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Sunday, April 16, 2023

A Long History of Crime

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

Both the Roman Civil Law and the Ecclesiastical Law condemn fraud and it is universally held to taint everything that it later touches.  

When we attempt to get to the root of this most recent round of lies, war-mongering, and greed, the trail leads back to King Henry VIII, and a brain child of his Administration, the Enclosure Acts, (originally spelled as "Inclosure"), which started the long trek toward the total destruction of  individual property rights in England --- without any authority to do so. 

Henry VIII and his daughter got caught up in other issues and didn't carry forward with their plan, but King James I, seized upon it with a vengeance. More than 5,200 separate Enclosure Acts were passed in England from 1604 to 1914 and all of them were fraudulent for a number of reasons. 

These Enclosures were land grabs, in which commonly held community land rights were stripped from local Lords and Freemen, and dumped into the ownership of Public Trusts controlled by the Commonwealth, otherwise known as the Territorial Government.    

All the Kings and Queens supporting these actions were acting in fraud themselves. All of them were acting as the Pope's Overseer of Commonwealth Lands, and the Enclosures benefited them in undisclosed ways, increasing their personal wealth and power as more and more land came under their control, and the immovable estates sitting on the land also came under their control, which then gave rise to The Chair of the Estates, yet another undisclosed Royal Office. 

Their gross conflict of interest, like their undisclosed Offices within the Holy Roman Hierarchy, and the methods used to obtain their ends, all served as a template for further fraud and for undermining the public government with their so-called "private government" agendas. 

The parallels between their frauds in England and their frauds in America are exact. 

Henry II becomes "a" King in France, and stands as an equal among the many Kings of England created by The Settlement of the Norman Conquest, but then passes himself off as "The King of England" without a Royal Grant--- a fraud that was the source of his argument with Thomas of Beckett.  Henry II, like his Forebears, is serving as the Pope's Overseer of Commonwealth Lands in England, and getting rich off his share of the tithes, an undisclosed conflict of interest the whole time he is claiming to be King of England.  

We see the same story mirrored by Abraham Lincoln, "a" President of the British Crown Municipal Corporation Subcontractor housed in the District of Columbia, passing himself off as "The President" owed to this country.  
He, too, is a man with an undisclosed conflict of interest, secretly serving as an Officer of the Crown at the same time he passes himself off as serving in an American Public Office --- an office he has been prohibited from occupying for many years prior to his spoof.  

The Perpetrators in England set up a Public Interest Trust scam implemented by the Enclosure Acts, to seize upon the Common Law Lands and the land rights of the local Freemen and Lords, with the result that these assets were placed in trusts controlled by the Commonwealth (also known as the "Territorial" Government) instead.  This secretly serves to increase the wealth and coercive power of the Pope's Overseer of Commonwealth Lands, and gives him or her more collateral that can be borrowed against. This also unlawfully converts the political status of  Freemen owning Freeholds of Common Law Land, into the status of being Tenants of a Commonwealth trust.  

The same basic schtick was employed in America.  The Perpetrators led by Lincoln claimed a "custodial interest" -- that is, a Public Trust Interest, in our land and property and justified it using the chaos created by the Mercenary Conflict they themselves engendered in Breach of Trust on our shores.  Just as with the Enclosure Acts, this merely presumed-to-exist custodial interest allowed the Perpetrators to put American assets into public trusts that were then administered by the Territorial Government -- with the same exact results as the Enclosure Acts in England.  The Perpetrators gained wealth and coercive power and collateral to borrow against, while the free and independent Americans in possession of their land grants and patents were unlawfully converted into Tenants of a Municipal Trust.  

We are here to tell you that we are not Tenants of any Municipal Trust and our land and our property interests are not subject to any custodial relationship with the treasonous Territorial Government represented by the United States of America, Incorporated, a criminal Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia, or housed in any other place, including the present iteration of this corporation that has sought protection and charter in India. 

