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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Advice for Mister Trump

 By Anna Von Reitz

Produce his own handwritten Common Law Express Trust and tell the “NY” Grand Jury to. sit on it and spin. 

Why? Because they are not his “peers” and he is not a member of the city. Their ideas and “laws” don’t pertain to him, but if he wants to he can slap a $200 million lien on the Prosecutor and demand his Performance Bond. 


Then he can explain things to the “United States Secretary of State” and rest of the world —-that he retained his unlimited right to contract and he and Stormy Dear both agreed to a simple Performance Contract.  Ms. Daniels is a “professional Performer” so he paid her to perform. 

Their private contract was he paid her a sum of money and the performance required for that consideration was for her to go away and leave him and his family alone. 

There is nothing immoral or illegal about paying someone to leave you alone. 

And Ms. Daniels agreed. 

Why they contracted like this is their business. The fact that it was a Performance Contract is plain on the face of it (otherwise, you’d have to assume that she black-mailed him).  And what it required—- to shut up and go away— is a perfectly legal and lawful thing for anyone to do. 

Remember — he has an unlimited right to contract and so does she; once they agreed and he gave her the money, and she accepted it, she has to perform. 

Now,  she is trying to break the contract after the fact, and come back for more attention and money. 

That’s not how contracts work. 

 Not at all. 


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  1. I'd like to see Anna and Trump get together and work together to resolve the many Issues we face in America today.

  2. There are no other two people, that are so uniquely Qualified for such a task

  3. And yes, We The People are Engaged as well

  4. Trump is already contracted with the Deep State with an oath that can't be broken or you and your family will be murdered. That's why no one from the swamp ever went to jail like we were promised. Alligators don't eat Alligators. I hope it doesn't cost Mike Gill his life to learn this lesson. He's not the first one to send Deep State Barr evidence that was ignored

    1. Oh? Can you produce this "contract with the deep state?"

    2. I don’t believe this for one second.

    3. Come on, all you have do is put the pieces together. How did draining the swamp we were promised go? How many swamp creatures arrested, How many? Hillery will hang if I'm elected, what? What happend to the Vaccine Safety Commission? Pfizer I envite you watch this video to the end to see who Trump's buddies are and how many people they murdered.

      We would believe Bobby Kennedy wouldn't we? Even though we wouldn't vote for him, wouldn't we?

    4. Donald Trumps soninlaws father is called " The King of Medicare Fraud". He stole $1.3 BILLION DOLLARS from America's elders and orphans and
      Donald Trump pardoned.

      Kushner is a Chabad Lubavitcher who kept the $1.3 BILLION DOLLARS he stole that belongs to Americas orphans and aged people for their lives and their care.
      And you need to see a paper contract?

  5. Defender of the FaithApril 1, 2023 at 7:36 AM

    can we get a good solid example of a "Common Law Express Trust" that would hold up to anything?

  6. I invite you to look at a plan.

    1. that's not a example nor a good template to examine

    2. i would prefer to examine one of Anna's --- Common Law Express Trust

  7. But Anna don’t forget he is setting a precedence in order to be able to prosecute other former high officials.

  8. It’s all a distraction in my opinion. Look here not there.

  9. See this is where I probably wonder how real this is. As far as I know, which isn't much,... no one can do a daggone thing until they change jurisdiction... like Bruce doucette.. or was there more to him getting the 36 years in prison?

    And if the laws are so much better why don't the billionaires swarm to get us all in tge proper jurisdiction?

    And 99.5% of all these writings are about the rats.. I see little as to how once status is changed how to live on our own land while being occupied by a foreign band of pirates...

    One last thing.. all these letters go to generals, tge popes and Indian chiefs of the world.. but never never a response from them... why??
    Just asking.

    1. Because they would have to lie if they responded. It's a catch 22 if you understand law. To dispute her notice they would have to commit perjury. But not responding they are admitting to the charges. Since there are no civilian courts to and running and no militia or posse to drag them to court, they're better off not responding. If you don't rebutt the facts they become truth in Law. If you do rebutt and commit perjury in your rebuttal, youre in double trouble. She's really setting the stage for what's to come.

  10. "Why? Because they are not his “peers "That's correct, you cannot indict a sitting President. Oh you think Bribem is President? Did he get airlifted as all Presidents do), to his coronation? No. Does the military (the real one, we have two) ignore him? Yes. Did he have fake Marines at his 'Heil' speech? Yes. Look at their arms.

