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Monday, April 3, 2023

Change is Coming That Hasn't Happened In 100 Years

Get out of the banks and buy Silver NOW!

We have two options for you to get Silver.

Or call to order 500 or more ounces at 406 889 3183

Paul Stramer


  1. why???
    it seems like that would create a "BankRun".
    And that would create a Collapse!!

    what??? do they want or need everybody to run in and VOLUNTARILY close out all the accounts or something?

    i believe people know better than to do something like that!!... we KNOW they owe everybody for the worth of what people trustingly put into those banks!!
    if there was lack of disclosure on their part thats their problem.
    we dont have an agreement with them for anything else. period.

    they will make good on all the balances, and more!
    ref.: Leviticus 19:35, and 19:36, and Deuteronomy 25:13, and 15: ....
    there are curses from God attached onto mans who uses unjust weights and measures:

    1. Because your paper money in the bank could be worth next to nothing over night that's why. Why do you even bother every time I see your comments it's always the same putting Anna down. You have some secret love affair? If you think your so much smarter start your own podcast and stop putting people down that's been working for humanity for decades. What have you done? Seems you just do the opposite of what God says to do when your constantly getting your ego involved and putting others down for their efforts. Every single financial expert in the world are saying the same thing I think I'll listen to them

    2. dont like my posts? skip them.
      thats what i just did with yours.


    3. "Because your paper money in the bank could be worth next to nothing over night that's why."

      Incorrect. What is it with these morons who kiss annas feet and refuse to critically think for themselves? "Waaaah waaaaah I can't stand seeing a different perspective than my own parrotted one in print waaaaah waaaaaaah"

      Bright like a dim bulb. Pound Sand!

    4. People know they are owed what they put in the bank.
      I will bet a minimum of 60% of the people won't budge. A minimum.

    5. The weight of worthless paper doesn't matter to God. Gold and silver is the only means by which to pay a debt and they wrote in the Constitution. It's called Sovereign money for a reason. If you use a private banks fake fiat you also have to follow their fake copywrited rules called the Uniform Commercial Code. Not to mention its all a fraud to begin with.

    6. man cannot be held to "rules" that man was not told; if they chose not to fully disclose, thats their problem, not mans fault. They knew what they were doing was stealing, that's why its been kept secret until now when they want to create a new system imo.

      You can pay with whatever someone agrees to accept, but, before God and man, it has to be of equal worth.

      The Constitution applies to Corporations, not man; and was not lawfully authorized or ratified. UCC is Commercial: man is not.

    7. I kinda agree on what you wrote and your response to "anonymous." We all have opinions and have the 1st Amendment rights. We should not attack each other. That's what the devil wants us to do: divide and conquer. This world is all a test. God is testing each of us. Never forget that.

    8. if youre going by the bible:
      Devils tempt [/test/try] man, God does not.

      james 1:13
      let no man say when he is tempted, i am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, NEITHER TEMPTETH [TESTS/TRYS] HE ANY MAN.
      But every man is tempted [/tested/tried] when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.

      The TempterDevil does have to get PERMISSION from God to try man though. Job 1:8

      but God will not allow man to be tempted beyond what man can bear. 1 Corin 10:13
      and although He will chastise us, as needed, to keep us from being separated from him,
      ref heb 12:5-11.

      we are more like running a race toward a goal: to receive our prize that he set at the finish line
      ref.: heb 12:1
      after we complete the good works God created us to do when he created our bodies and souls:
      "For we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them." ephesians 2:10

      Those are things i am never forgetting.

  2. My mom gave me 4 silver dollars about 1958 or so. She said we would put in in the bank for safe keeping. I asked her if we could go get it so we did and that bank had stolen my silver dollars. The gave me some papers and said it was the same but even at 4 years old I knew they had stolen them

    1. They owe you the value of each Coin at today’s price of silver for each ounce. That is $23.50 an ounce. Same thing for FRN’s. They can be exchanged at the same rate as an ounce of silver. Get it? Each dollar bill has to be exchanged at $23.50per one dollar bill in silver if u go to the Federal Reserve Bank. If u can find it open. Now that would be a run!

