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Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Consider well what the Saudi's and other countries just did. Do you still want to hold paper dollars

 By Paul Stramer

January 19th, 2023 was the day the dollar lost it's world currency reserve status.

As Mike Adams explains, the Saudi's and other countries are now accepting many different currencies for oil.

The age of the "petrodollar" is over. When the dollar is hyper-inflated what will happen to those who hold dollars?

I have advocated precious metals, primarily silver for over 20 years now, and have sold silver at prices between $9 and almost $40 per ounce during that period.

Most of the metals analysts that I follow are saying the same thing now. They are warning that we are in a currency collapse and it will get more rapid this year.

The mint that I have been with for over 17 years now, has shortened up their wait time from 3 months, to about 2 months or sooner. In fact the last three orders I placed came to my customers in about 3 weekis, so it's time for me to pour on the orders and for you to take advantage of the great prices and short production time.

With the currency in decline, now might be the last time we have a chance to get silver at reasonable prices. The last time the mint got jammed up with orders, and stretched out their production schedule, they were almost 4 months out on new orders.

Right now it costs almost $20 per ounce just to mine the silver and get it into a form the mint can use.

Here is an example of the quality of our mint's products:

This is their Prospector divisible round. 


Notice that you can break it into quarter ounce pieces or half ounce pieces. That might come in handy shortly if silver goes to hundreds of dollar per ounce, which is another thing many of the silver forecasters are saying.

This piece has been our biggest seller for almost 17 years and accounts for about 85% of our total sales.

This is what I buy for my own stash.

Let us help you get some for yours.

We are now accepting cashiers checks and wire transfers on new silver orders for delivery in about 60 days or less directly from the mint. The orders will be shipped via FedEx Express anywhere in the USA including Alaska and Hawaii.

You can look up spot price here:

Look at the silver Ask Price, then add $4.50 to spot, and $30 for shipping for each 500 ounces.

Yes they have a 500 ounce minimum order.

But we also have an alternative for those who don't want to buy 500 ounces.

How about an online store where you can get many different designs of silver rounds at either retail prices or wholesale, and where you can start an autoship order that will come every month with a credit or debit card.

Here is the link.

Go to Shop in the upper right corner to buy retail. Go to Get Started to get member prices and either just buy as a preferred customer, or join as a Wealth Ambassador to be able to refer others. 

If you have any questions the best is to just call me at 406 889 3183 between 9 AM and 2 PM Mountain time on weekdays to get your questions answered.

Paul Stramer  406 889 3183


  1. YES PAUL - correct

  2. Alphabetically there are something like 20000 currencies. I used to drink coffee at a place that had a glass covered bar that had numerous failed currencies. Currencies are not money like silver and gold. All of them have failed usually due to governments printing massive amounts and ruining them.

  3. Some people have talked themselves into keeping military fiat scrip or FRN's. Is a real commodity safer? Something real that has value in and of itself will always have value. What gives an FRN value? It's only backed by a territorial congress incorporated by the department of defense. Sound solid to you?

  4. So they printed billions, maybe trillions via Qualitative Easing, and now people are afraid the USD will contract its existing dollar pool and that that will somehow turn their dollars into toilet paper?

    If you can think, answer me this, If I have 1000 dollars, and I give 10 people 100 dollars, and then I print another 1000 dollars and keep it for myself, so that I have 1000 dollars and 10 others have 100 dollars each, what is the total value of dollars in circulation?

    Total money supply is 2k, and I hold half the total value and each of the 10 hold 1/20th of the total supply.

    Now what happens if I print myself 2000 more dollars?

    Total money supply is 4k, and I hold 3k and the other 10 still hold their 100 each, but now the total valuation of the pool has been halved because of the doubling of the money put into circulation.

    Now I produce a media blitz claiming the Dollar is going to be worth toilet paper and I get people spending their USD on things I sell that aren't dollars. It causes people to all dump their dollars... now if those dollars go back into the money pool, then nothing changes, but if they start in with qualitative tightening then the money supply shrinks and the total dollars left in circulation become Worth More. Right?

    To me, its pretty much the same thing with stocks as well. The big fear pushers are trying to SELL something, and the fear is irrational. The dollar has Value via its exchange rate. Can someone point to where the Dollar is DECREASING in value compared to Some other currency?

    The chinese yuan in the early 1930s was about 2yuan to 1 dollar. Now its almost 7 yuan to one dollar. The indian rupee is also losing ground against the USD. Even the russian ruble which started being trended around 1998 was at about 6rubles to 1 dollar. Now the russian ruble is 79 rubles to one dollar. You getting the picture? Tell me again how the USD is of no Value.

