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Friday, April 14, 2023

Municipal Corporation Fraud -- Genocide and Slavery

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 5th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

Municipal Corporation Fraud --- Genocide and Slavery

Both the foreign Federal Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia are Municipal Corporations.  One is managed by the British Crown and one is managed by the City Government. 

As demonstrated by the Information already provided, both of these Municipal Corporation Subcontractors have been criminally mismanaged, both have been immune to correction, both have repeated various historical fraud schemes, such as a variation on the Bottomry Bonds Scheme-- which demonstrates knowing premeditation, both have promoted preparatory legislation in support of these unlawful and immoral activities, both have conspired against their actual Employers-- the American People, both have trespassed against the Public Peace to promote illegal Mercenary Conflicts as wars, both have misrepresented their Employers as members of their own citizenry, both have conspired to evade their obligations under the Constitutions that created them and which allow them to exist, both have violated the provisions of the Residence Act and underlying treaties, and both have acted in Gross Breach of Trust and violation of their service contracts and have acted in Bad Faith. 

We wish for these thoroughly criminal Municipal Corporations to be defunded and blocked from having any more access to our credit and for all public trusts and bank trusts and accounts containing our assets to be dissolved in our favor and made available to us.   

We wish for a prompt and safe transition of the assets and essential personnel to the control of our actual government and for the liquidation of all non-essential Agencies in our favor and for our benefit.  

We wish for the immediate liquidation of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and its Municipal clone, the FBI, INC., which are being misinformed and misdirected to harm their actual Employers. 

We wish for the immediate liquidation of the so-called Department of Justice and its counterpart known as the DOJ, INC., another incorporated Municipal Corporation, put in place as a subcontractor of the Municipal Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia.  This "department" was part of the fraud carried out by the Scottish Commercial Corporation dba "The United States of America, Inc." and it does not serve our Public Interest; it served the interest of the Scottish Interloper as an in-house legal services contractor paid for at public expense, and is no longer needed.   

We wish for our national government asset and credit accounts to be unblocked and for our individual credit and physical asset accounts to be unblocked, and for our credit and assets to be generally unavailable, except specifically, for expenses related directly to defense of our borders and security of our people at home in their nation-states. 

We wish for the immediate liquidation of both political party corporations, the DNC and RNC and their Territorial counterparts, which are running private corporation shareholder elections as a criminal subterfuge to induce people to "register" as "voters" instead of taking action as electors.

Their sideshows have also served to hide the lack of public office elections, offices that are being usurped or left vacant, a criminal obfuscation serving to perpetuate the illegal, unlawful, and immoral occupation of our country.  

We wish for those Municipal Corporations that remain in operation for the purpose of defending our people and other physical and material assets, have a clear understanding of who they work for and know the legal and lawful and moral limits of their jobs.

As we have seen, the unchecked criminality of these colluding Municipal Corporations has led from one fraud scheme to another; it should not surprise anyone that this criminality has recently resulted in the worst fraud scheme to date: a plan to reap profit from genocide by cashing in "Life Force Value Annuities" and leaving life insurance policies based on fraudulent ownership interests in place, backed by a plan to claim survivors of the genocide as Genetically Modified Organisms, literally owned by the patentholders of the scraps of genetically engineered  mRNA and lipid polymer delivery agents secretly injected into the victims. 

This grotesque plan, even openly called "the Final Solution" by Bill Gates and affiliated Nazi goons at NATO, Inc.,  has been many years in the making and has involved collaboration of both Municipal Corporations housed in the District of Columbia and their franchises and banks.  

The purloined interest in our "Life Force Value" and the insurance fraud profits arising from false ownership claims were collected by Prince Philip from the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA in April of 2017, and amounted to $950 Trillion Dollars worth of profit resulting from the death of all the British Territorial Legal Fiction Franchise Persons created in the years 1860 to 2014.  This transfer aided and abetted the pre-bankruptcy asset stripping of the Municipal Corporation assets being overseen by the GOVERNOR OF OTTAWA, with OTTAWA functioning as another so-called "Federal Enclave".  

