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Saturday, April 15, 2023

BREAKING: FBI sought SSPX chapel leadership to “inform on parishioners” in VA

FBI slammed for using ‘undercover sources’ in Catholic churches to monitor ‘suspicious activity’


  1. Everyone who attends a youth or prayer group especially, but any group within a church should know that CIA agents head all of those groups. Never share your thoughts or feelings with them.

    The same CIA leadership is found in every public school and university, to monitor and shape young, impressional minds, and punish any who reject their "molding".

  2. over five years ago had heard rumblings that the Churches, all, not just Catholic, had people who were planted and the Pastors who taught the bible instead of the Narrative were being flagged.
    not just the Pastors either.

    1. on mycatholicredpill channel on rumble, he has a 1.45 min clip up of a "...Father Ripperger, a Catholic exorcist..." who believes he knows about the demon spirits in control of our country.
      its from charlie ward show, but sensed i should listen anyway.
      he says first a culture is hit with fornica shun and contra- ception : = ba'al.
      then demon of ho mo secks u... in men, = didnt get Name.
      then leviathan: same, but the masculine kind, in women
      lillith: seductive form female ho mo secks...
      "...they gain ascendancy in the culture..."...
      and he says then
      abortion, the demon of chy ld sack riff ice = ba'alphomet.
      he says theyre the top five in hell besides satan.

    2. You must have one hell of an accent in the au' natural. Are you Gaelic?

    3. what the poster who mis-spelled garlic, must have meant, is the person posting above it is a garlic-knot. They are tasty when fresh, but go stale fast? i dont know, what has womanjeanmaire got to do with going all nartural?

    4. yur right, because accent means she has bad breath.

  3. So the State of State legislator in Montana just passed a bill to ban tick tock!!! We need to send everyone of them an email about the mrna bioweapon they haven't banned yet and let them know they will be accountable for genocide!!

  4. I have no job no future and no freedom none of this helps to earn $