    1. no, people do not inner-stand this. we were never told and that is on purpose.
      it is a whole system that needs to be learned if one is going to participate because there is nothing intuitive about it, ... jacking with the value of something worthless that they "peg/VAV" against actual physical substance, earth, and live energy God creates is not equal trade and exchange, that is required.
      They know this.

      telling us now in such simplistic Terms doesnt do any good now.
      All it does is to SHOW US how simply this could have all been taught to us all in thev5thFifgGraad, and 98% of us would have understood it even back then.
      but they didnt do that. because then we would know and could say no.
      instead they complexed it, and kept right on abusing the American and other people.

      so, no.

      they took a System that had the potentiality to uplift and build and enrich man and glorify God, and too often used it to do the opposite.
      im sensing its just probably a little too damn late to waltz in and act like the Hidden System is such a simple thing that we should have all just innately known about it and how it works, especially when so damned much effort has been put into keeping the American and other people from any meaningful inner-standing of it until now.


    2. The Petro dollar is not the US Dollar. The issue is not the value of the Federal Reserve Note which is a military scrip we are forced to use as a means of exchange for goods and services in the absence of our own access to lawful money. The issue is the actual value of the full faith and credit we allow to be attributed to our means of exchange. We are the value as the land assets because all value can only come from land assets. The actual American Dollar is based on the Silver Dollar because it is a stable metal and it is what our lawful money exchange is based on. The Federal Reserve note is a private patented product that was forced on use by the Federal Reserve which was an act of treason against the American People which has yet to be corrected but it is being pursued in the International Courts and the Vatican Chancery Court because all of it is rooted in fraud and usury. When it is found that all national governments were toppled and replaced with doppleganger corporations pretending to be legitimate governments and these corporations, including the military corporations have presumed to be the legitimate governing bodies, the matter becomes a jurisdictional one and falls under ecclesiastical law and falls on the Pope to liquidate the offending corporations for cause and return all purloined assets worldwide to their rightful civilian governments. It is unfortunate that these corporations and our military have gone all in to continue with this charade and allowed the siege to continue against our country and to participate in many other such sieges against most other national governments but that shame and that liability will all fall back on them as corporations because we are not responsible for their debts and they are all in breech of contract and have been called out for all this fraud and now the entire world knows it. It will take some major adjustments getting through this next couple of years but as more people wake up to what has happened, the audacity of these politicians and corporate boards will wane, especially when some of them get whacked by people who refuse to accept absolute despotism as a legitimate form of government or currency exchange. I don't condone it but everybody has their limits to what they will tolerate and the fuse of the American people, like those in France and other countries, grows shorted by the day. Fear is being replaced with resolve as people become more well informed. This is a good thing, since we should never be afraid of our own employees.

    3. "Anonymous", all of those "Employees" you claim are YOURS are Foreign Agents and Foreign Officers to the American people as i inner-stand it:
      by what authority do you claim them as Your Foreign Employees? does that mean you admit that you are Foreign to the American people too?:

      and then they being *not* American people and those being *not* our States: then those are also Foreign Debts and Foreign Crimes and Foreign Wars and Foreign Liabilities and Foreign Laws and Foreign Language and Foreign Lies, Deceits, and Devilling, if any are proven... those all belong forever to the Foreign Agents and their Foreign "Principals" who create them.

      And that cant be changed, its spiritual law, "written in stone". someone breaks it??... that's their choice but all of the spiritual fall-out [example: ref.: zechariah 5:1-4] is on their shoulders only, not on other peoples. period.

      many of us believe we now may have at least a comprehensive general picture about what is going on and more people are finding out more everyday; and know we never agreed to or authorized harm to anyone including to our selves.
      If anyone says we did, they make false claim that we, man, are owed restoration for.

      so, YOU want to claim FOREIGN AGENTS as YOUR FOREIGN Employees?... YOU are free to do so, but as far as i can tell, THAT MAKES YOU FOREIGN TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TOO, and i:woman:janmarie say YOU are then (the) man who is responsible for all the FOREIGN "Liabilities" YOUR Foreign Agents, Foreign Officers, and Foreign Employees CREATE, including FOREIGN "SCRIP" and whatever other FOREIGN FICTIONS they Construct: that is: not any of the American people are responsible for FOREIGN FICTIONAL CONSTRUCTS, most especially unlaw-full ones that break peace, cause harm to man or the earth, that blaspheme our create-r, break the laws of nature and nature's create-r, or that we knew nothing about, did not agree to/other reasons.

      we cannot be made to violate our conscience.