We publish and declare all these lies and fraud schemes perpetuated in Breach of Trust, so that they and the Legal System that has been used to bear profit from these acts of treason, non-disclosure, and fraud, may all be nullified and removed from our sight.  

Both the British Crown-Operated Municipal Corporation housed in the District of Columbia and the City-Operated Municipal Corporation housed therein, and all their enclaves worldwide, stand forfeit for their crimes against us, their loyal Employers, and against all of Mankind, for at least the last three hundred years.   

The Legal System and the Bar Attorneys and their Bar Associations which have served as the means to create, perpetuate, and enforce these gigantic fraud schemes --- must go, never to return.  Our ancestors called them Merchants of Deceit and our own experience confirms this, as these professionals have been willingly and in many cases knowingly administering and profiting from these crimes against the living people and their national governments. 

We wish for all incorporated franchises of the Bar Associations and their members to be liquidated for the benefit of their victims.  

We wish for the Bar Associations and their teachings and form of law to be uprooted and for their coded language(s) to be outlawed for any purpose whatsoever.  Our official language is English.  Any provider of any service in this country needs to speak English and speak it without double meanings and layers of deceit intended to mislead, defraud, or obfuscate using professional jargon and codes. 

The reform of the Admiralty begun circa 1756 has self-evidently failed, together with all the Municipal Corporations which have failed to be reliable vendors and service providers; the Officers of these Municipal Corporations have often acted as petty despots, parasites, and thugs.  

We wish for the remaining duties of the Admiralty Courts, which have allowed them to entertain fictitious salvage claims and led to the equally fictitious hypothecation of debt against both living people and national governments, to be removed from them. They have grossly abused these empowerments intended to address actual salvage operations at sea for criminal purposes and provided another means to embezzle unjust enrichment from our country via manipulation of tax claims as excise tariffs owed on seaman's wages.  

This obvious fraud, charging hypothecated debt against the wages of non-existent British Merchant Mariners and enforcing this rubbish as an excise on seaman's wages speaks for itself.  

We wish for the forfeiture of all assets associated with the Legal System and the return of all our public property including but not limited to the records, courthouses, jails, prisons, and equipment associated with these operations.

We wish for the release of all non-violent offenders.  

We wish to return to the simple and moral Common Law requiring that actual injury to people or property must exist as a condition for crime to exist.  

Clearly, constructive fraud and games of legal supposition based on deceitful language practices and undisclosed contracts to promote illegal and unlawful property conversion and confiscation in the name of vacuous Public Interest Claims, Insurance Fraud, and various Substitution Schemes have been a very long term occupation of the White Collar Pirates responsible.   

We must recognize that these crimes, although created on paper, are enforced with guns, and the inland piracy involved is a capital crime prohibited by both the Geneva and Hague Conventions, as well as violating the Canon Law on the part of the Magistrates who fail to dissolve the Public Trusts.  The immense fraud and unlawful injuries perpetuated by these Municipal Corporations violates the Ecclesiastical Law that allows these Legal Fiction Entities to exist at all.   

This is far from the first time these issues have been addressed. The Justinian Deception being reprised by PARSE Syntax is 1500 years old, the repeat of the Bottomry Bonds Scandal --- aside from the fact that the modern version is using people as ships and their estates as cargo --- is 220 years old, the Insurance Fraud is as old as the concept of Life Insurance, the phony Public Interest Claims began in earnest in 1666, the use of Executors de Son Tort followed, and the  Substitution Schemes, with respect to both persons and money, have been common as dirt since the Kingdoms of Egypt and Samaria. 

The illegal and unlawful secret occupation of Britain and most of Western Europe, the former Commonwealth, The United States, Japan and many other countries by commercial mercenaries acting as Territorial Forces -- men under contract to provide good faith service and taking their pay from the pockets of their victims -- has been a known since the days of the Hanseatic League when German Merchants and German Merchant Bankers used similar methods to undermine the national governments. 

Does anyone think it is coincidental that the architects of this situation are German Investment Bankers?  Bankers who have cashiered the wealth of Britain and controlled both the private wealth of the German-British Royal Family since 1840 and the British Crown since 1763? 