  11. Matthew Culver (aka matthew-austin:culver)April 1, 2023 at 12:11 PM

    I read a lot of comments on this blog. Occasionally I come across one which has enough content to make me think that "this is Anna's style of writing". So I'm thinking that Anna does respond to some people's comments but she always uses an "anonymous" identity. Anybody else picking up on this?

    1. and alot of the anonymous comments being allowed now have LOTS of Legal Jargon/Legal Detail in them... And woman:annamaria says she is not a BAR Attorney.

  12. True, Trump isn't being prosecuted by his "peers."
    However, who cares how justice is served on Trump (or any of the rest of the criminal cabal)?

    If it requires a whore to bring down this mass murderer, who "fast-tracked" a lethal bio-weapon on Americans, then so be it. He is just as guilty of genocide as the DoD, Inc, Fauci and Bill and Melinda Gates, et. al, are, regardless of whether he's playing in the same blood-money sand box.

    No mercy on any of them!!! Many of us have lost friends and family because of the jab, and continue to witness our communities dying off, due in part to Trump's action.

    So, let them go after each other, and kill each other off -- it saves us the trouble. I, for one, will not shed a tear over Trump's troubles, or any of the rest of the criminals who have richly profited in the past 3 years from their purposeful, planned destruction of living souls, and fabric of our sustenance here on planet Earth. They ALL deserve death for what they have done!

  13. Let it be done, just as you say.

    1. "Let it be done, just as you say.":

      unto you...

    2. ** correction!!: **

      wait a minute there!! i:woman do use (my) right to make wrong, right:
      in American common law, man has right to make any wrong right / "has right to correct error", and must also restore.
      so, in accord with my right, being woman under authority of the laws of God/common law for man: i do, before God and man, make (the) wrong right and do restore and do say:

      "unto them, just as you say and agree, so i do also say and agree."

      and it is so.

  14. Please.... this is a huge gift to Trump. He's not going to throw it away. He probably already has film crews ready to record the whole thing. He may even insist that he be handcuffed and perp-walked into the courthouse, just like any other citizen. After all, no one is above the law... right? And if you could pull back the curtain to reveal the truth of the whole thing, I would not be one tiny little bit surprised to discover that some MAGA political PAC promised this Bragg character a glorious political career if he goes through with this stunt.

    1. mitch,
      the people who says they "have sources close to trump" are whipping up the Narrative again about Trump patterning himself after Andrew Jackson.

      But Andrew Jackson is the one who put The Indian Removal Act into place!! ANDREW JACKSON IS RESPONSIBLE FOR ** THE TRAIL OF TEARS **: forcefully removing American mans from their homes; the rich, fertile lands they were natural born upon and from; their ancestral homes, hunting and burial grounds, and places of worship.

      yes, Trump SAYS what "flyover" Americans want to hear, but the Foreign Corporation in WDC has given its Agents and Officers permission to lie to the American people.... ¿Like they lied to the Cherokee and other nations in order to take their land and genocide their people?... while pretending to be "for" them..... ?
      and after all, Trump is employed by WDC, NOT the American people.... we have no agreement with Trump whatsoever at all.
      that said, i love what he *says*, but after all this time, i really dont think he means it and even if he did, he's hamstrung.

      one man cant do it. we are just going to have to peacefully stay with our own peace-full and law-full Govern-ing System that our ancestors setup using the UnanimousDeclar. and ArtofConfed&PerUnion under authority of our create-rs laws for man, and under create-rs promises and protection.

    2. Being peaceable also means holding criminals accountable. It does not mean that we sit back and allow serial, mass murderers to walk free, with our hands in our "peaceful" pockets, not willing to hang them for treason and murder. Just as a side note, it also means that we are permitted to use LETHAL self-defense when appropriate.

      So far, all we are being told is to arrest them and hand them over to the military who is NOT doing its job. Why on earth would we go to the trouble just to have the perps walk free again?

      I believe its time for us as Americans to create a rope and pitchfork shortage, if justice cannot be attained swiftly to permanently remove all of the genocide offenders out of America. EXECUTE ALL OF THEM AND NOW!!! The innocent victims of the jab are not being given any mercy -- their numbers are increasing DAILY!!!

      Trump was the first to "fast-track" and promote death to America in 2020, and through his investments in same, profit from death.

      Allowing those who planned the jab genocide to continue to walk around like they are our savior is disgusting. We reap increasing evil by not punishing evil doers.

      Looking back in the rear-view mirror, the Plandemic horror of 2020 is far behind us, but the jab "sudden and excess death" is not, nor is Mr. Trump -- he's spitting in our faces, laughing at us because he's not in jail awaiting execution!

