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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Why Not Attack the USA, Inc.?

 By Anna Von Reitz

There's no law against it.  

They unlawfully converted your political status and "redefined" you as a corporation so that they could attack you at will without consequences under the Public Law and the Constitutions. 

Turnabout is fair play. 

So now you know that there is nothing sacrosanct squatting in the halls of our government.  The USA, Inc., doesn't have any state immunity.  Neither do its State-of-State franchises. 

The USA, Inc. is really just another misdirected, unaccountable, lying, cheating, thieving, murderous, racketeering influenced foreign commercial corporation.  

If the UNITED STATES, INC. was still in business I'd say the same thing about them.  

They all deserve what they get.  And more. 

Oh, but they are here to defend us, you say?  Is that what you call it? 

The same military subcontractor that has sat on its rump and let the Department of Defense "weaponize medicine" and deploy bioweapons on our shores?  

The same military subcontractor that has sat on its rump and left our southern border open to millions of people who are being lured here to replace the Americans these same Vermin pretended to own--- and purportedly sold into slavery--- in exchange for advanced laser tech?    
I am just trembling in my boots -- in happy anticipation of being rid of their services, thank you.   

I want to see them liquidated, together with all the other commercial corporations that profit from peddling death and destruction and war and snake oil. 

And lies.  Endless lies. 

I want the CIA and FBI and DOD and DOJ and all the various Agencies sent down the river, too.  

Fired with Prejudice. Not eligible for rehire. 


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  1. Agreed. Keep spreading the word and waking more people up till there is an unstoppable tidal wave.

    1. uhh . . . whistling past the graveyard is not a solution. Try Billy Ocean's "When the goin' gets tough . . ."

      yeah baby . . .. . . . . .; . ./ .;. .. .. .. .., .,. .wow . . .. .; POW!!!

    2. its glaringly irresponsible to suggest liquidating them without ensuring that the portion of them that actually does in present, although unlaw-fully, ACTUALLY PROVIDE NEEDED SERVICES IS PRESERVED UNTIL LAW-FULLY REPLACED.

      that kind of harm-creating suggestion confirms someone is: "NOT A LEADER".

    3. Dreary woman?janmarie:

      What are you spewing about now? Did you read Anna's last line? No? Oh, you did not?

      Anna's last line, as I read it, is:
      "Fired with Prejudice. Not eligible for rehire."

      Oh dearie, here "liquidating" is manner of "dissolving" a corporation.
      But, as you are mafia-esque it is graspable that you thought "liquidation" refers to a vat of salad dressing (without the lettuce)

    4. And no dear, they will not get their pensions, nor a raise, nor welfare. Nope.

    5. The point is massive harm is being done right now, and that can only be stopped by taking drastic action now. Fixing the existing setup is impossible, and also hardly worth the effort. Without the fraud we will discover solving whatever problems there are, will be become very much easier and faster. Woman?janmarie: what is your IQ? From past postings I see it is significantly less the average of 100. The solutions are easy, yet you fail to gasp this aspect of the endeavor. You appear to be out of your depth, unable to gasp the simple stuff, but the good news is study fixes all that. You grow with diligent study. You can join the rest us, if you will just make the effort to start - it is not easy but it is very much doable. Anna is a fantastic teacher, but one must be willing to do it. It is pointless to always harp on matters that you cannot prove - mere beliefs. Claims need to be proved, but I have seen no prove of claims from you. Join the rest of us by studying - it is very rewarding.

    6. neither one of you have any authority!

      what im sensing is a potential Double-Reverse Sting-type scenario!!:
      things have already changed.
      the thieves, liars, mrderres have already been thrown under the bus by their own HigherUps and are too stoopid to know it.
      theyve been set up to take the fall they deserve when they refused to stop: when they totally disrespected their very own Leader, Pope, when he issued his Motu Proprio, July 2013.... that says:

      the corporations will not "AllBeShutDown", they will be so-called "Converted" to so-called "De Jure Authority", just as they should be so the good people are not caused further harms.
      the people who love and serve God are praying, asking for intervention and our beloved create-r has answered and it is here.
      and yes, i believe the earths atmosphere is now being flooded with myriad(s) of angels, the host of heaven, just thick, standing shoulder-to- shoulder. and no i can not physicaly see them with my eyes.
      ALL man who cause harm to other man will be judged by the people and be required to restore man they cause harm to. no way around it. :)
      and those who have intent harm to man have already been abandoned by those they still think are protecting them; and since 2013, proofs of their intents to harm man have been collected for use in their trials.