They've done it before and they are doing it again, with collusion from British and Chinese co-conspirators--- and nobody can pretend that we don't know what they are doing and how they are doing it, because we have seen it all before.    

This is why we have known Nazis occupying top positions of trust in NATO, INC. and DOD, INC. Municipal Corporations, and this is why we have war in the Ukraine, and organizations like the WEF, INC.--- which are just more Municipal Corporations and franchises--- committing crime for profit.  

This is why we have all these evils rampant and in our faces -- again. We failed to recognize them for who and what they are in the immediate aftermath of wars they have created for profit, but we've caught up to them now, and our eyes are wide-open.  

We've learned our lessons and have no need to repeat them: we wish for these guilty Municipal Corporations--- all of them, globally--- to be  forfeit, so as to best benefit the security and well-being of the national governments and the living people of this planet. 

These Municipal Corporations have sought profit mindlessly, for the sake of profit only.  They have worshiped their own delusions and the works of their own hands and their idols are all dead. They are no match for the Living God who now seeks his vengeance. Let the full weight of their sins against the Innocent rest on them. 

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                 The United States of America
                 In care of: Box 520994
                 Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 15th 2023


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  1. 1st - beat ya, JAS o mine
    No comments on crime?

    1. Please, make clear your' affinity, connection, good participation in your' nation state assembly, Land & Soil jurisdiction, on our america:

      It will be good know, without reveling identity, that you (commentators) are in fact "peopling" your native state assemblies.

      To populate each of 50 native state assemblies is our purpose, right?

  2. There are a couple of mistakes here. For some reason we think that the Roman Catholic church is the problem, but we fail to understand who is actually behind the roman catholic church. Those that are behind the roman catholic church are Jews. Without Jewish input the roman catholic church could do nothing. The Jews are Caanaites, Cainites, and Edomites. In fact, the Edomites didn't start calling themselves Jews until about 1860. The Jews are of the synagogue of Satan. Ninety-fiver percent of Jews today are Ashkenazi, and that is where we get Nazi from. Hitler and his German government never called themselves Nazi's, the Jews called Hitler and his German government Nazi's. The Jews want to destroy God Yahweh's people Israel, who are the white Caucasian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon, Germanic, Scandinavian, and kindred people in the world today.

    Ukraine is in the old Khazarian Empire that was established about 650AD, and fell in about 1250AD. The capital city of Kiev is in the Khazarian Empire. It was the Russian Israelite's that destroyed this empire, and that is what is happening today. We talk about the atrocities of Hitler but we never talk about the atrocities of Lenin, a Jew, (who killed thousands) Trotsky (Who was from New York City and his real name was Bronstein, and he killed thousands), and Stalin who was a Jewish coffee house radical and killed millions. One dissident said the Stalin eliminated over 60 million of his own people. This you never hear about. In fact, Hitler saved the Ukrainians from being totally slaughtered by Stalin when he went into Russia.
    Our government is controlled by Jews, and that is where the problem lies. You say that Nazi's are occupying positions of trust in NATO, and other organizations are Jews. Even Joe Biden says that he is a Zionist Jew, and it is the Zionist Jews that are controlling his foolishness and allowing his stupidity. Most of what is said in this article isn't true. Have we heard that it was King James I that released the Puritans from the English prison system, had them guided to Holland to where the ships were docked for them to come to the New World. It is true. King James I finance the Puritans travel to the new world. He used money from the English Treasury. A good book for you to read is the book entitled, "King James VI of Scotland I of England unjustly accused." You can get this book on Amazon.

    king james unjustly accusedSee all 100 results
    King James VI of Scotland & I of England Unjustly Accused?
    King James VI of Scotland & I of England Unjustly Accused?
    by Wallace Clan Trust,, Sr. Coston, Stephen A., et al. | Dec 1, 1996
    4.5 out of 5 stars 10

    1. The German people who had been devastated and were trying to rebuild their country called themselves National Socialists, didn't they?
      Didn't more Germans die than Jews, or not? Also, didn't more Christians die than Jews? And wasn't Hilter a Jew? So many lies we've been told,... they just make things up. And how do we know the difference unless we know someone who was there.