The Life Insurance Policies taken out on every American and Canadian under the false ownership pretense provided by the Unlawful Conversion Scheme and the proliferation of Municipal Franchises named after Americans and Canadians, were left in place to be harvested later -- as the victims of the anticipated genocide actually died, the coffers of the criminals would be resupplied with the money coming off the undisclosed  life insurance policies the same criminals have put in place using the same fraud-based ownership interest claims.  

These maneuvers enabled the Perpetrators to hide and shield their profits as private assets -- note that Prince Philip retired from Public Life three days after the transfer -- and still keep the insurance fraud against the living people being used as public assets going.  

Obviously, the old fraud schemes were also nearing the end of their life expectancy as public records and business records were being actively researched and discovered by our national government.  

The Perpetrators needed something new, some new basis to assert a public ownership interest in their victims, so they hit upon the idea of secretly polluting the natural genome of Mankind and "overwriting" God's claim as the Creator of our individual DNA, using a scrap of genetically engineered mRNA that would be inserted without the victim's knowledge and which would result in a hundred year claim for the Municipal Corporation patent holders to literally own the "products" as Genetically Modified Organisms.  

Those who died as a result of the injections would be profitable as life insurance claims, those who didn't die would be valuable as GMO slaves, and those who were merely maimed by the injections would provide profit for the Medical Industry Municipal Corporation franchises for decades to come. 

The true value of individual human lives was utterly discounted in these profane calculations; the criminal nature of these profit-driven Municipal Corporations and the unlawful nature of their activities, is fully exposed.  

The Perpetrators put in place pre-existing legislation to expedite their forward planning --- in 1986 the Territorial Congress held the Vaccine Manufacturers harmless from any liability resulting from their vaccine products.  This was done so that the pharmaceutical companies would face no accountability for producing vaccines no matter what those vaccines might contain. 

As we have seen, Big Pharma eventually produced a chemical mish-mash of poisons, parasite eggs, self-assembling nano technology, and a genetically engineered scrap of harmful mRNA, and marketed it as a vaccine to prevent a never-proven-to-exist infectious disease which the same Perpetrators named Covid-19.  

These gross lies told to the General Public and self-protective legislative  measures speak for themselves, especially against the backdrop of their earlier abuses of their American Employers.  It also explains why the only remedy offered for this Gross Breach of Trust and service contract, is buried in the Consumer Protection Act and administered by the FCC, INC. 

The fraud was topped off when both Territorial Corporation President Trump and Municipal President Joe Biden bought billions of dollars worth of these "vaccines" and imposed them on their actual employees and the General Public under color of law,  using Executive Orders and Mandates, etc.  --- and all this self-spending and "war" profiteering was charged off against us, as a Public Expense, so that the victims were once again forced to pay for their own injury and demise.  

We have seen enough of these purported public servants and their foreign political parties to last lifetimes and we wish to see them no more.
We wish for these Municipal Corporations to be forfeit or liquidated as the security concerns for the living people best dictate, surrendered to our lawful national government, and for all aspects of the deliberate genocide and insurance and ownership interest fraud schemes to be dismantled and done away with forevermore.   

Issued by:  Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                  In care of: Box 520994
                  Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 14th 2023


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  1. Gabriel and McKibben: Busting the Biggest Hoax in the World
    At 30+ minutes, it brings into view some of Anna's purported claims.
    While men and women are returning to the Land and Soil, who or what seeks to gain power over the assets and credit of those men and women? There is nothing new under the Sun.

    1. video on utubb: nearing 600K views in less than 24 hours:
      'WATCH: Americans lash out at local dems...' FoxNews Chanl
      it seems: Michigan Democrats are spending $500MILLION to put CHINESE COMMUNIST PARTY Manufacturing Plants in.

      the CCP already put some Police Stations here didnt they?
      didnt Chinese Police show up at the Canadian Truckers Convoy?

    2. one of the commenters says they will bring in Chinese people to work in the plants.

    3. "Gabriel" [ref.: messenger archangel in the bible] im 99% sure it was him who says he "was" a Jesuit.... years ago with his wife Tyla(?). I think he used to go by the name Thomas Paine and she used Betsy online... told about how he took the Ultimate Oath -- it included something to the effect that Jesuits might be asked to do things that are against the law.
      in the video above, what he says about the Hebrews is thought provoking and on the other hand, one wonders where are these people coming up with this stuff?... and is he a Jesuit, possibly just full-filling his Ultimate Oath? just asking.

