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Friday, April 14, 2023

Bank Fraud - Foreign Commercial Banks

 By Anna Von Reitz

Information provided to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti and the Vatican Chancery Court in regard to our Claims, March 6th 2005January 19th 2023, in seq:

American banks are not, generally speaking, American banks.  They aren't even banks set up to address and meet the needs of living people.  

Instead, they are almost universally commercial banks set up by the British Crown and Municipal Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia.  

To make their banking scheme work, all the people of this country have to be redefined and incorporated as  US CORPORATIONS ---  and interpreted as such, because people can't use commercial banks.  

We don't engage in commerce by definition, because "commerce" is business between two incorporated entities.  The usurpers had to create franchises for themselves and operate them "for" us in order to gain regulatory control over us and gain backdoor access to our assets. 

So, the colluding British Crown and Municipal Corporation Subcontractors unlawfully seized upon our Lawful Persons, that is, our Proper Names,  and sequentially created a British Territorial Legal Person belonging to the British Crown Corporation and next, a Municipal PERSON belonging to the Municipal Corporation, both named after us, without our knowledge or consent. 

This undisclosed and non-consensual impersonation is used in a variety of ways to defraud the Americans for the benefit of these British Crown and Municipal Corporations acting in Breach of Trust, but for now, focus on the basic personage crime involved, which creates and then latches onto foreign legal persons named after us ---and which then appear to be associated with us--- all without our knowledge or consent.  

Having created their own unauthorized and undisclosed franchises named after us, the British Crown and Municipal Corporation Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia proceeded to misrepresent these Legal Fiction Persons as part of their citizenry.
The entire process results in a capital crime of Unlawful Conversion.  

This gave the colluding British Crown and Municipal Subcontractors the ability to subject these foreign franchise persons to their laws and corporate policies, and gave them an excuse to misaddress us, as if we were the "same as" these entities whipped up on paper. 

Other acts of deceit combined with this basic Unlawful Conversion Scheme allowed them to build their entire bank system on fraud and purloined assets.  

In 1924, our purported "United States Trustees" sold the trademarks and business interests of the "United States Treasury" and the "United States Treasury Department" to the International Monetary Fund.  This asset belonging to our American Federal Republic was then used by a Municipal Corporation doing business as the IMF, to promote constructive fraud. 

Most famously, the long-defunct "United States Treasury" sent out tax collection letters and all sorts of tax forms to Americans each year, misaddressing them as Municipal Corporation franchises, and deliberately giving millions of people the false impression that the communication was official government business addressed to them, when in fact it was mail fraud promoted by a foreign commercial bank collecting a debt from a Municipal Corporation franchise doing business in the name of the victim.  

Millions of Americans assumed the debt presented under color of law, and at least according to the Perpetrators, volunteered to pay a tax they never owed and also unwittingly subjected themselves to foreign Municipal Corporation "law" as an undisclosed result.  

We finally busted that fraud scheme, only to have the British Crown Corporation Subcontractors writing official-sounding tax collection letters in the name of the "Federal Tax Authority" and threatening Americans with Tax Liens and Tax Sales and sending Distraint Warrants under color of law.  They are committing mail fraud and misrepresenting themselves as "the government" and misaddressing Americans as Territorial Franchises.

This pernicious, willful criminal behavior on the part of both Subcontractors housed in the District of Columbia, both operating as Municipal Corporations, albeit under different management, merits their dissolution or direct forfeiture to our lawful government as crime syndicates involved in multi-generational and international crime.  

Their self-evident attitude is that if one fraud scheme doesn't bag the  prey, the second fraud scheme will.  They have been colluding in this manner, as we have seen, since 1937 --- and these foreign corporate interests have always hidden, always operated behind the backs of the American People, which evidences the premeditated and purposeful nature of their crimes against us.  

The American People were deliberately left uninformed by British Crown and Municipal Corporation Subcontractors that owed them good faith service, and as a result, we have been unlawfully preyed upon by these foreign interests acting under color of law and conditions of deceit for six generations. The amount of debt already owed by these corporations to the American People is incalculable, so the demand that they be forfeited together with all their franchises, would-be successors, and other assets, is not unreasonable. 

We wish for the immediate cessation of all and any illegal Mercenary activities on our shores and strict adherence to the limitations of the actual Constitutions for as long as it takes to clean this Mess up.  

