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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Weaponization of Space -- or Not

 By Anna Von Reitz

As I have told you, and as is plain on the public record, the two guilty commercial corporations that have been such a problem for our country from the beginning have now extended their mercenary activities to space -- the Secret Space Program -- SSP, Inc., the British Crown version,  and the United Space Service -- USS, INC. Municipal version are colluding to make sure that they rule not only space, but the entire Earth. 

The SSP, Inc. recently acquired an "unstoppable weapon" by disgraceful means and believes that it has the opportunity to take over the entire world.  

They know that they will likely be opposed in this by extraterrestrial forces that have been sent here to make sure that these educated idiots don't destroy the planet and everything on it.  I am being completely serious and accountable.  This is first-hand knowledge.

So the Rats have double-backed their situation with a long term propaganda campaign called "Project Blue Beam" promoted via their Nazi Mouthpiece Werner von Braun.  Where have you heard that name before?  How about Eva Braun?  

Go figure. 

Project Blue Beam is supposed to be a holographic firestorm of illusions and purposeful destruction like the "War of the Worlds" only fantastically advanced beyond that hoax.  

According to WVB, this is the last card in a bid to coerce all the national governments and people of the world to accept a monolithic "world [military] government".  It's that word "military" that they are purposefully omitting so that everyone is caught by surprise. 

Well, almost everyone, Campers.  

Just recall that they lied about the "Atom Bomb" too and scared everyone silly for two decades over that Big Fat One. Scaring you into submission is their stock-in-trade. So don't be scared.  Be angry. 

Shove it back down their skinny Nazi necks and realize that the actual veiled ET Fleet that you can glimpse yourself easily enough if you look up into the sky -- particularly at dawn and sunset -- is here to guard life on this planet. 

That Fleet, particularly the Andromedan Fleet, is here to make sure that the atmosphere of this planet is not destroyed like the atmosphere on Mars, which made the entire planet of Mars uninhabitable 32,000 years ago.  And they have already begun to take action. 

That is the trigger that has set the phony Project Blue Beam claims into motion and prompted the Biden Administration to admit that an "ET Threat" exists --- albeit, it's only a threat to liars and thieves and madmen like the boneheads behind all this evil nonsense.  

The commercial corporations have built a "space fleet" of their own, comprised of 1200 ships at a cost of over $20 Trillion dollars which has all been siphoned off the China Trade and out of our pockets and purloined from our funds originally used to fund the so-called "Marshal Plan" --- another giant military boondoggle. 

No wonder certain generals have enjoyed solid gold toilet seats. 

If necessary, the Andromedans and other members of the Peace Task Force will immobilize all the military equipment on Earth.  Those 1200 ships and the new laser weapons will be stuck as I said, like ants in amber.  

This planet belongs to God; it does not belong to men--- and men have no right to destroy it. 

If you want to see wonders, create some of your own.  You have the inate ability to create whatever you want to create -- so focus your attention away from the military's playbook and concentrate on the world you want to live in.  

You are Co-Creators, so dust off your laurels and create the world you want to live in. Visualize it, see it, taste it, and verbally command it to manifest --- a world that is not ruled by Nazi Thugs, a world which is not dependent on Evil and illusions anymore. 


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  1. That Fleet, particularly the Andromedan Fleet, is here to make sure that the atmosphere of this planet is not destroyed like the atmosphere on Mars. I guess them Andromedans somehow missed what the Gummint did in New Palestine, Ohio.

  2. The actual villains are the International crime gang affectionally called Jews .
    Fake information fed to populace non stop by Bolshevik broadcasting station and communist news network.
    The insane Wilson started the ministry of truth unlimited government funding hireing Edward Bernays and all the best Zionist mouthpieces.
    I know the nationalists are fully informed just when ever I see more propaganda cannot help but dive in .

  3. More gnostic fiction. That notwithstanding, what about the Outer Space Treaty of 1967?

  4. uhh . . . whistling past the graveyard is not a solution. Try Billy Ocean's "When the goin' gets tough . . ."

    yeah baby . . .. . . . . .; . ./ .;. .. .. .. .., .,. .wow . . .. .; POW!!!


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