      God is running this.
      and it is so.

    7. Another great teacher: TheRemnant Thank you Michael Gaddy.

    8. Anonymous 6:35 PM
      And also have their assets seized.

      She doesn't see that keeping these corporations around with all their evil illegal behavior no matter how good their services {privileges} are, or bad we need them, is equivalent to giving up more rights for privileges. Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves just to hear her say that. The corporations have to go. They are LEGION.
      Demons from the bottomless pit. LEGION said who he was. He told Yeshua that "we are LEGION: for we are many {in one body, an enigma}." He shares the same identical definition with corporations today. A corporation is = "a
      body made of a group
      {in the same body}.
      Got it?
      And that's what we're fighting against.
      Eventually the people could no longer contain them {also like the giants which is today's giants and they also must be destroyed} so the people allowed them to live in the tombs and yes they had tombstone NAMES.
      How do l know that? Because Yeshua asked "What is your NAME?" And he said LEGION.
      Has Yeshua ever needed to ask any other person before he released them from Satan's possession what their NAME was before he granted their petition? l don't think so. Besides that he also asked Yeshua if he had come to torment him before their time. What time? The time that LEGION was talking about was the "time of the end" when corporations would come on the scene so he allowed them to be cast into the swine. Now he disembodied them bcuz the swine died.. disembodied spirits til the "time of the end".
      And now it's time to disembody them again and bring them to their end, send them back to the bottomless pit where they came from, as they prophesied their own end as they have spoken.

    9. no GORE,
      as usual you are wrong, AGAIN you are making up words i didnt say, mean, or even imply. your speel here is a giant load of crap.

      for anyone who can, and wants to, comprehend what i:woman *SAID*, it is to:
      1. remove those *man* who have done this evil,
      2. leave the services up and running so people dont starve or freeze to death, and
      3. do a change over to the lawful business system they corporations should have been running under in the first place.
      thats what ive said. more than once.

    10. woman:
      Why did you capitalize my name to make emphasis. That's a low blow as if l am related to A. GORE ? l am not related to that POS. That is a married last name from a decorated naval man that was changed upon adoption.
      You do not understand the principles in the bible which Andrew Jackson said this republic, not China, not Russia, not lndia, none of them, but only America was founded upon. Public Law 97-280.
      Joe Biden has hidden King Amelek in his palace when he was supposed to destroy them A L L including his herds and people and don't leave out the king. So what did King Saul {Biden} do? He saw profit and provisions in that king's sustenance. The same thing you're suggesting. That is a mistake if you do not follow God's guiding principles.. Keep them for the provisions? l don't think so. That's not what God said. He said cut the King in pieces. Do not hide him amongst your people. He has nothing that you need. God is provider.
      You don't ease into lawfulness. You start there. And you don't ease out of illegal, {fraud}. You will lose the whole sh¿t show.
      And corporations are demons. lm sorry that you cannot ascertain the same definition and principle. lt was the same with the giants.They devoured
      Everything, and had to be destroyed.Same with these giant corporations. What's the problem woman? You won't be able to get your luxurious bubble bath from Bed, Bath & Beyond, anymore? Oh don't give me that bullsh¿t that you're worried about the people dying in the cold. Turkey came to Europe's rescue right after that happened. You know they love to instill FEAR. God is in control if you'll hear him. But you don't. And BTW, King Saul lost his kingdom becuz he did that.You want that for America? Apparrantly you do.

    11. GORE,
      you make comments about me, i can answer.
      my choice.
      thats the way it works.

    12. btwGORE: im choosing not to waste my time reading your comment above. as far as im concerned now your comments lack verifiable proofs and only deserve a quick glance from me, .....if even that much. my choice.

