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Wednesday, March 8, 2023

New January 6 Footage Dismantles Leftist Narrative | The New American TV


  1. Gee, its getting down to the wire huh. Either the Fed Gov gets held accountable or it gets ignored. The incorporated state govs had best check the Municipal/Territorial fed govs top down bullshit or face a similar end of being irrelevant. There will be no further deference to Liars and Cowards.

    1. watch how at the end of TCs speech he says something like '... the hegemony over mans mind is DONE.' [wasnt watching closely,... i think he walks off the stage after that ... will have to watch again, yuck].
      that phrase could be taken two ways, either:
      '...the hegemony to take over man's mind is *complete-d*.'
      or '... the hegemony to take over mans mind is *defeat-d*.'

    2. Great observation woman:janmarie
      Is this ambiguity at work? Just asking for a feedback.

      Dear Paul, Anna and James for this post of living people in private corporate court.
      DearAlmightySpiritualIntelligenceTrueLivingGod, present in WeTheLivingLandAndSoilWalkingPeopleDNA, MakeAmericaFreeOf CrminalBabilonianDogma andHealthy, andProsperous and the rest of theWorld's WeTheLivingLandAndSoilWalkingPeople will follow. m

    3. yes, just alerting man to the possible use of double meanings by those who have been given favor and privilege to "take the floor" on-line:
      • ambiguity
      • double entendre:
      dictionary datte camme --
      "...a subtle literary device that uses one statement to convey two very different meanings."

    4. 5:21-22 -- lookee there, the "New American" JohnBircherman being interviewed is making the Illuminati Symbol with his fingers tilted upward, fingers spread apart, and touching his fingertips together.
      ... that's a handsign for having taken initiation into the NWO and are working to bring about A New World Order under Loose iffer Baile as their God? ? isnt it? hmmmm.... if yes then they should just come right out and say they are Global Citizens serving their Master Loose iffer, Molech, Saturn, or whatever theyre calling it this week.
      i always find it amusing that they are so ashamed of their "God" that they pretend to not be serving it. and i always wonder what kind of God allows its devotees to pretend like they dont know it.

    5. on rumble, mycatholicredpill channel's video Tucker Carlson Tonight, Jan 6th Video Released, March 8, 2023, at about 2-3 seconds in: there is a picture of a noticeably younger-looking TC that seems to have a peculiar, glassy eyed looking stare and it looks like he may be flashing that same type of hand signal, but his thumbs arent touching. maybe coinkydink.

    6. im wondering if we can just sit and watch the media work the Construction of Cognitive Dissonance on the people's minds: example: same TC video:
      1. TC spends the first part on the QAnonShaman and shows Repubs, incl. grassley, crenshaw, and kennedy, who are criticizing TC for showing the J6 vids that contradict the Official Narrative. TC says the TwoParties lie/cover for each other rather than taking care of the people.
      message?: this is sooo important i just spent 30 minutes on it, but nothing will change.
      2. shows a dr. redmond testifying that fauci knew _____blahblah cv_____.
      TC says something to the effect 'But it will probably be covered up.'
      message: this is sooo important, we know someone tried to kellpeople,...' but nothing is going to be done about it.
      ... but hey, put Trump back in and hes gunna make the economy take off again, we'll even have flying cars so we can keep up with chyynahh.
      i keep hearing again "we gotta love. we gotta fergive everybody."
      what?... so now that the people didnt buy into the SpaceAlien Invasion Crap, now they're trying to recycle the "were just going to have to forgive everybody to heal the Planet" crap again??? the "thats the only way to heal our planet. love." love love love forgive forgive forgive close your eyes you are getting very sleepy................forget your merrderred loved ones, your son or daughter taken from you that youve never seen again, your home that was stolen from you, your hungry or cold or sick sons and daughters or other family and friends, the lies that were told about you and your family, the jobs you lost or couldnt get because you were lied about, the damage to you home, your health, your well-being, your stolen labor, the Wars started saying it was you, the trauma and injuries suffered by men in those wars, the lost limbs, the hunger, the unlawfull jailings so leaches could tap into the CQV Trusts, the taxes paid that arent owed, the mortgages paid that were already paid for in full when the BC was Registered... ?

  2. The black scrying mirror computer screen and cell phones have replaced the black scrying mirrors of the tell lie vision

    New American TV, what a crock

    It's like friggin One American News in reference to One America and the NAU

    The shit this criminal sindicate is shoveling out is off the charts
    Across all spectrums
    They don't call it AT & T Spectrum for nothin ya know

  3. Ahh wind farms generating weather modification off the coast of california

  4. Nut an Yahoo may be scheduled for a stage left disappearance soon

    The more these cock suckers can get rid of the easier it is to control the remaining
    In reality, all that this Messianic monster plans on doing, is killing a huge portion of humanity, and the ones left alive will have an awareness handicap so immense, they will believe and obey anything.

