims before Pope Benedict XVI in 2005 and we have continued to press our claims and take appropriate legal and lawful action ever since, including but not limited to providing the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors seven years of Due Process, Notice, and finally, in 2014, issuance of our Final Judgment and Civil Orders. 

In the years since then there has been a slow process of growing public awareness and an equally slow process of administrative correction, but nothing like what is reasonably required from the Principals responsible for the mis-administration of the Municipal Corporation Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia. 

It is one thing to drift into criminality by a slow process of forgetfulness, sloth, or petty crimes, and another to institutionalize criminal presumptions and practices and continue them in the face of determined, open, public rebuttal and remonstrance. This has been our experience with both of these Municipal Corporation Subcontractors and their many franchises over the course of eighteen years of constant correction and reproof.  

There can be little doubt that they know that they are operating in a criminal and irresponsible and harmful and unlawful manner, but they continue on willfully and often with disrespect toward their Employers, to commit crimes of all kinds --- administrative crimes, commercial crimes, international crimes, war crimes, and crimes against God and Man.  

A stunning recent example is the passage of a more than 4,000 page National Defense Authorization Act of 2023, which authorized unbridled crony-spending, unconstitutional over-reaches, and claims of authority to commit crimes and sections proposing to hold the criminals harmless at public expense, and the members of the Territorial Congress admitted that they had no time to read or properly consider any of it.  

This clearly demonstrates another evil resulting from the practice of using a Municipal Corporation to function "as" a government --- the members of the Territorial and Municipal Congressional Bodies think that they can just throw these "offers" out there at the General Public, and if they are not immediately arrested, castrated, and hung --- it's okay. 

We are here to tell you that in spite of our politeness and forbearance, none of this is okay and none of it is accepted. 

The 1937 detente known as The Declaration of Interdependence of the Governments in The United States allowed collusion and cooperation between the two DC Municipal Corporation Subcontractors.  They joined forces to more efficiently prey upon the people they were contractually and morally obligated to serve.  

Big Business found ways to give the Bureaucrats kickbacks, and the Bureacrats found ways to give Big Business favors at public expense. A few years ago these brigands went so far as to legalize unlimited corporate political donations, so that Big Business could literally buy politicians and the only possible importance of the Electorate was limited to voting in increasingly compromised corporate shareholder elections. 

The advent of computerized voting machines marked the end of even that marginalized voice for the Electorate.  Now we only have the spectacle of rival teams of computer geeks competing for the newest and best ways to hack election results. 

The elections themselves are not Public Elections resulting in actual Office Holders doing a job for the benefit and protection of this country and its people.  Instead, when people register to vote, they are assumed to be knowingly and willingly volunteering to serve as shareholders or acting as franchises of bankrupt Municipal Corporations, and in exchange for the privilege of voting, they get to pick a Proxy Holder, also known as a Representative, to cast their share-votes for them in Washington, DC. 

The deluded Voters think that they are electing people to Public Offices, when in fact, they are engaged in a completely different kind of election, a private, in-house corporation election to elect corporate officers. The elections are therefore just another kind of Substitution Fraud Scheme. The Voters aren't told that they are supposed to be functioning as Electors, instead, and that their Public Offices are either vacant or appearing to be occupied by imposters or, here and there, occupied by Americans doing their Public Duty.  

The Voters don't know what kind of election it is, don't know the nature of the offices being filled, and don't know the candidates, either. Under such circumstances the results of any such "election" must be held null and void for vagueness, duplicity, and deceit, quite apart from any wrangle over hanging chads and whose computer program designed to alter election results was most effective.   

Voters registering to vote and participating in the above-described elections aren't told that by voting in these misrepresented and undisclosed elections they are agreeing to tax themselves for the debts of these bankrupt corporations and to obey all 80 million codes, statutes, and regulations that have been heaped upon the Federal citizens. 

The various State-of-State Divisions of Elections have gotten so completely slack in the performance of their duties that people who don't even maintain a residence in that Territorial State-of-State are allowed to run for election.  We have had people from California -- people who made no pretense of living in Alaska nor having any intention of living in Alaska --- running to represent Alaska's interests in the U.S. Senate.  We had people from Idaho offering to do the same for Michigan.  

That's like having someone living in Panama, who has never lived in France and who doesn't even speak French, representing the interests of France in a legislative body.  

We wish for an end to all the above-referenced patently unlawful practices being institutionalized on our shores. 

We wish for the end of the substitution of private Municipal Corporation elections for the Public Elections we are owed and heir to. 

We wish for an end to the pretensions and practices that have allowed the Territorial and Municipal Congressional Bodies to evade their duties and responsibiities as legislative and adminstrative bodies. 