  2. Thats right Anna, get rid of the rats and the scum, we do not consent, we do not employ their services one minute longer

    1. they have never been employed by the American people.

      and we are not Man-Made Characters they Named "Res-I.D.ents".
      and their Constitution is for THEIR Residents, not for God-made American men and women.

      there are no contracts with any American man or woman; and no law-full contracts with the States we created either.
      they have no authority over us: land, labor, families, States, other.
      the time passed/ "PastTimeLine", cannot be changed.
      the time/"TimeLine", i say, remains in (the) present on earth in accord with the laws of nature and nature's create-r/"God" for man and it is so.

      THEYRE GOING TO PAY US ALL BACK, i:woman say: and it is so.

    2. Jan, may I call you Jan? Did you look up your latest (as above) on google when you were gargling?

    3. Jan, its time to be more direct: were you gargling while you were googling. Again!

    4. dont forget to check out and see what you believe:

      in what is about God-created *man*,
      1. everything is about *standing*.
      2. and man's standing is based upon the rights his create-r gifted to him, free.
      3. if one has no standing with (a) man, then one has no authority either.

      i:woman in right-standing before God and man do say:
      and it is so. :)

    5. Anonymous 6:48 PM..
      Well said 7and l'm not meaning bcuz you said
      It to woman, but that studying is most advised. lf just one more life can be saved by taking them down sooner rather than later, it would be worth it. But we need to aim for all they intend to kill.
      lf you haven't watched it yet, go down a few articles and watch the
      Weaponized video Anna imbedded {linked there} in the article by a Miss Watts. The💉 are not the only things they've been killing us with. They're using everything under the sun on a continuous basis, 24/7.

  3. Great! Who's going to remove them? I got an idea...let's contract with Russia to take out D.C. Maybe that will scare all of them to leave! Well, I guess we could write them a letter! Oh! Yea! We've already done that!

    1. they are cowards and know how bad- to- others what theyve done is.
      alot of them wont be able to emotionally stand up to the intense ridicule, hatred, and rejections we know are coming their way if what we hear about them is true.
      and likely they will not choose to face the people in open trials before God either, especially if they find that the men they "Pledged Their Troth" to are handing over proofs against them, to the people for judgment.

      and it is so.

  4. So why not get those Aliens to take them out? No one sees them and since others communicate with them have them take out the trash! Pretty simple solution.

    1. hilarious!!

      but watch out... now one of them is liable to try to put that on their Agenda for their next G'LacticGoofs Fed-a-Ration Cow'ncell Meating.

  5. The sooner the better in my book !!

  6. Anna calls them vermin, Rat why not use exterminate them as rats

  7. Given that the entire government seems to be totally corrupt from top to bottom, the day is rapidly approaching when Lamp Post Decorating Committees will become quite popular.

    1. Act now! We are challenged to withhold EVERY Penny, from EVERY Tax collector. Spend those dollars on you and yours' survival.
      Food, water, energy, etc.
      And maybe also:
      Get thee a rubber NON-ASSUMPSIT (non-assumption? Spelling) NO CONTRACT stamp, and a red ink pad. Maybe also a NO TRESPASS rubber stamp.
      Strike every line calling for "signature" replace it with a by: john doe c 2023 and All rights reserved.
      Buy some $1.40+- Global US Postage Stamps.
      And, maybe, maybe, at least at some baby step level, someone in receipt or your rejection of their solicitation will begin devolution from being in the thrall of the tyrants?

      I am actually doing this, I know they are puzzled. Well, its a start. I have not yet withheld the taxes, butting I am laying the ground work for that REALLY BIG rebuttal. Which rebuttal those money mongers will soon get, along with a demand, that they read all 4,000 plus AVR articles supplied to them with a Paul Stramer USB Thumb drive.

      Why am I doing this? Because I actually have big assest to preserve and keep for my children.

      And Daniel Webster is going down to take on the devil

    2. the situation is not funny, but the LAMP POST DECORATING COMMITTEE euphemism is.
      Didnt they actually used to leave those kinds of "Decorations" up for several days?.... i think it was to make sure everyone had a chance to see them.... mostly for purposes of having large numbers of witnesses... there was a logical reason for it.

  8. Nuremberg was a Jewish show trial torture crushing testicals threats finically execution .
    Just like January 6 show, we all know however fully aware as mow said all politics come out the barrel of a gun.
    That’s why (((Micheal Chertoff))) created the patriot act and NDAA to club the population over the head .
    McAurthor/Patton was coming back to do what tail gunner Joe tried to do but no bullhorn to the patriot nationalist to contrary media in full make up lies mode.
    There have been a few Heroes like General Ham commander African command who tried to save Ambassador Stevens only to have (((CIA))) second Gen Sanchez relieve him from command.
    We got a voice now but it’s infiltrated everywhere by shills.
    Can you trust your source ?