  5. When working in the CONvenience store 'field' long ago they had something called restocking

    Restocking was labeled as rotate the stock

    They ROUND UP like the Monsanto round up horseshit

    Ring around the rosies
    pocket full of posies (reference to the plague)
    ashes ashes
    We all fall down
    And we sand that friggin mantra as children like it was nothing

    And up rises their PHOENIX

    On the front of the cover of the Co-serv magazine that 'members' get
    In the mddle of co serv is a lightening bolt
    On the front of this months edition it says
    And also inside there are CoServ electric boards of directors drawn out in districts
    And the GOVERNANCE pages
    An article titlesd CoServ Corral

    Since 1917 one family
    A 14 year old named Mayer and others named Spanhel-Wahlberg and Duncan oversee a herd of 800 cattle as they herd them through Matagorda Bay Nature Park
    The quote reads like this
    'Our family have been moving and swimming cattle on and off Matagorda Peninsula consecutively since 1917. I've grown up working this cattle drive alongside my father and grandfather."
    Metro Goldwyn and Meyer sound familiar

    Just like those Arizona land trust put in place at aroud the same time
    Right before they launched their modern marvel (mm flip the m's on their side and you get 33 just like Mary Magdelene) tell a vision and all their wild west shews on the masses

    If you folks think this shit is a coincidence then ...........


  7. And you want to see what their underwater cabaling and 5G is doing to the dolphins

    The internet of bodies

  8. Interesting in this one it is MeitY,61.htm
    And what do ya know it is a UNION

    And on the other it is dietY
    Department of Electronics and Information Technology in 2012.[6] On 19 July 2016, DeitY was made into full-fledged ministry, which henceforth is known as the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, bifurcating it from the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.[7]


    And your electronic prison is just around the corner

  9. Trains, planes and automobiles

    Coincidence meter is off the charts

    They just can't keep those trains on track
    Funny too it is the Ohio Valley that they killed off most of that area when they took the steel and automobile industry down

    Ole Ronnie Howard did a movie about it called Hillybilly Effigy but they have since changed the name of that to Hillbilly ELegy
    It's about how all the workers in the entire region were decimated when they shipped all the jobs to China and India (part of their BRICS green new deal insider markets) and the folks were inundated with alcoholism and drug use to kill them all off while they moved the new herd of immigrants in to replace them

    I know I lived in a steel town in the area and witnessed what the hell these cock roaches did

    1. And one of the comments below the video is spot on
      ------------ Comment
      Eddie Cannington
      9 minutes ago
      I always wondered how they think folks would ever comply with moving out of the designated no-go zones for agenda 21/30 map.
      I'm not wondering anymore.
      And on the flip side they have Agent Landmen working the paremeters sending out paperwork to get the inheritors to sign off on oil and gas rights on property that goes back generations within the family
      At least in the case of mine, it goes back at least 4 generations linked to this 40 some odd acres of land that the oil and gas corporations are working to get the mineral rights from the heirs
      And the LLC working the land leases is called
      Honor Resources Company

      What a crock of shit - Honor

      They'll resort to anything and everything to STEAL IT ALL

      Like the old television commercial for AT & T in the background if you listened intently you could here the little ditty of
      Buy Amazon
      Buy Amazon
      Buy Amason

      Not an accident folks

      Buy all means you keep getting all your shit from Amazon and selling your shit on Amazon yep that'll shew em

      Their network of thieves across all spectrums

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  11. Shelby, What you think Willis?


    1. They're all blowing smoke up our asses if they do not point out

      They're running in parallel and the actwhores on the world stage all know it as far as I'm concerned

  12. And by the way WLA is LAW annagrammed

  13. They refer to us as their audience reduced to cattle

    And gee don't ya think that the thumbnail picture of Matt Marriott looks like JFK Jr?
    Scroll down the page and check out JFK Jr in the circle of the Q

    Ever start watching a movie and you can figure out the ending of the movie about 1/2 through or before you get to the end?

  14. And they all lived happily ever after as the crooks steamrolled the hell right over them in la la land

  15. And by the way ole DeSantis exclaimed yesterday in an interview that 'we ain't seen nothing yet'

    That song was sung by BTO back in the day

  16. You'll notice

    ELeven is the number of the two, three, four faced god of Janus

    In this video at 9:40 the entire western half of the continent is not on the map

    How to you bring in 'humanitarian aid' utes-nder the guise of 'climate change'
    And bring about the new and improved corporate merger of the UN or the Earth Federarion and World Godvernment?

