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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Why We Blame the Military

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims March 6th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

Why We Blame the Military

We blame the military because they have been in control and have in fact been illegally occupying this country with "territorial forces" since 1863 ---- and you can all see what we've gotten in return for our mindlessly loyal support.  

Racketeering at home and war-profiteering everywhere else. 

The proof is in the pudding.  There it is. 

It falls even more heavily on the military when you see the records and realize that the "DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE" --- INCORPORATED, owns and operates all the worst offenders -- the NIH, CDC, FDA, FBI, CIA, DOJ, and even the Territorial Congress, Inc., is owned and operated by them as a Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia. 

So all that mismanagement is on them. The pandemic and all the deaths and maiming resulting from it is on them.  

The fraudulent and illegal military confiscation of American property under the known False Pretense that we are "enemy combatants" in an illegal Mercenary Conflict that ended, so far as we were led to believe, more than a hundred and fifty years ago.  

All that "theater" and injury is on them, too.  

The entire Scottish "Corporation Constitution" fraud and its Fourteenth Amendment and their continued use of this fraud scheme for over a hundred years after this entity went bankrupt is on them, too. 

The existence of the fabricated "military districts" serving as a basis for their continued illegal occupation of this country and their oppression of our people via their equally illegal  and unauthorized "military district courts" stands as additional proof of the self-interest and criminality and criminal mismanagement of these Municipal Corporations residing in the District of Columbia.  

These military districts and their courts were supposed to go away once our courts were re-established in the Southern States (Ex Parte Milligan, 1866) and instead, even long after our courts were functioning,  these yahoos created new "military districts" for themselves and more "military district courts" to illegally, unlawfully and immorally confiscate property from average Americans under color of law. See the Acts of their Territorial Congress, May, 1865.   

Then you realize that, as they own their Territorial "Congress", all this show of budgets and fighting to get what they need is nonsense.  It's all nothing but theater and we've been the audience. 

Then you realize that--- as they own their own Territorial "Congress", they were key players in having that "Congress" misinterpret the Plenary Powers over Washington, DC Clause in the Federal Constitution, so as to create a separate "independent, international city state" and use that as the purported civilian government that they answer to --- the full stench of the corruption hits. 

Their Territorial Congress was never granted the plenary powers --- the American Subcontractor was supposed to exercise those; and, the intent and extent of the grant of plenary power was to run the city of Washington, DC, as a neutral separate federal capitol -- not as an independent, international city-state that has no business being here. 

Not once did the U.S. Military turn to the American people and say, "Hey, uh, guys, we've got a problem here.  You are supposed to be reconstructing the American Federal Subcontractor and telling us what to do."  

Not once.  Not in over a hundred and fifty years did they ever turn to their actual employers and tell the truth.  

And that is what we blame them for, most of all.  

They clearly wanted to evade our actual civilian control which is a condition allowing their Municipal Corporation to exist, and they obviously did evade the control of the lawful government of this country.

Now, these same miscreants want to sell us on their "digital currency" and we are all saying, no, no thanks.  

This is because the Municipal Corporations residing in the District of Columbia have pulled all sorts of unlawful schemes with money, too, including passing off their I.O.U's (FEDERAL RESERVE NOTES) as "legal tender" under force and duress and not crediting the other side of the ledger -- what we gave them in exchange for their debt notes.  

This accounting "error" created the appearance of a giant "national debt" that never in fact existed, and they then charged "interest" on this non-existent debt, and then, at the end of the day, they bankrupted one of their many Municipal Corporation franchises and committed bankruptcy fraud by claiming that this non-existent debt and the phony interest on it was our debt. 

It's not our debt.  It's a debt owed to us, to the extent that it ever existed at all.  

Frankly, digital currency can disappear too conveniently, and it can be used to front another "something for nothing" scheme too easily, and worst of all, it can be used to create a command and control surveillance matrix that can be politically manipulated to arbitrarily deny our basic right to privacy, and our right to buy, sell, and trade.  No, we don't desire or need that and we won't pay for it or allow it to function on our soil or be misrepresented as anything we approved of or advocated.  

The answer is, "No, and that means no digital currency and no more military scrip being passed off as "legal tender" at all."

Nothing that seeks to convert a right into a privilege will be abided.  That's not in our contract with any of these Municipal Corporations and we are offended that they continue to try all these end-runs and changes and pile on extra "services" we never asked for or ordered from them.  

