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Friday, April 28, 2023

The Congressional Fraud - Why They Had to Kill Lincoln

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court regarding our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023 in Seq:

The Congressional Fraud is, in one sense, just another Substitution Scheme, in which our Congresses, both the Federation's Continental Congress and the Congress of the Federal Republic, were replaced by a British Territorial Congress.  

The problem for the Schemers was, and is, that we kept all control of the land and soil jurisdiction firmly in the hands of our two Congressional Bodies. 

Those powers not delegated to our American Federal Subcontractor, the long-lost Federal Republic,  remained with the Federation's Continental Congress, and the delegated powers related to our land and soil were the responsibility of the Federal Republic's Congress. 

The only way the Territorial Congress could "assume" any role related to our land and soil was by creating a "presumed trusteeship" in our "absence", and that is exactly what they did. 

The First Generation of Perpetrators faced an additional problem. What they did was Treason and Breach of Trust, as well as being fraudulent. If the people of this country found out, they'd be hung.  They were highly motivated and concerned about that fine point, and Lincoln, while being concerned for his own neck, was also a loose cannon. 

Lincoln was popular with the British Territorials and the people living in the Northern States.  Every newspaper hung on every word he said, and every public appearance he made was a celebration in the days following Lee's surrender.  

Despite being one of the chief instigators in the original plot to run for election in a different and undisclosed Presidential Office, Lincoln did what he did for business reasons.  He intended to call the actual Congress of the Federal Republic back into Session ---which would have forced the completion of the Reconstruction. 

Completion of the Reconstruction would have ended any custodial role for the Territorial Government and ended any presumption of trusteeship for the Schemers.  They would have lost control, however tenuously held,  of our land and soil resources, which was always a big part of their goal ---- so Lincoln had to go, and General Grant had to agree to it. 

Lincoln was a rat, but he was only willing to go so far.  Grant was a rat all the way, and not because he had a political bone in his body.  For him, it was all about rewards for the Union Army and payback for the war.  

While Lincoln was trying to settle the bankruptcy of "the United States of America, Incorporated" and hatching his brilliant Greenbacks solution with his Secretary of the Treasury, Salmon P. Chase, Grant was war-weary and eager for some salad days for himself and his troops.  

Lincoln's Greenbacks and 1040 Bonds weren't spooling up profits fast enough for Grant and the Army.  And Reconstruction would mean returning control to the civilian government. The Army would lose the nice little hegemony that Lincoln handed them with his General Order 100, 

When the Rothschild banks offered vast loans against the value of the newly acquired assets of the Southern States, Grant was all for it; Lincoln was not.  Another reason that Lincoln had to go.  

So both the U.S. Army and the British Territorial Government interests and yes, members of his own Cabinet, including his Secretary of State, turned against Lincoln--- and it wasn't even over the war.  It was over the power and the money afterward. 

And blocking Reconstruction was key to it. 

Each one of the three original Federal Subcontractors -- the American Federal Republic, the British Territorial Government, and the Holy Roman Empire's Municipal Government -- had delegated duties and powers in international jurisdictions.  

The Americans had delegated powers on both land and sea; the British Territorial Subcontractor had other delegated powers at sea, and the Municipal Government Subcontractor held delegated powers in the jurisdiction of the air.  

As a result, the members of the Federal Congress actually participated as members of three distinct different Congressional bodies, depending on the subject matter being discussed and their own personal qualifications. They simply wore different hats as they changed subject matter and typically met on different days -- MondayTuesday and Wednesday for land issues, Thursday for sea issues, and Fridays for air issues. 

So long as the Americans were in control, all the land jurisdiction issues were addressed by men who swore a unique loyalty to this country, but once the Federal Republic Congress was no longer meeting, the members of Congress acting as the Territorial Congress, and posing as our custodians, were only obligated as Trustees.  

Trustees can do some very ugly and ill-advised things, if the Donors don't even realize that they are Donors, and are deliberately lied to and kept in the dark, so that they can't object to whatever the Trustees are doing. 

Letting Lincoln serve as a martyr was less problematic than seeing the Reconstruction move forward in an organized and timely manner, and here, more than 150 years later, that work remains to be done. 

The difference now is that the American Government is back in Session. 
The Federation of States has received back the powers it delegated to the Federal Republic and the State Assemblies are able to act directly via Roll Call Vote.  

The Presumed Donors have "returned home from over the seas" as the present-day Successors to the original Holy Roman Empire contracts put it. 

Yes, we've "returned" without going anywhere outside our own borders, after being hijacked on paper by disloyal British Territorial Government Congresses, trafficked into their foreign jurisdiction via False Registration  processes, and encumbered by not one, but three phony clearinghouse certificates.  