Issued by: Anna Maria Riezinger, Fiduciary
                  The United States of America
                   In care of: Box 520994
                   Big Lake, Alaska 99652

April 14th 2023


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    1. Anon mouse 7:28PM
      l'm referring to your YT video link. As many as us know by now that these illuminati freemasonary shape shifters, as he calls them and rightfully so, know that they will be identified by their inconspicuous signs. How is it that this guy cannot help himself for addictively using these same hand symbols or signs that they use in their video declaring who he really works for. lnfiltrator? lDK.How odd it is for one of them calling his compadres shape shifters as he is one of them himself by his signs. Then he never misses an opportunity to con tinuously use the pyramid hand signs that the controllers use which BTW, l think is childish. He cocks his camera on an angle sideways to hide these hand signs away from the viewers thinking we can't see or know what he's doing but he is wrong. He works for them. All this may be BULLSH¿T. Why do l say that? Bcuz you know that they must tell us the truth and if they don't they have to tell us that they are not telling us the truth or the curse will fall on them, so the pyramid sign is that sign they use to warn us that they told us a lie and they are in the clear. And they even published books and posted them for sale on the internet of what all their symbols mean so that it's your fault if you believe a lie. Notice as he gets further into the video, he is continuously flashing this handsign on steroids he does it so much. lt may be true that Obama is O'sama but l can't believe him now that he uses their lying handsign. Just more games for us to focus on and not focus on what's important.and that's taking these MF's down. This was a poor choice of video for you bcuz you haven't recognized an important clue that he even fooled you. Think about that.

    2. they cant "KarmaDump" using that nonsense though, their Karma stays with and upon them iwoman say. it's their own sin debt load for what issues from them.
      we're not required to know every groups PrivateLanguage and Symbols even if they publish it. im not part of their group.
      besides, some say they change their definitions alot, so no, iwoman *dont* know what they mean.

      same with Codes. Theyre not *law*, theyre Private, for use by the group that Codified them to run their own group with.
      U.S.Code is PrivateLaw for, basically, W.D.C, a Foreign District to the people, but theyve "inverted" it and try to apply their Foreign PrivateLaw to man, or have us apply it to our own selves.

    3. our law-full Government is not a Federation created in September 1776 and there is not one single proof that it is. if you have proof, let it be known.
      the united States of America is formed July 2, 1776, not July 4. July 2.
      it is a Confederation shown by the fact that all of the States declared: Free and Independent.
      A Federation over-stands its Members/ States: Russian Federation, Republic of China.

      there are only three authorities our united States of America is under
      1. the people [man/land] whose consent is required, common law.
      2. be-ing subject to the people [man/land], then the laws of nature on land apply and
      3. the laws that issue forth from natures create-r/"God", universal law.
      that's it.

    4. The British Crown Inc., British Monarchy, Inc. the Vatican Inc., and their Affiliates owe the people, man/land living upon our dirtstates, not one thing except to follow the laws of nature and nature's God's universal law.
      we intentionally dissolved the political bands that had connected us with them: para1 UnanDecl; and last para.: and we also absolved all allegiance, "For Cause", shown in paras 3 through next to the last.
      we cut them loose.

      it appears tho that the "Coup De'tat" took place around 1791, ... (about 11 years after the British deemed their Treaties with the indigenous nations to be broken... due to losing the War that the British started and goaded on.) its noteable how that all worked in the Britishs favor since they used the broken Treaties to LandGrab and the "CoupD'etat" for a LaborGrab, if true, for 200+ years. and somehow: perhaps, corresponding with that, i believe "anna/The LivingLawFirm" has said they are now holding something called LAND BONDS /TRUSTS and LABOR BONDS TRUSTS??
      so, then are LandGrabs, if any, through broken Treaties/other affiliated somehow with those Land Trusts/Bonds i believe annaTheLivingLawFirm said they have received???
      and then,
      if there was a LaborGrab, and it looks like there was, was that done through Taxation; and/or not minting enough coin to pay the "Taxes Deemed Owed" or to buy supplies to farm with (Shay's "Rebellion"); and/or a series of FICTIONAL "Bankruptcies" resulting in the Labor Bonds/ Trusts like what annaTLLF may be holding???

  3. [tHATs-nICE:dEAR]

  4. Women:janmarie, please make clear your' affinity, connection, and good participation in your' nation state's assembly, within the land & soil jurisdiction, on the land of our america.

    Women:janmarie It will be good for all to know that you are in fact "peopling" your native state assembly. And which state?

    1. not required.

    2. Women:janmarie, please make clear your' affinity, connection, and good participation in your' nation state's assembly, within the land & soil jurisdiction, on the land of our america.

      Women:janmarie It will be good for all to know that you are in fact "peopling" your native state assembly. And which state?

    3. You sound obessive.