We aren't the ones that illegally securitized living flesh.  We aren't the ones that illegally and unlawfully substituted "a" President for The President.  We haven't run the biggest money laundering scheme in human history.  We didn't fabricate an incompetent and dishonest financial system. We aren't guilty of fraud, racketeering or war profiteering, bankruptcy fraud, or anything else.  

These Municipal Corporations residing in the District of Columbia and in other so-called "enclaves" around the world, like the Global Federal Reserve Banking System snuggled up in their own private enclave in Switzerland ----- are guilty of all of that and more. 

Most of all, we are not the object of the command and control of these Municipal Corporations.  They are the object of our command and control, instead. 

They can take their XRP and all the rest of their gobbledygook digital currency and QFS blather and shove it, and that's straight from the actual unincorporated Federation of States.  We wish for a simple transparent system to return pre-paid credit to the victims of all this chicanery and a cash system based on actual assets that uses carriage accounting. We have built that for ourselves and for our military to use from now on. 

It may be old school, but it's honest and it works. 

These Municipal Corporations residing in the District of Columbia are the ones that need to be monitored and surveilled and kept out of other people's pockets.  Not us.  We aren't the criminals responsible for this smoking pile of dog dung. They are. 

Lincoln had no authority to issue orders to the military. Once he passed himself off as "a" President ---instead being The President--- he was acting in fraud, a fraud which left the Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia and their  Employees operating without oversight from the actual civilian government of this country.  It was fraud and it was illegal and unlawful even back then, in the early stages of it.  

All the presently existing Municipal Corporations in the District of Columbia, and their franchises operating without authority to do so throughout The United States, have been tainted by this fundamental fraud against their employers and by their own actions ever since. 

We wish for all the Municipal Corporations that have been residing in the District of Columbia to be liquidated, including the military examples of the same.  They have all been criminally mismanaged in Breach of Trust and Service Contract for over 150 years.  

We wish for these endlessly criminal organizations to be shut down outright and/or transferred and transitioned in the case of our actual Defense needs. 

We wish for all territories and territorial assets of these offending Municipal Corporations to be returned to us as they are our possessions under international law.  They do not now and never did belong to any Municipal Corporation.  They belong to The United States, not the United States. And that's the proper nomenclature since 1851. 

If the Perpetrators of these schemes don't immediately stop all mRNA injections of all kinds, to us and to our animals, they will go down in history as a criminal mercenary force that attacked their employers and their own people back home.  They and their uniforms will be subject to eternal shame and infamy ---and they will deserve that.  

It will also be another very black mark against the Principals operating these Municipal Corporations: who would ever want to do business with any Municipal service provider, when they can see how we have been "served" by these fraud artists, robbed, abused, and misrepresented? And even now, murdered and maimed senselessly, by Municipal Corporations acting under color of law? 

China would have to be crazy to do business with these corporations, so would Ukraine, so would any other nation. The illegal occupation of Britain, The United States, the old Commonwealth, and most of the countries of Western Europe and Japan by so-called "territorial forces" speaks for itself, as does their illegal and immoral behavior in the Middle East.  Attacking Syria and Libya both under False Pretenses, is just one example of the actual Evil Empire -- the British Territorial Empire -- that has been benefiting itself from these lawless Municipal Corporations housed in our District of Columbia.

These Municipal Corporations residing in the District of Columbia and in other "enclaves" around the world have become famous for their predatory meddling and self-interest in every instance from Angola to Venezuela and Zimbabwe, forcing changes of government, selling weapons to both sides of every conflict, imposing on other governments to allow criminal activities in their countries, stripping the natural resources out of other countries, and all of it adds up to ---- nobody trusts them and nobody wants to do business with these cretins.  And why should they? 

These are foreign Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia, purportedly, they are here to fulfill our Constitutional contracts with their Principals --- except that they have done everything possible to evade their actual obligations and have instead sought to defraud, entrap and misrepresent their employers.

We blame the U.S. Military for all of this skullduggery, malfeasance, misrepresentation, misadministration and outright crime, because they literally own and make profit from the organizations responsible for it.  

We blame them for taking orders from fraud artists, beginning with Abraham Lincoln, instead of arresting the treasonous miscreants-- the military put them in power. 

We blame the military for substituting fake corporate "elections" for our public elections and doing nothing to inform, support, help, or defend their actual employers.  

We hold them to account for illegally occupying this country for 160 years --- and racketeering against us and illegally confiscating assets from us, innocent civilians, the whole time.  

We blame them for their part in the entire litany of unlawful activities carried out by these Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and their unauthorized franchises in our States.  