Today, most of the purported members of the Territorial and Municipal Congressional Bodies have never actually entered the offices that they appear to occupy, because they have never completed the required written and recorded Oaths of Office.  

They are acting purely and only as a Board of Directors for the Offending Municipal Corporations that are the subject of our Claims. 

Any actions that these unseated Members have taken, or appeared to take, adopting measures as Members of a Territorial or Municipal Congress are null and void.  

We wish for a polling of all purported Members of Congress and the removal of all those who have not taken their written Oath of Office and recorded the same written Oath of Office in a known location easily accessed by the Public. 

Subsequent to the results, we wish for an audit of the impact on the membership, quorums and votes to determine whether or not a valid vote of any Congress has taken place. 

We wish for the removal of any Act that has not been issued with proper authority and in proper jurisdiction.  

We particularly wish for this examination process to focus on all Acts of Congress entered in the Federal Record, which may or may not have met the requirements of valid passage and which may affect Americans and American businesses subject to some form or degree of Federal Regulation. 

We wish for a retroactive examination of the required Oaths of Office for all Members of the Territorial and Municipal Congresses back to 1860 to determine the validity of the membership, quorums, and votes. 

We wish for a well-organized protocol and process for all Members of all Congresses to be seated and recognized, which must include the receipt of the required Oath of Office and its recording and publication in a form that is easily accessible for Public examination. 

This disarray and potential for deceit that has resulted from allowing one set of Congressional Delegates to perform in different capacities and jurisdictions was already part of the problem prior to the Civil War, but the Perpetrators and the commercial interests exploited this potential to obtain unjust enrichment, non-consensual coercive power, and deliberately forestalled the Reconstruction process in Breach of Trust to keep and maintain purloined positions of authority for themselves. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994 
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99653

April 27th 2023


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  1. To banana.
    There is the elephant in the room : Rothschild.
    What is your proposal ?
    Offense to the elephant ?

    1. In Link-on's British Attorney Play World, All the World is a Stage, isn't it?
      ...He was a British Attorney at (a) PLAY??

    2. Anony'puss22:42PM
      NO!!! NO!!! NO!!!
      All the world lS "NOT" A STAGE!!!
      That has been being misquoted for eons. Last l looked, it is not a stage and a stage is not even mentioned {unless it was found in Shakespear's works, which doesn't count as maxim of heavenly law}. So what is it really about? lt's about giving alms to the poor so as to not make an open show of your giving in secret so the Lord can reward you openly but if you make a show of it you have already received your reward. Ego is boosted. Lack of humility settles in which is a pretty grave sin. ln essence, you brought attention to yourself instead of the true giver which is God {stealing God's glory} so you get nothing. According to my understanding this has been used and abused for so long that people believe this is in the word of God. But it appears to be an error. lf you find another scripture that l've missed please pass it along.
      Now when it comes to the Bar Association, yes, their world is a play, a stage. Anna has recently brought ought the fact that they are a THEATER COMPANY and you may be interested in seeing how they worked in Lincoln's day from the movie "ORIGINAL SIN" with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie. What Satan did to Eve, hence "Original Sin." They belonged to this worldwide theatre and wrested plantation owners companies and land. from them. There's nothing new under the sun.

    3. Correct Karen Gore - "the world is "NOT" A STAGE!!"

      But the miscreants, with cunning emotion try to suck all that is good
      onto their stage so as to draw all life from goodness.

      To Wit: This (make em (the good) weep - so we (evil) can creep.)
      From the pervert(?), and his weapon of poetry - "ship" of state (British empire?)

      Walt Whitman (1819-1892)


      O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done,
      The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won,
      The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting,
      While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring;
      But O heart! heart! heart!
      O the bleeding drops of red,
      Where on the deck my Captain lies,
      Fallen cold and dead.

      O Captain! my Captain! rise up and hear the bells;
      Rise up—for you the flag is flung—for you the bugle trills,
      For you bouquets and ribbon’d wreaths—for you the shores a-crowding,
      For you they call, the swaying mass, their eager faces turning;
      Here Captain! dear father!
      This arm beneath your head!
      It is some dream that on the deck,
      You’ve fallen cold and dead.

      My Captain does not answer, his lips are pale and still,
      My father does not feel my arm, he has no pulse nor will,
      The ship is anchor’d safe and sound, its voyage closed and done,
      From fearful trip, the victor ship comes in with object won;
      Exult O shores, and ring O bells!
      But I with mournful tread,
      Walk the deck my Captain lies,
      Fallen cold and dead.

      O Captain! My Captain! - Wikipedia › wiki › O_Captain!_My_Capta...

