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Sunday, April 2, 2023

D.C. Municipal Corporations and Illegal Corporate Takeovers

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

False claims that we are or ever were "Maritime Admiralty Products" and not land assets, "Dust thou art, and to dust returneth", in contravention of The Bible and our treaties and international law,  were used to unlawfully securitize living flesh belonging to Americans and then more False Claims were used to impersonate us as British Crown Corporations and Municipal Corporation franchises. 

Both of these acts of unlawful conversion and political misrepresentation are capital crimes. 

The same Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia are responsible for acting under color of law and falsely registering millions of Americans as property belonging to the British Monarch and also (as part of their 1937 Collusion) as Municipal PERSONS of various kinds, engaged in two vicious undisclosed commercial mercenary actions against the lawful governments of Germany, Japan, and other nations.  

They were not acting "for" us, nor under any contract they ever had with us.  While they pointed at us as their "employers" and pretended that they were "defending" us and our interests, they were in fact in Gross Breach of Trust and acting without any authority related to us.  They fingered us for the expenses of their wars, and after their wars, their phony war-related bankruptcies.

They were acting on their own volition as bullies and criminals--- albeit, bullies and criminals who had obtained illegal and unlawful access to our credit thanks to equally criminal colluding banks that profited from all this.  

This following brief video by Jordan Maxwell lays out the basic mechanics of the commercial fraud committed by the Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia.  He understood a lot about The Great Fraud, but apparently Jordan Maxwell never figured out how the Perpetrators were dumping their war debts on the American Public via pre-planned bankruptcies and rat-holing the profits in Slush Funds under their own control "for" us. 

These horrific mafia-like commercial wars were never declared by any land and soil jurisdiction Congress and fail all tests for "lawful war" as defined by international law, even though they were presented to the American Public as if these acts of murder and violence were correct and justified-- each time by False Flag operations carried out by the Perpetrators themselves and blamed on their target.

Too late we remember how the German Papal Overseers pretending to be "Kings" in England usurped the actual Governments of Britain via fraud that began with "King"John and was firmly seated by the Hanoverian Succession in 1701 and further consolidated in 1840 when the German House of Wettin gained control of British assets that had been purloined ever since the Enclosure Acts under Henry VIII.  

The "Kings" of Great Britain are Germans and Adolph Hitler was a British Agent.  Go figure.  These Germans promoted war against their own Motherland and used fraud, theater, False Flags --- and LGBTQ populations to do it.  This is the same Modus Operandi of the guilty Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia now.  

Hitler made his appeal to the disenfranchised, harassed, marginalized members of the gay and lesbian communities and most of his original Brown Shirts came from these communities, lured into his service with promises of social justice for homosexuals.  As soon as the dirty work of Kystal Nacht and the Reichstag Fire promoted him to Chancellor, Hitler had the Brown Shirts arrested and most of them were killed to prevent them from soiling the Lily White Image of Der Fuhrer.  

In this country, the same guilty commercial interests are trying to build a coalition of LGBTQ supporters and colored people -- who they also despise and use as pawns --- to promote the same sort of uber-patriotic fake conservative revival as a backlash response to things like the 2020 Riots (Krystal Nacht) in which millions of Americans and American businesses suffered damage, and other False Flags like the destruction of the Nordstream Pipelines are being used to harm Europe and the infamous non-existent pandemic.

Those who don't remember history may be fated to relive it, but we do remember.  And we are fed up.  

We wish for these criminally-inclined Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia to be liquidated for their violent, unlawful, and predatory crimes, and we wish for their political leaders to be removed from any appearance of Public Office, and "outted" as undisclosed substitutes for the actual President of our Federation of States and/or the President of our Federal Republic, both of which are unincorporated entities and unincorporated offices belonging to us. 

Strictly speaking, we don't need a President to function, and in view of the Bad Faith and disservice we have received at the hands of the "Presidents" operating either one of these  Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, we don't want either one of their "Presidents" in any position of power related to us or any of the misinformed Americans who have been taught-- incorrectly--  that they are some species of "United States citizen".   