We blame the U.S. military for the cover-up they've provided themselves, the lies they've told the American people, the misery they have caused at home and abroad for no discernable reason but to accrue more money and more oppressive control over civilian populations. 

We blame them for lying and saying that we were "absent" --- and we observe that they had no trouble finding us after they deliberately misidentified us as part of the Territorial and Municipal citizenry and trafficked our Good Names into their foreign jurisdiction.

We blame the U.S. military for siccing their own Municipal employees, like the FBI on us, and for teaching these ignoramuses to call us "sovereign citizens" and for pretending that we are the problem, when self-evidently, they are the ones that got off track a long time ago. 

We blame them because all these same people and Subcontractors were supposed to be protecting us against "all enemies both foreign and domestic" and getting paid the whole time to do it.  Guess they conveniently forgot about the domestic -- with respect to them -- part of that obligation.  

And now, we wish for the District of Columbia Municipal Corporations to be liquidated and/or transitioned and transferred to our direct control without any more monkey business. We claim every peso-worth of everything they have stolen, leveraged, and rat-holed as "federal" pension funds, public investment funds, and so on.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994

                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652


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  1. When this fiasco is over with. Will the Military Leadership be punished ? If not can they be sued ? Could a suit be started now ?
    Best Regards,
    I AM
    Donald J Brickham

  2. there is a massive amount of technical Legal detail in this Article!
    Whew! did the LivingLawFirm [Private] Attorneys work on this together?

    i wonder:
    'Does writing out all this detail make it easier for them to try to throw the blanket of their Fictional Privileges and Immunities over all of these actual wrong- doings done to man? and over every one who causes harm to man?
    so they can have an Attorney/ "Deviller" in a Fictional Court of Commerce (pretending to be a judge in a court of law) Fictionally "Dis-Charge" everything all at once? thereby Fictionally relieving all of the actual wrong-doers of the Fictional "Debts"/ "Crimes" and "Charges" in one fell swoop?'

    REMINDER: they are all responsible /"liable" for harm they cause to man, under American common law.
    so: be


    We ALL have been assaulted with the lethal bio-weapon jab, whether we were injected or not, due to shedding -- that is a confirmed fact! We all have nano-technology in our blood, as well as mRNA "particles."

    It is causing an EXPLOSION of cancers! Most of these sudden on-set of cancers are all presenting as STAGE 4!!! There are no coincidences -- its caused by the bio-weapon!

    It is now our individual duty and responsibility to STALK labs, pharmacies, county health agencies, veterinarian offices, hospitals and doctor's offices to DEMAND that they CEASE and DESIST from administering the bio-weapon.

    IF we witness anyone being jabbed with the bio-weapon, we MUST call law enforcement and demand their arrest for attempted murder.

    We must REQUIRE that all bio-weapon agents be CONFISCATED and immediately and responsibly DESTROYED, but NOT returned to the labs that manufactured them, or the DoD, Inc., or the CDC, NIH, FDA, WHO, et. al. We must require PROOF that they have been destroyed.

    We have no other choice but to be the enforcement agents to CRIMINALIZE the bio-weapon and ARREST those who do on-going gain-of-function research, manufacture, distribute, administer, or in any way profit from it.

    We must be COURAGEOUS and STAND AGAINST THIS EVIL. Its up to us, or very soon, there will be no living souls left on planet earth.

    1. What do you think the 80 vaccines they give to your kids before they reach the age of 18 are - 'benefits'
      It's not just this vaccine that is a bio-weapon

      They give two after the child is BORN within hours
      Vitamin K a blood clotting agent or so they say
      Hep B

      And why in the hell would you want a new born to be injected with a blood clotting 'agent' in the first place
      The childs circulatory blood flow has not even been established and they inject the child with this shit

      In their first 6 months to a year they receive dozens for their so called 'good hellth'

  4. it just seems so fishy that ALL this Disclosure about all this wrong doing is coming at us in Dump after Dump after Dump for six years and nothing is being done. Names are being Named, Billions/ Trillions of Dollars are being paid to Attorneys/"Devillers" Actors; Billions more for LawForce-ments to investigate for SIX YEARS. but they all seem to be running around spending the "Pensions" they are paid for what they did/do that harms man.

    That is why im wondering:
    'Isnt all this Disclosure being done then, just to have the Fictional Privileges and Immunities applied to the "CrimesDebts" so the "CrimesDebts" can be Dis-Charged and taken off of their CommerceBankBooks?'
    i:woman believe;
    that after all this time theres a very good chance that is all that is being done and all that is going to be done by them.

    it doesnt change any thing in American common law though.