      "O Captain! My Captain!" is an extended metaphor poem written by Walt Whitman in 1865 about the death of U.S. president Abraham Lincoln.
      What does the elegy O Captain, My Captain mean?
      Whitman's "O Captain! My Captain!" was written as an elegy for the assassinated Abraham Lincoln. Whitman refers to him as "My Captain!" and compares him to a ship captain who does not live to see the victory finally attained and so long sought.
      We all get it.

  2. Anony'puss4:15PM
    Very interesting, the poem was long and surely about someone who was very near and dear to him but l'm sure that Walt could not be aware that Lincoln, being an attorney {an actor} had conned his way onto the world stage as the president of the United States illegally which he had no right to do and how ironically he lost his life in a theater of other actors. ls there much to be said of reaping what you sow? What the Hindu's call karma? None of us could know the mindsets of the men that lived in their day except for what they left behind in writing and memories recorded of others that wrote about them which this long poem gives another side of the man that l perceived to be a rat. He's not the only one that met their deserving fate and not allowed to witness their victory or at least their contribution to it bcuz of some flaw in their character. Moses was a great servant of the Lord and helped save alot of people but was withheld from crossing over the sea into the promised land bcuz he was a man of blood. Does that mean God didn't forgive him of his sin. NO. lt means that there are consequences that we must encounter if we choose to do a wrong. lt always comes back to the thrower like a boomerang. lt surely will come back to you.
    But Lincoln's actions were far reaching, so much so that we have to consider them today. And now we are discussing "oath of office." Are you worthy of this calling or not? A huge milestone to cross. l can see this as the great millstone that the angel dropped into the sea and destroyed GREAT BABYLON. Rev. 18. When not many thought that the end could be so near. Yes, even tonight or even tomorrow morning.

    1. They knew, the powers involved knew. Knowing is there modus opperandi. KNOWING by creating and hiding what they create.

      Lincoln was all about "Law Merchant - Mercantile Law" (supplanting land law) and it was "like a great ship coming onto the shore"

      Lincoln had these recurring (5) "dreams" (e.g. coded communiques to Britain) about a massive "ship" coming ashore the continent.

      It is clear he was using the "dream" pretense to communicate the nature of the when, how, where, to the bankers, by stealth . . .
      These "dreams" were always announced before big (5) battles.

      There is a rule in logic - "everything is obvious once you know it."

      I have huge old book from 1866, written by Horace Greeley, presuming the "moral" causes of: THE AMERICAN CONFLICT A HISTORY OF THE GREAT REBELLION IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 1860-1865. (this is obviously the perpetuation of the ruse and keeping the public soft, to keep the public in thrall to the emotional capture.)

      The "moral" reasons? How about its ALL about the MONEY - when you set brother against brother!

      "Moral reasons?? Balderdash!"

      The powers involved new full well what they were doing - it is obvious. Read the poem again, and the explanation of the metaphor - as per a simple google search.





      "In January 1865 he became a clerk in the Department of the Interior; in May he was promoted but in June was dismissed because the secretary of the Interior thought that Leaves of Grass was indecent. Whitman then obtained a post in the attorney general’s office, largely through the efforts of his friend the journalist William O’Connor, who wrote a vindication of Whitman in The Good Gray Poet (published in 1866), which aroused sympathy for the victim of injustice.


    5. Trying to get off the subject of Lincoln by flipping the script to Moses.

    6. crawl back under your basket and float yourself to the mud below nickel noggin

    7. Hey you, illiterate Anonymous April 28, 2023 at 10:22 PM

      Did you not notice this article is regarding Lincoln? Who wrote your script, because you clearly don't read (deliberately illiterate!)

      ANNA's TITLE:
      "The Congressional Fraud - Why They Had to Kill Lincoln"

  3. The cargo (live child) was presumed lost (placenta died) and the kind Govt created trust with the all caps name... So kind!

    When the child comes of age the trust is kept secret and the "person" works and pays taxes and contributes to a huge national debt because the trust is hidden and the only way to pay is through IOU's. Those IOU's belong to the issuing authority, ie the federal reserve (private corporation)
    There is NO Money!

    SLAVES contribute to the national debt because that is all they can do even if they spend all their IOU notes ($) to "pay" bills, they increase the national debt.

    How do we become the Beneficiary?? Of our trust (all caps and more, accounts)?

    We must reconvey with an instrument of VALUE ie: $1 stamp our status as beneficiary.

    Let's get somee advice on this and get into the game, albeit LATE....

    Thanks Anna.

  4. To banana.
    Vatican is controlled by the Jesuits. And the Jesuits are political Zionists. In St.Xavier’s letter to Ignatius Loyola, jewish religious law is written (i.e. , circumcision and food kosher). It is clear. Jesuits were probably made by the remnants of the Knights Templar. (also Scotish Rite (Freemason)was probably made by the same.)

  5. Attorneys using babies as "cargo" is Human Trafficking?