    2. There was someone who was an eye-witness in Hitler's Germany -- William Shirer. Together with the large cache of allied-captured Nazi documents and Mr. Shirer's own eye-witness account, he wrote a very detailed explanation of what took place in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

      The only problem is that what he wrote was so chock full of truth that the historians had to revise it in later editions and remove facts such as Hitler's Generals were all homosexuals, and that Hitler was known as the "carpet-eater" because he was insane.

      So, try to get your hands on one of the original editions to get the full facts of what took place.

      That, by the way, is true of all of our history -- its all been revised. If you failed high school history class -- congratulations! -- you weren't indoctrinated. But, every sleepy eyed and bored kid in those lectures instinctively knew something didn't sound right -- same with science class and most of the bunk taught in public schools.

      Oh, please, do your own children the favor of home-schooling them, so that you can teach them the truth and keep their creativity and curiosity intact, besides keeping them safe from perverts, predators and gunmen.

  3. We must name the Jew!

  4. Phillip III the Bold and the Crusades
    by Miles Mathis the Bold First published August 23, 2017 25 pages & embodied links.

    Excerpt 5 paragraphs of pdf:
    As usual, this is just my opinion, arrived at by personal research.
    We have seen in previous papers that most of history is a fraud, made up or rewritten by the ruling families for their own purposes. In most cases I have been able to show that rather than being a total fiction, it is a palimpsest: an overwrite of the real history, with small or large parts of the actual story existing beneath the current version. For this reason, with some amount of work we can recreate the real history by paring away the later lies and accretions. To a good eye, the truth can be seen through the layers of deception. Think of the Princess and the Pea. Just as she could feel the pea through any number of mattresses, I can spot the truth through any number of lies.

    Admittedly, the further back in time we go the more difficult this is. There are fewer clues and therefore less truth to latch onto. However, because the overall form of the deception has remained pretty much the same over the centuries, we can use our knowledge of newer deceptions to decode older ones. The puzzle pieces are fewer, that is, but they fit together in the same general way. The same people are telling the same basic lies, so an investigator can build the same case with fewer and fewer clues.

    I got into this one while studying the Crusades. I was working my way back to them from the point of my earliest in-depth historical research, which was the War of the Roses [ see below 13 pages ]. There I had shown that the Stanleys, Kings of Man, had installed Henry VII of England. That wasn't hard to do, since it is pretty much admitted by many mainstream historians. But I also showed evidence in that paper and several later ones of a Jewish invasion of England through the Isle of Man and Anglesey at that time, headed by the Earls of Derby. However, I also conceded that was probably not the first Jewish invasion of England, just an important wave among many.

    What got me writing today was this painting -- see at 1st link pdf.

    I post it large, so you can take a good look at the face. That is John of Gaunt, 1st Duke of Lancaster, father of King Henry IV of England and father-in-law of King John I of Portugal. John of Gaunt is allegedly the son of Edward III, but we will put a ? by that for now. That portrait looks genuine to me, though I haven't studied it in person. It was painted about a century after John's death, so it was not done from life. But it was done by an artist by the name Lucas Cornelisz de Kock, which also lends it legitimacy in my mind. Why? Because I am about to argue John of Gaunt was Jewish, and de Kock probably was as well. Think of the Kochs now. Also note the name Cornelisz, which we studied in my paper on Elvis Presley [ 32 pages ]. There it was spelled Cornelius, but it is the same name. It points us in the same direction.

    [Here's a question most will forget to ask: why was de Kock painting John of Gaunt more than a century after his death? Who hired him to do so and why? Well, as we have seen in previous papers, the Jews commemorate their own, although they don't tell you that is what they are doing. See the artist von Wagner in my paper on the English throne [ 11 pages ], commemorating Isabella Jagiellon 300 years after the fact. Or in my paper on Napoleon [ 24 pages ], see the commemoration of Barbara Radziwill by many Jewish artists 400 years after the fact.]