      "Because the sentence against an evil deed is not executed swiftly, therefore the hearts of the sons of men among them are given fully to [continue to] do evil. Ecclesiastes 8:11"

  15. I understand that a Pope dissolved corporations. All, or which ones? Our CQV statement? All the states and counties? I am about to use 1099a to get dental work, a car, and maybe a castle in Czechoslovakia.

  16. Think it through... I believe the “Common Law Express Trust” she’s referring to is simply the private Agreement signed between the two. See??

    1. additionally,
      common law applies only to *man* actually create-d by God.
      Trusts apply only to Corporations a.k.a. FICTIONS: imagined by man.

      The two, *common law* and *Trust*, are entirely un-compatible.

    2. IF Trump "papered-up" recently in Florida to evade justice from his British Crown, and/or municipal corporation, he is a fool. As an American State National, he would then be subject to the Common Law, which requires him to do no harm. Seeing that Trump has harmed on steroids, it should then be an easy matter to bring him to justice swiftly!

    3. all man, regard-less of their own nationality, are subject to whatever the common law for man is, according to the land he is standing upon.

      Diplomatic Immunity only applies to FictionLaw, not to common law for man.

      common law for man is God's law: do no harm to man
      [man bears the image and likeness of God].

      for example, if i go visit the Kickapoo nationpeople and walk onto their land/"re-serve-ation", i:woman, by entering their land/space, make myself subject to the Kickapoo people's common law. i will likely be excused from Kickapoo cultural norms because i am a friend, a visitor, and not part of their nation, just as you overlook it when your friends visit your home and do things differently than you usually do.
      but if man walks onto Kickapoo land or gets into their water or the airspace above or earthbeneath and begins harmlng the people, land, homes, animals, food, water, air, the Kickapoo nation has right under God's law/ common law for man to do whats necessary to stop him, and then to use THEIR version of the common law to try him... which all versions of common law are pretty much the same everywhere because the law of God is written on mans heart.

      i:woman believe thugh that The demoniacs/ "Devilers": Attorneys seem to be TRYING perhaps to shift off a perverted version of God's common law for all man onto man that they are calling Common Law; and i have read they have made it inferior to their own man-made Commercial Law. its hard to find facts about that, but thats what i have in present.

  17. The arrogance of Trump is evident in that he has never even apologized for the lethal bio-weapon jab, lying to us about the [fake] plandemic, allowing Americans to be coerced, assaulted with masks and mandates, social distanced, forcibly quarantined for being healthy, trapped in foreign countries and not permitted to return home to America, harassed while shopping and traveling, having American small businesses shut down and closed, or for the people who have lost their jobs, homes, or had their lives cut short by it all, including the childen and young adults.

    Perhaps the real reason for the resurrection of Ms. Daniels' story and Trump's "indictment", is to actually protect him from the justice that he so richly deserves.

    The REAL justice that Trump knows is coming for him from all of us, who now KNOW what crimes he committed against us. Justice will be served on Mr. Trump and all of his accomplices like a cold dish from Yeshuah, if we cowardly fail to do it, but be ashamed if you do fail.

  18. yes, its complicated. on purpose, i believe.

    1. the BritVaticKhaz Actors "Convert" wrong-doing into a LegalFiction they made up and Named: "Crime", that they process as a DebtLegalFiction.
    2. The converted wrong-doing/"CrimeDebtFiction" has to be brought before another LegalFiction they made up and Named: the "Bench", A Foreign Investment Bank Fiction,
    3. Which takes place in a LegalFiction they made up and Named "Courts of Commerce", that are NOT a court of law,
    4. so that the LegalFictions they Named: "Privileges and Immunities"
    can be applied to the "Person" who committed the "CrimeDebtFiction"
    5. and then the "CrimeFiction/ Debt" can be Fictionally removed
    6. by an BritVaticKhaz Actor: a B.A.R. DevillerAttorney, who is an Investment Bank Account Manager ... pretending to be a judge in an actual court of law;
    7. And The BVKhaz DevillingAttorney Actors use the FictionalProcess they made up and Named: "Dis-charge" to clear the Privileged Immunity Holder Actor of the CrimeDebt wrong-doing the Privilege Holder committed.
    Dismissed is one of the Corporations Military Terms: the charges can be brought up again later.
    i believe this may be what they are doing, especially since in 6 years, almost no one has been held responsible for the grotesque harms theyve committed upon man.
    THEY ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE IN American common law though: being men on our land that God made us out of.