    1. Public Law is Public Law. There is no immunity that can be granted by anyone or any Federation of States. So, a posse will ride for these scumbags somewhere down the road. No deals can be handed out. Or at least they don't have to be honored by us. They must answer for their crimes this time.

    2. Check out 37, 39 and 40
      Cashing in the 'bonds' with applied immunities

    3. "Snap out of it!" You - women:janmarie. "Snap out of it!"

      Quit looking for someone else to do that which YOU refuse to do (instead you play "pass the buck")

      And it is as if you are complaining to an inanimate encyclopedia, or a history book, or historical records, and blathering to (and at) the same inanimate papers, as you carp and complain that all those words are not jumping out from between the book covers and marching to Pretoria.

      And you well you appear as if you are agitating against a demure and patient librarian hoping to provoke that librarian to put a spoon of pablum into your yapping mouth.

      NOTE: women:janmarie having written above -
      " just seems so fishy that ALL this Disclosure about all this wrong doing is coming at us in Dump after Dump after Dump for six years and nothing is being done."

      Snap out of it!!

    4. Think:
      Praetorian Guard
      Wikipedia › wiki › Praetorian_Guard
      The Praetorian Guard (Latin: cohortēs praetōriae) was an elite unit of the Imperial Roman army that served as personal bodyguards and intelligence agents ...

    5. shes not likely to "snap out of it" shes in a trance, she would likely need deep spirtitual counsleing, to reclaim any balance.

    6. yes, yes, everything is coming out! :) it will all be known!! right down to each thought and intent of the heart!

      [had to stop and put OH HAPPY DAY by the Edwin Hawkins Singers on utubbe!!! ]

      dont blame me!! :):) haha!
      you'll have to take your unhappiness with the situation up with jesuis! :):):)

      ref.: jesuis: mark 4:22
      For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.
      woohoo!! thank you jesuis!!
      ref.: 1 Corin 3:13 " ...every man's work shall be made manifest..."

      ref.: 1 Corin. 4: 4-5"...will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts...".

      luke 8:17
      for nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.

      dumpster trash-licking worthless reject of a contract stalker user traffickker lying theiving murdering peukes, if any, who are intentionally associated with agreeing to cause harm to any man woman son daughter or anything that God gave them:
      i:woman believe jesuis is talking about you!! OH HAPPY DAY!!
      the other writers too.
      we shall see!! :)

      be: so:

    7. if there are any people associated with harming others, it is to be expected that they will try to discredit those of us who refuse to receive, participate in, or accept what they do.
      they are weak though.
      with very low intelligence.
      and they are not in good standing, spiritually or otherwise, before God or man so they murder lie and steal to take what God has refused to furnish them with, because they chose evil over goodness and darkness over light.
      ref.: jesuis: john 3:19
      And this is the condemnation, [condemned = damned = cursed]
      that light is come into the world, and men lived darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

      they are not in control.


    8. "His" name is clearly not "jesus."

      The letter "J' did not come into use until some time after the 15th century. You may prefer to name him "Yeshua," or "Yashua," (or with the greek being with an I) or describe such as "your brother/sister who is son of the eternal creator?"

      You may prefer to be naming your eternal creator by description such as "the way, the truth, and the life?" as opposed to what you evidence somewhat - "the wayward, the deceptions & lies, and the eternal-death?)

      You may prefer to not be hailing "zeus" with the term "Gee Zeus?" (Latin is a "dead/unspoken" language - hence any "fact checker" is playing checkers with you - and winning against you!)

      Good luck with your nomenclature.

      P.S. You may prefer to steer those you love away from "voting which is a prayer - which is a vow to a "god,' which is a prayer to the "capitol" which IS the throne of Jupiter, all accomplished through (throw) upon a secretive "ballot" (as in "bolix = diabolical = to throw a slander across a mankinds path.)

      "Capitol" is from the "Capitoline Hills of Italy (Seven Hills) the very Throne of Jupiter.

      You are welcome.

      And you can be sure we are all loved contrary to your clever cursing.

    9. you do need to give your*self* that Youre Welcome because i sure wont thank you for that sad puddle of mis-information.

      how would you know what his name is? :)
      were you there when he was named?
      are you his mother or father who named him?
      no, you wouldnt. no. and no.
      you know nothing about what his name is.

      as for me, i will continue to refer to who i please as i please and if THEY dont like it, THEY can make it right with me.