    Merger of the UN is under CONstruction
    WLA ACTS 53 - 67 are currently Under Construction

    World Legislative Act #53 Transition Process for National Governments
    World Legislative Act #54 Remedies and Corrections Act
    World Legislative Act #55. Surveillance Limitations Act
    World Legislative Act #56. Crowd Dispersal Ban
    World Legislative Act #57. Collegium of World legislators
    World Legislative Act #58. Neonictinoid Ban
    World Legislative Act #59. Truth and Reconciliation Commissions Act
    World Legislative Act #60. Paid Informant Ban
    World Legislative Act #61. Fracking Ban
    World Legislative Act #62. Fission Power Generation Closure
    World Legislative Act #63. Cooperative Communities Empowerment Act
    World Legislative Act #64. United Nations Merger
    World Legislative Act #65. Global Sustainability Directorate
    World Legislative Act #66.
    World Legislative Act #67

    Those ACTS have yet to be SCRIBED
    If you click on the link there is old information in them
    And by the way ACT 64 reversed is 46 and is that not the number of the future pres

    1. Follow the money and the mergers


  17. And as DeSantis said, 'you ain't seen nothin yet' in a speech televised yesterday

    Well florida is who housed and protected their ass et Georgy boy when the 9 1 1 demolition occured

  18. Where the sindicates corporate state of texas hides your money

  19. And is it not funny that stripping the corporations of their so called 'personhood' status is part of the world godvernments plans
    Pleading with the pop'eye' to strip them of their personhood status is part of the plan

    And what about the city state CONversion plan

  20. Or as miles puts it, insurance fraud
    Cash in on the delapidated cars, buy up the land under false pretences under guise of their UN agenda and green environmental bullshit and tada like magic the scribes, movie producers, rail roads and the like get the end result they were after

    I wonder how many COGs are in the wheel up in Ohio
    Councils of Governments

  21. via California Assembly
    Police bodycam video shows fatal shooting of Chase Allan, an American and Utah State National, i am assuming?

    TrueLivingGod, present in WeTheLivingLandAndSoilWalkingPeopleDNA, PleaseMakeAmericaFree of CriminalBabilonianDogma andHealthy, andProsperous and the rest of theWorld's WeTheLivingLandAndSoilWalkingPeople will follow. m

  22. rumble, mycatholicredpill, Dominion Trap Tesla Ballot Bot video: in the notes following, he posted a link to:
    https://rumble datte camme/vstead0-klaus-schwab- in-2017- ....

  23. The Foreign Corporation's selection of their own Foreign Corporate Office Holders that they Named Senators and Re-presentatives is not an election.
    Theyre even talking more and more now about how even JFK did NOT win the election!!,... that his father was part of a Syndicate that got JFK installed.

    You go to POLLS. you go to "Your Polling Place", not an actual election.

    since it says right in their own Foreign Corporations Laws/Codes that they can run their Foreign Corporations Selection Process the way they did, WITHOUT YOUR INPUT pretending like 2020 was an actual election is then: GASLIGHTING.

  24. so if the election JFK won was actually rigged too, we need to know this. its past time.

  25. also, i guess Marilyn Monroe was having sex with both JFK AND his brother, Robert Kennedy.
    people are pointing out how when Marilyn came on stage to sing HappyBDay to JFK, his Bro-in-law(?), Lawford introduced her as "The **Late** Marilyn Monroe... then, oddly, she was dead three weeks(?) later.

    now Kathy O'Brien who says when she was a child her father sold her to USINC and she was programmed as an MKUltra Mind-Controlled Presidential SexSlave and was passed around to WorldLeaders.
    now she has come out and is telling that Marilyn was the first MKUltra Mind-Controlled SexSlave traffickked as a Presidential SexSlave.

  26. even The Brittannica has printed that there were voting irregularities in ILLINOIS and TAXES, er... i mean TEXAS; such that even D. D. Eisenhower thought Nixon should contest but Nixon said he didnt want the rest of the world to think the election could be stolen by thievery at the ballot box.
    it seems he was right.... it cant be stolen if the peoples' votes dont count anyway.
    or maybe he just decided not to buck the Foreign Corporation's Corporate Selection Policies?
    Did they just do that to Piss the Republican "Voters" off with a Stolen Election thats really only a Private Foreign Corporation's Officer Selection Process?,
    ....then turn around and do a FalseFlagEvent and "Take Out" the Democrat who they selected, who is also a Catholic??... to Piss the Democrat "Voters" off?
    Get both sides Pissed Off And worked up into a frenzy over a 2 year period? ... just asking.

  27. kathy obrien has also talked about being genitally mutilated, being carved/cut.
    i'd say possibly: tattooed using her body's own scar tissue.

    how many American baby boys have suffered genital mutilation, potentially decreasing or destroying their God-designed manly hormonal cascade, resulting in feminization type characteristics?
    when i asked why, i was told ------ ITS FOR HEALTH REASONS.

    but we hear that genital mutilation of tiny mans is a "ReligiousPractice" of the juics and that genital mutilation of little woman is a "Religious Practice" of the muzzle ems who also mask up, make women's put a covering over their faces.
    the genital area is where God forms new life.


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