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Friday, March 10, 2023

Questions I Receive

 By Anna Von Reitz

Recently, this question came across my desk: 

Revelation 12:17. the dragon became angry with the woman and went off to wage war against the rest of her offspring, those who keep God’s commandments and bear witness to Jesus.*h Please tell me, what self denominated church could possibly be more BIBLICAL THAN THE ONE HOLY JUDEO-roman Catholic and APOSTOLIC Church?

And I replied: 

"Any church that teaches men to call other men “Father” is in apostasy and acting directly against the instruction given by Yeshuah. 

This is a terrible and obvious heresy. 

A great price was paid so that we poor children could be a part of the Family of God and be able to call the Creator “Father”. 

What kind of “church” despises that precious gift and sets itself and its leaders above the exact and explicit instruction given to us by Yeshuah? 

We are not held harmless for such terrible and mindless errors."

I should have gone on from there.  For example: 

What possible excuse is there for changing Yeshuah's name to "Jesus" which means "Hail Zeus!"?  

Not only did they change Yeshuah's name, they changed his Father's name, too. 

Yeshuah's native tongue was Aramaic, so when he spoke of his Father in Heaven he used the name "Allah".  

Let that sink in.

When God sits upon the Mercy Seat his name is Allah.  When he sits upon the Throne of Judgement, his name is Jehovah.  

So for the past thousand years all the churches in Christen-dumb have unwittingly  been calling down judgement upon themselves and butchering Muslims for worshipping Allah. 

The Crusades and so many other evils involving "killing for Christ" could have been avoided.

These gross errors about fundamental things have been perpetuated by and institutionalized in the Roman Catholic Church, and though there are plenty of competent scholars in the Church who are aware of these errors, nothing is done to correct them.

You have to ask yourself --- why?  

Yeshuah told us, "I am come so that you might have life and have it abundantly."  This is his mission statement from his own mouth. 

Where do we see any reflection of this in the Roman Catholic Church?  No, instead, people are taught to suffer and endure and sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. 

This is diametrically opposed to Yeshuah's own stated mission, but again, nobody notices? 

The goal is for us to be fully and abundantly alive in every moment, to be fulfilled, happy, healthy, joyous, but when has the Roman Catholic Church focused on this at all? 

Yeshuah never talked about sacrifice.  He talked about abundance and faith, gratitude, and forgiveness.  I will give a gold star to anyone who can show me where Yeshuah ever spoke the word "sacrifice".  Even the literal sacrifice of his own life he described as a gift of love. 

I'll also give a gold star to anyone who can show me that Yeshuah ever taught anything about "Christ" or "Christianity" or called himself "Christ" even once.  Instead, "Christianity" appears to be a Mystery School Cult from Egypt, having little or nothing to do with Yeshuah or anything he taught.  

So now, perhaps, things that otherwise make no sense, do -- and everyone who reads this can begin to see the tip of this enormous iceberg.  

It should also be apparent that depending on priests and experts for one's salvation is not an option. Being trusting, lazy, and gullible is a wide and easy road that leads to perdition. We each have to take responsibility for ourselves, 


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