We wish for these offending Municipal Corporations to be shut down except for personnel needed to make a safe transition back to lawful money and lawful government.  Two World Wars-for-profit is two phony illegal corporate take-over conflicts too many; we mourn the death, destruction, and misery that these Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia have caused us and the rest of the world. 

We wish to see amends made to us and everyone else, every other country, that has been harmed; we note that the world was a profoundly better place when both businesses and individuals were held accountable for their actions and inactions, and a reasonable fear of the consequences of their violent and immoral acts kept them from promoting commodity rigging schemes, False Flags, pandemics, dishonest banks,  and world wars.  

We highly recommend that the entire concept of Municipal Corporations operating in federal or other private enclaves be reviewed--- and sacked. These Municipal "service providers" have done nothing to merit existence in this country or any other.  They have committed heinous crimes against their employers and everyone else with no apparent motive beyond making a profit for themselves at public risk and public expense.  Their performance in no way justifies their continued existence as a class of Legal Fiction Entities.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  1. man has right to use common law for man, under authority of the laws of nature and nature's create-r, if he so chooses;
    i:woman say:
    • interferences with man's right to live from God's laws, breaks God's laws
    • and those man who have been so- interfering have had their spiritual cover stripped off
    • they are open, in the light, and seen
    • and they know that what they do carries attachment of penalties and punishments onto them, that God creates from his own will
    • that destroys them and their works;
    and i:woman agree with God and his people that his will be done on earth as it is in heaven: that he step in and destroy all the works and workers who interfere with his laws: to bring peace on earth and goodwill to man, in accord with his intent. (ref.: zech. 5:1-4/others);
    so: be,

    1. Who is your god?

    2. Anna seems to be afraid of people's comments. Are you going to set one of your selves from "TheLivingLawFirm" Private Attorneys/or other down 247 and delete things as they're being published, hoping nobody ever sees the comments?
      If yes, it won't necessarly work.
      People can go make comments about their opinion of these Articles in other blog comment sections around the Internet.

    3. Anonymous is asking other people questions? Complete. Moron. And too dumb to know it.

    4. "who is your god?"

      maybe you can find someone to read it to you outloud.

  2. Patrick O'Carroll- The Horrifying Prophecies of Padre Pio

    "Although he died in 1968, Padre Pio still remains one of the foremost Christian Voices in the world today because he predated the deterioration of the Catholic Church after Oct 1958 (when Freemasonic Pope John XXIII and his first appointed cardinal Pope Paul VI jointly enacted the disastrous Vatican II after which God, in the words of Malachi Martin, simply withdrew His Grace from the Catholic Church). Padre Pio remained a TRADITIONAL CATHOLIC until his death.

    "The time will come when people will pluck out their eyes for a piece of bread. Shops will be looted, warehouses will be stormed and destroyed; Those who have not prepared themselves with a candle, with a pitcher of water, and with the necessities FOR THREE MONTHS will be lost in these dark days; Pay attention to the Sun, and to the Moon, and to the stars in the sky. When they seem restless and unsettled, and move strangely, you will know the day is near;...:

    This cataclysm will come upon the Earth like lightning. In that single moment, the light of the morning Sun will be supplanted by black darkness;
    Get ready to live in total darkness for THREE DAYS; these three days are very near. In these days, without something to eat and drink, you will be as good as dead;"

    1. "Thanks Henry for publishing this about Catholic prophecy from "Padre Pio. Many saints prophecied about these events now bearing down on us. A great book by Yves Dupont called Catholic Prophecy The Coming Chastisement coalates many of these. Fatima prophecies, if studied diligently (NOT by reading “official fake news Fatima” info from the infiltrated church) from good sources was designed to inform humanity of the satanic world gov conspiracy. The supernatural warning sign for WW2 provided by God (and originally promised at Fatima) coincided EXACTLY with the interrogation detailed in the book Red Symphony. God was pointing straight at this revealing insider info and so few have paid any attention."