    10. no.
      nobody who is connected to God needs to curse others, God already right-eously cursed evil mans ... i do intend to reference his curses and AGREE before man that they are right.... it puts the curses he has spoken into motion upon those men who cause harm to me..., my right to do... and is something the 501c3 Corporations have left out of their teaching, imo.

      how UNclever of you if you try to deceitfully twist my good intentions into something blasphemous. then thats just evil coming back upon you, isnt it?

    11. "AnonymousApril 3, 2023 at 4:36 AM
      Public Law is Public Law."

      That Anonymidiot can't even get the named law named correctly when its dropped in its lap. Its Common Law Dolt. Not Public Law. In your case it might be Pubic law.

    12. Women:janmarie:

      A ancient maxim - even spoken, in alternate but substantially similar terms (maybe not by your curtailed reading of the bible)

      "The road to hell is paved with "good intentions."

      " UNclever of you if you try to deceitfully twist my good intentions into something blasphemous. then thats just evil coming back upon you, isnt it?

      Women:janmarie - We are called to "test the spritis"
      Here is one (of many) test for your many trials -

      What Chapter and Verse and in What Bible version may be found your' "Jesus" Christ" speaking similarly to the maxim quoted above?

      We await your well intention-ed blog post reply.

      You are welcomed.

    13. to your "you are welcomed", i:woman say: YOUR INVITATION IS REJECTED along with you and the "we" who waits with you.

      however, i do chose to turn your "spiritual test" around on you and send it back where it came from, being UNWELCOME/D AND UNACCEPTED and i:woman say:
      its your spiritual test: you created it:... *you* answer it.
      i owe you nothing.
      its a good chance for you to show everybody how spiritual and smart you are "Anonymous"!!!
      and while youre at it, how about providing the original source the "Maxim" came from; and the original source for you believing it can be biblically compared,... you know, to prove to everyone that you know what youre talking about. :):):)

    14. The attacks upon the "Research Librarians" never ends with her!

      (it is rather an amusing war women:janmarie has declared, upon "Research Librarians")

      She seems to be applying this strategy:

      "Never criticize a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes - but then you can criticize him, because you are a mile away, and you have his shoes!"

      ...don't let that women:janmarie near any library, if you value your shoes!!!

    15. no.
      your criticism is that i ask questions about what "annaTheLLF" is writing:
      you bring no proof that what i say is wrong.
      no answers.
      no facts.
      nothing that pertains to any of the Articles. ever.

      you just whine.

      ive given you chance after chance to make a point, or even just to to make sense, but it looks like youre incapable.

      say something substantive and relevant or your posts are a waste of time and im going to start pointing that out.


    16. You are confused about the concept of "proof."
      You are merely looking for something with which you "agree."
      You do not know what a "proof" is, nor do you know what it isn't.

    17. Anna Von Reitz recently used the term "the proof is in the pudding."
      Did you grasp that proof? Please comment on that "proof" provided by Anna.

      FYI - I am merely an interested reader of these posts. I am in now manner connected (except by distant reader interest in the ideas presented) to the authors and publishers of this information.

    18. Why We Blame the Military
      We blame the military because they have been in control and have in fact been illegally occupying this country with "territorial forces" since 1863 ---- and you can all see what we've gotten in return for our mindlessly loyal support.

      QUOTING Anna - "Racketeering at home and war-profiteering everywhere else.

      The proof is in the pudding. There it is."

      Women:janmarie - please comment on this "proof" (above) provided by Anna Von Reitz.

    19. 241, proof is to agree as ketchup is steel girders.
      you have air in your skull. :)

    20. 246, a very pertinent question.... i too await the PuddingProofs. :):)

    21. 250, all i see in your post is two "statements" from "annaTLLF".
      exactly what PROOF are you referring to that "shethey" furnished that you are interested in a comment on?

      Be specific if you want a serious answer from me.

  5. [t-hat-s-nICE:d-ear]

  6. ASMINISTRATIVE dreams at the expense of everyone and everything else

    Nothing SUSTAINABLE about any of this shit

  7. Is this a legitimate entity for escaping this insane pirate ship?

  8. "And now, we wish for the District of Columbia Municipal Corporations to be liquidated and/or transitioned and transferred to our direct control without any more monkey business."

    Oh yes! It makes perfect sense to just give it all to some grandma with blurred vision and an penchant for tall tales to run huh... Since mob rule via democracy didn't keep the republic, lets pretend giving it all to someone who was neither elected nor Selected by anyone but their own say so, will Surely put the people First huh. Hahahahhahahahahaha!

    1. And genocides, ch s ecks t. rafk, starting wars with peaceful peoples, are "monkey business"?