    That is just 5 paragraphs of this pdf which is 25 pages total.

  5. The comments here are excellent.. And true. Solzhenitsyn's book 200 years tells all this truth from hard research. The Zionists are the culprits of the taxation/ slavery /corporate feudalism. They hate the rest of us despise us and are also pushing the agenda for 20/30 to depopulate... Which translates as "poison to death".


    My God and our true God is not a god of VENGEANCE. He is a God of profound Love.

    1. The idea of the schizophrenic god who is a god of love as well as a god of blood and vengeance is also a product of the Canaanites, Edomites, Khazarians or whatever name you wish to choose, who have basically created a religion stolen from ancient civilizations which they call "Judaism," and who also have played a large part in creating the distortions of Christianity. Christianity is ancient. What the church of Rome and others have propagated is just a rehash of the crucified savior story, which predates Christianity. I have no problem with Jesus, but I have a huge problem with "Christianity" as it is practiced.

    2. The man, to whom is applied the label "Jesus (the) Christ" (Savior anointed by 'good') described himself "I am the way the truth and the life."

      Nicely said J.C.

      Let us put our understanding (support) under the source of "life" (smiling breathing beautiful alignment of/in the peaceable kingdom/wisdom.) Which depends upon our commitment to "truth" (facts vs. deception) which is the only worthy (worshipful) "way."

      Otherwise you are heading to a dis-continuous extinction, oblivion. And death will totally blot you out. And it is an ugly fall.

      As attributed to the Man, of the Father (the eternal good,) "on earth as it is in heaven." I may hope to call it the lovely aligned continuity of all forms of life (ticks? fleas? roaches? not my area of expertise.)

      See you (and your offspring) in Heaven!

  6. Take A Quick Look At: Your LIED TO About Syria! | Col. Richard Black Revealed The Truth Of Syrian Crisis, On You Tube. The Link Should Be
    https://www, Here Yet Again We Have A Top Ranking Former Member Of The Pentagon Telling Us What We Discuss Day In And Day Out. Col. Richard Black Is Former Head Of the Army's Criminal Law Division At The Pentagon, Former State Senator For Virginia And Marine, Telling Us All What We Already Know. Our One World System Government Here In America Remains Hopelessly Broken. What Are The Additional Steps That Can Be Taken In Contacting Other Nations For Help, As Real Humans And Real Americans, Without Being Shut Down By Our Criminal Government Here, Who Controls Everything. We Have More Than Enough Fighters Here To Accomplish This Without Firing One Shot. One Extremely Effective Method Will Be To Contact Other Nations Out Side Of Their International Club Of Criminals. If We Simply Start Numerous Court Cases In Countries Like China, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan, Belarus, North Korea And Africa, We Well Then Be Able To Establish A Paper Trail With The Overwhelming Support Of Other Nations Outside Of Their International Criminal Empire. I Continue To Reach Out To Various Legal Sources In These Nations, However My Communication Attempts Continue To Be Interrupted. The Entire World Is Also Aware That The International Criminal Courts Are In The Pockets Of These International Criminals. However, When We Start Or Own Claims In Courts That They Do Not Control We Will Then Be Able To Acquire True Justice In A Much Quicker Timeframe. What Are Your Thoughts And Actions From Your Families, Organizations, Churches, Universities, Militias And So Forth.

    Auston E Matthews
    "The Resistance And Correction"
    + 1 332 250 1756

  7. Anna seems to be pleading "let my people go" like a Moses. That's all fine and good. But, remember, even though Pharaoh finally relented and gave in to Moses' demands, there was an eventual "battle" shortly afterwards at the Red Sea that wiped out his army. Pharaoh had no intention of letting his slaves go anywhere with all the loot they took as they departed.