We wish for an end to the negligence and dereliction of duty that these foreign members of Federal Congresses have displayed toward their asumed responsibilities and deny them any rights assumed on the basis of these same shirked and neglected and evaded responsibilities.  

We wish for an end to the duplication of services provided by all these Agencies and an end to the use of private, for-profit Agencies as a means for the DC Municipal Corporation Subcontractors and their officers and personnel to escape accountability, pad private constituencies, allow unelected persons to create Administrative codes that are then foisted off on the General Public as laws, expedite bankruptcy fraud, and enforce undisclosed and non-consensual private contracts obtained under color of law and other false pretenses. 

We wish for an end to all undisclosed and undescribed registration processes and demands, including birth registrations, registrations of privately owned trucks and cars as "motor vehicles", registration of voters, --- in sum total, we wish for the end of all and any registrations and any demands for registration, and to the extent that some registrations in very limited venues might be necessary, we wish for all obligations and results of registration to be fully disclosed and plainly stated in all cases. 

We wish for the above-described general prohibition of undisclosed and coerced registration processes and demands for registration to include, but not be limited to, all and any registrations carried out by the  U.S. Department of Commerce and its State-of-State franchises serving to create municipal corporation franchises, and the DOC/HSS (Health and Social Services) Adminstration forcing enrollment in Federal Social Security programs, the U.S. Department of Transportation/DOT seizing upon privately owned autos, trailers, and pleasure craft including boats and all-terrain conveyances.  

We wish for all the consequences of incorporation to be fully disclosed to all and any persons seeking to incorporate any kind of business or enterprise whatsoever, so that the loss of ownership interest and obligations involved in incorporating anything including a business or service enterprise subject to licensing, for example, a license to sell Firearms, is fully and freely disclosed to potential incorporators and licensees.

We wish for all those who have incorporated businesses in the absence of full disclosure to be offered this information now and provided with the option of dissolving their incorporated business status without obstruction and we wish for them to be provided with a simple and easily accessible and properly advertised means to do this.  

Similarly, we wish for all people who have had Territorial citizenship obligations foisted off on them by undeclared Uniformed Officers working as Medical Doctors, Registered Nurses, and in other positions of trust, and who "signed away their children" and their children's birthright without disclosure under the influence and demand of these Foreign Agents, be afforded the same full disclosure as described above and a similarly accessible, simple, and properly advertised option to dissolve the infant decedent estate waivers and all other legal presumptions and obligations and political associations resulting from these false registrations. 

We wish for a similar process of public disclosure of the effects and consequences of Municipal Corporation enfranchisement to be made available and promoted to the General Public, so that anyone who wishes to dissolve the City-operated Municipal franchises operated in their names without their knowledge or consensual agreement, has the option to quickly and without controversy conveniently dissolve these corporations and all obligations related to them without any further legal presumptions or obstruction.  

We wish for all members of the General Public to be provided with a solid and truthful education enabling them to read the full disclosures and assess the pros and cons of different political statuses and business organizations, so as to make informed and consensual contracts when and if such contracts are necessary. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 28th 2023


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  1. More proof of the criminal British influence directed by the The Club of Rome, Chatham House And The Committee of 300: Dr. John Coleman.

  2. More superb writings by Anna Von Reitz!

  3. maybe im wrong- but much focus is on the rats. few have ay idea how they going to be run out of town or brought to heel. change political status? its agood thing to do, but you are on own.. ask a question..get half answers. maybe its just me, but i usually find many others in teh same boat- in this case millions as there is no clear vision of what happens after change of political status... it seems they are more likely to be arrested, have banking issues, insurance issues etc.. but very little info... so why would anyone want to commit to thousands of hours of study and go through the hardship, whjen the rats are doing what they want anyway-- and own excellent military hardware vs our pea shooters. if thre is a section that addresses this- please peblish its location or make one available. thanks

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. James, you better become a Leader, the world needs Leaders (who know how to use the info, limited or not) and we need Focused Followers. Can you Focus as a Follower James? Or better can you Lead?

      Lead - Follow, or get out of the way.

    3. what james is saying is consistent with what we hear all the time... Americans getting targeted for standing for America.
      and james, you are right too that references should be made available.

  4. "We wish for all members of the General Public to be provided with a solid and truthful education enabling them to read the full disclosures..." agreed - especially re: the enroute to Vatican City.

    1. Imagine you all are reading a book. And I am witness to you telling the book to do something for you. Imagine that.

      This book maybe read, it's a good book. But it's up to you to do something with what you learn, if you learn? Maybe the truth is too much for you, maybe you will crumble?

      But the book want talk to you. It is simply there to be read.

      Are you going to learn? Is all this information going to go to waste?

      Likely go to waste for many who are talking to the book, and telling it to do something. And not instead coming to concurrence with yours' of flesh and blood?

      books are fun, but they do not really talk.