    2. Uh, this anonymous is clowning you. You can't exchange FRNs for the cost of a silver ounce. Silver stopped backing the USD FRN in the 80s. USD is now backed by Oil. Oils price just went up due to an agreed upon cut in production by producers, producing an increase in pricing. If anything USD FRN's just increased in Value.

      Ask yourself why all the so called money experts are trying to get Everyone out of the USD now that its been qualitative eased to the Moon? Why are they so anxious to reduce the number of USD holders and why are they getting the other nations of the world to go use their Own currency instead of the USD?

      Nevermind the FDIC insures bank deposits up to 250k... if one has more than that in one bank, spread it around and keep it under the 250k limit so the full deposit is covered by that bank.

      When everyone says Sell, thats when you hold. When everyone says hold, thats when you sell. Even The big short Guy called it Wrong this last time thru.

    3. "Silver stopped backing the USD FRN in the 80s." YOU COULD NT BE MORE WRONG!!! FRN was never backed by gold or silver or anything, its a credit usuary type of thing, PERIOD! what was backed was, SILVER/GOLD CERITFICATES AKA-[United States Notes] FRN have been worthless since the time they were created, and never had any real value, NONE! Bank Notes are the same as if any HUMAN would write a personal check, SAME SAME!!! RESEARCH IT, darn your homework and youll find out what I am saying is true, and fact. and the FEDERAL RESERVE is a privately owned business, it is not even GOVT, not even close! ITS LIKE SAYING, FEDEX is govt, when it is not! "federal express" has never been GOVT! Although there are many that think that they are govt, even though they are not!

    4. Might need to lay off the weed.

      Get a dollar bill from before the 80s and it says silver certificate on it. Heres a 1957 One dollar bill. Gee whats that say on it?

  3. US Government Takeover Threatening Liberty - Part 1

    Ever wonder why the Congress, Supreme Court Justices, White House, Pharma employees and US Postal workers were exempt from the "vaccine" bioweapon mandates - well wonder no more, see below:

    Congress, US President's, DOD, Darpa, and British controlled Senior Executive Service, at the behest of the Federal Reserve, City of London Crime Syndicate and BIS, colluded to modify federal statutes for the purpose of overthrowing the US Constitution and Government.

    "Katherine Watt discovered that there has been a transfer of US power occurring from the citizens and the three Constitutional branches of government to the HHS Secretary at the moment a “health emergency” is declared. This transforms free citizens into enslaved subjects. Katherine Watt has evidence that every Congress and all US Presidents legalized and funded the overthrow of the US Constitution. A massive domestic bioterrorism program was relabeled as a “public health program” to allow this Unconstitutional and unlawful tyranny, coordinated through the HHS department, DoD, and the WEF. Forced injections of a bioweapon is an integral part of the plan to enslave the masses."

    Dr. Jane Ruby Show
    Part 2 April 5th - Process necessary to prosecute these actors for treason.
    Part 3, April 7th

    1. i suspect we can find that these horrible Enslavement Mechanisms -in-Fiction will be applicable only to the Fictional Foreign Corporate Congress's own Constitutionally-created FICTIONAL 14th Amendment c/Citizens, not to God-created *man*.

    2. ... not that the murdering lying thieving Satanic Losers have respected that.





    5. also, super important:

      thou are not a CORPORATION / FICTION! you are God-created man, made in God's/create-r's image and likeness.

  4. Okay, I'm extremely new to the concept of buying silver, gold, etc. Seems like so many are frantically saying "Buy metals and be safe!" Can someone explain to me just how I use these things down the road, should our paper money be useless? Just as an example, if I buy silver coins, and I pay upwards of $30 an ounce (or however it works), how do I use those to purchase goods? If I'm paying this $30 for A SINGLE COIN (silver dollar, half dollar, etc), what is the value , and who / what determines that value later on? Please be kind. I'm only trying to learn. Grew up trusting in the bills we used every day. Had no idea the fool things could be useless one day. At 65 YO, the past few years have been a shocker. Thanks to anyone with simplified feedback.