    4. Anonymous 6:13pm is not the same anonymous that posted the top thread comment. I guess thats the problem with being anonymous huh.

      JanMarie, it is pretty simple if one accounts for how RELATIVE everything is to Everything Else. Thats sorta the point of Exchange rates. Even consuming things has use using exchange rates, tho we call them Prices. Want some M&M's thats 3 dollars, we exchange the 3 dollars for the consumable M&M's. All it means is that you have to account for what the medium one holds is trending in exchange for all the other things one may wish to purchase. If you look at it like that, then one should Always buy the asset needed as soon as one has the dollars to exchange for it because waiting for the purchase sees the dollars own value decrease thru inflation while also seeing the thing desired be made with less reliable parts or be like cereals in boxes that keep the same Size box but put less food in by weight in that box so you pay the same for Less food than you got last year.

      That noted, most countries take USD since they can go exchange it for their own currencies and get more of their own currency than if they were paid directly in their own currency. It will only invert when the dollar is worth less than 1 of whatever other currency. Nobody likes carrying lots of currency so holding the one thats Worth the most means you can carry much less of it.

      For the Anon 6:13pm, hows that Mutual Credit Offset Exchange working out for ya? you still paying bills in USD or do you have some nifty card from Annas bank that you use to clear your bills and mortgage? :P

    5. 1010 [11?],
      EQUAL trade and exchange under the laws of nature and nature's create-r [most people call "God" for general references] :cause no harm to man: is what i believe is simple. every man is under its authority... that is also the mans who have been taking, stealing from, starving, causing harm, distress, and creating chaos for man and the earth, if any, even if they construct their own puny FICTIONS and FICTIONAL authority/ies and try to overlay them over man's create-r's intent and laws. it doesnt work.

      when you [generic here: *you*/*me*:] Act upon me/ what belongs to me without my intent to allow you to do so, i have right to require restoration from you. you, the taker of what belongs to me without my agree-ment, you cause me harm.

      you cannot say i agreed when i did not, it is a false claim and i have right to restoration for that too. you cause me harm.

      you have no right to claim what belongs to me unless it is to restore you for harm you PROVE before create-rGod and a jury of 12 -14 of my equals, and other requirements, that i cause you.
      if you claim what is mine otherwise, then you make false claim and i have right to make claim and receive restoration. you cause me harm.

      trade and exchange is required to be equal between man:
      [surely you know this?... as to me you sound very learned in "Banking", "Finance", "Legal", "Military"? ... ], that is:
      you cannot give me a piece of paper or even a hunk of metal you call "precious" in exchange for my energy/labor, substance, or gifts from my create-r because they are not equal in their worth EXCEPT if i free-ly agree from my own accord; AND EVEN THEN, only to the extent that same causes me no harm. otherwise you cause me harm.

      according to the laws of nature and natures create-r/God: the law of my fathers and mothers that i have right to live under authority of:
      first you break peace with the one who creates you when you cause man harm, then with man, and then with "a" man:
      and there are certain spiritual consequences that create-r/God set in motion in creation to manifest themselves in the physical, nature world upon the breakers of peace and breakers of his law for man: cause no harm to man. [some call it "Karma", "law of reaping and sowing"/ so forth.]

      so, here's what i:woman:janmarie believe is simple:
      you have to tell me.
      i have to agree.
      i cannot be made to violate my conscience: it causes me harm.
      the exchange or trade has to be equal before create-r/ God and man.
      It can cause no harm to me.
      i can leave the agreement at any time for any reason or no reason at all.
      if harm is done, restoration is required.
      anything otherwise its a false claim and restoration is required; and also, it is punishable by the people.
      i have a right to trial by a jury of my *equals*, chance to make any wrong right, change my decision about anything, and much, much more.
      that's American common law: the law of my fathers and mothers that i have right to live peace-fully under authority of, my right to choose.
      its also in accord with ancient common law. ref.: ^jesuis of nazareth/others.

      as for all the multiple layer upon layer of man-Constructed Jurisdictions that some mans apply to the dead FICTIONS coming out from their own imaginations
      ^for reference, since jesuis is so well-known:
      in matt 5:37, jesuis said:
      but let your communication be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay: for whatsoever is more than these COMETH OF EVIL.

      woman:janmarie, daughter from man:simon on virginialand: 1754-5.