    Neither does the Pope, whose Papal Encyclicals dating from the 1300s declare that he owns all living and dead souls, the earth and has the right to enslave and traffick us, since he claims to be "christ's" representative. He and the Vatican have no intentions of giving up the loot they've stolen from us, or freeing their slaves.

    True, it was God who fought the battle to defend his people at the Red Sea, but the fact is, the battle was necessary, because you can't make a deal with the Devil. Terrorists don't keep their word, and criminals don't give up without a fight. They aren't going to give us back our "stuff" unless we back up our words with a force that scares their blood cold and gives them disturbing dreams. It is naive to think otherwise.

    So, we all had better get out our "slingshots" because I don't see an army standing around Anna. Don't be deceived -- we aren't getting any pre-paid credit or our land back from criminals unless we sink "Pharaoh's chariots and horsemen into the sea."

    1. thats really well said, because it does seem like maybe TheirDreamPlan was to do many bye oh tear errism rollouts and then do a repeat of The Trail of Tears by moving those who were left into 15-MinuteCities, living in pods and eating crickets. but it didnt work so now they dont know what to do??
      even the well-meaning people who have supposedly been "out in front leading us to the solutions" seem exhausted and embarrassed. they know theyve recycled the hopium three or four times now, and so do we. now it just feels like a BigStall like maybe theyre just doing the Narrative recycling until they figure out how to get "the masses" to agree to ThePlan? i think: it was in the 90's when 179 countries leaders signed onto Agenda 2020... only about 16 did not.

    2. Please, make clear your' affinity, connection, good participation in your' nation state assembly, Land & Soil jurisdiction, on our america:

      It will be good know, without reveling identity, that you (commentators) are in fact "peopling" your native state assemblies.

      To populate each of 50 native state assemblies is our purpose, right?

    3. What difference does our "affinity" or participation on our land/soil assemblies make? The fact is that our state assemblies and the Federation have been stalling for a few years now. They don't have viable solutions that work.

      The assemblies say "do this" or "do that" and then you discover that you've been misled, because they're all citing defacto "law". There is no cohesive knowledge or actionable plan of anything that works to defend our rights from these criminal predators pretending to be our employees.

      The truth that Anna shares is indeed true. But, I don't see any of the state assemblies able to defend the guaranteed rights we have. Everyone is still going back to the sea jurisdiction courts looking for solutions or fighting battles that can't be won.

      Our homes are being stolen, regardless of having land patents. Our assemblies are full of people who are being arrested for non-violent "crimes" where the only harm was committed on them by the sheriff and courts and the "system." People who weren't even jabbed now discover that the bioweapon has somehow infected them and they're sick and dying.

      Appealing to criminals for justice is an exercise in futility. We all better get a backbone and stand up to defend ourselves, our homes, our property, because there is no other solution. Anna is well-meaning and has worked tirelessly to bring a solution, but she's dealing with fraudsters who are stalling her, stalling the assemblies, and the entire world.

    4. You sound like Hillary Clinton - "What difference does it make...?"

    5. "The assemblies [don't] say do this or do that..."

      People "say." And you cry.

    6. TO Anon @ 9:52 AM

      Being a "crier" is not a bad thing. We need "criers." But you waste your talent spending time on this blog.

      GET OUT there and be a "Town Crier!" GO, DO IT. We know you can! Walk your streets shouting the message!

    7. Hey, anon @ 9:52 AM, that's a good idea. Be a town cryer, check out Harry Vox, he can teach you how, by example.

    8. It's you who sounds like Hillary Clinton, mouth moves, hot gas comes out.

  8. Replies
    1. side note sept. 23 2017 a sabbath and during tabernacles in constellation Virgo revelation 12 was fulfilled , the noise of history is papered over , the invisible hand is open for eyes to see ! The word Jews is noise , think Sanhedrin caninities an oral tradition in the shadows with lots of rabbit holes behind them . The star child of Virgo is in operation Woe to the liars your time is short

  9. Excellent article, Anna! Cheers