  9. It seems like causing harm, grave serious bodily injury or death is not a cause to dissolve a corporation. WTH. Involuntary dissolution. A state may bring an action to dissolve a corporation on one of five grounds: failure to file an annual report or pay taxes, fraud in procuring incorporation, exceeding or abusing authority conferred, failure for thirty days to appoint and maintain a registered agent, and failure to notify the state of a change of registered office or agent. State-specific differences exist as well. Delaware permits its attorney general to involuntarily dissolve a corporation for abuse, misuse, or nonuse of corporate powers, privileges, or franchise.Del. Code Ann. tit. 8, § 282 (2011).

    1. You people must be braindead, dissolving Corporations will do nothing, they will just be re-set up using a different Name. Use your head for once.

  10. Anyone here heard of Sanguine BioSciences?
    Evidently they are a scam corporation that posts job reqs then they find a dupe and send them a check for 13-14k to deposit into their bank account to then use those funds to buy a big list of hardware from THEIR specific Vendor, and they try to get you to buy the hardware before their deposited check bounces, so that if you buy from their vendor which is likely some other fake corporation as well, they can take the 13-14k one spent from ones own funds and Run off with that leaving the Dupe unemployed and an additional 14k in the hole.

    I've seen the scam from international people before, but not from a corporation listed on linkedin. How does one check the validity of such? Are there State Agencies that will go dig into the corporation doing this sort of thing? I've never worked for a company that sent one a check and made one buy their own hardware from the hiring companies specific vendor. All seems CRIMINAL to me.


    Thruthstream media and The Shining Part 2

    The following comments was made

    5 days ago
    Who owned Jack Torrence? (Torrens)
    What is the meaning of Torrens?

    A Torrens Certificate, also referred to as a certificate of title, is a document that assigns unassailable ownership of real property to the registered titleholder. The certificate acts as the ultimate authority on the title to a property, and its legal supremacy makes recording deeds unnecessary.
    Ties to England...
    "Commonwealth" is a traditional English term for a political community founded for the common good.

    Commonwealth member countries benefit from being part of a mutually supportive community of independent and sovereign states, aided by more than 80 Commonwealth organisations. The Commonwealth Secretariat, established in 1965, supports Commonwealth member countries to achieve development, democracy and peace.

  12. And as their staged perfromances continue the real heist goes on unabated

    Their COG's and selectmen and women and all these other hidden entities performing their duties and getting paid quite well while the rest of the population is reduced to abstract poverty

  13. Anything we can do for ourselves, why hire outsiders to do it? Some "essential services" like Presidents of United States for example, a long line of em, have they really been necessary for us? Near in a big war now and millions being killed. Who in their right mind would want services like that that are secret and untouchable by the common man or woman

    1. so well said.
      nobody would, including our ancestors... they didnt hired these lying thieving merderrers, just like we havent, and *we* never will.

  14. Greetings,

    Update on my personal fraudulent filing case against JP Court, County Appeals Court, District Appeals Court and District Clerk Chief with the Federal Public Integrity Justice Department. If this case gains traction it could fire all government employees just because they are a corporation (not just because they all work together, if it was not a corporation I would have to eliminate them one by one instead through a corporation as a whole entity [wholesale]). I am getting the police, county, state and federal justice agencies involved at the same time (each getting a copy of my forensics evidence at the same time so that no agency will sit in it).

  15. This was sent out on February 16 2023 and today’s date of my posting is March 1 2023 and I have just watched the above video. Since this posting a train derailment occurred in East Palestine Ohio on February 3 2023. This event would agree with the video. “The kill box.” Would be East Palestine Ohio and the surrounding area. With this being said and the event having occurred I would be in agreement with Katherine Watts February 24 2023 findings. The DOD did use military personnel to administer the C=19 shot, this I myself witnessed so therefore, it’s my finding that the DOD has committed crimes against humanity not only here in America but also Internationally. Furthermore, I am also in agreement with Anna.


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