  3. Part of World Parliament is to remove CORPORATE PERSONHOOD status

    It's all in there folks

    How about an Earth Financial Credit Corporation
    Act ELeven
    ?aka Global Family Bank?

    While the glow ball terrorist tear up countless neighborhoods and blame it on mother nature

    The land theft and REZONING to suit their new Manifest Destiny comes to light as folks are rounded up in to SMART city human habitat zones

    Not to worry their glow ball Ministry of Environment is 'ON THE JOB'

    Arizona and Oregon - see ACT 17

    And this one here
    Well go have a look at the future jobs and the planting of a
    TRILLION TREES ACT (should be more like treesonous act)

    It's all there they just have to get the serfs to go along with it as they batter the entire populace in to compliance

  4. Degrees in GEOengineering

  5. A glow ball MINISTRY of ENVIRONMENT
    Part of the so called World Parliament and their solutions to the problems they themselves are creating

    Oh and don't forget the Emergency Earth 'Administration'

    Act 4 is all about teaching the glow ball serfs the new 'SEANCE' so that they go off to work in their 'job' 'field' to make the shit happen according to the plan

  6. Katrina and then the rocky boys and the sauds move in for the natural resources at massive profits
    Hidden in plain sight

    And make no mistake the prick known as Musk and his friggin so called rocket launches and his 'new stations' that they are building in South Texas

    Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth - the golden triangle and where they are herding the humans in to habitat SMART cities as per their UN planning

    Shopping maul outside of Fort Worth named PRESIDIO folks just like this Presidio on the West Coast

  7. And remember just about a month ago and the movie White Noise and it's association with the train wreck in East Palestine Ohio
    Around 8 minutes and 30 seconds in
    White Noise played through loud speakers to get the residents OUT of the area in Mississippi as NASA set up shop and took over all the land next to the waterways

    1. 125,000 acres NASA stole from this one set up
      Around 9 minutes in

      And before that these same crooks put this shit in place all over the place in the early 1900's
      Land trust
      Of which they are literally raping the land for prophet and selling it to the public as CONservation
      Literally setting up the next phase of their game plan

      Which was devised at the very facility they set their co conspirators up in to operate in plain sight

      After the so called satanic abuse scandal at the Presidio they moved Gorby in and then he was tasked with closing 36 military bases all over this continent in preparation for the coming final ACT
      Bottom right corner Gorbachev Foundation tasked with closing military bases and foreign troops to police the united states
      Their fake ass disaramament of the world for peace my ass signed by their fake ass Kennedy in 1961 - I think it is on page 1 of the link above
      Then they fake whack his ass in broad daylight with the help of a whole lot of their friends and like magic the population of shell shocked walk around in mourning while they laugh their counterfeiting asses off all the way to the Swiss Alps and plan some more

      PRESIDIO AND PRESIDIUM written all throughout World Parliament documents
      And so is their Hague BULLSHIT

  8. It appears in this one that they increase the year by one each time they slam the shore with yet another so called natural disaster
    8/29/2023 will be 6 years

    And don't forget those so called 'oil' platforms like Bullwinkle they have out there in them there waters
    Horizon was no accident folks and they dumped toxic chemicals on that spill after they created the spill in the first place
    Displacement of the people by covert operations (hmm covert, covid)

    And do you think it is a coinky dink that the headlines of 'Stormy' is all over the place and the fake ass orange man prancing around is by accident?