      I read. I take the information, store it as knowledge, and and use it as wisdom, forever. Come hell or high water - forever empowered. And it may be shared.

      There may be eternal value, in temporal knowledge? I get to know who dun it! How did it! And can put it in perspective. Knowledge is useful, particularly if you can find someone worthy with whom to share it?

      Give it a try, maybe you can make it useful too? Maybe?

  5. I am making a good salary from home $1200-$2500/week , which is amazing, under a year back I was jobless in a horrible economy. I thank God every day I was blessed with these instructions and now o it’s my duty to pay it forward and share it with Everyone,
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  6. Actually there is nothing unlawful about a trustee accessing the credit of an account where the grantor/beneficiary is living but is incapacitated. Don't we realize that our our ignorance of our own trust accounts causes all the problems we are experiencing?

    Let's get this done and figure out how to make a claim on our c'est te que vie accounts as beneficiary!

    As soon as we all are knowledgeable of our trusts then we can start accessing them.

    1. Purposely not being told something was done does not equate to incompetence, it equates to fraud. The problem is that no one had permission to set up secret Trust Accounts using what belongs to us as collateral for debts we didnt run up. Thats the problem.

    2. Rebecca 8:53PM
      l vaguely remember reading Canon Law but it did say that the CQV Trust wasn't {directly} created for the beneficiary but for "another" {un-named}. Well we know who the "another" is. lt's the creator of the trust. That's who. And the beneficiary is never aware that the trust was created in their name.

  7. To banana.
    Knights Templar had been digging under the Solomon Temple. They discovered something. Then they stopped the digging, and they soon pulled out of the place, and soon they returned home : Scotland or Island near it.
    Did they discover treasuries?
    No. They discovered the present days banking mechanisms.

    1. Correction :
      treasuries ⇒ treasures .

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    Dear President Trump,

    Greetings in the name of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, very God and very Man, Savior of the World and King of Jerusalem yet to come again (Zechariah 14:16-21; Zephaniah 3:14-17; Micah 4:1-4; Isaiah 2:1-5).

    This letter is both a personal warning and exhortation while in the midst of your present challenges. I am Eric Jon: Phelps, author of Vatican Assassins: “Wounded In The House Of My Friends,” (2007). Having studied the Society of Jesus (Jesuit Order) for over thirty years, I know “the Company’s” murderous and diabolical past, its present design against the United States of America—the last bastion of the Lord’s grand and glorious White Anglo-Saxon Protestant Reformation having birthed Western Civilization. The future design of the Order includes the making of the final pope of Rome to be the universal monarch of the world, to be slain with a sword, rise from the dead to be the Antichrist, or Man/Beast then to rule the world as forewarned by Christ himself. (Matthew 24:15-22; Revelation 13:3-18; 17:8-18). Melchoir Cano, a prominent Roman Catholic Dominican priest of the Sixteenth century, declared the Jesuits to be “the forerunners of the Antichrist.”

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    Flood the nation with alien Roman Catholic Hispanic Invaders (deceptively called “Immigrants”) backed by the Order’s Socialist-Communist (“secular progressive”) Democratic party. This is part of the plot to transform America into a racial nation of color while also “making American dominantly Catholic,” a phrase used by the high, Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus. This design of the Knights “making America dominantly Catholic” is fully exposed by Jeremiah Crowley in his Romanism: A Menace to the Nation (1912).

    Flood the nation with Arab Moslems from the Middle East (Syria, Egypt, etc.) as well as with Black Moslems from Africa (Niger, Somalia, etc.), further changing the “demographics” in paganizing, de-Christianizing and Africanizing America.

    Incite anti-White, “left wing” American Blacks and Moslems against all American Whites in general (regardless of their religious creed) intending to drive to desperation and then unite these Whites by inciting a Black-on-White race/civil war within the nation’s largest cities. The Black populations have been built by socialist-communist policies over the last sixty years, their total composition being at least 25-30 percent of the national population. The Order has enough Blacks to foment a race war.

    Excite the anti-White agitation to justify the Order’s goal of imposing absolutist martial law, made possible “in the law,” by the “Emergency Banking Relief Act” as of March 9, 1933, and President Roosevelt’s Proclamation 2040 promulgated late in the evening on the very same day.

    Agitate a pro-Black and pro-Moslem agitation directed by certain Knights of Malta, specifically George Soros, a racial Hebrew/Jewish/Israelite and papal Knight of Malta (as is Henry Kissinger), who financed the alleged “election” of President Obama, the anarchistic “Antifa” and “Black Lives Matter.”