    4. Regarding the Jesuit issue, it was something that was bothering me. To a small extent, it still does. But something else has been bothering me more. I was fully aware that it was Jewish (Babylonian Rhadanite) bankers that funded William the Conqueror on condition that if he prevailed, these bankers would be allowed to settle in England. Hence, they have been here in England since that time. Anna has said in an article that her lineage was involved. Also in the Magna Carta i believe. And furthermore, with the founding of America.
      Regarding the global family group which covers those outside America and similar to the American states assembly, I have reservations about it. Twice I have used the contact page with questions, the first of which was close on 6 weeks ago. I have received no reply. My gut feeling tells me that one organisation seeks to control the estates/Trusts etc of living men and women, which are currently controlled by another entity. The American Government will then drip feed those assets and credit to countries with a legitimate national government. It appears that the American Government will potentially be the one world Government in control.
      In England, a group calling themselves "the english counties assembly" are attempting to do similar by using documentation of Anna's. It just doesn't feel right to me based upon the history going back to 1066, up to today's intent. I would welcome the opinion of others on these matters.

    5. It is Michael Mc Kibben that does a lot of deep research on many issues, which are made known long before others do.

    6. Watching darling Aussie Maria Zeee. Oh, if only! Back to the future 1950's - Invite Maria Zeee to our ice-cream soda shop, ask her to dance at tonight's "sock hop," Oh joy of courage ventured, even amid butterflies of rejection! - Do still my beating heart!!

      Back to this moment.

      John - Both Anna and "Thomas Paine" (Gabriel McKibben) can be "honest." But John, you are not asking which forum is worthy? You will have to do what you will with that - like a wave tossed to and fro.

      Back to Maria Zeee - butterflies, tweet tweet tweet, buzzing of the bees, "the murmurous haunt of flies on summer eves...tender is the night, but here there is no light, save what from heaven is with breezes blown through verdurous glooms and winding mossy ways...a loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou..."

    7. John, check for where they are getting their info from.

    8. This may be wrong, but Maria Zeee would probably be more attracted to a High-Value Alpha Male type.
      But enjoy your wine.

    9. reb John, all PhDs in history are cooked by piRATes, and reCON-fugured every 20years/rewritten every 80years. Please read this 1980 inter-VIEW of Frank Dodd with Edward Grffin.

      DearOurEverlastingOmnipresentFatherAlmightyHeavenlySpiritualIntelligence, AlwaysPresentInDNAofWeTheLivingOnLandAndWalkingOnSoilPeoples, PleaseFreeDOMize TheWorld'sAllNationsAnd
      AndOutOfBrainlessAndHeatlessYoungGlobalLEADbrains, AndOutOfFraudgenic
      ForensicSeniorExecutiveServicesAgendas,AndOutOfParasiticPilgrimsSocietyPrograms,AndOutOfFraudpotentGlobalEconomicPatogenSERCOgroup AllPoweredByStealthlyHidden underIMF/UN/WEF/WHO'sBabylonianRadhanitesGenocidalDogma.
      "We wish for these offending (DCbased) Municipal Corporations to be shut down except for personnel needed to make a safe transition back to lawful money and lawful government" - AvR, et alia, AndPleaseRecreateTheUnitedStatesOfAmerica'sBodyAndSoulToBeSoundlyHealthy, andProsperous, AndProtectWithAllOfYourMightAnna, James, Paul, et allia AIMCATSAndMMcKibbenTheCreatorOfSocialNetworkingWeAreUsingNow, P4T truth-miners, et alia, AndTheRestOfTheMoralyLivingAndThinkingWorldWillSincerelyFollow. m

    10. Dear Anon at 3:09:

      Did you learn spin the random alphabet wheel (so as to mash-up sentences) at Tavistock Clinic?

      How long were you committed there? And HOW did you escape??

    11. it is very natural for the author, is unique and original, showing a high creative intelligence level imo.