    Like I said waterproof that paperwork and shove it up your ass for safe keeping else it could all be washed away along with your house and that so called 6 inches of top soil whenever these nut jobs order up their climate control chicago climate stock exchange buddies to spawn one

    12 minutes 50 seconds in he mentions Brownsville Texas

    Well what do you know that just happens to be where ole Musk has moved in and building some shit under the guise of SpaceX some 6-8 later after they rid the landscape of the residents

  9. Was this video actually removed from YouTube? I wonder why .
    Found Here:

  10. Worldly power is short lived. The Power Precious Blood of Jesus is our life with victory moving forth.

  11. And what do they do with ya when you out of work and no funds well hell they create camps

    Caroline Maja
    12 hours ago
    Explain ccc camp please!
    Bruce H
    Bruce H
    11 hours ago (edited)
    ​​​ @Nick Monk Civilian Conservation Corps camps where "out of work" men found good slave work and room and board during the Great Depression while FDR stole American gold. The Simpson Springs CCC camp in the West Desert on the Pony Exprees Trail one year failure in the "mitten state" has remnants of a pillar entry gate, a swimming pool and other foundation imprints way out in "BFEgypt" by Dugway. The horse thief hanging laws occurred when the Pony Express company went "bankrupt" and didn't want to pay their riders, so the riders took it out by "graciously accepting" Pony Express horses as payment! Then Pony Express became Overland Express, I think.

    And I say all this back to loving the earth and all this other shit, flat versus globe, is all DISTRACTION to keep eyes off this World Parliament
    BULLSHIT these very same family crooks are working to implement

  12. I thought the pope already agreed to liquidate the corporations and return our property. And we were collecting $200k for the trip. Why are still demanding things?

  13. Watch the stage perfromance of ole vlad here

    And of course they have many mines and they are mining the hell out of Africa for prophet

    Part of the BRICS Green New Deal

    South Africa

    South Africa owes these mofo's not one red cent and there is no debt owed
    They owe the people of Africa period and you can bet your ass this ruse is all part of the plan

    No doubt it's part of the
    Earth Financial Credit Corporation Plan
    Or would that be the so called Global Family Bank?

    And the MERGER of the UN with WORLD PARLIAMENT

    WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction

    World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments
    World Legislative Act #54 Remedies and Corrections Act
    World Legislative Act #55. Surveillance Limitations Act
    World Legislative Act #56. Crowd Dispersal Ban
    World Legislative Act #57. Collegium of World legislators
    World Legislative Act #58. Neonictinoid Ban
    World Legislative Act #59. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Act
    World Legislative Act #60. Paid Informant Ban
    World Legislative Act #61. Fracking Ban
    World Legislative Act #62. Fission Power Generation Closure
    World Legislative Act #63. Cooperative Communities Empowerment Act
    World Legislative Act #64. United Nations Merger
    World Legislative Act #65. Global Sustainability Directorate
    World Legislative Act #66.
    World Legislative Act #67

    They have no intentions of saving the plan IT or the people, People, PEOPLE
    Annagram people, what do ya get - Pope EL hidden in plain sight
    The plan is total subjegation of all people in all nations under their glow ball command

  14. Interesting at 40 or so minutes in

    The Committee of 300 comes to mind, no?
    Gideon Bible

    Everything is in place to declare TOTAL CONTROL. Total control will not be announced with just those words. No! We’ll be sold a package of deceit called UNITY under the CLOAK OF DECENCY and GOODNESS.

    Hence the bullshit of Africa's so called debt relief while they steal their mineral resources and move forward with their World Parliament UN Agenda 21/2030/2050 plans that most folks don't know a damned thing about

    The African SDG land portal and progress report

    There is that leave no one behind BULLSHIT
    The 2020 Africa SDG Index and Dashboards Report provides an assessment of where African countries stand with respect to the SDGs and their progress toward the goals, with the additional lens of “leave no one behind.”

  15. Awe what a guy
    The Bezo's Earth Foundation
    Hmm check out that there donor list

    Step right up folks get and put all your shit on Amazon
    Bezo's loves you for it
    Oh and the plan it too

  16. Titles of Nobility Act - 25 of the last 43 presidents have been L______!
    Wonder how all this has happened?

  17. Anna: "let me tell you about illegal takeovers"...

    Also Anna: "Sign over your corporations so we can control them instead..."

    Uh Hello, McFly!?!?!?!

    1. Is this how cognitive disonance is created?