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    Inciting an unwinnable two-front war, first in the Middle East (2001) and then in the Far East (beginning with North Korea). This bloodbath will include the sacrifice of America’s greatest soldiers and marines, the defeat of our Navy and subsequent Sino-Soviet-Moslem invasion of North America. There are

  12. The appointment of Greg Jarrett (hosted many times on “New Right” Roman Catholic Fox News) as Attorney General. Demand the resignation of Jeff Sessions and order Attorney General Jarrett to begin the prosecution of Barack (“Barry Davis”) Obama, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton for High Treason and Conspiracy. Once proven, then trace that treason to the Jesuits of Loyola University (Chicago), Boston College (Boston), Fordham University (Bronx, NY), and Georgetown University (Washington, DC). As to “Hellcat” Hillary, her handler has been Kristine Marcy who in turn is overseen by former California Jesuit Provincial Thomas J. Smolich—one of the country’s most powerful Jesuits at Georgetown University! (Smolich is the Jesuit Brother of Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor Governor Jerry Brown, seeking to totally disarm Californians in preparation for the Chinese invasion of the West Coast!)

    Order an investigation of certain socialist-communist, clandestine democrats known as “RINOs” (“Republicans in Name Only”). That would include Roman Catholic Paul Ryan, Roman Catholic John McCain, Roman Catholic Knight of Malta/Chief Justice John Roberts and other notorious Republican liars tied to the Jesuit Order.

    Expel the Society of Jesus from America while reinforcing our borders—with a great wall—to keep the Company’s agents, foreign civilian invaders and its foreign armies out! This will necessitate a complete purge of all intelligence agencies, including the DHS, FBI, CIA and NSA.

    But Know This!


    AMDG: Jesuit Latin Acronym; "For the Greater Glory of God"---the god who sits in St. Peter's Chair!
    AMDG: Jesuit Latin Acronym; “For the Greater Glory of God”—the god who sits in St. Peter’s Chair!
    When you cover the Society of Jesus with international shame and disgrace by driving it out of our sacred country, “Father General” Sosa will give the command to his American Assistant in Rome, in control of his ten American Provincials, to order your murder / “extirpation from the face of the earth.” This is the modus operandi of the “Order of the New Templars” / “Knights of the Virgin Mary” pursuant to the Jesuit “Moral Theologies” of Francisco Suarez and Luis Molina. You will be deemed a “usurper” for not upholding the pope’s Temporal Power and thereby worthy of death. Jesuits of the bloody “Oath of the Fourth Vow” will compete to fulfill their master’s order. Leaders of the past who fell at the hand of Jesuit-directed Vatican Assassins include:

    England’s wonderful savior of the Reformation, Oliver Cromwell;
    France’s King Henry IV, King Louis XVI and Prime Minister Leon Gambetta;
    Russia’s Czar Peter the Great; Czar Alexander I and Czar Alexander II;
    Italy’s King Victor Emmanuel II and King Umberto;
    Mexico’s President Benito Juarez;
    Fourteen American presidents including President Zachery Taylor, President Abraham Lincoln, President James Garfield, President William McKinley, President Warren G. Harding, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and our first Roman Catholic chief executive, President John F. Kennedy, of recent memory.

  13. I apologize,this was a very long letter to Donald Trump and I cut and paste some of the contents twice. I just thought this was sooo important that everyone needs to read it.

    1. Thank you, it is clearly important to see, to learn, the full character and movements of the head of a snake, to both avoid the bite, and part it from its length.


  15. [thats-nice:dear]

  16. Lord James of Blackheath talked somewhere that he had seen a record document (at Vatican library) which was written about that Vatican had created the Islam religion.

  17. Jesuits organization was ‘‘created’’ by someone comparatively recently compared to the ancient religion Druid. The Druid is written in the Caesar's book.
    Jesuits organization is a created one, it is not the one that self occurred naturally.

    1. On druid in Caesar's book : 【Caesar The Gallic Wars】translated by H. J. Edward, C. B.

      druidum, druids, druidibus, druides are there in p334-p345.
      (Book VI, Chap.3, §13-§20) .
      P2:Latin , P3:English, P4:Latin , P5:English ・・・・・

    2. 【The Queen(Elizabeth,then Princess) in Ancient Druid Ceremony 1946】- YouTube (2:51)

    3. Correction:
      【...Queen...Druid Ceremony...】

  18. "self occurred naturally" - People worship at the altar of "natural," and they have no concept beyond the loaded and connotative meaning versus the uselessness or even usefulness of the term. Stop worshiping "natural" and instead Discern. Maybe then you can share something useful?

    1. key word: connotative.
      if you are also criticizing the use of nature and create-r create-d, am interested in hearing why, and/or what you believe would be better to use instead. thankyou!

  19. Is there a thought police?
    Someone supervising trivial details of comments.

  20. Your' "is there a thought police?" is a "trivial" comment. Busted.

  21. You are a supervisor.


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