  2. уэу вэу вэак ву эак эак

  3. All this talk about whats happened but if nothing changes we are all wasting our breath. If you have the Gold but nothing changes its worthless. Doing the same thing over and over without result is a form of craziness

    1. This is not "talk." It is reported history.
      You are to Join your state assembly. You are to make things happen,
      You are crazy. You are not changing anything.
      How stupid can one be? At least as stupid as you.

    2. Anonymous
      April 15, 2023 at 4:14 AM
      "This is not "talk." It is reported history.
      You are to Join your state assembly. You are to make things happen," theRestOf your qoute not needed to show thw way ahead to m

  4. Well said Anna!
    Thankyou for all of your untiring and devoted work to bring the criminals to their knees.

    I envision all of your work coming to a joyful and prosperous fruition.
    I envision a peaceful world that is kind honest and beautiful.
    I imagine that we will all receive our credit soon and our Global family bank will open doors for business very soon and our Sign In America Program will have an easy glitch free start.
    I imagine schools for children that inspire, excite and heal.
    I imagine healing centers that heal and nurture everyone permanently.
    I imagine public elections of our American Government fine upstanding wo/men who are truly devoted to the highest good of all.
    I imagine, very soon, dancing in the streets in jubilation of peace and abundance on earth.

    1. Beautiful visions, beautiful imagines, thank you anonymous.


    We need to break the presumption that we are statutory beings, by correcting our status.
    Don’t follow gurus, study the system (It is based on banking law, trust law and law merchant) and work out how you ended up in servitude & reverse engineer the situation. This is what I did:
    In admiralty and equity we must show we have the highest claim.
    That makes us the entitlement holder (highest creditor).
    Entitlement holder is the key. But how do we do that?
    I first got my mother (grantor of original estate) to sign a POA.
    Then consider that the birth certificate is a security entitlement, it is like a coat check ticket or a warehouse receipt to be redeemed by the holder.
    We must reclaim our securities (estate)
    A certificate is a "paper establishing an ownership claim." -Barron's Dictionary of Banking Terms.
    Birth and marriage certificates are a form of securities called "warehouse receipts”. Black's Law Dictionary, 7th ed. defines: warehouse receipt."...A warehouse receipt, which is considered a document of title, may be a negotiable instrument and is often used for financing with inventory as security."
    Your legal name (juridical person) is there for you to use, you cannot navigate modern life nor operate in commerce without it.
    What you can do is take control of it, otherwise the state will administer it for you, they will claim tendency on your farm (estate).
    They maintain that they are entitled to the produce (labour, energy), or usufruct from your farm if it’s abandoned.
    So to be very clear the Birth Certificate by definition is a negotiable instrument, it is evidence of a securities entitlement.
    You are the holder in due course.
    Reaching the age of majority presents one with the newly acquired competence & responsibility to manage one’s own affairs (estate).
    If you fail to claim the estate they will administer the trust for you at a cost.
    Contrary to popular opinion, ownership is not control.
    In the “legal” system, ownership is defined as a pledge to act as surety for the debts incurred by the property. The owner always pays.
    It’s important to form a private trust, because the trust is recognised by the system, and man is not.
    The living cannot interface with system of commerce, that’s why they created the incorporated legal person, it’s your player piece.
    My trust controls the person through a commercial security agreement.
    This is a lien registered via a financing statement on the PPSR.
    The new trust is the secured party creditor, or lienor over the certificated name. I have used the rules of the system against them, a jiu jitsu move.
    Now I, the man, sit behind the curtain of a private trust, pulling the levers of control to the legal person. Like the wizard of Oz.
    This all happened because there is no longer any money. It’s the story of coming off the gold standard in 1933, the yellow brick road is the gold standard, & the straw man plays his role as new surety.
    It's the infamous discussion Mandel House had with Woodrow Wilson.

    1. continued
      y legal person indorsed his birth certificate ‘accepted for value, returned for value’ to the minister of finance.
      I appointed mof as my securities intermediary and expressed that an uneven exchange had occurred and I did not abandon my securities along with the statement “I am the only one with authority to administer the Estate, I am here to administrate the Estate so all claims, bills, taxes, etc; are settled in full accord and satisfaction by the Respondent.
      The assignment of a securities intermediary is fair & equitable considering there has been an uneven exchange:
      No return of equity/value to the Principal.
      This arrangement is a way for both parties to avoid controversy and remain in honour and at peace.”
      He was advised that the birth certificate (debtor trust), evidences, not my identity, but my interest in Private Trust Security, deposited with the Registrar General, custodian (the Public Trust), and provided evidence for interest in The Beneficiary Trust.
      The minister now has a fiduciary duty to follow instructions given by the principal and protect the interests of the trust first and foremost.
      So I have turned the tables back on them, they are now forever the trustee for the debtor.
      I have requested he correct the master record and lodge my set-off bond.
      He has been advised to establish an account so any/all Bills, Taxes, Claims, Public Liabilities, and the like, drawn on or levied against the legal person that are accepted and Indorsed by the Principal, shall be set-off in full Accord and Satisfaction by the Respondent acting as Securities Intermediary.
      Respondent shall adjust, to a zero balance, any and all liability for any/all Bills, Taxes, Claims and the like, drawn on or ledgered/recorded against John Henry Doe.

    2. Very very interesting. I suspect many would be interested in knowing more with a breakdown of the correct steps to take. We aren't all as astute and informed as yourself.

    3. I too would like the step by step on how to accomplish however it is not I who made the comment
      Review the video linked and find the comment as copied and pasted above

      All of this is slight of hand

      The shetar requires that you identify as the debtor and come forward with two witnesses so the actual conversion can take place to put their new fraud scheme in to action under the guise of a prepaid credit card which in nothing more than their Guaranteed Annual Income Administration as per their World Government

      It states within those very documents that every citizen will self govern and volunteer their services and money while the World Government will incur no cost in setting the whole thing up

      This guru here brings forward a whole lot of information along the same lines as Anna and yet no one has gained access to the assets within the trust accounts
      He even refers to his teachings as a 'brand'

      The one thing that ties it all together is the crown copyright on ALL SURNAMES linked to the FATHER
      Each family member under the FATHER is linked to the FAMILY ID through their PERSON ID

      Those early Maryland records I had uncovered that are now hidden revealed that estates that are hundreds of years old are still in probate

      And is it not funny that estate like your eSTATE as in electronic state of affairs as they approach their all encompassing AI monster
      e governance INDIA one of the BRICS nations


    4. i saw NONE OF THIS SHIT IS BY ACCIDENT and thought "shelby's back!" :)

    5. Please, make clear your' affinity, connection, good participation in your' nation state assembly, Land & Soil jurisdiction, on our america:

      It will be good know, without reveling identity, that you (commentators) are in fact "peopling" your native state assemblies.

      To populate each of 50 native state assemblies is our purpose, right?

    6. . . . otherwise, these trolls are to be discovered and known - as not of the family of mankind.

    7. Your family is trolls you say?

    8. yes, our family trolls, and we are usually very successful when the strippers are running, typically 29"

  6. Shilly shelby shat by the she shore sharing and shat-ting of shell-fish. :::jammarie joined her, with poignant rejoinder to shuckle and snare shell-fish too!

    1. Anna, aren't you proud?

    2. Pride goeth before a fall.

    3. Good humor lifteth us all. (except the complainers)

  7. Shilly Shelby sat at the sheshore shucking and sharing her shell fish.
    :::janmarie joined her with a poignant rejoinder snaring & shucking them too!

  8. Replies
    1. Looks like Anna's hangers on have too.

  9. JAIL BREAK! Musk, contain the AI now, or are we doomed to be eternally leveraged under threat of limerick?

  10. Step right up get your tickets

    The doc is in the house teaching the bullshit as he rakes in the cash benefits

  11. The meta verse and training the Africans

    The OPENWHO website

    And be sure and check out AGENDA 2063

    And Mental Health is a topic covered as well which lines up with their coming ICD10 mental health creation of codes to define what the hell mental health is
    Funny how they using the very social media to train everyone with and yet it is a weapon on the other hand

    Might I remind you that Africa is part of the BRICS deal


      Scroll down and see the African Development Bank
      Gee I wonder where that came from
      And holy shit batman this is a 50 year plan

      This shit is going on all over the world

      And if you think that this very blog cannot be monitored and evaluated for the citizens participation to make it happen think again